Engram to Scientology

Here’s a new terrific video from Anonymous.

BTW, thanks for those who alerted me to the fake blogger account.  Someone pretending to be me, created a site attacking Islam.   Just another shameful example of fraud.

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16 Comments on “Engram to Scientology”

  1. Avery1 Says:

    Wow great video. I do hope this is the endgame, but any OG will tell you to stay prepared for a long battle ahead.

    That phony bunker anti-islam sight is such a joke. They didn’t even get your nickname right. It’s sickening to see to what depths they will stoop.

  2. bnon Says:

    Great video!

    One thing however, I don’t think is true or I never understood, is the multi level marketing thing. I don’t think Scientology is multi level marketing or a ponzi scheme etc., as there are not multiple levels of selling involved. Employers get their 10 or 15% and that’s it pretty much, isn’t it?
    That’s just one thing I repeatedly encountered and never got.

  3. Sk8mike Says:

    What they’re doing there is very scary and dangerous. It also shows their own bigotry. I checked to see who was hosting the images on that blog, and both of the images are hosted by two different anti-Israel Islamic fundamentalists website. Links: (westernresistance.com & inminds.co.uk)When the administrators of these websites see that someone is stealing their bandwidth they’re going to be directed to that phony blog with mark bunkers name all over it. So what they’re actually trying to do here is anger some extremist Muslims in the hope that maybe someone will go after Mark Bunker.

    Nice “religion” eh?

  4. dr.fang Says:

    JIK you didn’t see it (it’s still up), there’s a link to report a terms of service violation, with a specific button for “impersonation”.


    Nice religion, indeed. >:-(


  5. mikethemarcabian Says:

    The cult will go to any lengths to harras or silence or do something worse to a critic.


    So different and yet so much the same ….

  6. Adam Says:

    And what a surprise that all of the links go to the encyclopedia dramatica. Can’t imagine who might be responsible…

  7. 3rdman Says:

    I see the blog is still up. Any progress in getting it taken down?

  8. 3rdman Says:

    btw, good vid ^^

  9. Paul Delaney Says:

    Honestly I’ll be surprised if Blogger takes any action. Tom Newton has had my personal information up one of his blogs for months and it stays up despite complaining all the time about it.

  10. piginthecity Says:

    Great Video and thanks for that –

    Maybe a little bit optimistic to predict the end-game, but the recent events do have the potential to start bringing down the house of cards which is the cult.

    On bnon’s point – Scientology certainly isn’t a ‘Ponzi’ because Ponzis pay out to the lucky first entrants (out of the next lot’s money) in order to get credibility and spread by word of mouth. Scientology has never paid out to anyone of course, the money goes to fund the lifestyle of those ‘at the top’.

    It isn’t a classic multi-level scam either because members aren’t conned into thinking that they can recoup their money, and then some profit, by recruiting others. However, it does use the multi-level approach of getting the previous year’s saps to recruit the next. The fact that the rewards for recruitment are mainly ‘hierarchical’ and ‘spiritual’ makes it more sinister, not less, than if they were purely financial.

    Scientology is a simple and classic long con. It ‘sells’ something which is utterly worthless for large amounts of money, and the very uselessness of the ‘tech’ becomes the incentive for the poor victim to pay more because they think that the next level may have some value.

    Hail Xenu and the WBM !

  11. El Diablo Says:

    Okay read this from the intro of Eric Sheibeler’s e-book “Merchants of Deception”


    “Eric Scheibeler was an Emerald in the Amway business, well on his way to Diamond.
    In Merchants of Deception, he has drawn a brutally honest picture of high-level
    achievement in a large Amway Motivational Organization (AMO). He describes vividly:

    ∞ the poverty-level lifestyle he lived as a ‘successful’ Emerald

    ∞ his gradual descent into mindless loyalty and obedience to the all-powerful upline

    ∞ the enormous inconsistencies between the promises and the reality

    ∞ the demands on him and his organization to pour money into the system that was secretly making their ‘leader’ wealthy beyond the bounds of avarice

    ∞ his huge financial, spiritual, and relationship losses, and those of the people in his

    ∞ and the nightmare of emerging from the deceptions and mind control.”

    Sound familiar? 😛

    BTW, I really like piginthecity’s description, which I think is pretty spot on – I’d only add that the psychological techniques used, and how they are also embedded within the organizations’ respective structures, offers a striking, even scary parallel – and arguably some insight into that much pondered question: “How do smart people fall for this crap?”

  12. 3rdman Says:

    I noticed the fraud-blog had made spelling corrections. And its still up. May I suggest Mark that you call the FBI on the asshole who owns that blog and get him arrested for committing fraud.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    You are the shit, Wise Beard Man! You risk your life to save America from these corporate murderers and that’s awesome. I will do everything in my power to support your work and honor your name. May Anonymous never forget.

  14. The Pedant Says:

    FEWER typos. Hmph.


    tom newton is the “desperation” that scientology has become. this site and the made up blog post he makes to slander anonymous simply means this man is deathly afraid of us. anonymous cant be stopped, and now tom must do what ever he can do to try to reverse the tides of war. unfortunately tom u cant undo anonymous, so go head and act like a freak. all that this does is embolden anonymous and people like bunker and adderal and others to never stop protesting against the cult. tom has had almost two years to do something -anything- and he has done NOTHING. This blog that only caters to anonymous is not gonna stop the tide against the cult. the genie is out of the box, even if we shrink to a thousand critics worldwide you still wont understand anonymous. it is a way of thinking, not about winning or losing, it is about taking money out of the hands of the cult… thin about the tens of millions of dollars the cult spent on tying to stop us… and were here just as bad as ever.. all that has happened to destroy the image of the cult cant be fixed. SP TIMES, FRANCE, ANONYMOUS, THE CONSTANT PROTEST (even one anon shuts down an org or stress table cuz the cult knows this far in the game its better to shut down than compete and blow a sale for life).. ETC ETC CANT BE UNDONE. The word is out. They will run out of money in less than a decade. PERIOD. That is the end of the cult of $cientology. if anyone wanted to know.

  16. george Says:

    in one of the videos with a security officer he seems to be wearing stacy adams shoes black and white madison cap toe exotic oxford made with kid skin upper leather crock print or andaconda -print memory foam foot bed leather lining at 119.99 at mark down price.last year. how can he afford this at 49 cents an hour. something is wrong here i think someone is doing some extra-work on the side outside of scientology.

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