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I’m back!  Check out the details here.  Thanks for all your support!


Here’s what I’ve learned so far. My first account was canceled in early Feb. when the Tom Cruise tape was zipping around the world. Scientology found it on a private YouTube account and I got a takedown notice for it about at the same time I got a takedown notice from Viacom for a Stephen Colbert clip in which he goofed on Scientology. Before I could act on the takedown notices and remove the offending clips, the accounts were canceled.

I lost the xenutv account and all my uploaded clips about Scientology. I started over on xenutv1 and uploaded only my own self produced clips, making sure to not have any copyrighted material on the account.

About a week later, the Anonymous movement started in response to YouTube’s removal of the Tom Cruise tape. I started getting contacted by people asking me about this so I made a video about Anonymous urging them to not break the law and to instead use legal and peaceful means to protest Scientology. I thought they would ignore or attack me but instead they heard my message and understood what I was saying.

My first channel had about 3000 subscribers when it was yanked. In about two months, the new channel had reached 10,000 subscribers thanks to Anonymous. Many of my videos received high honors on YouTube and a lot of media attention was drawn to them and to me. The media wanted to know about Anonymous and I became the wise bearded face the media could go to get some answers about the group.

While my website has been very successful over the past years, YouTube brought in a new set of viewers and a new way to interact with those viewers. It was very exciting to be a part of it.

Last weekend I released the tease for my interview with Jason Beghe. That became my most successful clip yet, reaching over 595,000 views before my channel was canceled on Thursday afternoon.

My friend Tory Christman let me put a video on her channel about the takedown. At that point I hadn’t heard anything from YouTube as to why it had happened. Just two days prior, Tory’s account has been suspended and she hadn’t been told why. People complained to YouTube and her account was put back up. But not before someone bragged on alt.religion.scientology that they had gotten Tory’s channel removed and they were coming after mine next.

Then mine was gone. The obvious assumption is that Scientology was behind it.

People complained to YouTube about my account. YouTube got so much pressure that they called me to explain the situation. They told me because my first account was canceled I am not supposed to have had a second account. When it was brought to their attention that I had the second account, they took it down. They say the timing was a coincindence.

YouTube refused to tell me who complained about my second account. They said it wasn’t Scientology but they wouldn’t say who it was which I find odd. They told me who complained about my first account but not the second account.

They told me if Viacom would retract two DMCA complaints at my first account, they would happily reinstate both my YouTube channels.

“Scientology: Is Will Smith a Scientologist?” (Colbert Clip ) Submitted January 15, 2008, no notice ID.

“Scientology: Wag of the Finger” (Colbert clip on Scientology) Submitted February 2, 2007, BayTSP notice ID: 158-8236

I never saw the January 15th notice which has no notice ID.

In asking Viacom to retract the complaints, I’m not asking to keep the clips on YouTube. I simply never had the chance to taken them down before the account was canceled. Since then Viacom has come up with a great solution for bloggers. We can now embed these same clips on our sites and Viacom can sell an ad when people watch them. I have no problem with that at all. It gives me the content and Viacom the profit they deserve.

I don’t blame either YouTube or Viacom for this. Both are within their rights. But I’m asking Viacom to retract the complaints because I think my channel is worth keeping on YouTube. In the past few months, it has been an important factor in this whole ongoing story of Anonymous. It’s a story widely reported around the world. YouTube is in the very DNA of the story and my channel was a part of that. I can post my videos on any number of other sites and they will continue to be seen. People will find them, I know.

But I’d miss YouTube and I’d like to think that maybe in a small way they might miss me too.

UPDATE: Sunday Noon

Lots of people are offering me their accounts and suggesting I post the videos elsewhere. I appreciate all the suggestions and the time you are taking to contact people on my behalf.

Yes, there are plenty of other video sites out there and I have many other accounts. Yes, the videos are being uploaded now to other sites and yes, you are welcome to spread them virally and get them everywhere. I will tell you where the videos are on Monday. A couple media outlets will have them as well.

