Who is David Miscavige?

That’s the question raised by this Anonymous website and a cool new video from Kate Morrigan over at Vimeo.

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8 Comments on “Who is David Miscavige?”

  1. kate Says:

    ❤ WBM!

  2. mikethemarcabian Says:


  3. dr.fang Says:

    Did the Tom Newtons let Slappy know?

  4. […] New Video: Who is David Miscavige got a bump from WBM's blog too! Who is David Miscavige? THE WOG BLOG from XENU TV WHO DOESN'T LOVE A FREE PARTY? […]

  5. Rob Says:

    W B M F T W

  6. Beautifully edited. Great choice of song. Excellent writing.

    Another Surfer

  7. epiclolz Says:

    Is it wise to publish Ms.Morrigan’s name? OSA are everywhere,they may even do a Cynthia Kisser job on her….

  8. kate Says:

    epiclolz: I put my name on there knowing the risks. Thanks for your concern though.

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