St. Louis Anon Charges Dropped

Just heard that the charges against Acedotcom were completely dropped after a brief chat with the DA.  Details over at Why We Protest.

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4 Comments on “St. Louis Anon Charges Dropped”

  1. Xenumania Says:

    Wow I always wondered what happened to that guy. Thanks for the update.

    I was angered by what I saw on the arrest video. There was obviously no crime committed and what it really boiled down to was “contempt of cop.” The police officer was upset because the protester refused to follow the officer’s orders. The officer really had no legal standing.

    I would hope that the protester obtained a copy of the police report to see if the officer had lied about anything. I am not saying the officer did, but it would be nice to know. Every arrest made by a police officer has to be approved by a supervisor and I just cannot see a supervisor approving that.

    If the officer did lie about something and any evidence can prove it, that officer could face termination and even criminal prosecution.

  2. dr.fang Says:

    Technically, you have to do what an officer tells you or face arrest.

    However, in this instance, the cop had no legal justification to tell him he couldn’t stand on a public sidewalk. It was ridiculous, and the fact it was recorded on tape had A LOT to do with the charges being dismissed, I’m sure.

  3. Ann O'Nymous Says:

    Ace did it right, as others did in other circumstances.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Check out the Tampa Bay Times expose, it’s fabulous. Someone copy it before $cientology sues them into taking it off their website.

    I’ve been researching this stuff, and it would appear that the only person in Scientology that was in on the secret that Scientology is phoney was Hubbard. These expose sources imply even Miscarriage believes, yet thinks it empowers him to hurt anyone he wants. The US govt should illegalize it.

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