I would still love to have my YouTube account back. Viacom and YouTube are not in the wrong. I understand they don;t want to set precedent with their actions but I don’t think they would be.

Had I had the chance to remove the offending Stephen Colbert clips, I would have. Before I could react to the takedown notice, the account had been canceled. I am not asking Viacom to allow me to keep the Colbert clips on YouTube while making everyone else take them off their accounts. I’m asking Viacom to essentially give me the time to remove the offending clips and comply with the DMCA notice.

YouTube says it was a repeat offense that caused the takedown but I only got one takedown notice from Viacom. The other may have gotten lost in transit. YouTube could give me no notice ID on the January 15th DMCA request.

If I had a chance to respond and remove the clip, they would have not have had to delete the first account. I’m asking for a chance to comply. They don’t have to give me the chance and it wouldn’t make them an evil company. I’m hoping we can work this out and still fall within their policies.

I can go elsewhere. But I think there is some greater good if I were to be given the chance to remain a part of their service.

UPDATE: Monday Noon

I received this e-mail today:

Subject: DMCA Notice
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 10:33:41 -0700

Mark Bunker,

After reviewing the Comedy Central clips it has been determined that the postings on your YouTube channel were clearing infringing. Retractions will not be issued for the notices sent.


Sean Ray

Client Services

BayTSP, Inc.

408-341-2300 (Main)

408-341-2399 (Fax)

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261 Comments on “My YouTube Account”

  1. anon101 Says:


  2. jonnie doe Says:

    post Jason’s interview on torymagoo44’s account
    The world needs to see it

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You are missed sir! Hope to see you back on the TUBES soon!

  4. anomdeplume Says:

    viacom is getting some phone calls and emails sir, we she shall bring stewart and colbert to our side as well. Free Speech will win out of any con!

  5. anonymous Says:

    Can you put all your videos back up on YouTube through Tory or another person? Or are you going to move to another video web site now? When and where is the full Jason Beghe interview coming out? Keeping us in suspense still? 🙂

    Will writing, phoning, e-mailing, and going in person to Viacom help get you back on YouTube?

    We really miss having you on YouTube. I am so disappointed with YouTube and Viacom.

  6. anonymous Says:

    What is the best way to contact Stephen Colbert and/or John Stewart about this, by the way? I wonder if they can help somehow, with their celebrity and influence….

  7. CultsAreBad Says:

    Thanks for the update, Mark, for those of us who don’t want to be part of anon. I know you’re a smart, *ehem*, /wise/ man who knows quite a bit about technology, but if I was in your shoes/beard, and YouTube turned out to be a bad avenue, there’s always bit torrent. The original videos could be of much higher quality than is possible with YouTube, and certainly they would be mirrored on YouTube anyway the moment they began circulating. Again, nothing you don’t already know I’m sure, but wanted to throw that out there.

    In solidarity,

  8. XENU TV Says:

    The video is coming out. Don’t worry.

  9. naridna Says:


    I for one appreciate you taking the time to update us all. I actually thought you were going to take a couple of days off to recharge.

    You have many supporters. We are not surprised by CoS actions. We’ve read the manuals.

    Two decades from now, the Anon – CoS fight will be known as the first time in history that thousands of anonymous individuals from over 100 countries in the world, with no government or corporate sponsorship and for no personal gain would band together to do what politician and governments were for years afraid to do, cause the demise of the Church of Scientology.

    And WBM, it will be your picture on the 20th year commemorative stamp (if they still use stamps then…lol).

  10. Rob Says:

    Why not just post it on the site?
    People will find it, you know.

  11. cloak616 Says:

    “The video is coming out. Don’t worry.”

    Sweet. I also wanted to chime in and thank you for the update.

    anonymous at 6:34pm:

    Go to website
    Click on “contact” bottom of page
    Choose “viewer services” as the subject
    Choose “The Colbert Report” as the show/category

    Politely request Viacom retract the two DMCA complaints they issued against XENUTV (as Mark explained above). Ask them to do so immediately so that YouTube can reinstate Mark’s account asap.

