Why Wog?

I saw this in the feedback and thought it was worth discussing:

Did you know that the word ‘wog’ in Great Britain is an unacceptable racial slur, much favoured by racist stand-up comics of the 1970s? It’s clear that the word/acronym in this case has a vastly different meaning, and that this site has nothing to do with such distasteful things, but it was extremely odd to see it pop up on the wordpress.com list of top sites. Scientologists are dangerous, intolerant lunatics and any attempt to expose their ridiculous cult is to be encouraged, but the title of this site isn’t going to fare well with Brits.

I actually was unaware that the word had a current life outside the Scientology community.  Checking out the Wikipedia entry was rather eye-opening so I appreciate the feedback.   For those of us following Scientology, we know it as a disparaging term used by Hubbard and his organization, aimed at those not in the group.  

My understanding was Wog derived from the term “worthy oriental gentleman” which the British used in the 20’s to dismissively refer to those over whom they ruled in India.  “Oh, what do the wogs want today?”  I see Wikipedia refers to that as a backronym 

While clearly, patently offensive in those terms, I had rather thought it dead outside of Scientology.  It was merely a lost epitaph picked up by a tubby, lunatic charlatan named L. Ron Hubbard and shaped for his own use.   Scientology continues to use the word to this day. 

We live in a wog world according to Scientology.  We can’t understand the transcendent material Hubbard has given mankind because we are mere wogs.  It even pops up in ads in Scientology publications touting the latest discovery buried in Hubbard’s material that is destined to save this wog planet from destruction.

So, like many critics of Scientology, I embrace being a wog.  Seems to me that the wogs are at cause over Scientology.  If you don’t understand that sentence, its because it uses Scientology lingo.  One of the hallmarks of a cult is the use of “loaded language” which only the group will understand.  Scientology has so much of it that they have to publish their own dictionary.   While they don’t list wog, I have been told it is one of the first words you’ll learn

I’m open to debate on the subject but I rather like taking back the word from Scientology.   I’m going to keep this thread on the main page so others down the line can reflect on it as well.

I  was also surprised to see that this brand new site is already listed as one of the top sites at WordPress. 

Not bad for a wog.

31 Comments on “Why Wog?”

  1. What has always struck me as humorous is that by the time he came to authorize the Tech Dictionary Hubbard had forgotten where he’d picked up the word (in the Navy), discovered it was a racial insult in the UK, and used the false ‘Worthy Oriental Gentlemen’ explanation. So much for perfect memory!

  2. Adam Garner Says:

    I’m afraid you may not have totally got to grips with why the word ‘Wog’ is so offensive here in the UK…
    One derivative may have been from ‘Worthy Oriental Gentlemen’, but the one in common used here originated from the word ‘GollyWog’, which was a logo from a marmalade company – a bit like the Pilsbury Dough Boy. This logo was of a black doll, with thick black dreadlocks, a blue coat and big buttons, and basicaly encapsulated every stereotypical feature of the black male. Comics soon picked up on this, and refered to Black people as ‘wogs’ – a shortening of Golywogs. As this was quite openly used in prime time comic shows like ‘Love thy Neighbour’ it was quickly adapted in 60’s and 70’s culture, and has been a real taboo word here for over 20 years.
    The Political correctness police have pretty much stamped any reference at all to the word ‘wog’ out, right to the point where you pretty much can’t even buy a gollywog in the shops any more. In fact, the only place I’ve seen one recently was on Ebay – I was looking as my partner had one from birth and was distraught when the cat ripped it up a few weeks back….
    I have to admit, I’d not really heard much about Scientology before today. From what I’ve seen in the last 2 hours it looks like a bad thing, and I’m glad I’ve caught it in time to watch Panarama tonight and find out what’s really going on!

  3. XENU TV Says:

    Thanks, Adam. I appreciate the additional info.

  4. The Administrator Says:

    There is an episode of Ricky Gervais’s “Extras” in which Ashley Jensen’s character dates a black man and tries to hide her golly wog dolly (referred to as a golly dolly), and the dolly derives from Enid Bylton’s Noddy stories where the Gollywogs were scary villains, Gilbert Golly being the leader. This lead to Enid Blyton books being banned in schools in the 80’s in Britain (she also tended to use gypsies as villains in the Fantastic Five books). The wikipedia page on Noddy details the controversy.

  5. XENU TV Says:

    Oh my god, is there a woman I’d rather hold in my arms than Ashley Jensen? Thanks for calling her up from my memory bank. I find her heart-achingly vulnerable and sweet.

    So, Scientology, now you know the type of woman you should send in to spy on me. Bonus points if you actually send Ashley Jensen.

  6. noneya Says:

    Wog is also used in the navy as in “wog day” which is for sailors that cross the prime meridian for the first time. I believe that it is just a shortned version of “Pollywog” which is another word for a tadpole. Being that Hubbard thought he was a mighty sea captain is his own delusional mind, he might of used this word to describe people that do not know anything or are insignificant such as the new sailor who doesn’t know much about the sea yet. Just a thought.

