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Kevin and Bean

December 22, 2007

Kevin and BeanLast year, I got a lot of emails from people telling me that they heard Kevin and Bean talking about my website on their popular morning radio show.

I found the clip on their website. In it, they discuss how Scientologists respond when anyone is critical of their group.


Download the mp3

I e-mailed Kevin and Bean to thank them and they asked for some audio of the 2nd of July video to use on the air. I never heard the follow-up segment even though others contacted me to say it had been on.

Yesterday, I got more emails telling me that it had been re-aired in a “Best of” show while Kevin and Bean were on Christmas break. I couldn’t find the segment on their website but a quick Google took me to a fan’s audio archive blog and they were able to get me a copy of the full follow-up segment which I present here to you.


Download the mp3

This is the video that they were playing on the show. Since these radio shows, it’s gone on to be seen a half a million times on YouTube and has become the most popular of the videos I’ve released.

Keven and Bean discovered that Scientologists are indeed trained in how to attack critics of their group. Here’s part of the directions Hubbard left behind for his followers:

HCOB 5 November 1967 Critics Of Scientology

“Never discuss Scientology with the critic. Just discuss his or her crimes, known and unknown. And act completely confident that those crimes exist. Because they do.”

Thanks to Kevin and Bean for the great segments and to Kevin over at the Kevin and Bean Archive for digging up the recording for me.

Contractor Demands Payment

December 22, 2007


I don’t stop over at the Operation Clambake message board too often but a few days back I saw a thread with a link to an interesting video from Detroit. I’ve captured the video and have it here for your enjoyment.

Barb had some good comments to make on the Scientology policies which keep businesses wondering as to when they’ll be paid.

“Good luck on collecting. This HCOB suggests Mr. Wecker might have to wait a long time to get paid. Hubbard wrote that the church was to use a ‘Dateline Paying’ method of paying bills, which means a date in the past is selected according to how much money the department has, and then any bills due past that date are paid.” – Barb


“Tell Accounts, ‘Give me every bill we owe prior to August (three months ago).’ Add these up. Let’s say the amount exceeds our cash. Cut it back one month. Order ‘Write cheques for every bill up to July 1.’ (That’s four months back.) That we can cover fully with cash.” (HCOPL of 28 January 1965, “How to Maintain Credit Standing & Solvency“)

If important bills are overdue and threats are coming in, “Still try to use the above system. But if you can’t, pay it and retard other bills accordingly. And thereafter, don’t pay that outfit’s bill on any other terms than threatened trouble… Be very proud and haughty about bills. NEVER propitiate.” (HCOPL of 28 January 1965, “How to Maintain Credit Standing & Solvency“)

In the case of a tradesman demanding for a bill only slightly overdue you will usually find they have done poor work or slow work if you’re at all solvent and paying your bills. Don’t say ‘We’re too poor and we can only send you a little but we will try.’ Say properly ‘I don’t see that your bill is much overdue. It takes a bit of time to pay a bill you know. I will check over your account and see if it is all right.

And by the way, people who dun us either have insufficient finance to handle our business or something is wrong with their bill. I am setting your bill aside for audit and if you call again about it, we will sever the account.” (HCOPL of 28 March 1965, “Emergencies and Accounts Personnel”)

“Disbursement NEVER pays from a received bill alone. All bills received are first filed in the Disbursement files. Then the file is reviewed as a whole when the time comes to pay bills. It is forbidden to short circuit this line and pay bills just as they drop into the In basket. They are filed. Then all files are reviewed once a month, summated and the result entered in a statement sheet in the file folder and on a Bills Summary Sheet…. when thereafter requested to do so, the Disbursement Section makes out the cheques as indicated or readies the cash.” (HCOPL of 6 May 1964, “Accounts Policies”)

Thanks to Barb for digging up the policy letters, Navy for posting Barb’s comments and SomebodyElse for starting the thread about the video.

Barb’s book and online store.