  12. H-20-66 Says:

    Wise Beard Man and Wise Blonde Lady are the two best friends Anonymous has ever had. And count in a large majority of the group at OCMB too. We’ll get you back up on YouTube!

  13. ruh roh Says:

    Viacom Inc.
    1515 Broadway
    New York, New York 10036
    (212) 258-6000

    M-F 8:30AM TO 7:30PM EST for the phone number listed

    i emailed the contact us page in regards to having DMCA removed and asked if there is a legal department, public relations, etc. to talk to regarding this

    something tells me that line is gonna ring off the hook monday morning

  14. Wise Beard Man doesn´t cry , he waters his beard.

  15. […] ç¬ç«èµ·æ¥­å®¶ã&a… wrote an interesting post today on My YouTube AccountHere’s a quick excerpt Here’s what I’ve learned so far. My first account was canceled in early Feb. when the Tom Cruise tape was zipping around the world. Scientology found it on a private YouTube account and I got a takedown notice for it about at the same time I got a takedown notice from Viacom for a Stephen Colbert clip in which he goofed on Scientology. Before I could act on the takedown notices and remove the offending clips, the accounts were canceled. I lost the xenutv account and all my uploaded clips abou […]

  16. Simke Says:

    Thank For your Update.
    Wise beard man.

    We, or maybe i should speak for myself would love to see you back on you tube.
    thanks for the explanation.
    and keep up the good work.

  17. AnonymouseTail Says:

    1) YouTube says it’s because you had a previous account canceled that you shouldn’t have a second, which is why the second got taken down.

    2) YouTube won’t say who complained about the second account.

    My question to YouTube would not be who complained about the second account, but on *what grounds* did they complain about it?

    Viacom had no grounds to complain about your second account, so it can’t be them.

    It’s a YouTube policy to not let somebody have another account after having one canceled. (if it is even a policy, never heard of it before). Viacom certainly wouldn’t have chased your second account, and again, wouldn’t have anything to chase it on.

    It’s a Scientology linked person who MUST have complained about the second account. However, I really doubt they would have known to complain about it on the grounds that you had a previous one banned so you shouldn’t be allowed another.

    It doesn’t add up.

  18. Narcissus Says:

    It seems to me that there are people abusing the YouTube rule enforcement system. Probably $cientologists, because I can’t see who else would have a motive in that case. Besides reinstating your account, Mark, YouTube should decide to ignore any future complaints from these people.

  19. XENU TV Says:

    The important thing is that YouTube stated in writing they would give me both accounts back if Viacom retracted those complaints.

    Be nice to YouTube and to Viacom and let’s get the accounts back.


  20. […] My YouTube Account THE WOG BLOG from XENU TV Can I help? Yes! – Upload this video and make sure to include the information in the description. […]

  21. Youtuber Says:

    You will be missed, I am terribly disturbed by this.

    You were doing a fantastic job at engaging the public and I had worried that the large exposure may cause a bit of disturbance. But, this is a good sign, even if you cannot get a youtube account (which would be a terrible shame) your name, your documentaries, and your message will have a bit of a martyr feeling which in turn will spread the message even further.

  22. Leanne Says:

    Mark you need to distribute your videos on here for your fans to post on youtube for you.

    There will be so many copies of your videos distributed around youtube scientology or whoever wont be able to remove them all.

    Really looking forward to seeing the full Jason Baghe video,

    Leanne UK.

    p.s I have my own hosting company so if you ever get stuck for hosting your videos LET ME KNOW!

  23. themaskedanalyst Says:

    There is some circumstantial evidence to suggest shenanigans in your loss of your first account.

    Mark said that he got a DMCA complaint from Viacom about the Colbert clip, and then within an hour he got another complaint from the COS about the Tom Cruise clip. What is the probability that he would get the two complaints almost simultaneously? The close timing of the complaints makes it look like they were coordinated so that WMB would not have time to remove the Cruise video in order to save his account, once he knew his account was in danger. What are the odds of these complaints arriving almost simultaneously, just by chance?

