About Bob Minton and the LMT

Bob MintonA lot of people ask me about Bob and the LMT. I had the great pleasure to work with Bob and move to Clearwater, Florida in 2000 – 2001 to be part of the Lisa McPherson Trust. Bob created the LMT to help people abused or defrauded by Scientology. When he asked me to be a part of it, I said yes with no questions asked.

The time I spent in Clearwater was fascinating and productive. I was the media producer for the trust and was kept busy around the clock. The LMT was constantly in court, being harassed by Scientology. Too much of my time was spent responding to legal requests. The rest was spent building a website and producing original videos of pickets, events and interviews.

Bob had set aside enough money to run the LMT for four years. Or so he thought. The legal bills ate up that money in one year. All told, Bob spent $10 million of his own money fighting Scientology and helping it’s victims. He was a hero to me and to many others.

Some people took issue with some of Bob’s tactics but I always appreciated the devilish twinkle in his eye as he stood up to those who thought they could bully or corner him.

I get asked a lot about Bob. Specifically, people try to make sense of the way Scientology shut down the LMT and got Bob to testify “on their behalf” in the Lisa McPherson civil case. I believe this article from the St. Pete Times does a very good job of explaining the situation.

“It was like the Terminator was after you,” [Bob] said.

And at that first negotiating session March 28, the church made it clear that it held him accountable for millions of dollars of litigation he had supported.

“It never escaped me for a moment there was only one deep pocket for them to come after,” Minton said.

Now, after six years on the Scientology battlefront, Minton wants out.

“You know, this has been really hard,” Minton said in court recently. “It’s been — I just can’t do it anymore. I don’t want to do it.”

Bob MintonI believe the article is very accurate except for the wild-eyed hysteria from Jesse and Dandar. I was there when Bob handed the lawsuit to Jesse. I read it myself. It wasn’t the threatened RICO suit (which was a real $30 million dollar threat from Scientology.) It was a $10 million dollar lawsuit against Bob for providing Gerry Armstrong a computer and others means to continue to speak out against Scientology, breaking an injunction which Scientology had against Gerry. The RICO suit was never drafted but was laid out as a very real possibility.

Mind you, the Armstrong suit was handed to Bob as he sat down with Scientology to settle all their previous lawsuits — except the Lisa suit. That was the initial plan. Bob and Stacy had successfully negotiated with Scientology, Mike Rinder, Yingling and all the other assorted characters when they were on the board of FACTnet.

FACTnet was being sued for distributing some of Scientology’s copyrighted material and Bob and Stacy negotiated a deal in which FACTnet agreed not to do so anymore. They kept FACTnet alive with the proviso that should FACTnet ever again break Scientology’s copyrights, they’d have to pay the group $1 million. It hasn’t happened and FACTnet remains an important destination on the web.

When Bob and Stacy approached Scientology to settle in early 2002, the goal was to settle all suits but the Lisa case. Scientology instead slapped Bob with the Armstrong suit and the RICO threat.

At this same time, Bob was under increased pressure to answer the court’s questions on funding and control of the Lisa McPherson civil case. There was a list of 80 questions Bob had to answer — or go to jail. He dodged a bullet in one courtroom when a technicality got him off the hook but he had another court date looming. For that appearance, his new attorney for the case, Bruce Howie, advised Bob to tell the truth.

Bob had made some mistakes in the civil suit and so had the Lisa estate’s attorney, Ken Dandar. Chief among them was Bob giving Dandar an additional $750,000 dollars from a Swiss bank account which had not been reported to the probate court.

There was also a concern over comments made on a radio show and comments some of Lisa’s relatives made in depositions about a portion of the proceeds of the case being given to a group such as the LMT. Dandar panicked and had everyone write affidavits that such a deal had never been made.

The sad part is that a jury hearing the money would go to help victims of Scientology probably would have doubled the amount of the reward.

Nonetheless, mistakes were made. Everyone makes them. And Scientology is ruthless in exploiting them.

