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I’ve worked in front of and behind the camera for many years in the entertainment and broadcasting fields. I’ve spent a few years in radio in the Midwest as a morning drive-time host, spinning records, hosting talk shows, doing newscasts, and writing and producing commercials for the station and outside ad agencies.

During this time I also wrote and performed comedy sketches for this station as well as for Wisconsin Public Radio and appeared on stage as a performer in musicals, comedies and dramas.

I moved to Los Angeles to work in film and TV while continuing to perform on stage. Some of my favorite stage roles include Tevye in “Fiddler on the Roof” and Pseudolus in “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” and I look forward to the day when I can perform in the stage version of “The Producers.”

During my years in L.A., I appeared in commercials, voiced animated cartoons and worked for CBS, Paramount, Universal, Disney and others.

Beginning in 1997, I started using my background in film production to help inform people about Scientology’s harmful practices. Scientology has not been happy about the exposure. They’ve attacked me on many fronts starting with a webpage set up to smear my name. The earliest version of the page (captured by Google) included a positive review of my acting. They have since removed that because they knew I enjoyed their praise.

In 1999, I created this website which features streaming video about Scientology. The site lay dormant for a couple of years as I moved to Clearwater, Florida to join with Bob Minton and Stacy Brooks at the Lisa McPherson Trust where I produced videos for LMT Media.

While working for the LMT, I traveled to Chicago to film an interview with two dentists who were trying to obtain a large refund from Scientology. To disrupt the interview, Scientology hired off duty police officers who arrested me for trespassing even though I was on a public sidewalk. More than a year later, I stood trial and was acquitted of all charges. Read the trial transcripts!

One week after this arrest, I was assisting a German film crew as they shot a documentary about Scientology in Clearwater, Florida. While videotaping, I was attacked by a man who struck my camera with a hammer. The man was ultimately arrested and sent to jail on unrelated charges which were uncovered during the investigation of the hammer attack.

The time I’ve spent covering Scientology has been, to say the least, interesting.

Since the LMT closed in late 2001, I have been working in TV news. In 2006, I won my first Emmy Award for a story on Border Issues in the San Diego area.


Thanks for your support. I will continue to cover Scientology, interviewing those affected by it and documenting the behavior of Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs.

Mark Bunker

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  1. isaidskyla Says:

    oh my goodness. I just recently jumped into the scientology fight and i tell you what, it has NOT been easy to find out what happened after about 2002. I mean it all seemed to have stopped. I feel a little like i charged into the battle prepared to go down swinging, but no one else was around, i missed it. tory, stacy, bob, LMT where did it all go? please tell me THEY didn’t give up. PLEASE tell me that they stood up to the public embarrassment and legal abuse and continue to help people OUT. i tried writing to Andreas but, i have heard nothing back. What now? where do i start? I guess just one at a time.

  2. Pedro Lee Says:

    Mark I love your style and tenacity. Please dont stop! It is an honor to have the cchr call you a bigot. It is a pain in the ass to have to deal with the Bullbaiting and PIs and ceaseless herassment of the automaton drones from the cult. It is infotainment at it’s best. Springer aint got nothing on bunker getting attacked by a crack head scientologist with a hammer and the police response was just delightful to see. Xenu TV is my favorite now. You could sell ad space or create spoof ads to fill in. “Cult wackos accusing you of crimes? Do you have hypno drones protesting outside your home accusing you of hate crimes? Try CLAM BE GONE the new all weather cult repellant.”

  3. Josh S. Says:

    It is an honor to know that people like you are in this world, standing up for those who
    may not be ableto stand up for themselves. Also you a very creative, funny, and articulate
    man expecially when in the midst of confrontation from OSA. Keep it up.

  4. lafina Says:

    Hi Mark.
    I just want to say that I’m an enormous fan of your work. XenuTv is all I watch! Your videos are not only informative and terrifying, but also entertaining.
    I do hope that the fight against Scientology hasn’t died. The LMT was the coolest fuckin’ group dat ever ran. I hope they’re in all future history books.
    Please don’t give up the fight. The world needs this site.

  5. Börries Says:

    Hi Mark!
    I´m from Germany and just bumped into your website by incident.

    Thanks for the good work, its a pitty that bob Minton had to stop.

    I admire this work all you people do, so thanks again.

  6. Super Mike Says:

    Mark, I just saw your video from last year on throwawayyourtv.com, when I followed a link from reddit.com. Thanks for putting so much work into that video and in your efforts to thwart Scientology. You are doing an extremely good service for the citizen’s of this world. I don’t know if you’re religious or not, but indeed in my belief you are doing God’s work here. As angry as I became after watching the video, I’m glad your team set the tone with others to focus on truth, tolerance, videotape, and peaceful resistance. We all need to keep our cool here or we’re no better than the enemy. But keeping cool does not mean backing down.

  7. May Says:

    Hi Mark-great work. Can you share any information on actress Lee Purcell’s involvement in scientology-she seems to be a spokesperson. Thanks.

  8. XENU TV Says:

    I can’t say that I’ve even seen anything that she’s in but a google search does show her involvement.


  9. Paul Says:

    Im disgusted! I dont see how the public is looking the other way when it comes to these people. Tom Cruise is a joke, he was recently said to be scientologys “Christ” It makes me sick to think these people get away with what they do

  10. Mark Bunker Says:

    Quality! You got the same name as me BOI! I swear! I am from a place called Luton in England!