    But here is the kicker. Viacom’s complaints about the Colbert clip SEEM to violate Viacom’s own policy. Viacom got into a bit of hot water in February 2007 when they issued 100,000 DMCA complaints to Youtube. Some of those complaints erroneously targeted videos that never carried Viacom material in the first place. The Electronic Frontier Foundation sued Viacom on behalf of a user whose video was removed because his use of a Stephen Colbert clip in his video clearly fell within Fair Use.

    Viacom clarified its policy in a letter dated April 17, 2007 in which they stated:

    “Regardless of the law of fair use, we have not generally challenged users of Viacom copyrighted material where the use or copy is occasional and is a creative, newsworthy, or transformative use of a limited excerpt for noncommercial purposes.”

    Click to access 0417_letter_fvl.pdf

    Note that this clarification of Viacom policy was made months before WBM received his take-down notice from Viacom. WBM’s use of the Viacom clip was certainly occasional and for noncommercial purposes. It was certainly newsworthy. I didn’t see the video, so I don’t know if he added any original material to the Colbert clip in order to comment on the clip or on Scientology. If he did add to the Colbert clip then his use would have been creative and transformative as well. But even if he did not add to the clip, Viacom clearly stated that they do not challenge works that are creative, newsworthy OR transformative. The use of the word OR implies that if the work was newsworthy then they would not challenge it.

    So here we have Viacom apparently going against there own policy, and their violation of their own policy happens just one hour or so before Scientology sends in a DMCA complaint??????? This does not smell right. I would bet either:

    1) Someone who works for Viacom is a Scientologist and they sent the DMCA complaint in defiance of Viacom’s policy. Upper management probably didn’t have a clue as to the fact that their policy was being violated.


    2) The complaint never came from Viacom in the first place. Someone (almost certainly a Scientologist) not affiliated with Viacom sent in a complaint in Viacom’s name claiming to own the copyright to Colbert’s video. If someone not associated with Viacom did indeed try to impersonate a Viacom official on a DMCA complaint, then they would have committed perjury. (A DMCA complaint is a legal document). I don’t know if there are other laws against impersonation that could be brought to bear, but that alone could get the filer in hot water, should his or her identity be discovered.

    If the Cruise complaint and the “Viacom” complaint were filed at different times, I would be inclined to believe that there was simply a screw up by a low level Viacom employee who didn’t read the memo of Viacom’s policy. The fact that the complaints were received almost simultaneously makes this hard to believe.

    It will be very interesting to see if Viacom can find evidence that they actually filed a complaint against WBM. If they can not find evidence that they ever filed a complaint, then that would be a smoking gun. If they do find evidence of the complaint, they should investigate whether the employee who sent the complaint abused his or her power by colluding with a Scientologist to get WBM’s account suspended.

    For more info on Viacom and its previous DMCA snafu, see:

  24. Brett Says:

    I think Leanne makes a good point.

    While Viacom is considering retracting its complaints, maybe Mark should consider launching a “XenuTV Affiliate Program” as another means of distributing his important videos.

    Designated people, who Mark knows and is comfortable working with, who have existing YouTube accounts could become “XenuTV Affiliates” (something like your local ABC, CBS, NBC affiliates), and they could make XenuTV content available once again on YouTube.

    Couple that with “XenuTV Affiliates” who are with other video hosting sites around the internet, and the impact of a decision by one company is lessened, while XenuTV content becomes even more readily available than it was before.

    Far from the fatal blow Scientology thinks it has dealt to Mark Bunker, this would actually be an expansion of his influence on YouTube and the rest of the internet.

    (See how that works, Scientology? You mess with the truth, and the impact of the truth just grows and grows.)

  25. Mitsu Too Says:

    It is NO coincidence that your account was canceled just as the Jason Beghe video was imminent. This was breaking news and that You Tube is looking for a legally defensible out thorugh Viacom leads me to beleive that the complainer has “legal” connections which could be used against You Tube if they just reinstate your account. As they say “Who had the motive” and “who profits” from the suspension of Mark’s account. Draw your own conclusions but if it looks, walks and talks like a duck…….