To settle with Scientology, Bob agreed with his attorney’s advice to produce the Swiss checks and testify to their existance. This sent the civil case spiraling more out of control than it had been in the years of relentless assaults. And it shocked everyone who watched from the sidelines. Tales of blackmail and uncovered secrets ran amuck.

The truth is Scientology didn’t blackmail Bob. They had Bob by the balls doing what they always do — using the courts not just to win but to destroy their enemy. He no longer had the strength to fight or the willingness to fall on his sword for friends who he felt had betrayed him, chief among them the woman who produced the movie “The Profit” before becoming Dandar’s trial consultant.

Blackmail didn’t turn Bob to Scientology’s side. The relentless on-going global assault of Scientology wore Bob down, along with attacks from former friends who felt Bob wasn’t doing enough in funding the Lisa case.

To them, the case was worth more than Bob’s life. But I saw him being driven to the brink of suicide by both Scientology and his former friends and I am glad he came out alive and is getting the peace he deserves.

Scientology settled the civil case with Lisa’s family and I hope they eventually get the settlement Scientology promised — but have yet to pay.

Those people who call Bob a traitor couldn’t withstand a fraction of the assault Bob faced. If it happens to them, I hope they have better friends on their side then Bob did.

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  1. cfleshious Says:

    It is amazing how far scientology will go to make some pay for “their crimes”. I always enjoyed watching Bob on the videos. He seemed like a kind man who really wanted to make a difference. It would have been nice if more people would have been behind his cause at the time.

    Please wish Bob the best of luck for me. I hope he has found his peace in life.



    ps hail xenu

  2. anonymous Says:

    I am a very big fan of Bob Minton, if you guys start LMT back, I would be very happy to donate for the cause.

  3. Bill W Says:

    I hope more people will read this and take into account what is happening right now with Anonymous. COS is a very powerful entity. They can and will use every legal and a few illegal means to beat down ANYONE who they see as an enemy. Anon must know they are in for the biggest fight they have ever seen. I know I have posted this many times under many diffrent sections, but I feel it bears repeating until someone tells me to shut up and go away.

    May Bob find some peace and happiness somewhere far from all this turmoil.

  4. Artoo45 Says:

    Thank you so much for clearing up what I assumed was a lot of hysteria about this man. He always seemed like such a great guy, thumbing his nose at those humorless f*$ks. I hope that someday he’ll do an interview for your full-length documentary on this cult.

  5. Gradyman Says:

    Mr. Bunker, thank you for the info on Bob. I had come to my conclusion and you just confirmed that my formed opinion about Bob and the LMT was correct. Also this post of yours will make it easier for the next person who searches for the information.

    When it came to Bob, I found most of my information from message boards….finally… I won’t name them but I learned a lot – BUT I did have to filter at times. Buttersquash was quite the interesting read from numerous places, not just one. As with any group[s] there will be division and in-fighting and that’s a shame.

    I read post where comments were made that some wish Bob had never entered this arena, most were over the interest in the case of Lisa but I couldn’t disagree more and I would like to explain why.

    I stumbled into your site, http://www.xenutv.com by accident at the end of Jan. ’08. I began watching your videos and was instantly drawn in to see more. I then watched your videos with Bob and it captivated me. Bob Minton is a very charismatic individual and the thought of someone, a lone person with money taking on a cause like this is the very reason I have dove into learning about Scientology and the truth. Bob Minton very much helped this cause and thanks to you too!

    It’s like a David and Goliath thing and I can honestly say that HAD I NOT seen the Minton videos that led me to investigative reports from the main stream media [20-20 Boston PBS and all the other broadcast] I would have simply moved on and never researched further nor shared what I found with friends and family. Granted no great loss as I have never been a Scientologist nor cared but because of my interest in YOUR VIDEOS, Bob Minton and the crusade for Lisa, I searched on [captivated again]. THANK YOU MARK AND BOB!