  11. Wog fan Says:

    What happened to Bob Minton? Maybe you can write something up that tells that story. I hope he’s ok!

  12. XENU TV Says:

    Bob’s fine. I’ll write something someday but I’ve said plenty on ars. You can google there for now.

  13. Yoli Says:

    I just want to say i think ur a brave guy and im glad u stand up to all the scientologists. i just watched ur videos on you tube and gosh these people are looney. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. there is alot of us out there that aggree with u!!!

  14. Stephen O'Connor Says:

    Hi Mark,

    I’m don’t know whether you’ve seen the recent episode of the BBC’s Panorama, with John Sweeny, but I’m sure you have. It’s a cracker, and good on John too!

    It sparked my interest in the cult and since researching and viewing yours and others’ videos around the net I’m convinced, they must be stopped.

    That they’ve infiltrated the US is saddening, your country’s desire for it’s own identity/culture etc is clearly a large part of the reason so many american citizens feel an affinity for this ”religion”. Its wholly born and raised in your homeland, not relating to some distant history or leader in some foreign land. Your thoughts on this?

    My question to you is have you got any advice for us over on this side of the water that you think may help stop a repeat of clearwater?

    …unless its already too late and they’re well in here already – yIPeS!!



  15. Mark you are truley a great man. All of my friends and i share a great passsion for the interest of cults/religions. we have studied satanism, witchcraft, snuff films (as a side project) and now we move towards scientology. your work and research has not only made our work easier but has also extinguished the necessity for a further ‘investigation’ seeing at has already been done 100% better than we ever could.

    Thank you

  16. Don't wish to publish my name Says:

    Please can you email me? I am unable to find an email address for you and am trying to contact you, Mark.

  17. Tory/Magoo~~ Says:

    I met Mark Bunker when I was “in” Scientology, and asked to “Go Handle him”.
    What did that mean? Distract him, keep him from filming them, in I think 1999.
    ((I left in July of 2000)).

    He’s been there through my entire waking up——-and departing—being chased across the country by Scientology, and helped film many of my videos.

    Thanks, Mark, for ALL that you do 🙂 I love http://www.xenutv.com!

    Best to all……


  18. sk8mike Says:

    Hey Mark,

    This is sk8mike I post on youtube, and sometimes on your BLOG. I just came across something new. Which to a $cientology critic like me that’s rare. So I don’t know if you’re aware of this either. A very popular children’s websites called neopest.com has strong ties to Co$. Neopets.com is an online game/community that millions of children use. They also make toys, games, cards, books, magazines etc for your children. It’s become so popular that Nickelodeon and neopets.com are teaming up, and starting this June23rd the Nick(TM) network will start airing neopets.com “mini-shows” in between their regular programming. I first learned of this from another BLOGer who said he applied to work for neopets.com but didn’t get the job. He said their application process was very strange. He thought the employees were encouraged to convert to Scientology and that’s why he didn’t get hired.

    So keep your kids away from all things neopets.com! We need to start spreading this information.

    Some of my sources:

  19. Richard Green Says:

    Wow the website has really changed! Have you added an alternative to using real player on some of the older vids by any chance? Never mind I’ll look forward to finding that out as I browse the new look Xenutv. (if not though please do, I can’t stand RP, tends to hijack too many things on my pc for my liking)

    By the way, are you aware that McGoo, yourself, Andreas (from OC) and that bizarre fellow Dan Murnan are becoming quite the celebrities on the net? Poor Dan, any vids of this guy crack me up.

    Keep up the Good work! The UK loves ya!

  20. Gina Says:

    I need some help & opinion from you. I’m being harrassed – my situation is somewhat different than the average scientology story, I worked for a Scientologist using the WISE mgmt., I was recently fired after they insisted I was to do an offensive condition of Liability showing “enemy” & such………. 2 weeks later I was fired.
    I hired an attorney, a demand letter was sent, now I’m being harrassed…….. I need some help & guidance. I have more details, I worked there over 5 years, they swore it was “management” not religion…….. the doctor said we were married in a past life & had sex (in that life) – before the Liability came an accusation of “treason.” I have a full list of events………… but really need help on all this it’s overwhelming – lawyers don’t understand the complexities……..

    thank you sincerely,


  21. Mary M. Says:

    Hi, Mark.
    Just a quick thank you. Started a new job a few weeks ago and a coworker has been pressuring me to go to her church with her. I’d almost decided to try it out but decided to google and youtube first. Found you and thank goodness for that. I’ve become addicted to your videos and am now a huge fan. Thanks again. I feel like I dodged a bullet.

  22. Mark Bunker Says:

    Thanks for sharing your story, Mary.

    All my best!

  23. Sean Smith Says:


    you guys should really get your facts straight,
    why not buy a copy of dianetic’s and just read it?

    I swear, it won’t bite, give you aids, or make you a cult member


    ps. scientology’s no cult; if you want a cult,
    talk to a catholic

  24. Mark Bunker Says:

    Thanks for dropping by, Sean. I have two copies of Dianetics, one hardbound and one paperback. I won’t buy a newly revised edited version, however, no matter how much DM begs.

    You are welcome to spend as much time here as you like. Read the posts, watch the videos, share you opinions and comment freely.

    That’s one of the cool things about the Wog world. You really are able to think for yourself.