  26. Germanonymous Says:

    WBM doesnt contact customer services. Customer services contact him.

  27. TICTpx Says:

    Youtube are FOS. Why should Viacom need to retract a takedown notice for videos that are no longer up. Also it’s Youtube INTERNAL (not legal) rules that are keeping them from reinstating your account.

    They are using you to take a dig at Viacom.

  28. cloak616 Says:

    “The important thing is that YouTube stated in writing they would give me both accounts back if Viacom retracted those complaints.”

    Yet in your blog entry above you stated:

    “They told me because my first account was canceled I am not supposed to have had a second account. When it was brought to their attention that I had the second account, they took it down.”

    If they’re ok with giving you back BOTH accounts when Viacom retracts their complaints, why did they tell you you couldn’t have a second account in the first place??!??

    This is contradictory. What’s up with YouTube policy? It’s one or the other. Can you clarify WBM?

  29. Tim Wilson Says:

    I’ve been rushed today but i managed to send this off to Viacom:

    Dear Viacom,

    It has come to my attention that the YouTube Channel of Mark Bunker has been suspended, though it is unclear why this is the case. Mark had a small clip of the Colbert report on his *old* channel (xenutv), which resulted in his channel being cancelled. He simple did not have time to remove it. He spent many hours re-uploading his own videos to a new channel (xenutv1), which had approximately 10,000 subscribers (up from 2,000, on his own site).

    Mark has written on his blog that in order for his account to be reinstated Viacom needs to retract two DMCA complaints they issued against XENUTV.

    Marks work and his YouTube channel are outstanding, and all of his material on xenutv1 is original. Mark has no intention of publishing *any* Viacom material on his channel.

    Mark’s statement on this affair can be read here:

    I am calling on Viacom to immediately lift the DMCA complaints against Mark so that he can continue his brilliant work.

    Best Regards,
    Tim Wilson.
    MD, USA.

    Subject: Viewer Services Category: Comedy Central

    Feel free to use this if you like, though edit it so it does not look like a form response.

  30. d Says:


    I am working on the Viacom issue. Obviously we can’t make any promises, but I’m certainly going to work on hard on this. Even if the Jason Beghe video is leaked elsewhere, we want you to have your channel back. It’s a lot of hard work that went into that, and you are a busy guy to have to start all over again.

  31. me Says:

    “The video is coming out. Don’t worry.”

    that’s great to hear. I hope it will happen pretty soon, because right now i guess a lot of people in the media would go to a lot of sites, no matter how unknown. so it isnt even necessary to put it on youtube. time is important. of course you know all that and i apologize for stating the obvious, but i’m really exited about all these footbullets and the effect the complete interview could have, provided its released not too long after the teaser.
    thanks for all your work over the years- amazing. hope you get your YT account(s) back soon.

  32. […] Hi, I’m a heathen WBM’s own words on the subject, as posted in his blog: […]

  33. AnonymouseTail Says:

    Leanne’s idea of having fans distribute the videos is good because it gets around the current, hopefully transient, problem of the beard ban. However, it would massively dilute the video views for a given video (eg, the full Jason interview), and, with the video on loads of channels, dilute the overall impact of it’s release. (different sites linking to different copies of it, etc, etc.)

    Videos need to just come from Mark’s channel on YouTube for maximum impact.

  34. Ford Says:

    If I may offer a suggestion.

    This process with youtube will take some time. While this time goes on, your message is, in effect, on hold. No one can stumble across your videos and be inspires to arm themselves with information and perhaps even join the cause.

    Some of the more popular video channels on youtube are also savvy enough to put themselves in several other social video networks. My top favorite alternatives are Revver, Heavy,, and Veoh. You can go to for a review on some of the alternatives available to you. Youtube is not the only game in town.

    If I were you I would have xenutv1 on as many of the top ten as possible. You make one vid, upload it to ten places..and then let the world get the message.

    This is also an opportunity for you to not only secure your message from mishaps like this, but it is also a good opportunity to expose people to some other quality social video sites.