    I am now sharing the truth about Scientology, links from your website with friends and family and they are also hyped. It seems to me that having the word spread is one of the most important things that can happen at this time. Hopefully it will result in Scientology’s numbers to decline and the fraud exposed. No one can bring Lisa back but hopefully, with you and others help, another Lisa will be prevented. I now realize she is one of many. Every life counts.

    Bob Minton’s crusade into Scientology and The LMT brought more exposure, a good thing and I realize although her family has yet to be compensated, there is a larger picture.

    I am no conspiracy theorist and had someone just told me the Scientology story about XENU I would have said WHAT, no one could possibly believe that and it cannot be true, after all Scientology is a Church! Now we know Scientology, not only NOT a Church was able to harass the IRS into submission. WOW unbelievable, no wonder Bob Minton caved. How can anyone survive those kinds of attacks? I know some have, but it came with much cost, good innocent people forced to run to other Countries or even locked up – Incredible – Who would have thought this could happen in The USA? Everyone has a breaking point and your statement about Bob is GREAT

    “Those people who call Bob a traitor couldn’t withstand a fraction of the assault Bob faced. If it happens to them, I hope they have better friends on their side then Bob did.”

    Thank you for all you do Mark.

    I apologize to you and your readers for being long winded. I am no writer and although a smart person, my usage of the English verbiage isn’t the greatest.

    Keep up the good fight Mr. Bunker.

  6. Ulf Says:

    I hope Bob has a great life now, and thank you Mark for all your work.

  7. reg Says:

    At last I have an up to date account on what happened tp Bob Minton. I’ve only recently been doing my own personal research on the Scientology regime: after Cruise’s scandeous portrayal of von Stauffenberg. But I had already made him, Bunker, Christman, Atack, Alexander and many others my heroes in the fight against what Bob himself called fascism.

    And then by continual reading I came across this court case, and Bob leaving the arena. I was shocked for days and I couldn’t find any information until now.

    Bless him for all that he has done, he continues to be an influence to me.

  8. Baggers Says:

    Cheers Mark,
    Saves trying to filter through the sensationalism of the news sources that reported on the matter.
    Thanks again

  9. Zelazny Says:

    Thank you for the story about Bob. Sad to hear COS fecked him up so much.

    I have many respect for people like you. Keep up the good work.

    Kudos and salute!

  10. A.Non.Ymous Says:

    bob fought for harder and for a longer time than anyone could be expected. the amount of funding he provided was insurmountable. bob was and remains a great man and an example to us of how we must fight if we can, as long as we can. it is unfortunate that he can no longer contribute as he once did, but we have his example to go by, and his work as inspiration to push all the way to total victory.

    happy birthday, lisa. we fight for you.

  11. Noxat Says:

    Bob Minton, we salute you.

  12. Floridanon Says:

    Thanx for the link, Mark. Bob Minton is a hero and truly deserves some peace and rest. We will carry on the work that he started. He would have been proud to see us Sunday laying flowers outside Lisa’s room @ Flag Land Base. We will march again next month. God bless you and thank you Bob. Take care.

  13. Zephyr Says:

    I’m just happy to hear that he is alright and I wish him and stacy all the best they are still hero’s to me

  14. Ken Says:

    I am very impressed and thankful for Bob’s INTERGITY and spiritual strenght to help.
    Thank you Bob, you are true soulmate, and Mark, thank you for your ability to STAND for the TRUTH. ALL THE BEST IN YOUR ADVENTURES

  15. ScaredofScientologyNoName Says:

    Mark, you are awesome. I wish the LMT and Minton were still doing their thing. Scientology literally scares the crap out of me. Thanks for all your courage and hardship.

  16. ScaredofScientologyNoName Says:


    WHY DID THE LMT CLOSE???????? please answer back. Thanks.

  17. XENU TV Says:

    The LMT was fully funded by Bob. The funding was no longer available after Scientology wore him down.

  18. Jon Says:

    Bob Minton had the courage to stand up against the CO$ machine and for that he has my respect. Bob lit the torch and now anonymous has picked it up and hopefully they will continue to shed light on the dark secrets of this cult.