  25. Matthew Richard Lewis Says:

    okay mark this is the best informed website i have seen, you are very smart as to not fall into the grasp of these homocidal cultists, i am going to try to make a group in england in birmingham with my friends to investigate the english church of scientology, i may be 16 but you have strongly encouraged me to take these people down and with the amount of friends i have a great influence on i will make a large group in no time, i decided the name could also be something funny such as A.S.S anti scientology specialists 😀 hehehe, or scientology high investigator teens S.H.I.T hahaha i prefer ASS though, but aside the comedy THIS CULT MUST BE STOPPED!! please contact me, we will do as much as we can to help you

  26. Josephine Says:

    Hi. My name is Josephine. I was born and raised in Scientology. I’ve live in Clearwater since I was 4, and was raised in a school specifically for kids whos parents were in the S.O. My mom was in, but my dad was not, he was a regular Scientologist. I knew Zoe as well. I’m a bit older than her though, maybe by 2 or 3 years. I joined the S.O. when I was 13, and was in it until I was 20. During that time my dad was kicked out when I was 15, my mom died of cancer when I was 16 and she was still in the S.O. at the time. I was kept in the regime of the Church, and handed over to a guardian whithin the Church. I married when I was 17, but my husband decided to leave, and they told him to keep hush about it, so I didn’t know he was leaving until he was already gone. I have allot of information because I’ve been in and around the Sea Org since I was 4 years old. I would love to share all my experiences with you maybe to enlighten others first hand that things are not all peachy, allot of it is just PR bull to make everything seem wonderful.

  27. Mark Bunker Says:

    Hi, Josephine. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I’d love to hear more. E-mail me at markbunker@gmail.com, please.

    All my best,


  28. Richard Green Says:

    Hi Mark, my copy of the new XenuTV dvd just arrived. Couldn’t find a section about the DVD to post on so I’m writing here. Thanks for the speedy delivery, great website AND great service. Thanks!

  29. XENU TV Says:

    Thanks, Richard!

  30. Charles Says:



    While an interesting interview, I must wonder what LRH/DM would have to say about her views on rock and roll. Not very in tune with CoS and the concept of the reactive mind. The middle finger in the air bit is what I’m getting at there. Not that I disagree with her, but sort of reactive don’t you think…

  31. John Says:

    I too have recently become aware of the incredible amount of Scientology exposure material on the Internet. I find it interesting that the activity seems to have died down since 2001. I have no doubt that should anyone publicly criticize CoS they will respond by bringing out their old tactics. Thanks to all of you who fought the good fight in the ’90s.

    My comment: I believe that no matter how much the General Membership of the organization shrinks, the leaders have probably achieved a critical financial mass that will allow them to continue indefinitely. Considering the millions of $$ that have passed through the Organization it would be foolish to assume that they don’t have investments that will sustain them for many years to come. They can close all the Orgs and all the bases and still live quite well, thank you. After all, it was always about the money.

  32. Lauren Says:

    Dearest Mark,
    I really admire all that you do. I wish that there was more that I could do to help. Anyhow, I just wanted to share a little of the holiday cheer with you. You may know about this already, but if not you should check it out… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mission_Earth_(album)

  33. XENU TV Says:

    Thanks, Lauren.

    That Ron was a talented guy. He excelled in every field he touched. You can tell by listening to him sing his own original songs:



  34. JJ Says:

    Hi Mark, I was just curious to know if you still get followed by them where ever you go?

  35. C. C. Says:


    I watched your video of the Shrinking World of L. Ron Hubbard earlier today. I just went to You Tube to show someone your videos and it says that the video was removed and your account has been suspended!


    Praying for you,

  36. Thomas Brown Says:

    Mark, You’re a brave and good fellow. Keep it up. Seems Hubbard was something like Timothy Leary without a soul. What a ridiculous load o’ crap!

    How tough a concept is it that criticizing ANY religion comes down to Free Speech?

    My favorite observation about CoS… I’ve never met a Scientologist motorcyclist! That’s enough for me right there.

  37. Anon Says:

    I am here to spread the news of the attacks on Scientology by us the Anon. We will wipe this cult from the internet. Spread the word people! We are legion!

  38. Anon Says:


    Spread the word!

  39. Sam McLeod Says:

    You are not alone, down with Scientology!

  40. John Austin Says:

    I see from folks you did a great job on EVWade show. I will try to download it and listen to it.


  41. fan Says:

    Mark I just want to say that you are a really funny guy, and I’m glad to see you could keep your sense of humour throughout everything that happened to you.

    p.s. I think the beard is bad ass and you should keep it!

  42. noneya Says:

    Mr. Bunker, I was wondering what your oppinion is on the current war that Anonymous has declared on Scientology? I was split at first on if I supported Anonymous or not, however when I thought of it in the terms that Scientology declares war on people all of the time with their “fair game” policy, I decided that karma is a great and wonderful thing.

  43. Bastian Fromherz Says:

    you are so awesome. I always thought that scientology was bad, but i had no reason, but that everyone told me it was. when i saw a video with you on youtube and saw your site, I looked up some scientology and now i know scientology is bad. you are awesome and very smart. good luck with your on-going fight against terrori-, i mean scientology, but what’s the difference? haha I totally put that on purpose. it would sound better if i was talking. but ANYWAY, awesome.

  44. Mudkip Says:

    O hai…

    I herd u liek redemption.

  45. David Says:

    God bless you Wise Beard.