  35. Yacare Says:

    I do hope you can get the youtube acct back. I’m looking forward for more of your very informative videos.

  36. Ford Says:

    Thanks for the update. Just to clarify my position. I am in no way suggesting you do not do everything you can to reinstate the youtube account. By all means, it is the most popular video site on the net right now. It makes sense to have as much exposure as possible.

    Using other places as well allows you even greater exposure and should this happen again, which it very well may (for both innocent reasons as this situation appears to be and more insidious ones by those who see you as an SP), you now have an opportunity to continue without interruption.

    My grandmother always used to use that ounce or prevention pound of cure phrase on me. But she also used to tell me to wish in one hand and sh** in the other and see which one gets full…so…take anything I say with a grain of salt. I just really appreciate your work and it is your work that prevented me from taking a deeper look at scientology in a vulnerable time in my life. Would not want anyone else to miss that opportunity of “salvation” from their bs.

  37. George Says:

    Wise Beard Mark,

    These videos are a further nail in the Scientology coffin. We need to see these videos. We need to send links to these videos to everyone we know. We need for Scientology to hear the hoof beats behind them. And most of all, we need the IRS to be held accountable for succumbing to blackmail and to revoke the CoS’ tax exempt status. I believe if the money gets taken away, then the church will falter.

  38. Anoonymoose Says:

    If Youtube and Viacom don’t give you the chance to right this wrong, you have every right to label them as evil. I already have, and will continue to refer to them as such until they have repented and rectified their many sins.

    Note: this isn’t the only bad thing they’ve done. Remember: Viacom is a member of the MPAA. Youtube is owned by Google. Etc.

  39. falterer Says:

    This is the message I sent Viacom. Please don’t copy it word-for word, otherwise it may end up flagged as “Spam” (as happened with Thunderf00t’s model YouTube email). However, I’m posting it here as a model for anyone who would like to help but feels intimidated by the concept of letter writing. Switch it around a bit, throw in your personal touches, and send it to Viacom. The good people at Viacom need to realize that their property is not at stake here, but their conscience may be.


    Your property is being abused to silence an important message.

    I am sure you are aware of your two DMCA complaints against Emmy Award-winning journalist Mark Bunker, and that they have caused Mr Bunker to lose his YouTube account. Mr Bunker is very sorry for the unintentional infraction, would have removed the offending clips immediately had he been given opportunity to do so, and has been very careful not to make or encourage similar infractions since his XenuTV account was “suspended” due to the two complaints.

    Now Mr Bunker has been informed that he cannot operate on YouTube until these complaints are removed against him. Please do so immediately so that his important message can be broadcast. Both he and I appreciate your need to protect your property, and I appreciate that you are under no legal compulsion to oblige to his polite request to remove your complaints against him. However, his important message peacefully exposes a modern-day cult, their bullying, and other evil practices. I believe his message is both culturally significant and redeeming, and I’m pleading that you remove your complaints against him with the understanding that he will not repeat these offenses.

    Thank you for considering this message.

    Yours Faithfully,


  40. Alexia Death Says:

    This looks like point the finger at the other dude game. I do not understand why Youtube cant just remove the offending videos(on Mark’s request, as he would have done himself anyway) and reinstate at least the later of the accounts? DMCA takedown notice would have been complied with and thats that…

  41. ThetanMonger Says:

    I have already started referring to them as SciTube the anti-free-speech video post site and mention the great deal of scientology ads @ all of my favorite sites not just youtube, lol its obviously a business you dont see rampant Jesus ads or Muhammed sidebars and iframes flooded with propaganda to be come a muslim or jew or any other religion.

    Business to me is defined by need, if i NEED a vacuum cleaner i head to the store, i don’t wait for someone to come to my door, door-to-door is self serving for the business man and so is jamming ads in my eyes.

    =) as far as legion goes an attack on one is an attack on all. Even, if you aren’t one of us you have an honorary status without membership? friends with benefits lol (bad pun).

    Peace & Love, and may Viacom share Youtube (Googles’) fear of legion. I shall boycott my own true love comedy channel for this indirect at on me.

