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XENU TV Reborn

August 3, 2009

Wise Beard ManI’m pleased to announce that my website has finally been revamped and awaiting your return.

Everything from the Wog Blog has been moved over to the site as well as my videos from both YouTube channels.  I’ve rebuilt it using WordPress, the same blogging software that has made posting here so damn easy.

From now on, expect to see all the new posts over there on my site.  Today I linked to Scientology’s Freedom Magazine attack on Rinder, Rathbun, the SP Times and anyone one else who dared call Miscavige Slappy.

Hope you like the site and I’ll see you over there.

Thanks for your support through the years.

Mark Bunker

Call for Backup

June 24, 2009

Jason Beghe has made a post over at Why We Protest suggesting that former members who witnessed the abuses recently reported in the St. Pete Times should write letters to the newspaper  to let them know that the lies coming from Miscavige are just that…lies.

I know of someone who was compelled after reading the articles in the SP Times to write a letter corroborating Marty’s, Mike’s, Tom’s and Amy’s accounts. Miscavige has ordered his staff to swear to the reporters that these were outright lies. If all the people who witnessed the events that they describe-or similar ones-write letters to The Times reporters that verify their veracity, it might help substantiate their stories. It would also, I suspect, (as it was for my friend who wrote to them) be cathartic for those who do. If the cult is holding something over your head as blackmail that might make you hesitate, know that these journalists would not publish your name if you ask that they do not. Miscavige is banking on the idea that if he gets 20+ people (including the victims themselves in some cases) to say that these events never happened, their numbers will cast doubt on those ‘four isolated and bitter apostates’. On the off chance that Miscavige’s tactic is effective on some readers, why not get a hundred letters to those reporters and give DM a dose of his own medicine? It could even lead to a nice follow-up piece in The Times… Overwhelming numbers may prove overwhelming.

Here is the address:

Tom Tobin:

Joe Childs:

Please feel free to spread the word….


Jason Beghe

St. Pete Times Articles in Riverside

June 23, 2009
Mighty Supressive at the Riverside Courthouse

Mighty Supressives at the Riverside Courthouse

In the aftermath of the damning St. Petersburg Times expose of the abuses taking place in Riverside County,  an attempt was made once again to get through to County Supervisor Jeff Stone whose district encompasses Gold Land Base.  Of course, he is unmoved.

First up was AnonOrange who thankfully allowed a video to speak for him.  He showed a segment from the St. Pete Times website. 

The second fellow to speak didn’t talk about Scientology at all but for three minutes did berate Stone, so there is some entertainment value.   

He is followed by a lovely Anon from Australia who speaks as an attorney about the human rights abuses being conducted under Jeff Stone’s nose.

Next up is Daniel Ackerman from Stockholm, Sweden.  He created the video, “Jeff Stone’s Changing Story.” 

In the final segment, Lirra Bishop comes up to show some damning video of a man who professes to work for Jeff Stone’s state senatoral campaign.  He was videotaping and taking pictures of Lirra Bishop’s license plate at a protest.  She wants to verify that Stone knows the man and he really works for his campaign. 

Drew Margolis is the next speaker.   He says if you’re not going to do anything about the abuses, don’t stop us from trying.

Julie Waltz brings this to a close with her request that 884 be brought back to the floor.

A great big thanks to everyone who spoke.

St. Pete Times Part Three

June 22, 2009
Slappy Miscavige Takes Aim

Slappy Miscavige Takes Aim

The last article in the Slappy Miscavige series has been published.  And Tommy Davis makes Scientology look like more of a cult than ever.

The Sea Org is a “crew of tough sons of bitches,” said church spokesman Tommy Davis, an 18-year veteran of the group.

“The Sea Org is not a democracy. The members of it agree with a man named L. Ron Hubbard. They abide by his policies . . . and we follow it to the T, to the letter, to the punctuation marks. And if you disagree with that and you don’t like it, you don’t belong. Then you leave.”

CNN Headline News

June 22, 2009

CNN covers Slappy Miscavige.

And this report comes from

Jason Beghe on Marty Rathbun

June 22, 2009

Legendary Village Voice editor Tony Ortega has an interview with Jason Beghe about the St. Pete Time’s articles slamming David Miscavige.

Today, the St. Petersburg Times unveiled part two of its devastating series on David Miscavige, diminutive leader of Scientology.

An indication of how much this series is hitting Scientology to the bone: rare and vehement denunciations by Miscavige himself, and by his spokesman, the clearly in-over-his-head Tommy Davis, son of actress Anne Archer.

The St. Pete Times series packs a punch because it’s based on interviews with two of the formerly most high-ranking figures in the church: Marty Rathbun, once considered the best “auditor” in the Hubbard technology game, and Mike Rinder, once the church’s top spokesman (and Davis’s predecessor).

Predictably, Scientology is hitting back by trying to smear the two of them. If they were once the most trusted, most powerful members of the church, now suddenly they are lunatic losers who can’t be trusted.

“Tom had essentially disconnected from the church for the previous ten years. Most people don’t know that,” Beghe says. “So if Marty was a lunatic, why would Miscavige give him the job to bring Tom back in, the most important job in the church at that time?”

Read the full article and thank Tony and Jason for speaking out against the tiny leader of Scientology.

Tommy Davis Loses it

June 21, 2009

You don’t think this St. Pete Times article is causing problems for those around David Miscavige?   Listen to Tommy Davis throw a fit trying to convince a reporter that everything is hunky-dory in Miscavige-ville.

You know the next spokesperson is going to saying the sam “LIAR!” about Tommy when he blows and tells the truth about the inner workings of Scientology.

Tick Tock.