  46. David Marler Says:

    First off my congratulations for fighting the good fight! Always amazing to me to see what people will belive in and as a long time fan of science fiction and comic books I enjoy good stories (non-ever told by old Ron L..what a hack). And as a long time sales type, I enjoy someone who can spin a yarn. But this whole Scientology thing is right out of a bad story that no one should belive. I mean next we will believe we are all inhabited by little lizards that take over our bodies…wait they did that it’s called Stargate SG-1…..anyhow…seriously for a moment….some years ago there was a great flash video of a purple demon cartoon explaining Scientology to the masses. Have looked in vain on the net and wanted 15 year old son to see it.

    Any idea where I might find it?

    Best Regards
    David Marler
    Houston TX 77095

  47. vicky Says:

    the neopets business is very alarming. going after the children?

  48. vicky Says:

    Is viacom owned by scientology? Go to their web site and see just how much media they influence.

  49. Hard Rain Says:

    Mark, your videos and posts are the most informative and eye-opening presentations about Scientology available. You also link to many other interesting and reputable sources for information regarding not just the weird and awry aspects of the cult, but also the fabric of the base of Scientology and the dangerous and unnerving techniques with which the cult manages to function.

    Your stoic yet provocative web videos are filled with well-mannered, well-articulated advice and are great sources of wisdom, not just for those involved in the cult-exposing business, but to all those who value a free, caring and open society. Yours is an example of why the nations of the free world have come to be havens and hallmarks of the entire human race.

    I hope that one our day free society as a whole will come to recognize and give credence to the work you and your many associates have done in exposing and educating us all in the many aspects of the dangerous pseudo-religion that is the Church of Scientology. Your mission serves as an example of conduct with which all our rationalized skepticisms and concerns should be carried out.

    I wish you luck in your endeavors and can only hope that we all get to see the day when the “Church” no longer enslaves, manipulates, extorts or harms anyone ever again.

    Blessings from Johannesburg, South Africa.

  50. Kristján Lindberg Says:

    Keep up the good work against the BS of Scientology!

    Cheers from Iceland:
    -Kristján Lindberg

  51. bob Says:

    I got declared in the Finance Police purge in San Francisco in 1983. I never got on line until 2002, so I missed the whole internet flame war thing and had never seen any of the confidential materials even though I had heard about it vaguely. When I finally started reading this stuff, and finally got up the nerve to look at OTIII, I got sick alright. I actually threw up when I realized the magnitude of the fraud and that every OTIII I ever knew was in on it. I was Clear, Class V and had been in Tech and Qual for 8 years. As I read more and realized that EVERYTHING LRH ever said was a lie, it helped explain all the failures, all the OTIII and above that came home and landed in ethics, everything. And to think it got WORSE after I left is just flabbergasting. Thanks for doing what you do and keep up the good work.

  52. Gradyman Says:

    Thanks for all you do Mark. I just found you and have been glued to my computer for two and a half days.

    Ive tried to find out what happened to Bob but details are sketchy, I can only speculate but it seems he made a bad choice or two earlier in life and the Cult finally got him, what a shame, I wish him well. The LMT gone, silenced, I feel betrayed. Did a search as you instructed another reader in these comments but came up empty.

    How you have survived the deep pockets of The Cult I will never know but thank goodness you are still here.

    Zing[sp] in the video with Dan is hilarious!

    “You have a selective filter – In your head. THATS DAN MURMAN? HE CHOPPED HIS HAIR OFF? HES AN OT8! POSTULATE US GONE!”


  53. noneya Says:

    Mr. Bunker,
    First of all I want to thank you for the prompt response from my question about anonymous. A video response at that. I would also like to add that the video has made widespread circulation to a lot of video sites, keep up the good work. I have been watching your site for about 2 years now. I started exploring scientology because I found it amusing, however the more I learned I realized that it is a very serious threat. The reason I am writing this comment is because I would like to know how you are doing on collecting money for your documentary? When I saw your video response I had no idea that you were trying to make a documentary. This is a cause that I would like to jump into head first. I am not wealthy by any means, however with the free money that I do have I would like to buy some of your dvd’s and then hand them out for free. I would only hope that you would keep up informed on how close to your goal you are. Feel free to e-mail personaly if you want to inform me on the situation.

  54. Jimbo Says:

    Dear Mr. Bunker,

    Like many others here, I got involved recently, when my childhood best friend got sucked by this cult. I started to read and learn more and more about this so called church, and when I found out about your work I also got stucked for 2 days in front of my computer. I realize is was, and never will be, an easy job to fight this good fight, but you must always remember that you are not alone. My friend lives in USA, but I am in Brazil, and will join this fight from here, where we can see them trying to raise roots. Ive been debating in brazilian forums, trying to help people see the real evil inside that institution. Some bumps on the road, but nothing that would scare me. I just wanted to thank you and let you know that you have friends in Brazil too. Sorry for my english. Take care, and good luck!

  55. tehMati Says:

    Thanks Wise Beard Man!

  56. Thresher_V Says:

    I’ve always been against this “religion” and until recently I thought there was little I could do to help it end. Then after seeing your vids on YouTube (among others), I see that there’s something of an army building up. It’s good to know that the people of this world won’t sit by and let it be taken over by this cult. Keep up the good fight WIse Beard Man!!!

  57. […] “I don’t know if this will make a difference or not but I felt I needed to respond to anonymous, the group of people who have taken down Scientology’s website and taken to the streets to silence Scientology.”-Mark Bunker […]

  58. You rock Mark! I have seen all of your videos and I applaud your incredible patience dealing with these sickos. You are a true soldier for truth and humanity. I love your WordPress blog. Let me know if I can do anything to help you in this effort. I am not a sane man, but I know what is right from what is wrong.