  42. […] flagging” phenomenon resulted in YouTube pulling the XenuTV1 account of Mark Bunker, who voiced his thoughts on the incident. Obviously, the media weren’t able to view this video either, and the London […]

  43. Mr Chaim Says:

    I do dearley hope that you can get all this sorted out – I rather enjoy watching your vids, and alas many alternate vids sties are blocked due to my isp – which i unfourntlatley do not have the means to change at the moment.

    So, here’s hoping that this all get’s sorted out.

  44. EastAnon Says:

    This whole charade has nothing to do with Viacom.

    It is about the TOS from YouTube. They decide the punishment for violations, not Viacom. The problem is that Youtube does not communicate, they dictate.

    And now they want you to handle the tricky part for them, which is nuts. Either they have a policy which says “Strike, you’re out”, or they don’t. This is just BS.

    Why not upload somewhere else and make them feel they are left out of something good? It is their job to host videos.

  45. sara griffin Says:

    steven coltber’s show is hosted on the comedy centareal website i did a bit of digging and erm they dont have aclean slate either they are useing the tom cruise thing too the link is for a game watch out for who pops uop? tom cruise. COS should av listened bad thing to copyright texts lol

    use this to shake there hand if you cattch my own personal drift, I AM NORE EVER HAVE BEEN A MEMBER OF ANNONYMOUS however do siperthise with there cause as is my human right garunteed under uk law and international law bar north korea and usa in the usa i have these rights garunteed under the first ammendment of the american constitution and furthermore the long standing accknowlagement of these rights and garuntees in various places including the european court of human rights and the old bailee London and the high court in Glasgow and Edinburgh’s socts law

  46. NonAnon Says:

    I got a reply from youtube with all the DMCA-references in it, and my reply back was to ask them exactly what copywritten materials Tory had posted to get her account suspended. No reply.

    I’ve also email bombed The Daily Show, Viacom, CBS, Colbert Report, and several fox news anchors about this, in the hopes that shedding light on it will get things to happen.

    Perhaps Jason Beghe might know people who know people.

  47. showaddywaddy Says:

    WBM does not breach policies. The policies adjust to his wishes.

  48. ItzMeWog Says:

    Anonymous is a cult. Scientology is a cult. But I love your videos and what you are doing, Mark. I would reccemmend They are much better than YouTube anyway. I would distance yourself from being part of Anonymous though. I am sure it doesnt help your case.

  49. Known As Adam Sherphed Says:

    Hi mark, lets hope we get somewhere soon. I recieved a wonderful message *sarcasm* from youtube this mornign asking me to take down my video or face banishment myself. When i returned this afternoon, I found my account still accessible, but the video removed.

  50. Jimmy Z Says:

    I had a clip of “Thank You For Not Smoking” taken down from one of my YouTube channels. I was never asked to remove it OR ELSE….it was just taken down and I was told that it was a copyright infringement. Fair enough….my mistake….and that account is still active along with my main account/channel.

    WBM….are you saying that Viacom asked you to take down the clip?….just curious.

  51. Mark Says:

    The Jascon intervieew has no sound.

  52. […] Yes, the videos are being uploaded now to other sites and yes, you are welcome to spread them virally and get them everywhere. I will tell you where the videos are on Monday. A couple media outlets will have them as well. can be found here: My YouTube Account THE WOG BLOG from XENU TV […]

  53. Cade Metz Says:

    Hello Mark: My name is Cade Metz, and I’m a reporter in San Francisco with The Registr (,.uk), one of the world’s largest science and technology news sites. Would you be willing to chat about your site and your experiences with YouTube? Thanks,

    Cade Metz
    The Register, in San Francisco

  54. Wise Beard man, YouTube’s explanation for the takedown is a lie. I have seen many other copyright violations be deleted without the account being deleted. YouTube usually just removed the offending video itself.

    And, if your account could be reinstated by Viacom simply retracting the DMCA complaint, then why doesn’t youtube just delete the offending videos and give you back you account. Youtube is messing with you.

