Anonymous Starts a Forum for Iranian People

Anonymous has started a forum for the people of Iran.

It will be interesting to see how Anonymous takes the lessons they’ve learned speaking out about Scientology and translate them to the troubles going on now in Iran following their contested election.

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24 Comments on “Anonymous Starts a Forum for Iranian People”

  1. Xenu Stole My Bike Says:

    What day will they post pictures of camels with funny captions?

  2. XENU TV Says:

    It will take far less cake to deal with the middle east.

    My beard is no where near wise enough to tackle that.

  3. the Leaf Says:

    While I get the humor, MB, your joke(s) are inappropriate making them unfunny.

    Instead of a laugh, all you get is your reputation for being a douche just doubled.

  4. MarkyMark Says:

    The leaf, really?

  5. CrazyDelaney Says:

    Note to Tom Newton….

    Iranians are not Arabs you stupid moron.

  6. Relyt Says:

    Jacob Vigil pretending to be other people again? Doesn’t surprise me.


    This is extremely important, because the Iranian government has been working full time on censoring all means of communication of those who speak out against it. The people are still able to access sites such as Twitter, using proxies. They need as many places as possible to plan and discuss. The police have even resorted to breaking into homes, businesses and dorms to destroy computers and internet connections.

  7. Relyt Says:

    Also, “Tom Newton” should note that Iranians are Persians, not Arabs 😉

  8. Sponge Says:

    You’d think that there would be a measure in place to prevent anyone, especially trolls like Jacob Vigil, from using the blog owner’s name to post their sputum.

  9. Seems WWP’s servers may be taking a beating this morning. Started encountering 502’s before I even found out about the new sub-domain. Funny, I don’t see scientology going out of their way to help an oppressed people get the “truth” out. Isn’t that what their whole new ad campaign is about? truth?
    …yeah, right.

  10. Well looks like if you cant counter the material attacking the source seems to be the call of the day. Yet another tatic that reflects a lot more on the person using it. And does nothing but makes people wonder what type of person would be so desperate to do such things. Quiet possibly a person that has run out of ideas to stand up for their position? Maybe a person that realises that their position is hollow and one without substance? Why else would you use a deframing tatic? Whenever you give up a discussion, or an arguement to attack, and you stop using reason and intelligent rebuttels. Your position is exposed, and what ever arguement you were using falls away. If $cientology is meant to improve and raise a mans ability, how come no $cientologist seems to be able to see such an obvious fact? Ill tell you why. Its because theyre in an organisation built on lies and deceit. Thats why none of their arguements ever stand up! Thats why they attack and never defend. For the rest of us we examine our position and seek knowledge for our arguements. For a $cientologist to do the same would be to destroy whatever position they have taken up. Because knowledge leads to logic and vice versa. And their crimes are inexcusable no matter what side you stand on!

  11. Xenumania Says:

    Does scientology exist in Iran? I would hate to think that the “Anonymous” movement would be spending their time on political stuff rather than stay on target and tackle the scientology cult.

  12. David Says:

    Iranians should protest for freedom of speech, freedom of assembly & freedom of religon. They then should attempt to form a democracy that is non-secular. A state inwhich a religous group of nothing but thugs is a poor place to live.

  13. Ares Vista Says:

    What the hell do you think they are dying for?

  14. Freedom is for everyone. The Iranian people deserve and desperately need the support of the U.S. and the U.N. Isn’t that their job and obligation?

  15. bluewiggirl Says:

    omg! I need to start paying attention to this blog more often! WBM keeps bumping my videos!

  16. voyance Says:

    i just wanted tell you that your forum is stuning

    thank you so much

  17. Arcarkila Says:

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  18. Proxhouff Says:

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  19. Silapolxxzz Says:

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