  59. val Says:

    your great strength is to let the SC-members expose themselves in front of your camera while staying a concerned and caring person. your position, not to be against the belief itself, but to be against the organization behind it, has my support,

    regards from germany,

  60. Loki Says:


    Just want to say I really appreciate everything you and XenuTV have done to spread the truth about Scientology. I’ve never seen anything more Orwellian in my entire life than the CoS. It takes a lot of guts to put your own life and money as you are slandered, assaulted, and lied to by various OT drones, and to do all that and maintain a sense of humor is truly an accomplishment. The world needs more sane, rational, good-natured people like yourself. Keep up the good work!

  61. Anonymous Says:

    Your words are wise
    Your face is beard

    Hey, seriously dude, thanks for getting Anon on the right track, I’ll try to thank you personally on the 15th, assuming you are coming out? You’ll know me, i’ll be the one in the Guy Fawkes mask.

    Maybe in five or ten years we won’t have to worry about Co$ anymore eh? What then shall we turn our attentions to? World Hunger?

  62. Friend Says:

    Greetings Mark,

    Keep doing what you’re doing.
    You have powerful friends on your side.

    The difference between the organism
    you are dealing with and most of the
    others is not just size but that this one
    has crystallized – in other words, as you
    can easily understand, it has a kind of armor
    that is more hardened than most.

    The key to its undoing is to learn from
    the myths of legendary “dragonslayers”:
    keep the heat turned up, the pressure on,
    and study it for weak spots… and by ‘weak spots’,
    I mean, specifically, in regards to the
    7 Deadly sins: pride, or vanity, and so on…

    No entity is perfect. That is why they send
    out PIs to find everyone else’s weak spots,
    to keep those people from finding theirs. And
    such activity, ironically, betrays it.

    More on this another time. 😉

  63. WeAreLegion Says:

    Wise Beard Man:

    The wisest of the beards takes on the most powerful “not-a-church” in the world! The bristle of beard fur will help to lead the masses- we love you! Keep pouring that positive energy. I got into the cause because of Anon and because of you. Thousands, nay…MILLIONS will soon follow.

    The beard speaks:

    “We are the anti-cult. Whereas the “Church” of Scientology feeds on repression and tactics of deceit, we feed on freedom, truth, and the notion that human beings can actually think for themselves, if they so choose. We help them, (NEVER force them,) to make their own independent choice, help them to understand, but NEVER do it with force or malice- only love and strength and GENUINE caring for our fellow woman and man. We make the choice to protest these money-grubbing opportunists so that the members led astray with lies and false promises can be set free from the shackles of spiritual slavery.”

    (actually, the beard didn’t say that…. or maybe he did?)

    ((but it sounds like something he WOULD say!))

    thanks Mark.

    -A friend

  64. Tim Says:

    The world needs more people with balls like you. Not trying to be profian, just honest. Thanks you.
    An ex-scio.

  65. Rex Manson Says:

    Hey there Mark.. I just wanted to send you a quick message saying that you are very handsome and I want to get to know you,,, you are killer sexy

  66. beentheredonethat Says:

    Hi Mark,
    My husband and I are ex-$cnists after 30+ years. (We just got home from protesting with Anonymous — it was great.)

    I’d like to invite you to look at my husband’s blog Ask the Scientologist (http://askthescientologist.blogspot.com/). He’s written what he calls the Scientologists Bill of Rights. It’s excellent. Maybe you could post it here. My husband is Kimball Hawkins, Jeff Hawkins brother.

    I love what you are doing and I admire you and the other outspoken critics.

    Cathy Mullins

  67. David Says:

    Hey Mark, I have just recently started becoming involved with the antiscientology movement anonymous and I want to tell you that all of your work is amazing and keep it up! Wisebeard Man FTW!

  68. Daniel Says:

    I want to thank you for all that you are doing. My little brother is studying for a test right now in which he has to be able to define thetan and know when dianetics was first published. The test and book were both made by the Teacher’s Curriculum Institute and, according to it, the three major religions in the world are Christianity, Scientology, and Islam. I look forward to the day when this is no longer accepted as a religion. Needless to say, I am planning on making pamphlets about the true nature of the cult to my brother’s classmates.

    p.s. The TCI does not seem to be related to Applied Scholastics, and the nearest “church” is 80 miles away, so it looks like its getting more acceptance. :[

  69. Liz Says:

    You have been an inspiration. I became wise to the activity (*criminal) of the “church” in January just prior to Anonymous’ debut. Your videos at first were incredibly surreal; I live in Canada and $cientology has kept itself very quiet — within my city atleast (although they ARE present). Once I became aware of the situation I spent hours studying $cientology from all angles. I was just completely shocked. How can people act this way? I must be completely naive to think that no one could do such thing, or maybe just a decent person; It’s amazing how little there really are in the world. All I know, is that I’ve made it my personal mission to spread the word, the truth. It’s their greatest weakness and I thank you for all your efforts to do the same. I don’t think this movement would have such momentum if it didn’t have such a great voice involved. Thank you to people like you, Tory and all those involved. My gratitude is nothing compared to the victims of the “church” – this one’s for you !!
    ~ Cheers to Anonymous
    ~ Cheers to Free Speech
    ~ Cheers to Wise Beard Man.