  7. An independent media site created their own little following of people who refer to themselves as “Wogs”. We came up with the name to throw it in the face of Scientology and to promote an anti-cultist mindset. The guy who created it is Sean Kennedy…you can hear his rants and news show and other crap like that at http://www.rantradio.com. it is some funny shit, I think he accomplished the same thing you were setting out to do, create a group of people who use the word “wog” as a good thing, not a derogatory term like it has been previously used throughout history

  8. bshistorian Says:

    Pretty sure Hubbard did indeed take “wog” from the US Navy term “pollywog”, and not from the racist (golly)wog. He was of course at least casually racist, being a man of his age and pretty mental to boot.

    “Worthy Oriental Gentleman” is the racist’s get-out when called on use of the word. As in “oh no, it’s not offensive, it stands for etc etc. They usually know damn well that it is offensive, even if they really believe the backronym origin myth.

  9. starbirdcanada Says:

    I’m glad I read the clarification here. Yes, “Wog” is an extremely offensive racial slur in Britain, where I was born. (I now live in Canada, and most people would not know that). It would be the British equivalent of the “N” word.

  10. starbirdcanada Says:

    To add to that, I very much doubt they would use that word in Britain, unless they were completely stupid. Oh wait, never mind. They are.

  11. […] wallet) and the associated Wog Blog (the reason for using such an inflammatory title can be found here) is also very informative. If you’re so inclined, visit Project Chanology to find out about […]

  12. arrystoffyknees Says:

    you have a very interesting and informative weblog.
    I find it fascinating yet disturbing that the majority of dangerous people in this world seem to be the brainwashed products of some religious belief, all being the cause of war and terrorism, and spawning such horrors as mass suicide.
    Thank God I’m an atheist !

  13. The word “Wog” has different meanings in different countries, as has been mentioned.
    I saw an ’80s film on TV a while ago, and was shocked beyong belief. The title was “Wog Boy”.
    (Here in the UK that is a word that is totally unacceptable.)
    The film was Australian, and in Australia the word has a completely different meaning.
    I think the use of the word “Wog” as a title for this site will a/ deter some people from viewing it b/ attract the wrong type of viewer.



  14. …forgot to mention. Apart from the “Wog” issue I fully support XenuTV, Mark, Anonymous for the work they are doing to bring attention to the world about an evil money-grabbing cult. Ive followed XenuTV for a while and am amazed by February 10th and how new people are now seeing it.

    Keep up the good work WBM!

  15. Leanne Says:

    I’m a Brit, and yes the word ‘Wog’ is found to be unacceptable in Britain but the term ‘Wog’ is that old its really never seen as an insult anymore.

    ‘Wog’ is short for “GOLLY WOG” a minstrel like cartoon that was very popular in the 80’s

    I myself used to collect gollywog pin badges when I was a little girl from jam jars. 🙂

    These days unless said directly to a black person ‘Wog’ is not harmful, and considering this blog has nothing to do with anything other than Scientology it doesn’t even matter that t has been used.

    Wog Blog – I like it as a blog term. This Brit approves!

  16. In Australia, wog can refer to anyone of Mediterranean or Middle Eastern appearance. There’s a restaurant in my area called the “Wog Rock Cafe”.

  17. dollpart Says:


    If you paid attention you’ll note that

    a. The Wog Boy was made in the 90’s not the 80’s – by Nick Gianopolis (spell?) – who had earlier success with a stage show called “Wogs out of Work” about Greek Immagrents in Australia
    b. The character in the Wog Boy was teased for being a wog (his traditional greek upbringing and family) and instead of turning his back on his heratige, he embraced it and considered himself proud to be “a wog boy”
    c. The word “Wog” for at least the younger gen has been “taken back” much like the word “queer” in communties here.
    d. Yes, I’ve seen “The Wog Boy” at least 8070982379345690213 times

    Mark – keep bearding up the world, you ROCK.

  18. G . Allen Says:

    One of these days I want to bring this to ground. The US Navy has a strange tradition of hazing people when ships cross the equator. Recipients of the hazing ceremony are known as slimy “wogs” or pollywogs. After one crosses the line a wog is transformed into a “Trusty Shellback.” I would bet that this is where the term “wog” came from.

    This tradition dates back to the earliest days of US Navy service, indeed it dates back to British maritime service (which the US service was based on.)

    I have never seen any reference to this in Hubbard’s bios (Co$ or the real ones.) I know that he would have crossed the line at least twice, on his way to and from Australia. It would be interesting to look at his list of certificates to see if his in in there, (yes, the USN has an official document certifying that one is a “trusty shellback,”signed by King Neptune himself.)

    BTW, people can opt not to take part in the hazing, this won’t go into a service record but it can have a detrimental effect on one’s reputation.

    A couple of links.