    Thank you Wise Beard Man for setting the record straight.

  19. OhioAnon Says:

    From the mind, body, and soul of Bob Minton, to the mouth of the one Wise Bearded Man, to the ears and keyboards of the Legion of Anonymous. The fight against Scientology will not stop until one side has been expelled from the internet forever. With the help of all gathered, the side of good shall prevail over the evil of the so-called “church”.

    Hail Wise Beard Man
    Hail Bob Minton
    Hail Xenu

    We are Anonymous
    We do not forgive
    We do not forget
    We are Legion.

    /b/eware the Ides of March.

  20. Little one Says:

    Ive never really thought about scientology, when i was little i thought it was a church just for scientists 😀

    then one day while i was trying to find out what may have been lodged up Alester Crowley’s eye of horus, i ran across the name of his best buddy, L. Ron Hubbard, and im like wow there were two guys named L. Ron Hubbard, cause surely
    never in a million years
    would anybody in their right mind sign up to be in a church started by a guy who was best buddies with a dude who turned evil into a full time job :/

    much to my shock, there was only one LRH

    He learned evil better than any other student, evil isnt about torturing puppies [not always] its mostly about manipulation, its a power trip, these people see people praying and they get jealous, they want to be gods.

    Scientology is a buisness, with trade secrets, thats why they cant tell you anything, your salvation has a price, any religion that says you have to pay up front is a con job

    if there is a heaven, the price of admission is love

  21. hUMAM aFTER aLL Says:

    I feel for bob. He stood up when nobody did, he got kicked down and stood up again. He needs the much deserved rest. Bob is the reason i protest ( and you mark ). I just hope that you (mark) will not go through the same BS as bob did. JUST REMEMBER MARCH.

    Salvation Should Be Free!

  22. infallible Says:

    Good to read this. I have been curious for a while what the “real” story was. Mark, it seems you’ve always presented the truth as objectively as possible, and this account seems most in-line with reality.

    I know Bob was under constant pressure for a long time; I just hope he knows that he’s made a real difference with the work he did (as well as you, Mark, and others in the LMT). I know he wanted it to go for longer than it did, but there’s a remarkable amount of information that was put out there in that time.

  23. SCIchos Says:

    I am new to research on Scientology. I was first turned onto it by the Southpark episode “Trapped in the Closet.” After that I used youtube for research and stumbled upon this Great man Bob Minton. As well as the couragous cameraman Mark Bunker. It is such a shame that they would go to such great lengths to bring their enemies down. Bob deserves a break. No doubt. Maybe in time he will rise again and I believe he will get the support that he didn’t have back then. I hope Anoymous knows what’s coming for them and I hope they’re ready. I would love to protest and bring down the church right along with them. If there is any information that can be given, it is much appreciated. Everyone who fights this evil is a modern day warrior and hero. I applaud you all. I enjoy the videos Mark.

  24. Natovs Says:

    damn I wish bob would make a statement or something just saying that he is ok and whatnot I would never ask him to come back to this although things are a lot different considering the fact we have a lot more people world-wide now. Well bob I respect you greatly for what you did and I do not blame you for the end of the LMT.

  25. windy Says:

    I have enjoyed watching you and Bob do what you do, with tremendous admiration. and just hope this kind and brave man is doing well. You all are fine role models. I appreciate your comments and I’m sure anonymous would say This is why.