  70. The Falcon Says:

    I first off want to thank you for your work and the site, I often wonder if any one has looked at this group in an anthropological light. I spent sometime looking at the web based material and personal stories and was struck by the similarities to socio/political movements like the ones in Europe and Asia in the 1920’s and 30’s elements of which are still with us. I am also struck by the lack of an under laying mythology (I guess until you reach a certain level) it seems to run in its lower levels as a pseudo/psychologically based group. Now if some the above is correct this would be a strange thing to call a religion no mythos to speak of, a strange mechanical world view where ritual is empty and the effects sought are similar to forms of sympathetic magic and the rituals found in cargo cults. It would make a wonderful study but seems far too dangerous, a bit like studying the Mob. Well thanks for the work and to those you have escaped stay strong.

  71. From Canada Says:

    Thank you for fighting the good fight for so long.

  72. Bill Austin Says:

    I can’t wait to hear from you on Eric Von Wade. You are awesome!

    hello from Corpous Christi… Mr Bill (advid caller of the show)

  73. H-20-66 Says:

    I would love to have seen you as Pseudolus. A friend of mine was in an area college production of “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum” (as Senex and was hilarious) and they did a really good job of it.

    But with BEARD POWERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! the show must have been brilliant.

  74. taznc25 Says:


    Have you heard anymore regarding Mary’s departure from the cult? She would be quite a damning interview. All in all, it is great to hear that someone as devoted as her has left the organization.

    Thanks for all that you have done. Some of us may regain friends and family lost to this horrible, evil organization one day.

  75. Eric Says:

    I have known of this whole science fiction religion things for years but I did not realize that intelligent people took it seriously. I have watched so many videos from Mark recently, and I am glad he is out there exposing this crap.
    I am floored by the comments and behavior of these people who believe that lying is ok. They are taught that a lie from their own kind in defense of the spaceship gods is actually truth? Geez, don’t any of them stop and think “umm, ok what bob just said is not true, but I am supposed to support it anyway, hmm”.
    Bunch of drones

  76. […] on Vimeo.com, there’s a series of videos by Mark Bunker of an interview he had with actor Jason Beghe, who was a Scientologist since 1994 or so, and left […]

  77. Internet Cafe Says:


    I have Video and Photo’s I would like to share with you.

    Please also ask Tory if she knows Ryan, all will be clear. I will come back to the site only for the next day or so for a response.

    Mark, great work. Really appreciated

  78. CB Says:

    Happy birthday, WBM!

  79. Truth Says:

    You are a total dickhead. Anyone believing your shit is severely gullible and does not see the $$$ motivated quest you are on and your self focused evil ego, covered up by these so called “good PR deeds” – biggest load of shit out. ITS A SMOKE SCREEN. A new WACO is being created here and YOU are creating it. And to your followers: WAKE UP! The “cult” here is the one “wise ass two face” has created – get real for fucks sake! This guy has some pretty hideous secrets he does not want exposed or something!

  80. Mark Bunker Says:

    What are my crimes? Thanks for asking, Truth.

  81. Fred Says:


    Just watched the vids from NYC. Curious about where Scientolgy HQ was there I went to Google Maps and looked at steet view. Was rathe astounded to find that thhe block in front of it and behind it have been deleted from street view. Do you think they have some influence wit the Google?

  82. Tom Says:

    Hey Wise Beard Man! Just wanted to say, I think it’s awesome how you’re working with us to bring this evil cult down! You go WBM!

  83. Elvis DeLarge Says:

    A friend of mine that reads tarot cards and I are thinking about setting up a table in front of the scientology center here. I may bring my magic 8 ball too. If we film it will you post it?

  84. Mark Bunker Says:

    Sure. Have fun and stay safe.

  85. Tom Says:


    You and Tory need to meet with Roger Staubach and set ol’ number 12 straight on what COS is all about.. See 11th paragraph of this story..


  86. News Junkie Says:


    You ROCK! Thanks for being the wise beard man and helping get the word out to the public and victims of this dangerous cult of greed. Any totalitarian group who blatantly violate human rights and exploit people with brainwashing needs to be exposed.

    You are a brave man. You have my heartfelt best wishes and congratulations for the marvelous work you are doing,

  87. Bill Says:

    Hi Mark,

    First, I want to thank you for what you do. Exposing the Cult of Scientology, its frivolous claims, and its criminal scams has helped people. Those people’s lives were being destroyed by Scientology or they were people who were well on their way to destruction but did not yet know it. Keep up the great work Mark. You are doing great things.

    Although I was not a member of the Cult of Scientology for vary long, I did recently share my short story with you, which you posted on your blog. I have since been following your blog and other Scientology stories.

    I live within Los Angeles County and I want to be involved in the fight against Scientology in some way. I don’t consider myself an activist. My career is in law enforcement and participating in pickets could be detrimental to my career. Sometimes, pickets get heated and sometimes people get into physical altercations. Unfortunately, people sometimes file false complaints and frivolous lawsuits against law enforcement officers. I do not wish to put myself in that situation.

    Can you recommend a way that I could help the anti-Scientology movement without being involved in pickets? My involvement in Scientology was minimal compared to many of the folks around here. I don’t feel like I can contribute much by just posting on blog sites and forums. I have decided to donate to Xenutv.com, but I have also considered donating money to other organizations. I just do not know which organizations are legitimate and I need to know where my money would be best spent.

    There are others like me out here Mark. Would it be beneficial to add some information to Xenutv.com that gives people like me options so we do not have to take a chance on having brushes with the law?

