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Merry Christmas from XENU TV

December 24, 2006

I hope you all have the best of holidays.

What’s Fair is FAIR.

December 21, 2006

For many who are just starting to take a critical look at the world of Scientology, they might be surprised to discover that people have been speaking out about the fraud and abuse in the organization for decades. It hasn’t been easy for people to do so, especially in earlier days when less was known about the harsh, cruel tactics used by Scientology to silence its critics.

Before the raids on Scientology’s headquarters in the late 70’s, details weren’t available about the criminal activities of the group and just how far they would go to “shudder someone into silence.”

People like Paulette Cooper had no idea, when she was suddenly charged with threatening to blow up the U.N. and her life was shattered, that it was all a covert op by Scientology.

Once covert actions like Operation Freakout and “Operation Snow White” were uncovered and the press reported on how dangerous the group was, there was a flurry of interest in finding out more about Hubbard’s cult and attempts were made to seek justice.

One of the men who bravely faced years of harassment from Scientology was attorney Michael Flynn. He handled several high profiles cases against Scientologists. When the city of Clearwater wanted to hold hearings to get to the bottom of what Scientology was doing in and to their city, they turned to Flynn.

Scientology inflates the number of people who are active Scientologists. The truth is there are far more former Scientologists than there are current Scientologists. That says a lot. Many of the highest ranking people in the group, most of the early OT’s, even some of Hubbard’s closest confidants came to know Hubbard was a conman and left the group.  If they asked questions, they were declared Suppressive and expelled.

In the early 80’s, a group of Scientologists started a class-action lawsuit against Scientology. They called their group FAIR. Michael Flynn was brought in to talk to them through the years to share the progress on his various suits. In 1986, they invited him to handle the class action suit.

For the first time on the net, here is the videotape of a meeting held on Feb. 15, 1986 in which Flynn addressed FAIR and invited Scientologists in attendance to join in the suit if they wished. Most were there to seek justice. As usual a fair number of people were there to disrupt the event. They get asked to leave.

I’ve had the audio of this event on XENU TV for several years but now, thanks to Jeff Jacobsen, we can see the event unfold on video. Flynn speaks to the audience and answers their questions. For more about the FAIR suit, and to hear audio from more of these meetings, head over to the legal section of XENU TV.

If you have a video or audiotape that belongs on XENU TV, let me know. The history of Scientology abuse and fraud will remain on the net, free for all to see. Free for all to share. Helping to free more people from Scientology’s abusive grasp.

If Only This Were True

December 18, 2006

There’s not a snowballs’ chance in Xenu’s Mountainside Prison that this is true but the rumor is popping up on a lot of sites today:

Posh’s alien encounter
She’ll star in Tom Cruise’s film

18 December 2006

Weirdest story of the day: Victoria Beckham is going to star as an alien’s bride in a Scientology film paid for by Tom Cruise. Yep.

The film, The Thetan is Tom Cruise’s idea, but he couldn’t get any of the Hollywood studios to back it – so he’s paying for it himself.

And Tom, who’s seen Posh in Spice World, reckons she has ‘comic genius’ and is perfect for the part of an alien leader called a thetan, which scientologists believe is an immortal spiritual being present in all humans. Nice.

A source said: ‘Victoria is really hoping to make a go of it in Hollywood.

‘This could be the perfect start for her.’

That would eclipse “South Park” as the most important media piece to exposing the public to the looniness of Scientology.

 Please, Tom, consider making the movie!

The Internet is Scientology’s Worst Nightmare

December 13, 2006

When I started supplying videos for other people’s websites back in 1997, video on the web was in its infancy.   I watched the “60 Minutes” piece on the takeover of CAN and thought to myself, “maybe there are people who have missed this who would like to see it.  People in other places where the show doesn’t even air.” 

I had a video capture card (pretty rare at the time) so I contacted a critic in Europe who had a website and asked if they’d like to host the video on their site.   Absolutely, they would.  So I converted the video and sent it across the net and asked them not to reveal my name.  I kept that up for many months.

