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YouTube Suspends James Randi

March 31, 2009

The James Randi Education Foundation has had their YouTube account yanked.  This sucks.

YouTube has got to come up with a better system of dealing with frivolous complaints.

Niki on “Bomb Threat”

March 30, 2009

Niki talks about being in the org when Anonymous began and the L. A. org got a supposed bomb threat.

Get Becky Out

March 29, 2009


Becky has been suspended by Scientology for being PTS.

Here’s what the parents had to say in their description of this video:

Mother Sue reads the COS reply from Graeme Wilson.

We, (Sue and Tony) have protested against the CULT of Scientology for over 12 months and have written 8 letters to Scientology and have still not had one reply. This video is made due to the help we have had from our local MP and his achievement in getting the COS Mr. Graeme Wilson who is the head of communications for the cult to respond to his own letters.
We have not got our daughter out of this CULT as yet, so our fight is not over for our daughter and her future husband Mr. David Fryer.
The CULT have SUSPENDED our daughter but our daughter is still a Scientologist, she who will not be able to attend any of there courses as she has been declared PTS but may work in the Cult front groups with Scientologists and will be asked to give DONNATIONS. 

To this we will not stop our fight.
Our daughter will always be a scientologist while her future husband is a Scientologist, so this is why we fight. We are helping our daughter understand the reputation of the Cult and we know our daughter will help her boy friend David Fryer also in the end.

Here is the letter sent by Scientology to the UK officials and which the MP forwarded to the family.



Original Post from February 20th, 2009

There’s so much going on in this past year that a lot of important stuff has escaped my attention.  Tony Leigh and his partner Sue in the UK have been trying to reconnect with daughter Rebecca Thurston, who has been getting deeper and deeper into Scientology.  They were interviewed by Anonymous at protests.  Since then, they have been making their own videos.  

You can see much more at their YouTube Channel.

Chicago Anonymous Presentation

March 29, 2009

On March 14th, the Chicago Anons spoke about Scientology at the College of Complexes.   They invited me out to give part of the presentation.  I spoke about Fair Game while Anonymous covered other aspects of Scientology’s history and beliefs.  

The entire event took about two and a half hours but their camera gave out an hour before it was over.  We miss out on the spirited question and answer period with the professional skeptics that attend these weekly lectures and debates.

Thanks again to Chicago Anonymous for allowing me to be a part of their event.  I had a great time.

Ex-Sea Org Member TOLD Her Story

March 27, 2009

Niki, who goes by “Mostwantedpower” on YouTube, shared some of her day to day experiences as a Sea Org member, on the Estates Project Force and more…until a battle with her Scientologist boyfriend led to her canceling the account. 

She says she is going to start up again.


March 27, 2009

ShamWow huckster busted.

ShamWow huckster busted.



The ShamWow guy is busted for punching a hooker!  The Smoking Gun has the details.

Who to Support?

Here’s a dilemma.  When it comes down to the maker of one of the worst films ever or a criminal cult, which do you back?  No, I’m not talking about Peter Alexander.  The filmmaker in question is the ShamWow guy, former Scientologist Vince Offer.  You’ve seen him pitch his magic cloth on TV.

Turns out he sued Scientology for his treatment at the Celebrity Center and an unjust Comm Ev.

The Scientology sub-organization that recruits and caters to celebrities “Celebrity Center International,” located in Hollywood and whose motto is “To Create a Safe Space for Artists,” according to Offer recruited dozens of his Scientology friends, associates and actors that worked on Underground Comedy, to write false and malicious reports against him. If individuals refused to write these reports, they were threatened with condemnation and punishment that could be lethal to their careers. One person reported a statement informing, “They threatened that I would also be Declared Suppressive if I didn’t write up all the bad stuff I knew on Vince.” A Scientology term, “Declared Suppressive,” means being labeled as an “enemy” of Scientology, expelled from the organization, becoming “fair game,” and subject to “disconnection” by all family, friends and associates who are Scientologists.

Celebrity Center staff executives summoned Offer to face a Scientology court for the numerous charges that unbeknownst to Offer were recruited by Scientology officials but were presented to Offer as having been written by other members on their “own accord.”

This court was run by four scientology church staff members, the youngest being about 14 years of age, and in March of 1998, a ruling document entitled “Findings and Recommendations,” held Offer to be guilty of 23 charges, none of which were ever presented to him in the “court.” To add insult to injury, the ruling document labeled him a “Declare Type B,” a Scientology term which means a person who is a “Criminal” and has “a criminal record.” This was publicly distributed or communicated to all associates, future associates of Offer and general Scientology members, thereby sealing his fate as an outcast. Offer suffered irreparable damage due to this, including a lucrative business enterprise he owned that consisted of many Scientology sales representatives who abandoned him upon hearing the “Criminal” charge. The enterprise folded soon after.

I guess, in this case, I go with ShamWow guy.

Palin Pallin’ with an OT? You Betcha!

March 27, 2009
Greta Van Susteran and husband John Coale

Greta Van Susteran and husband John Coale

Last week, it was all over the blogs that Sarah’s Palin’s brain trust for the 2012 election included big-time Scientologist, Washington D.C. insider and husband of Greta Van Susteran, John Coale.

The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza broke the story and since then, Gawker has been all over it like fur on a weasel.

Gawker also is taking a look back the F.L.A.G.G. PAC that Coale tried to form in 1986 to “safepoint Scientology.”  They have even posted the full memo Coale sent out to solicit funds.  Here’s an excerpt:

Whenever a new president got elected, I would always tell myself, “How much harm could they do?”   They’d be there 4 or 8 years and then move on.  But during his term in office, George Bush managed to break the world.

I see Sarah Palin as Bush in a dress, his ideological twin, making decisions by the gut.  I can’t imagine what would have happened if Bush had a Scientologist at his side.

And for those who don’t want me to mention politics, this time it’s inescapable…and, boy, am I holding back.

Anonymous Argentina Win

March 25, 2009

Thanks to the beauty of subtitles, now we too can enjoy this newscast.

Jeff Stone’s Unethical Behavior

March 24, 2009

This is why we need newspapers.  Reporters like Julia Glick from the Riverside Press-Enterprise do us all a favor when they bring to light the unethical behavior of local politicians like Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone who touts his sister as a volunteer for the county, yet last year he paid her $40,000 more out of campaign funds than he made as a County Supervisor.


Supervisor Jeff Stone frequently praises his sister as Riverside County’s best bargain because she works full-time as an unpaid volunteer in his office.

But records show he paid Lori Stone more than $180,000 in campaign money last year for political consulting and professional services and he assigned her the free use of a county car with taxpayer-funded gasoline included.

Over the past three years, Stone’s campaign payments to his sister totaled about $330,000.

In reporting this story, The Press-Enterprise tried to interview Lori Stone and another staff member. Jeff Stone directed them not to comment and asked that requests be referred to him.

Jeff Stone has been shilling for Scientology but his days may be numbered.  In this time of outrage over AIG bonuses, do we really want to hear that a politician’s sister gets paid $181,000 for “volunteering” and is given a free vehicle and gas courtesy of the taxpayers?

That’s not volunteering, Mr. Stone.   And you’re no representative of the people.  

Australian TV on Tommy Davis

March 19, 2009

Hoo, boy.  It must be tough to be Tommy Davis right now.   His interview with Nathan Baca has rocketed around the world, creating a major footbullet for Scientology.