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In the Belly of the Beast

November 26, 2006

Here’s a video which has never before been on the net. It is a taped Cult Awareness Seminar conducted by Craig Branch at a church right next door to Scientology’s headquarters in Clearwater, Florida.

Part 1 is the introduction by Craig Branch who approaches the subject of Scientology from his Christian perspective. His work has brought him into contact with various cults. He considers Scientology one of the most dangerous.

The middle part of the video features comments from two former Scientologists whom I haven’t seen on video before. The first is Lisa Halverson who spoke out in the mid-90’s including on an appearance on “Larry King Live.”

The second speaker, Andre Tabayoyon, was in Scientology for 22 years. As he begins to speak, he is interrupted by local Scientologists including Dr. Ian Shillington. We learn that Dr. Shillington, who I later encountered many times in Clearwater, spent 3 years inside the RPF, Scientology’s “prison camp.”

In Part 4, Craig Branch plays a segment of the Canadian TV show, “The Fifth Estate.”

And in the concluding segment, Branch plays a bit of the British show “Panorama” concerning the upper OT levels in Scientology. Both Andre and Lisa then join in for more discussion.

If you have a video or audio tape which deserves to be on the net, please drop me a line.

Countdown to the TomKat Divorce

November 19, 2006

Well, it’s happened. Under rainy skies, Tom Cruise has abducted the village virgin and sacrificed her to the evil overlord Xenu. The TomKat wedding was conducted in such a massively opulent manner that it could only be the intergalactic equivalent of one of those arranged marriages between old European royal bloodlines.

“We must unite Teegeeack with our closest allies in this sector of the ga-lax-y to ward off the marauding Marcabian warriors!”


Katie at the window

And a desperate princess awaited her fate from high atop the castle tower in which she was trapped. As she scanned the horizon below for any sign of rescue, she could only pray for that last minute arrival of a knight in shining armour.

Alas, it would not be. The virgin princess was doomed to fulfill the contractual obligations of marriage to the diminutive dark lord; a wee man, once beloved but who had lost the affections of the populace once they discovered his erratic behavior.

The people of Teegeeack can now only wait.

Wait for the time when the princess returns to the land of the sane…

…with her hefty pre-nuptual settlement.

The Modern Science of Mental Cruelty: Take Two

November 19, 2006

I made a post a while back which included erronious assumptions.   I had read this article about a psychotic 26 year-old woman who had stabbed her mother to death in 2005 and was recently sentenced for the murder.   An anonymous responder to that post correctly pointed out that I leapt to conclusions which can’t be supported. 

In brief, Nicola Edgington, 26, stabbed Marion Edgington, 60, nine times after a row during what was supposed to be a family reunion.   In the course of the article, it was described how Edgington had made her way to Scientology’s St. Hill Org on the evening of the murder.  That coupled with Edgington’s extreme aversion to psychiatric care led me to assume she was a Scientologist. 

This does not appear to be the case and I apologize for not taking more care with the post.  Thanks go to the talkbacker for setting me straight.

Which brings us to a well documented case which covers the same sad territory.  Last month, CBS broadcast a very well done documentary on the tragic death of Scientologist Elli Perkins.  She and her husband raised their family as devout Scientologists.  The eldest son, Jeremy, was in desperate need of psychiatric care which the family refused to provide.  Jeremy wound up stabbing his mother 77 times.

The sad fact is that Scientology’s bizarre assault on psychiatry keeps members away from the very care they need. Hubbard himself reached out for psychiatric care in the 40s.

Psych Letter

There was a man who could have used the help.

However, when the psychiatric community called his book, Dianetics, hooey they became Hubbard’s enemy number one.

What’s worse is that the slow altering of reality for people in Scientology can lead to psychotic breaks. Stacy Brooks wrote a great essay about auditingback at the LMT in 2001. Sitting in a room by yourself for years doing solo auditing on some of the upper levels, levels in which your entire perception of reality has been undermined, has got to cause many psychotic breaks.

Solo auditing was always bizarre for me. Sitting in the room all alone, holding both cans in one hand, watching the E-meter dial for a read that would tell me where my next BT was – I only got a few reads during my OT 3 auditing. You get to attest to OT 3 Completion when you can’t find any more BTs. Well, I attested very quickly, glad to be done with this strange auditing level. I was ready to move on to something else.

To my great dismay, I discovered that the rest of the Bridge to Total Freedom was all about BTs, BTs, and more BTs.

OT 4 is the OT Drug Rundown, during which you locate BTs who have been affected by drugs. You have to get each BT to zero in on the particular drugs that caused the problem and audit those drugs out until the BT can blow.