  26. tsimento Says:

    I had accidently stumbled across a video of a scientology picket in mid-january, and have since spent most of my free time researching (mostly through xenu.net and xenutv) about the going ons of scientology. I was quite saddened to hear how scientology was able to (through their torturess, yet arguably leagal tactics) finally get to Bob Minton. Bob, and the few others through the mid to late 90’s were individuals who devoted their lives in fighting the evils of scientology and did so at a time when it was not quite popular nor “safe” to do so. What intrigued me most about Bob, was that he put himself out there, both emotionally and financially to spread the word….although many in the end may say he had failed or his words did not get across due to the unfortunate circumstances, I would argue that Bob Minton has proved to be successful, and although he may be out of sight, his initial intentions have come to fruition…just look at all that is being accomplished, without Bob, there would be no videos out there showing all the daily drama that was going on in clearwater during the late 90’s early 00’s…xenutv’s videos would be minimal/scarce (no offence Mark, but some of your best videos and documentaries, were probably a result of your affiliation to Bob and the LMT) Bob Minton is a hero, he has not failed, for he has succeeded, just look at what he has accomplished…the internet has helped, however, without Bob the word may not have been out about scientology to the extent that it is today (i.e. documents yes, but live footage, which really sold me against the “CHURCH” would be few and far between). Once again thank you Bob Minton, and thank you Mark Bunker.

    God bless you all.

    R.I.P. Shawn Lonsdale.

  27. XENU TV Says:

    There would have been no XENU TV without Bob. He supplied the camera to make the videos possible. So his legacy lives on.

  28. Gai Fox Says:

    mark, first of all, i respect you old school critics tremendously. you put yourselves at risk, and im glad to see you guys get some reinforcements. i have two questions for you. 1.) do you still keep in contact with bob? 2.) would you be willing to call him and see if he has any comments for the newcomers? not that he owes anybody anything; im just curious and have great affection for the guy. later

  29. tharnax Says:

    Thanks for a reliable inside account of this epic story. I think it sheds light on the nature of Scientology as well as the true definition of courage.

    Bob Minton was clearly no traitor, he was simply broken by the pressure brought to bear from the ruthless Cult that had quite a bit at stake in the LM case.

    Imagine if Bill Gates decided to fight the Co$ ! End of Cult. Game Over.

    Any person thinking of trying out Scientology or reading Dianetics will undoubtedly run a quick check on the web to get a more detailed picture of LRH and the Co$. This is precisely how the Cult will be brought to an end. The Internet will destroy Scientology by simply laying out fact after fact. The Lies, the Lawsuits, the Victims, the Deaths. It’s over.

  30. David Says:

    Thank you Bob, for all you did.


    Bob, if you see this, thank you very much, and your efforts were not in vain. I have spent hours watching videos of you and others, and as a result have written my state and federal reps about scientology. I will do all I can to unmask their front groups and keep them from fooling and hurting more people. Peace and God Bless, wherever you are.

  32. vince Says:

    Thanks Bob and Mark. True inspiration.
    Rest easy Bob, you deserve it.

  33. Deby Barns Says:

    Thanks Bob Minton hi is so fanny man. Hi stood ab against this lier Cos.
    i’have sen so many vidio hi speak aut against Scientology-Church. Its realli a great man Bob.
    Thans also Mark for this information.

  34. Gustavo Says:


    I’m a guy who was approached by a (pretty) female scientologist years ago, when I was 22 years old. Heck, especially at that age I’d talk to a cute girl who approached me, right? She sold me the book, took my data and for the next six months, the CoSers wouldn’t stop calling me. I didn’t bite. The limited materials I was able to ready on the COS back then bothered me and I’ve always been a skeptic. but since then, I’ve closely followed the CoS and its critics. The internet and the xenu.net website made that easy. I followed the whole story of the LMT, Bob Minton, you, how you were indicted in Chicago, etc etc.

    I’m a busy guy, the CoS scared me and I have never spoken out. I didn’t have the courage that you, Bob Minton and others have shown. There’s a lot more of us out there — people who never joined, but were approached or otherwise found out about the CoS, looked into it and were disgusted by it, but who were too busy, too intimidated or too cowardly to speak out.

    Thank you for clarifying what happened to Bob Minton. From reading the Florida state Judge’s rulings denying the CoS’ motion to dismiss the case because of Bob’s (and Ken Dandar’s [the Lisa McPherson family lawyer who brought the wrongful death suit against the CoS]) supposed misconduct (this was shortly before the suit was confidentially settled.), I know that Bob may have made some mistakes about taxes and that was also a club that the CoS wielded.