  19. Jimmy Hammers Says:

    The Oxford English Dictionary (http://www.oed.com) gives:

    [Origin uncertain: often said to be an acronym, but none of the many suggested etymologies is satisfactorily supported by the evidence.]

    1. A vulgarly offensive name for a foreigner, esp. one of Arab extraction

    2. The Arabic language

    3. a. attrib passing into adj.

    b. Comb. wogland derog., a foreign country

  20. Wogs are blacks, it’s just another name. They smell horrendous.

  21. […] they’re wogs Fawlty. Wogs!! Even that one has gained another meaning courtesy of L.Ron.Hubbard… https://xenutv.wordpress.com/why-wog/ wog = non-scientologist — Remove Frontal Lobes to reply direct. "These people believe the […]

  22. Uptown Says:

    Found this site while in a debate on the origins of the word. WOG was always explained to me by british parents and grandparents from multiple origins (e.g. Memsahibs, Britons, and British Canadians) as worthy oriental gentleman.

    Although for the record, I sort of resent the implication that holding to that origin theory, proven or not, is a “racist get-out.” Everyone who’s ever mentioned the phrase to me is quite certain it’s racist, and completely uncomplimentary. Arguing that the “n” word had its origins in the obvious latin root for black is hardly a “racist get-out,” so why imply so in this case?

  23. nignog Says:

    Look,wogs are black cunts who are going to destroy all of us if they get the chance.don’t give them that chance,please!!!!!

  24. BaldBollocks Says:

    I always refer to darker skin people as WOGS

    But that doesn’t include Negros.

    Its funny….get over it !

  25. Im not confident the place you’re acquiring your information, but great subject matter. I demands to spend some time understanding more or comprehending more. Thanks for spectacular information I was looking for this information for my mission.

  26. Mr Canetoad Says:

    There are still other meanings of Wog in Australia dating from well before post-WWII immigration. It was and still is used for diseases particularly colds and ‘flu. “I have picked up a wog” means you have a cold or ‘flu. “Ah, your wife is at home in bed with a wog.” does not have moral implications. Going to the chemist shop and saying “I need to get rid of a wog!” does not mean you want to poison your neighbour. Even microbiologists use the term when their petri dishes are contaminated with something. “A wog got into my cultures.” “My isolates are still full of wogs.” “AIDS is a formidable wog.” Just like americans call bacteria and viruses bugs.
    For some reason an error in computer code has always been called a bug (from american useage) and never became a computer wog, perhaps for political correctness reasons.
    It is also used for cockroaches, ants, beetles, bugs, fleas and ticks. You go to the supermarket to buy something to spray on all the wogs in your house. You buy something to kill the wogs in your bathroom and toilet.

  27. looky here Says:

    so mr canetoad is that why is australia we say ive got the wog when im sick with the flu because it also means a bug as in a beetle etc . so we have a bug as in sick.

  28. looky here Says:

    so mr canetoad is that why in australia we say ive got the wog when im sick with the flu because it also means a bug as in a beetle etc . so we have a bug as in sick.

  29. Kathy Says:

    The reason computer bugs are called “bugs” is because in the dinosaur days of computing when the earliest protype computers took up an entire room and had myriads of physical relays, an actual insect (bug) got caught in a relay and caused the computer to malfunction. At least that is what I recall reading.

  30. kenwestmoreland Says:

    Jon Atack wrote that when he asked his Scientologist room mate if he had any dislikes, he said ‘only wogs’, prompting Jon to launch into a defence of non-white people. Good on him.

  31. Layla Says:

    As a child without a voice being raised in green belt Cheshire we were accustomed much to race hatred both from teachers and parents within school and home, but being of the underclass (illiterates) I soon learned and thought of myself as being a ‘white wog’ in a world where dispicable crimes against vulnerable human kind were being covered up under our own roofs and in our own backyards. Meanwhile,’ they’, both teachers and parents drummed into us that Islam and blacks were the biggest threat to their system. As a teen I was drawn to Islam ‘possibly’ as a result of all the diabolical indoctrinationin which manifested in later life to my being pursued by a very evil black shadow/djinn which was diffused only by a protective verse from The holy Quran combined with a spiritual encounter relating to our Prophet Abraham being flung into the fire by his own people, and Allah made a pathway for him and said “May the fire be coolness and peace for Abraham”. Considering the inflated levels of hatred ( in sync with inflation due to RIBA ie: interest debt ) that the elite puppeteers of media, courts, government, teachers and discordion psychotherapists have promoted to the point it has now reached here in the UK’s ‘state of play’, my deepest hope for future generations is that the spell of this one way rhetoric be broken. ‘Workers Of Government’ are ‘ in our time’, the only WOG’s that have blackened their own faces and the minds of the population by extention, by it’s carrying out of such malicious intentions against it’s own vulnerabes, illiterates and Arabs in their own lands. Ref: Jimmy Hammer says above…WOG from Oxford English Dictionary = 1. A vulgarly offensive name for a foreigner, esp one of Arab extraction. 2. the Arabic Language. 3.wogland-a foreign country.

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