On each of these levels you are assured that you have gotten rid of all your BTs. You attest to being free of all BTs and you are really happy to have rid yourself of all the little parasitic creatures. Then you route onto your next level and you are told, “Actually you do have more BTs. We just didn’t want to tell you until you were ready to hear it.”

The day before you were perfectly certain that you were free of the little disembodied thetans. Now you suddenly discover that in fact you have millions more; you just weren’t aware enough to perceive them until now.

OT 5 is Audited New Era Dianetics for OTs, or Audited NOTs for short. On NOTs you learn that everything is made up of BTs. EVERYTHING. Your toes, your thoughts, your love for your daughter, the moon, your fork, your shoes, your teeth, your bones, your molecules – literally everything – is made up of BTs.

You have an auditor with you for Audited NOTs. Your auditor tells you to locate another BT and ask it, “What are you?” You do this silently, and the BT then answers your question, silently, of course. As I said before, it can answer literally anything. It might say, “your third fingernail on your left hand,” or it might say, “your refrigerator,” “the light bulb,” “the anger you’re feeling toward your mother,” anything. The rug, the window pane, the North Star, a Kleenex. Remember, what’s true for the preclear, or pc, is what is true, and now the pc is the BT. You never invalidate the pc.

You get the BT to keep answering the question, “What are you?” until the auditor can tell by meter read that the BT has given you the right answer. Then you are told to ask the BT another question, “Who are you?” When the BT answers, “I’m me!” it causes the needle on the E-meter to fall dramatically and the BT blows.

Again, you audit OT 5 until you can’t find any more BTs. You attest to having no more BTs, and then you go onto Solo NOTs. First you do OT 6, which is the Solo NOTs Auditing Course. On it, you learn how to audit your own BTs on the NOTs processes.

Then you begin OT 7, Audited NOTs. On this level you sit in an auditing room all alone, holding both cans in one hand, locating BTs by meter read, and auditing your BTs on the NOTs commands, “What are you?” and “Who are you?” just as I described above, until they blow. The way you know when a BT has blown, by the way, is that your needle starts to float on the dial, signifying that there is nothing there any more. You will continue to find BTs and audit them until your body begins to look translucent, signifying that all of your BTs are gone.

By now you know that the entire physical universe is composed of BTs. You know that the reason it is so important to get everyone on the planet into Scientology and on the Bridge to Total Freedom is that it will take every single person auditing all day long, every day, for many, many years, to audit out all the body thetans that compose the physical universe. You now share the most important secret of all, because only now that you are on OT 7 do you know that the true goal of Scientology is to make the physical universe disappear.

Scientology aims to “make the able more able.”  Those are the people who they hope will spend more money on courses and auditing.  Those who are not “able” are on their own.

Republicans = Scientologists

November 9, 2006

So says comedian Bill Maher whose HBO show “Real Time” is a treat each Friday night. This is what Maher had to say today on the Huffington Post Blog:

One of the tenets of Scientology is that anyone who criticizes the religion is fair game for any and all kinds of retribution. You can file lawsuits against them, you can harass them, you can spread lies about them, and it’s OK because the critic is fundamentally evil.

This is the same reason Republicans have no problem running push polls, or handing out leaflets with false accusations, or calling Dems and telling them that their polling place has been changed… all this dishonest, sleazy stuff is OK because it’s in the service of a greater good.

You can read his full blog here. I don’t always agree with the man but I enjoy his show very much.  I love it whenever someone like Maher or the South Park guys know more about Scientology than, “Isn’t that the one Tom Cruise talks about?” More and more people are becoming informed.

Thanks Mr. Internet.

Vince Daniels In a Fine Mood

November 4, 2006

BROADCAST DATE:   November 4th, 2006

The Many Moods of Vince DanielsMy friend Tory appeared again on the radio show, “The Many Moods of Vince Daniels.” She talks about her experiences as a 30 year member of Scientology and the pain families endure from Scientology’s policies. You can see her first appearance at XENU TV.

Following Tory on the show was a segment featuring Professor David Touretzky and Greg Beha whose son was admitted to Scientology’s drug rehab program, Narconon. After making a disparaging remark about L. Ron Hubbard, Greg’s son was kicked out of the program and dumped at a seedy motel with a ten dollar bill. Mr. Beha is attempting to get a refund from Narconon.

There are few people who can explain the fraud and abuse at the core of Scientology better than Dave Touretzky. His many sites about Scientology are among the best on the web.