    Truly yours,

  88. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, WBM without the beard! That was a shock 😀

    Keep fighting the good fight!

  89. Darrell Kern Says:

    Over the last two decades I have been under heavy attack by Scientologists. Two years ago I moved into a building where unbeknownst to me has many scientologist residents. They become fast friends and suddenly the psychological attacks heated up. They entered my apartment and began gas-lighting me. They have tapped my phone lines and consistently monitor my computer.

    What these monsters do is first refer to you as a wog. It is easier for them to torture you if they objectify you with a non-human label- hence WOG. Next they find or are told what your “ruin” is- a RUIN is your achilles heel- then they go about hitting your triggers and 24/7 surveillance (also known as GANG STALKING or CAUSE STALKING). This relentless pursuit leads to GASLIGHTING, the surveillance and psychological torture of friends, family and co-workers until you have been DEACTIVATED. These are merely soldiers with orders from the church- often they are told you are a criminal, pedophile, drug addict, and even a demonic form form of Xenu in the flesh or a Xenu soldier demon- whatever they need to be told to motivate their relentless attacks or get them to believe you are an SP or worse is told to them and they go to work like robots- when confronted they respond to you like a concerned friend or neighbor.

    They change tactics and will enter my apartment leaving stupid things and/or hard to notice changes like dirt or leaves that never could have gotten in because I had just cleaned the place. Sometimes they take things that I would normally misplace like keys, eyeglasses, and such this is a form of GASLIGHTING. Once the building manager placed two stuffed animals on my porch- when confronted, she admitted it and said it was a gift to lift my spirits!

    It is very difficult to get angry with the individuals because they have been given an agenda or a MISSION to help the targeted person (in this case me). Luckily, I have been documenting them for years and have been under surveillance by people surveilling them and their tactics.

    They have been aware until recently that they have been watched. As they stories begin to break headlines and the Scientology organizations fails worldwide everyone can expect to see some pretty horrible things.

    Some people are trying to save the robots as their intention was always to HELP. I say leave it up to their families they have abandoned and to take them back and help them re-incorporate back into society!

    Regardless of intentions (which is what the road to hell is paved with) each person must take responsibility for their own actions as being mislead is not really an excuse except for small children and the mentally handicapped. I will pursue them with the same ruthless and mercilessness they have afforded me.

    Having been a serious entertainment executive I am fully aware of how high their reach goes and so are many in ever higher positions who are just as sick and tired of it as everyone whom has been effected by it. Scientology is by far the worst cult offender, but the other bible cults and various creature cults are being dismantled as well.

    Watch out for conspiracy websites like AMKON and ATS as they are heavily membered with scientologists and entertainment scientologists clamoring to hang on to their “religion” with the desperation of a dying “saint”.

    Be careful folks as the most dangerous creature on the face of the earth is a mortally wounded dying animal caught in a corner.

    Do not be afraid of them- they have no powers at all- its nothing but cheap special effects and smoke and mirrors.

    Take care,


    PS- Post everything that is true they are doing in public. Wear t-shirts that bust them. Let your neighbors know the area is under heavy surveliience (if it is) and do not put anymore personal information about yourself on websites like dating and such- this will help them find your soft spots and it is what they after. And remember they are technologically savvy- they created Earthlink for one!

  90. Darrell Kern Says:

    I forgot to mention that Nicoles Kidman’s THE INVASION was really based on scientologists. If you have ever been involved or are under attack and have more than one scientologist in your life you would get what Kidman’s movie is all about! Ask any ex-scientologist and they will tell you THE INVASION is spot on accurate!

  91. BT Says:

    Mark, have you seen Mary Panton’s (formerly Mary DeMoss) blog? No talk of Scientology, lots of talk about how she’s looking for a man… http://marypanton.wordpress.com/

  92. XENU TV Says:

    Thanks, BT. Looks like she is doing well.

  93. Presser Tim Intervalidus Says:

    Hi, I have been fascinated by the story of Anonymous vs Scientology and of course, came across your visage. Aside from the issue of scientology itself, What has most interested me about the story, is the phenomenon of Anonymous as a meta-consciousness arising from the internet and it’s exertion towards effecting positive change in the real world (thanks, of course, to the obviously welcome fatherly guidance of the Wise Bearded Man). What I was interested in connecting with you about, was asking about 1) your opinion regarding the nature of such a phenomenon and it’s implications for those ‘fighting the “good” fight’ and 2) what do you think have been the biggest obstacles you have faced in your work, and 3) by extension the biggest obstacles that fair and accurate reporting face in the future?

    To get back to the issue of Scientology, I wonder if it you are aware of L. Ron Hubbard’s beginnings with Jack Parsons and if it would be of any use to you to know?

  94. Dissenting voice Says:

    Say, Mark, under those “about” links on the right, you may want to put an “About Anonymous” on there – whether it’s right or not, people associate you with the group, and, like those looking into Bob Minton and the LMT, they may come looking here for info. What better opportunity to give your side of the story on this ‘controversial’ group?

  95. XENU TV Says:

    That’s a good idea. I don’t know that I’m an expert — but when I get some time, I’ll do that.

  96. Mitsu Too Says:

    For the kids in us who love Gromit,

  97. I love your site. Keep it up !

  98. Bjorn Says:

    You are awesome. I spoke with Tory the other day and she said you were headed to the global picket together. I wish I could speak with you as well. I know you are incredibly busy. If that is possible, let me know.