    You have confirmed what I thought. If Bob and Stacy Minton read this, know that there are many of us out there — long time silent majority people who have long thought that the CoS is a dangerous scam — who appreciate that you had the courage to fight when you did and that you only had so much money and so much energy to give.

    One question — are you in touch at all with Ken Dandar, the Florida Lawyer who fought like a tiger in the Lisa McPherson family wrongful death suit against the CoS? He too went thru hell and he too deserves our applause. In fact, the impression I got was that the judge in Florida just about forced a settlement on the Lisa McPherson family over his objection by forcing Ken to step aside and making another lawyer the chief counsel. Did Scientology get to the judge? No evidence of that that I’ve seen. But, we’re talking about a rutheless organization — Judges are elected in Florida and anything is possible.

    Bob, Stacy — and you too Mark — had the courage to go public and put your time, money and energy to work exposing the truth about the CoS.

    I, who did not have your courage, salute and applaud you.

  35. Jack Says:

    Well said. Never judge a man unless you have walked or are prepared to walk in hs shoes.

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  38. Alvin Tostig Says:

    That’s an excellent write-up WBM and thank you for filling in the blanks I had about what happened to the LMT.

    I protest with Anonymous in Seattle. I remember reading that Stacy Brooks-Young moved up to the Puget Sound region after the LMT ended.

    I don’t know if you are at liberty to say if she is still fighting against Scientology. However if you are in touch with Stacy and she is still interested in fighting against Scientology we would GREATLY welcome any advice, information, tactics etc that might be useful from an old-guard Co$ critic.

    She can contact any of us on our Washington State Anonymous forum at http://www.lulznw.com

    Thank you!!!

  39. tsimento Says:

    Actually, a write-up on stacy would be quite intersting. The past few weeks I have been reading some of the old altreligionscientology posts from the early 00’s, where Stacy foots most of the blame for Bob’s and the LMT’s demise. Any background information on that situation would be interesting to read. Why were so many people quick to blame Stacy? and why was Jesse so quick to turn on Bob as well? I know a lot of time has passed since this whole mess but its difficult to understand why those closest to Mr. Minton turnned on him during his time of need,especially since Bob was the only individual who stepped up to help them.

  40. tsimento Says:


    hahahahaha!! This is great stuff…they’ve always feared you Mark, you failed and bitter actor you. Nevertheless, they did compliment your acting ability…hahhaahahahahhahahahaha, oh boyyyyyyyyy!

  41. L.Fraud Hubbard Says:

    I really hope he is watching?

  42. WolfyRik Says:

    Bob Minton kicked serious butt. I wish I had half the strength and courage he displayed.

    Wherever you are Bob, you may not be fighting them now, but your example continues. Nice one, hombre 🙂

  43. j0eg0d Says:

    I think it’s much easier to see why you have trouble trusting certain people.

  44. JeraldR Says:

    Thanks Mark, I have heard bits of this but this is the first time I have gotten the whole story at once. As I have been around a couple of years now how sad is that?

    People just can’t grasp what you guys had to deal with. Sure we picket and sometimes they might follow us home or try to cause us trouble, but with you guys it was 24/7 without a break.

    Post Bob Minton’s name in some group online and its a mix of love and hate. I for one never cared if they got to him or not. The way I felt was if they did at last then thank you Mr. Minton for the time you did fight the good fight. Because the truth a lot of people don’t want to see is without Bob Minton this movement would never have gotten off the ground the way it did. And without him this movement would never be where it is now.

    You all put your butts on the line knowing full well they were gonna come after you. And you did it not for money or fame, but because it was the right thing to do.


  45. Matthew Says:

    Thank you, Mark. The last 4 months that I have spent learning as much as possible about the fight against Scientology, through your videos and histories, have provided me with a few questions that had not been answered. What happened to Bob was a big one, and I’m glad that I finally know.