Take A Flyer

November 1, 2006

The only time I was ever hit with a Scientology DA flyer was after my first appearance at a picket in Los Angeles back in March of 1999. I had videotaped a picket in honor of L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday. The next day, I got a call from a woman who asked me, “Are you Mark Bunker?’

I replied yes and she told me, “I’m supposed to fear you.”

I broke into uproarious laughter and realized that my neighborhood had been leafleted. We spoke for a good fifteen minutes and filled her in on Xenu and Lisa McPherson and as much as I could. We had a great time sharing information.

DA Flyer

Later that day, I spoke with the policeman who lived upstairs and explained the situation. I told him there was a slight chance, just a very slight chance that Scientology might come and picket my house. Just as I say this we look outside and two Scientologists had arrived to picket. I grabbed my camera and ran out to talk to them.

I put the video up on the web and never had another flyer or picketer in my neighborhood again.

Putting the Dumb in Freedom

November 1, 2006

Scientology has just spread a new libelous flyer around Jeff Jacobsen’s neighborhood.  This is an old tactic of Scientology which they’ve used less frequently in recent years but which seems to be making a comeback.  It’s funny how whenever you think perhaps Scientology is reforming, they just prove you wrong with some disgusting behaviour straight from the L. Ron Hubbard playbook.

This flyer is distributed by “Religious Freedom Watch” which is a front group set up by Scientology to smear it’s critics.  It used to be called “The Scientology Parishioners’ League” but that had Scientology in the name.  When people would get a flyer saying “so and so” is  a religious bigot and then saw that Scientology was the “religion” in question, they would tend to giggle and toss the flyer away. 

Thus was born “Religious Freedom Watch.”  High minded.  Sounds socially relevant.  We can all get behind that as Americans.      

That’s the idea behind all of the names of Scientology’s front groups

“The Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights” –  Attacks Psychiatry

“The Concerned Businessmen of America” –  Spreads Scientology material through schools

 “The World Literacy Crusade” – Spreads Hubbard educational materials as recruiting tools

This latest flyer paints a portrait of Jeff that is completely skewed from the reality of who he is.  There are few people who are more generous, kind-hearted or peace-loving than Jeff.  He is a great promoter of Gandhi tech at pickets, insisting that peaceful, non-violent approaches to righting a wrong is the only way to go.

If you read the flyer, you’d get the impression that Jeff is some maniacal madman whose friends are the lowest deviants on the planet.   You’d think that Jeff is a porn impressario who wants to enslave young children in sex rings when not planning the next Oklahoma City bombing. 

That’s what they want you to think.  And that’s why the internet is such an important tool, for you can actually see and hear Jeff for yourself.  Watch this man and see if he looks dangerous to you:

Now Scientology has upped the ante.  They are suggesting…no, they are basically stating flat out that Jeff committed crimes while working years ago in the mental ward of a hospital.  To make the charges stick, they print spooky pictures of Jeff dressed in medical garb. 

These pictures were taken on Hollywood Blvd. last year at a picket in L.A. where Jeff wore the doctor’s smock to point out the horrible death of Lisa McPherson under Scientology’s care.   You can watch my video of the picket and see just how “dangerous” Jeff is”

Another despicable tactic they use is the anonymous slur.  In this case, it is a supposed tell-all, come-clean admission of remorse from a “former co-worker” at the hospital who claims Jeff is deviant and sadistic.  No name is attached.   No way to verify if this person even exists.  

Look at Scientology’s publications.   Very rarely do you ever see a name listed.   They don’t like listing names.   Here it’s all initials.  KR swears by Scientology.   MR loves it.  PW says it changed his or her life. 

My favorite example of this happened while I was living in Clearwater.   Scientologist Mary DeMoss quickly became a star of XENU TV.   She started a front group called the Foundation for Religious Tolerance.  Announced it proudly at a City Commission meeting and then promptly bragged in a Scientology magazine that she was the sole member and she set it up just to attack the LMT.  The quote was attributed to MD!  Hard to trace that one. 

Jeff pointed out the fraud at a later meeting.  No wonder they don’t like him.  And no wonder they hate the internet. 

Hopefully, Jeff will take Scientology to court and get this issue addressed properly.  They can start by calling as a witness the man who claims to be the force behind Religious Freedon Watch, Joel Phillips.  Of course, since he is the boss, he would also be a defendant. 

Jeff has a collection of similar flyers Scientology has used against other critics in the past.  As the St. Pete Times‘ might say, this is just one more way Scientology is unlike any other religion we know.