Sure, the quality sucked.  The leading product was RealPlayer which performed the miracle of instantly delivering sounds and picture to anyone on the globe even if the sound was tinny and the picture was tiny and blocky.   But it worked.

Along came Windows Media Player from Microsoft.   The quality seemed virtually identical to me and since Microsoft had their well deserved reputation of introducing a product to destroy the small company actually doing the innovation, I saw no need to switch to them. 

Quicktime, of course, was head and shoulders above both of them for quality but the videos didn’t start automatically and the file size for good quality video was considerably larger than the other formats and unworkable.  A two minute trailer in quicktime was 27 megs.  For one of my 20 – 60 minute videos it would have been impractical.

So, that’s why many of my older clips on XENU TV are still in RealVideo format.  I have been converting them as time goes by.  Some to Windows Media format but most are being moved over to GoogleVideo which now allows anyone to store and stream files no matter how long the clip or how huge the file. 

If only YouTube relaxed their 100 meg file size, I would embrace them as well.   I’m hoping, now that Google owns YouTube, they will relax their policies and allow the longer clips I produce.

XENU TV came along in 1999 and allowed people to see and hear many of the participants on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology.  That was my target audience when I started shooting and editing videos.  I figured a couple hundred people would see them.   These people would get to see their fellow critics and get a kick out of the experience.

The site grew and grew.  I joined Bob Minton in Clearwater, Florida to be part of the LMT and the videos got better.  I had a chance to sit down and interview subjects and devote my time to the subject of Scientology.  That is when I wasn’t answering demands for videos to be produced for court, fixing broken computers, working on the website and whatever else needed being done at the Trust at the moment.

We shot so much footage that I never had a chance to edit most of the material.   I have a vast trove of material never before seen.  Interviews with Gabe Cazares, Ray Emmons, L. Ron Hubbard’s great-grandson Jamie Kennedy.  It will all come out.  “The Lost Treasures of XENU TV” will be released.  I only wish I had the time to get to it all. 

One of the wonderful parts of the video revolution is that I am no longer alone on the net.  Everyone is now posting videos and many others have taken their cameras and pointed them at Scientology.  YouTube is full of independent filmmakers tackling the subject of Scientology…and Scientology can’t stop it.

They used to have to frighten one journalist into silence.  Now the world has caught on to them and the old scare tactics of that tubby, lunatic charlatan Hubbard won’t work anymore.  

They couldn’t silence South Park.  That emboldened the press to come out of their shells and start investigating the group again.  

And individuals are seeking out info and discovering what Scientology doesn’t want you to know. 

Hey, You were blown up in a volcano.  You’re covered with BTs.  You mock up your own reactive mind.   XENU!

All of this is a long winded way to say that I was happy when an critic from England sent me a video shot just a few days ago at the London Org.   They wished to remain anonymous.

“Would I like to put it on my site?” they asked. 

Absolutely, I would.  

So we come full circle.   Thanks to everyone who has helped XENU TV prosper through the years.  It has grown from a few hundred people to over a million visitors a months.

And we’ve barely begun.

Happy Birthday, Andreas Heldal-Lund

December 10, 2006

Today is the birthday of a great guy.  Andreas created the preeminent website on Scientology, Operation Clambakewhich just recently celebrated it’s 10th anniversary. 

I got to meet Andreas when he came to Los Angeles last year.  We partied at Tory’s, dined and laughed, spent at day at Disneyland and most importantly,  captured some pretty amazing video footage of Andreas being grilled by the frontman for Scientology’s website set up to smear critics.

I was looking at the viewer comments for these videos on Google today and saw that some Scientologists are spreading lies about Andreas in the feedback.    Specifically, they are claiming that Andreas has a site attacking “the jews” called “Operation Keik-bake” (their spelling). 

A huge lie of course which is exactly why Andreas and others speak out about the fraud built into Scientology.

Thanks for all you do, Andreas!  Happy Birthday to you!