    I don’t know if you read this, but I simply must tell you that I have never been more inspired by any modern-day crusader than I am by you. Through all of this, and everything else, you seem to have kept a calm head about things, and that is the most commendable aspect of any human being fighting for a cause. I hope to meet you someday, and shake the hand of someone who, I believe, truly cares.

  46. Tom Says:


    Maybe Anonymous should picket the Roger Staubach corporate offices in TX.. Do you know his company manages COS properties in Clearwater. You think Roger, an avowed Christian, really knows what goes on with COS?.. On behalf of all Dallas Cowboys fans, I think you and Tory need to pay a visit to ol’ number 12 and set him straight.. See 11th paragraph in this story:


  47. law Says:

    with all the new “interest” in the crimes of the corporation of scientology that has been stirred up by the anonymous movement, im seriously hoping to see the old guard in the fight against this corrupt orginization rejoin the fight.
    bob, mark, stacy, all of you who withstood so much for so long, you are not alone. we are here. it took us far longer than it should have, but we’re here. and we’re all hoping to stand shoulder to shoulder.
    iv been trying to get in contact with someone, ANYONE that can tell me that now that i have the knowledge, what do i do with it. email me, talk to me, the fight isnt over. we never forgive, we never forget. thats a promise

  48. JohnS Says:

    WBM you are truly wise. Bob fought a good fight, as you put so well how many of us could stand a fraction of what Bob Minton did.

    I hope he is well and in peace knowing he fought a good fight, and if he wants to start round 2 we’d love to see him back.

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  50. G_Allen Says:

    Thanks for this take on Bob Minton and your times at the LMT. Back in 2000-2001 I lived in nearby Saint Petersburg and very often thought about coming up and saying hello to you folks. Such is lost opportunity!

    Saying that; Flag is nearly in my backyard these day and although I’ve been observing the Anon activity I’ve stopped short of participating in it. I would have probubly done the same thing with the LMT, not that Scientology would know the difference. Why?

    Because, despite the fact that I don’t like Scientology or what it’s done to *my* community, I recognize the fact that Scientology has a right to be here just like I do. So long as they don’t bother me I don’t have a reason to protest or otherwise become a nuisance to them. At the same time they have no right to try and limit my movements in our community (which they have done.) To do so is a slap in the face at *their* creed as well as mine.

    I hope one day you and some of the other people from the LMT can come back to Clearwater and see what has become of your old stomping ground. If so, there is a coffee shop at the corner of Ft Harrison and Cleveland where we could have a lovely conversation.

  51. Kaz WillIams Says:

    Wow, I guess I have watched all you guys posted videos… I feel like we are all fishing buddies…
    Well, its hard to try to say anything..Bob, you and Stacy are wonderfullll!!! people..Mark thankyou for all the hard work you have done.Please dont stop..We would like to see a Doc. about you, and all you have done.(atleast a book) THANX GUYS, Kaz–atl.ga

  52. tsimento Says:

    Bob Minton is my hero!!

  53. Anonymous Says:

    Bob Minton gave em hell!

  54. tsimento Says:

    One man was able to make scientology shake in there boots for a good 5 years plus…One man…Bob Minton!! I would love to shake Bob’s hand!!!!

  55. harvey peever Says:

    we will all rejoice when scientology is brought to it’s knees — bob included.

  56. Rick Bruiser Says:

    Bob was an absolute champion and had great intentions. I understand and agree with the reasons for Bob Minton going after $cientology. I do not fully understand why he went to the extent that he would put himself and his family at risk of losing all that he had worked for. His dedication was great, but while he set himself up properly for battle, he did not see what was needed for a war. Mistakes are made even by the smartest guys out there. I hope that “anonymous” has the staying power to continue for years and continue Bob Mintons fight. In this economy it will be interesting to see how financially strong COS really is and if they have what it takes to continue.

