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Explosive Recording

August 23, 2008

Hot on the heels of the leaked tape in which L. Ron Hubbard goes on and on about Xenu, space aliens, tax audits, exploding volcanoes and all those other things Scientology lies about, comes this hidden mic recording of a private phone call between the head of Scientology and the head of Anonymous.  Your head may explode.

Jordan Says

August 22, 2008

I got an e-mail the other day from a former co-worker who now lives on the other side of the country.  She wanted to interview me for her blog.  If you’d like to read the ramblings of two Emmy-winning journalists, you can do do so at Jordan Says.

Thanks, Jordan,  Great to hear from you again.

Katie Holmes Blogging

August 13, 2008

What would it be like if Katie shared her life in front of a webcam?  See for yourself.

I actually found this video courtesy of AllMuppetCaligula who made a video or two with a Wise Beard Man puppet.  But his latest makes me laugh quite a bit.

Carol Channing’s still got it.

Xenu for President 2008

August 11, 2008

Another candidate has thrown his fedora into the ring.  Set up another podium at the debates.  This guy is ready on Day One.


Barack Obama obviously is concerned about the entrance of Xenu into the race.  He immediately released a new campaign video.

Scientology’s Second Chance Lies

August 9, 2008

Here’s a local news report from Albuquerque, New Mexico exposing Scientology’s lies that their drug rehab program has a 90% success rate.

Popular Kid at Scientology School

August 9, 2008

Anonymous has made a delightful spoof about the big man on campus at Will Smith’s new school.

Well done, chanologyASSIST.

Penn and Teller on Scientology

August 9, 2008

I always get asked why Penn and Teller don’t tackle Scientology on Bullshit.  Here they address that.

While I have heard that Showtime’s lawyers were stopping them from doing it, I’m rather amazed at Penn’s statement that he doesn’t think they are possibly worthy of tackling.  One of the weaknesses of the last couple of seasons of the show is the tepid topics they are covering.  NASA, dolphins and sleep aids are just a few recent examples.

Fan Mail from Canada, Eh

August 6, 2008

Take off you hosers.  I got a lovely e-mail from the Great White North I wanted to share with you:

About 10 years ago (give or take) A&E aired a show about Scientology and invited people to an online chat room to discuss the episode.

At first it was tough to pick out the Scientologists, but that didn’t last.

Before long they were accusing everyone even remotely associated with the show of being drunks, wife beaters etc.

That was when first got my attention and I’ve been researching them in a small way for years.

Fast forward to the beginning of August.

There is a three-day open-air country music concert held just outside Camrose, Alberta, during the August long weekend called Big Valley Jamboree.

It’s about 2 hours from _________ and we travel there every year.

I’ve been going six years now always have a great time (you haven’t really partied until it’s been with hillbillies) … with one hiccup.

Never in a thousand years would I expect to see my 14-year-old nephew getting a “stress test” at BVJ .
I nearly swallowed my tongue.

He and the rest of my family have been hearing me talk about this cult for years and yet … there he sat, listening the nice Scientologist tell him that “it seems his family stresses him out.”

The only thing that stopped a very ugly scene was the realization gained after reading your material … these people are victims too.

After a few minutes I went over to talk to the fellows. They wanted to show me their products and asked if I was feeling any stress in my life.

I said I would rather talk about Scientology. He was a little surprised.

I was very nice … he was very nice, but started to use that weird double-speak that we see over and over again on these videos. He said he hadn’t heard about “Fair Game” (I realize the name has changed) and that all the stuff on the Internet was a “web” of lies. He then began answering direct questions with questions of his own.

I told the fella that he seemed like an intelligent, kind man and that he should maybe look into some of the information that was being put forward. That’s all.

I can only hope more people did the same.

As my dad used to say …. “If one person calls you as asshole, ignore it. If two people call you an asshole … that’s their opinion, but if three people call you an asshole, you better start looking in the mirror … ‘cuz you might be an asshole.” (I don’t think these people are necessarily assholes … but you get the idea … the more people that talk to them in a rational, caring manner the more hope that they start doubting their beliefs.)

As soon as I left the booth I told everyone I ran into at the concert about the “stress test” and Scientology. (There are 25,000 people there per day for three days. I wonder if they thought rednecks were easy pickings.)

The conversation was enough to completely convince me that 1) they are victims 2) I will be showing up at the next protest and 3) I am going to write a letter to the people who organize BJV and the major sponsors.

Just wanted to let you know that you are fighting the good fight and between xenutv and anonymous, the word is really getting out there.

Thanks for the great report.  It’s good to see the word spreading.

Let’s make sure Bob and Doug MacKenzie don’t get recruited at one of these events.

South Dakota Anonymous Raid

August 6, 2008

Kip Mudd sends us in this spectacular footage from the South Dakota Org. 

I’d like to thank Jeff Jacobsen for telling me about Kip’s fine work.