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Anonymous Clearwater Protest

July 18, 2009

AnonSparrow1, who spent time on staff in the D.C. Org, tapes this footage in Clearwater.

Part two features an appearance from our old pal Spencer and a grabby woman who doesn’t like hearing that David Miscavige squirrelled the Tech.

St. Louis Anon Charges Dropped

July 15, 2009

Just heard that the charges against Acedotcom were completely dropped after a brief chat with the DA.  Details over at Why We Protest.

Engram to Scientology

July 7, 2009

Here’s a new terrific video from Anonymous.

BTW, thanks for those who alerted me to the fake blogger account.  Someone pretending to be me, created a site attacking Islam.   Just another shameful example of fraud.

Who is David Miscavige?

June 28, 2009

That’s the question raised by this Anonymous website and a cool new video from Kate Morrigan over at Vimeo.

Slappy’s Dream

June 28, 2009

Here’s the latest masterpiece from TheEvilof Scientology.

Slappy Caught on Tape

June 25, 2009

There’s now recorded evidence of Slappy’s violent nature.

It’s fun being suppressive.

We’re Still Watching

June 24, 2009

Anonymous Starts a Forum for Iranian People

June 16, 2009

Anonymous has started a forum for the people of Iran.

It will be interesting to see how Anonymous takes the lessons they’ve learned speaking out about Scientology and translate them to the troubles going on now in Iran following their contested election.

St. Louis Anonymous Arrested

June 15, 2009

UPDATE 7/15/09

All charges were dropped.  Info over at Why We Protest.

Original Post:

An Anonymous protester was arrested this weekend.  He was essentially asking the question I asked when I was arrested at Gold: Why have the laws governing protests suddenly changed?  Why can’t I stand where I have stood for a year and a half?

Here’s what the St. Louis Anons say on YouTube:

We have had a good relationship with the local police, and are not drawing any conclusions about the arrest at this time. Our liason to the police is already handling the matter.

As a personal note: I have long thought the University City police do an excellent job, and this incident does not by itself affect my favorable opinion of them. In protest-related situations and elsewhere, I have always found them to be fair and courteous. I support Ace, I support the police. I ask we keep an open mind about this situation as it unfolds.

There’s also a thread over at

Belgium Troubles

June 2, 2009

Scientologist Fabio Amicarelli, director of European public affairs, based in Brussels.

I was sent an update on Scientology’s status in Belgium. If you’re like me, my complete knowledge of Belgium is that it’s the home country of famed detective Hecule Poirot.   Here’s what the writer had to say:

Belgium is a very small country between France and Germany with merely 11,000,000 inhabitants but plays a very important role in the European Union, as its capital is the “capital of Europe”, the most important European institutions and lobbyists are gathered in Brussels. Most of European laws and directives are made in Brussels. It’s the Washington D.C. of Europe so to speak.

Last month the Belgian investigators and magistrates labeled Scientology as a “criminal organisation”, which is a juridical (law) term in Belgium. The investigation into Scientology has been going on since 1997 but due to Scientology’s constant and insatiable appeals, time wasting maneouvres and demands for “further investigative procedures” it is still an ongoing process.

The Executive Magistrate of the Kingdom of Belgium is targetting 14 people (12 of them the highest ranking Scientologists in Belgium) and 2 organisations (Scientology Belgium and the European Office for Public Affairs and Human Rights) for:

  • swindling
  • extortion
  • performing medicine without a license
  • forming a criminal organisation

The Executive Magistrate is now executing the very last appeals by Scientology and will then most likelybring the case to court. If brought to correctional court, as is is happening in France at the moment and found guilty of the accusations the organisation will most likely be banned from operating in Belgium, also prison sentencing is not unlikely.