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Slappy’s Dream

June 28, 2009

Here’s the latest masterpiece from TheEvilof Scientology.

Slappy Caught on Tape

June 25, 2009

There’s now recorded evidence of Slappy’s violent nature.

It’s fun being suppressive.

Slappy’s Nightmare

June 25, 2009

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

May 25, 2009

The Adult Swim show mentioned Cruise and Scientology.

Pet Thetans

May 4, 2009

Here’s an Anonymous suggestion for opening up new cash lines for DM.

Colbert vs. Xenu

March 6, 2009
Stephen Colbert, the new leader of Scientology.

Stephen Colbert, the new leader of Scientology.

It’s the Colbert Nation against Anonymous in a race to name a space station module.

Stephen Colbert often harnesses the power of the net to get things named after himself or in some other way prove the enormous power he wields such as having his viewers purposely plant false info in Wikipedia entries.  This time, he takes the top vote-getting spot away from Xenu. 

But to make up for usurping Xenu, he goofs on OT3. I can’t embed the clip here at wordpress but you can see the clip on Colbert’s website.

Scientology Gullibility Test

February 17, 2009

The Chaser’s War on Everything did a segment spoofing the Stress Test tables Scientology uses to recruit raw meat — new members, that is.