    Thanks for all the work you do.

  99. Richard Says:

    CoS buys social security number from Danish government


    I’d like to notify you about this video I just made, containing info on how Denmark is selling out it’s citizens to a cult. I’m keeping this message short as I’m busy enough with spreading the word around. Please watch it @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqnKG4Up9VA and hopefully you can support this message in one way or another.

    Thank you for your time.
    Best regards,
    Richard G.,

  100. Tara Says:

    Hi Mark:

    I wanted to take the opportunity to thank both you and Tory who deserves mention for shining a light on the abuses of Scientology. I basically knew nothing about this cult until I met a friend online who is an ex member. What she told me shocked me to say the least so I began doing some research and I am beyond appalled at the tactics of scientology. So, I decided to join the cause.

    I live in Toronto and there is one scientology center (that I’m aware of). I walk by it often as it is located on a main street in a shopping area. The place always looks deserted. I’ve never seen a soul either enter or exit that building. Is the place still even operating? I understand that Anonymous staged a protest there some time ago. How does one find out when these events are happening? If I’d known, I’d have gladly gone to it.

    Brightest Blessings,

  101. XENU TV Says:

    Thanks Tara. You can find out when the monthly raids happen at http://www.whyweprotest.net

    Have fun.

  102. Eric Says:

    After watching Tom Cruise performance on Utube I had to find out how Scientology had done it, how they had managed to create what seemed to me a lunatic unhinged from reality. Google assisted in finding xenu.net, scientology-lies.com, exscientologykids.com and Utube of course and before I knew it I was embroiled in learning just what Scientology was. After reading A Piece of Blue Sky, The Complex, The Scandal of Scientology, Scientology, several papers on brain washing numerous blogs and many wonderful shows on Utube (Tory is awesome) I am armed with the knowledge of what is Scientology. Scientology is a criminal organization engaged in manipulation of its members and it will lie when ever it suits them in order to preserve their methodology of extracting money from those looking for answers in an ever more complex world. I am deeply affected by those who have born the wrath of the Cult of Scientology (not a church!), and those who have spoken out against the atrocities committed within the pretext of religious freedoms. It is your collective actions and courage over many years that have helped many trapped within the Cult of Scientology.

    With the advent of the Internet the reality of the Cult of Scientology is widely known and spreading rapaciously and, I believe we can look forward to either its reformation or dissolution. In the face of a devastating adversary you have done the right thing and my deepest respect is afforded to those long time advocates of freedom, human rights and the truth. During my research I contacted Paulette Cooper, a pioneer exposing the wrongs of the Cult of Scientology, her words are as valid today as they where so many years ago. If only the Internet where around in 1970 maybe Paulette would not have been put through the fair game policy of the Cult of Scientology. I love the shows on Utube and somehow feel like I know you all; the reality however is I have never met any of you. Such is the power of new media and those whose performance capture the hearts and minds of those who watch them.

    Sincerely Eric

  103. […] she doesn’t see that people asking these questions are doing it out of concern. People like Mark Bunker have been talking about this issue for years, groups like Anonymous are trying to bring awareness. […]

  104. Doug Says:

    Hi Mark. I would love to have a CD with the video you have of Tory, the head of LMT (sorry, I can’t think of her name) and you in Boston on XenuTV. I think it was just after Tory came out. I think you have other stuff for sale, but I can’t find it. I want to help…


  105. […] in that article there was a video, this video is a trailer that was uploaded by the interviewer, Mark Bunker, a known critic of Scientology. What is really interesting though is when you click the video […]

  106. pete Says:

    hey mark,

    just wanted to say that i think what you’re doing is great! i went to a drug rehab… called narconon (not really a drug rehab) its just a scientology front. and of course they dont tell you that… or your family. the place is just ridiculous! words cant describe how insane that ‘place’ is… it was a scary, creepy place, and all of the serious scientologists are mindless robots! i feel sorry for them, but at the same time, i don’t… i can’t believe that the ‘place’ even exists… but im glad that there are people like you, doing what you’re doing! that ‘place’ had a tremendous effect on my life, and NOT in a good way! keep up the good work Mark!!

    SP- pete

  107. Mitch Says:

    Hi Mark, I applaud your hard work in eliminating from society the cancer that is scientology. I too am working to rid from society another cult, and I would like to ask you a few questions on tips, technique and legal protection, but I can’t find an email address for you.

  108. Slim Says:


    I do not prevent
    I can be prevented
    I can be forced
    I do not force

    I am not a Scientologist
    I am not Anonymous
    I am Slim
    I am the 1

    I am not Anonymous

  109. Norman Suchanek Says:


    I have found a dead link on your website :


    Just a few months ago it was still alive.

    All the best,
    Norman Suchanek

  110. Most people when leaving blog comments find related blogs and plonk. Doing it this way results in instant traffic.

  111. […] in that article there was a video, this video is a trailer that was uploaded by the interviewer, Mark Bunker, a known critic of Scientology. What is really interesting though is when you click the video […]

  112. Hildred Says:

    You need to take part in a contest for one of the most useful sites on the
    internet. I am going to highly recommend this website!

  113. Diana Says:

    Thank you so much Mark Bunker for your hard work and bravery in exposing the numerous sins of $cientology !

  114. Mercedes McNealy Barnes Says:

    I am a member of antiscientogy society in California can you give me some data I have been attacked again my ex husband is a science thinker they took all my belongings ….mercedes barnes 502 762 8683

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