Germany Considers Scientology Ban

December 15, 2007

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Saturday December 15, 2007

Here’s a piece from CNN about Germany’s move to ban the totalitarian organization called Scientology.

The Profit – Court Documents

December 12, 2007

I recently vacationed in beautiful Clearwater, Florida where I conducted three interviews that will appear in the not too distant future on XENU TV. While there, I stopped by the Clearwater Courthouse and dug up some more documents from the case involving the movie, The Profit.

There was a thick folder of material and I didn’t have long to sort through it. I grabbed the two transcripts of actual hearings which had been filed by the attorneys. These were dated back to the 2002 period. Apparently, the more recent attempts to lift the injunction have a different case number which I didn’t have time to research.

These documents, I hope, might fill in some gaps. I couldn’t afford to copy everything but I wanted to get the actual transcripts and the couple of filings which I found most interesting.

Professor Dave Touretzky has a nice site about the film which is slanted toward Peter and Patricia’s side of the fiasco which is fair because he is their friend. I am Bob Minton’s friend so it stands to reason that my sympathies lie with Bob. I have enormous respect for Dave. Less so for Peter and Patricia.

I’ve written about the movie before. Basically, Bob gave Peter and Patricia $2.5 million to make a movie about L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology, and gave them complete artistic control and no interference in the making of the film. They made a crappy film and threw away friendships in the process.

If they had simply made a crappy film, that would have been understandable. Many films with good intentions turn out crappy. But at the same time the film was being so hackily produced, Patricia was becoming a thorn in Bob’s side. So much so that by the time the film was being shown at Cannes, Bob refused to go along because, “Patricia had taken all the fun out of the movie.”

I was there as Bob was led to the brink of suicide by both Scientology and people such as Patricia who benefited from Bob’s generosity but added to his mounting pressure. Eventually, Bob had had enough and set out to settle with Scientology.

The film got caught in the middle. Not surprising, because by this time it was clear the film was a disaster and would not make back any of Bob’s money. In these documents, he is attempting to get an accounting of the the $2.5 million he spent on the project.

Profit Court Transcript 11/21/02
In this first transcript, Peter Alexander’s attorney, Luke Lirot, argues that turning over the film’s financial records to Bob will ruin his “trade secrets.”

Profit Court Transcript 11/21/02
In this next transcript, Judge Penick hears about the battle over the books. He has been dealing with all of us in other Scientology matters and is clearly fed up with it all. He orders the books be turned over.

Profit Books Filing – 12/17/02
After only a partial accounting of the books is offered, Bob’s attorney shares some interesting data from what few records they have had a chance to see. He points to $500,000 being given by the filmmaker’s to Peter and Patricia’s own company, The Totally Fun Company (TFC), as overhead. That is a full 1/5 of the movie’s budget, siphoned off the top — above their salaries as writer/director and producer.

The sad thing is, for $500,000 they could have hired a top script doctor to have rewritten the movie so it wouldn’t suck. At that time, you could have gotten Tarantino or William Goldman for that price. They could have gotten a lesser name for the script and hired a top-notch director, too. Hell, many great independent movies have been produced for less than that.

Courage Lawsuit
The next document came from earlier in 2002. This is when Peter and Patricia tried to sue me, Stacy and the guy at our ISP because Bob put up five short clips of the movie on the LMT website. Bob’s attorney discovered the Courage contract said one party couldn’t sue without the other’s permission so this suit against me was dropped.

At the time, Bob still had the LMT going as an active website. I didn’t think it was out of line for the film’s Executive Producer, full partner in the movie and the man who paid for the whole damn thing to put up a few brief clips showing the LMT members’ cameos but Peter and Patricia went ballistic.

I’ve always felt it was because it gave the world a chance to see just how horrible the movie was. It remains in limbo now. Bob gave up on it years ago. It’s unlikely to ever get an official re-release but I still think it should be seen. Just so it doesn’t build up a reputation as a “great movie” you are never allowed to see.