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Mary DeMoss

January 30, 2009

I’ve been hearing from a lot of people who have discovered Mary DeMoss’ blog this week.  I hope we don’t see widespread harassment of her.  Whatever her actions were on the streets of Clearwater, she deserves a little peace.

Here’s a little video I did last year about her.

I’m not posting a link to her blog but it isn’t hidden.  I’m sure by now most have found it.  I would urge people to leave her be.   

I have dropped her a friendly note a couple of times in the past year and she can decide if she ever wants to say hi.

Second Chance Flap

January 28, 2009

Wow!  Is this the biggest story a Scientology front group has ever produced?  Second Chance not only blows town without paying their bills but they take with them violent criminals they were housing.  This has the potential to really resonate with people who pay little attention to Miscavige’s safepointing projects.

A newspaper article states the inmates have been moved to other jurisdictions but gives no details on where or whom.  But it does give more background on the troubles the front group has been having.

City of Albuquerque officials had given Second Chance until Jan. 31 to vacate the building. The city terminated the program’s lease for violations that include housing violent offenders and making unauthorized changes to the building.

The facility appeared deserted Saturday, with just three cars in the parking lot, gates ajar, and a few employees inside. There was no sign of any inmates. From the entryway, items could be seen heaped into shopping carts.

Albuquerque Chief Public Safety Officer Pete Dinelli said Saturday that he learned from a Journal reporter that the old jail building appeared deserted. So he sent police officers there to see what was going on.

“If there’s free access to the building, I want to know about it,” Dinelli said. “If it’s abandoned, we need to secure our asset. And I want to know if there has been damage to the building.”

The city is still considering whether to go forward with a civil lawsuit against Second Chance, he said. An audit shows Second Chance may owe as little as $20,000 or as much as $100,000 in water bills and unpaid rent.

Someone might want to look into these reference materials Scientology touts.

Hitler Gets Some Bad News

January 27, 2009

The Evil of Scientology has added some new subtitles to a terrific German film about Hitler’s last days called Downfall.  As I watched Valkyrie (yes, I saw it) I kept wishing the makers of Downfall had tackled that story.

But I digress.  We are here to be amused by that Evil wag and amused we shall be.

DOH! Bart Shills for Scientology!

January 27, 2009

Nancy Cartwright uses her Bart Simpson voice to let Scientology members know she is on New OTVII and wants everyone else to move up the bridge, too.

So Fox had the original video taken down.  They went after the YouTube user instead of the voice actor who actually exploited their property.  This is why copyright laws need to be amended.  Cartwright is the offender.  The YouTube user brought information to the public’s attention.  The video was newsworthy.  The robocall was wrong.

Russian Students Protest Scientology

January 22, 2009

Last March, more than 700 students, graduate students, and professors of the Bauman Moscow Public Technological Institute, in coordination with the movement “Russia Young” held a protest at the entrance of the main building of the MPTI. Scientology had leased a factory located near the university. The protestors wanted Scientology out.

I Like Tom Cruise

January 20, 2009

Really.  I’ve always been a fan.  And this is one of those moments when he does something right.  An Anon asks Tom to sign his V mask and Tom’s security grabs the mask.  Cruise gets it from security and signs it, adding a peace sign.  No drama.  No spectacle.  Well done.

It reminds me of when those TV pranksters squirted him with water from a fake microphone.  He handled that well, asking them why would they do such a stupid thing.    I wish we all could react as well under these circumstances.

Tom Cruise autographed a German Anon's V Mask

Tom Cruise autographed a German Anon's V Mask

Casting Stones

January 16, 2009

I broke my long silence to applaud Anonymous on their 1 year anniversary and also talk about Supervisor Jeff Stone and the protest ban in Riverside County.

Tony Ortega also printed some comments from me today in the Village Voice.  He has been very upset about the Pubes Kid affair.  He wrote a scathing piece two days ago and then had comments from Jason Beghe yesterday.

He thinks I let them off the hook but I wrote what I thought.