Slappy’s Dream

Here’s the latest masterpiece from TheEvilof Scientology.

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6 Comments on “Slappy’s Dream”

  1. beaconschuler Says:

    Darkstar! Epic win!

  2. MARYBLEUZ Says:

    Once again TEOS has outdone himself! Not only does he have one of the most informative channels on youtube in regards to the Criminally Convicted Cult of Scientology, his quick wit and sense of humor are a trademark, thanks for all you do TEOS!

  3. Charles Says:

    I love the Darkstar reference at the very end. One of my favorite campy Sci-Fi flicks of all time. Makes anything LRH wrote look like a McDonalds Nutrition pamphlet, and a bad one at that… 😉

  4. This is hilarious. I sure hope Tom Cruise and Slappy Miscavige get to see this 🙂

  5. Matt Says:

    This is the funniest Scientology thing I have seen ever . . . ever. Needed that. 😀

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