  57. tsimento Says:

    Mr. Bruiser. We reserve the term ‘hero,’ for certain special individuals. These individuals put aside their feelings and well being in order to take a stand against something they see so blatantly wrong…when a man jumps infront of a bus to save a childs life, no one questions ‘why’ he did it…not everyone will take the risks Bob did, however, not everyone can be labeled a hero.

  58. MyTai Says:

    Some would consider Bob Minton as an individual with a rare combination of power and conscience. Yes to that.

    He was also foolish. One cannot fight a corporate entity with one rich guy and a group of comp nerds and ex-scienos (no offense as I’m both). Most Vietnam War analogies apply.

    Someone had to be him, to take the hit. Anonymous was born on this timeline, which includes a confluence of events leading up to the current Cruisifcation of der church.

    Anonymous has the right strategy.

  59. Tara Says:

    I’m rather new to all of this and had only ever heard bits and pieces about Mr. Minton. Thank you for putting the true story out there. There cannot be anything worse than giving so much of yourself to a cause and then having those you thought were your friends turn against you. I hope he has found peace and happiness in his life. He certainly deserves it.

  60. Anonymousteve Says:

    Hello, WBM – how are you? Hope all is well. Your words are still wise, and your face is still beard, thankfully. You guys have done more for this movement than anyone could think possible and I would like to thank you.

    At the same time, I would like to PLEASE ask for you to contact me about Mr. Bob Minton – I, like many others, watched your videos on XenuTV and saw him, and was absolutely stunned by this man’s dedication and sheer balls. So, I went to bobminton.org – read some things, got a couple of phone numbers, and called the guy – left a message saying thank you, I was a member of Anon, etc…but…well, I didn’t *67. After I’d made this call, I read that the cult had fucked him up pretty badly, and there was even a possibility of him turning against us – from what more reading I’ve been able to do, I haven’t been able to get a clear answer, really, and I AM worried about being Fair Gamed (even though I’m in Iowa, and it’s like a quarantine zone for these bastards) – I would just like to have perhaps a little reassurance or something as you say that you’re still his friend – he’s not going to drop my dox to the cult, do you think? I would really appreciate any response you can give on this matter, and I would like to thank you and your friends again for all the hard work, blood, sweat and tears, hours of your time, and dollars out of your pocket that you’ve put into fighting this mockery of religion. Please feel free to email me back at the address I provided.

    God Bless.

  61. XENU TV Says:

    Your fine. Bob’s fine.

    Nothing to worry about.

  62. Anonymousteve Says:

    I haven’t checked my email yet, but I thank you for the reply you’ve put here – I appreciate your time and willingness to answer my question (without automatically assuming I’m doing some digging for OSA or something) – I’m glad to hear it, as it takes an immense load off.

    So, Bob’s fine, huh? Is that just in terms of him being Anti? I wonder how he’s doing as far as life goes – hopefully he’s still doing well.

    And on another note, I hope that you yourself are doing well, Mark, and that the Scieno’s haven’t been hassling you too much as of lately. Best wishes to you, your family and loved ones, and God bless.

  63. Mary McConnell Says:

    Bob Minton, a good man who sacrificed much to help expose scientology. He did what he could for as long as he could; far more than any of those who stabbed him in the back for speaking the truth.

    He always had my respect and the respect of many.

    R.I.P. Robert Schenk Minton.

    ~ Mary McConnell

  64. Kevin LeGrange Magee Says:

    You have my whole-hearted prayers from a God that doesn’t require a single dime to worship. Scientology is, as you said, free to practice as a religion all they please. However, as you also said, they should not be free to defraud and ruin people’s lives like this.

    P.S. The name I provided is an assumed name, and the email I provided is a decoy. You can never be too careful…

  65. gamer22871 Says:

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  66. Nova Says:

    Bob fought the good fight, but every man has a breaking point, and whenever money is involved its hard to know who is your real friends and not.

    He had guts going up against scientology the way he did. Didn’t need a mask or alias, took every blow to his face. Got to admire a person who has the balls to do that. =)

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    current at this site is truly excellent.

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