  55. TheMockers Says:

    “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.”
    -Obi-Wan Kenobi

    It’s happening. All across the globe. The youtube account was a very small blow. The rise shall be one of significance.

    Mark, let us win back people from Scientology. It’s because they saw a place to fit in with a very simple requirement is why they are in Scientology. It’s being picked first in kickball for them. Let’s have a kickball game outside of their churches. Let’s pick them first. We can win them back.

    Humanity is a very hard sell, but it can be done. Real freedom comes with the realization that you are being controlled, and defying it.

    One thing I am completely unsure of: does Scientology have any power as a creditor, and in effect, bill you and lower your credit score?

  56. NonAnon Says:

    just an fyi – I do know people who have lost YouTube accounts for posting music videos without permission, so its well within YouTube’s right to do this, and I have personal experience with them having done this.

    Just trying to keep things grounded in reality.

    We need to contact Viacom, and write to your local ACLU – this could potentially be a violation of ‘fair use.’

  57. Brian Says:

    I have worked in the abuse department of three different companies in the last 10 years and as a rule of thumb I have always given the user at least 24-48 hours to comply. (I usually tell them they have 24 hours but give them 48). In all but one case I’ve ever dealt with, the copyright holder was OK with giving this amount of time to comply. In the one case where the copyright holder was not OK with this was when it involved the infringer selling time sensitive information which was copyright, confidential, and severely damaging to the brand in question.

    It is considered reasonable in my experience with even the biggest, nastiest law firms, to give the user time to comply unless it was immediately damaging.

  58. Hideki Says:

    Hihi WBM

    I think Google video is one of the better sites to use for this sort of thing, you can upload fairly lengthy videos (I’ve seen them up to an hour) and Google are a pretty nice company to deal with if you happen not to be chinese (Company motto: Don’t be evil) – Granted they own youtube now but I doubt they handle the youtube administration, I’d give them a try personally -.o;

  59. showaddywaddy Says:

    “Mark Bunker,

    After reviewing the Comedy Central clips it has been determined that the postings on your YouTube channel were clearing infringing”

    the infringement has surpassed the state of CLEAR.

  60. auntsassie Says:

    The expression “everything happens for a reason” keeps popping into my head, I know that it’s corny but the way everything has been playing out…. is like it’ been scripted. Maybe it’s time for your documentry!

  61. auntsassie Says:

    The expression “everything happens for a reason” keeps popping into my head, the way everything been playing out over the past few months, It’s like it’s all been scripted. Maybe it’s time for your documentry!

  62. Ford Says:


    I read the Register online often. I hope you do get in contact with Cade Metz regarding all of this. I think it would be a good bit of exposure that may help in getting your youtube account reinstated.

    It is a pity that they are not working with you on this as you have expressed a genuine regard and respect for IP.

  63. Eugene Says:

    but Bay TSP is just a consulting group. They have the authority to identify that, yes Virginia, that IS copyrighted material’ (uh..duh), but they clearly (or…clearING? oy) wouldn’t have the authority to retract the claim. You need Viacom itself to do that. Specifically, I think you need COLBERT asking Viacom to do that.

    What’s this nigh-worthless consulting group doing even bothering to send you this email? It’s practically insulting. I’d suggest something for you to respond with, but I don’t think they’re worth your time.

  64. Anon Says:

    I’m taking all my videos off Youtube until WBM’s account is returned.

  65. As you know, the “Colbert Bump” could really iron this out in your favor overnight, Mr. Bunker. We’re all watching to see if it unfolds. I sincerely hope you prevail.

    Best to you…


  66. How is Viacom’s refusal to withdraw their DMCA against Mark, consistent with what they told the EFF they would do to honor the spirit of Fair Use?

    Click to access 0417_letter_fvl.pdf

    On April 17, 2007 Viacom wrote “Regardless of the law of fair use, we have generally not challenged users of Viacom copyrighted material where the use or copy is occasional and is a creative, newsworthy or transformative use of a limited excerpt for non commercial purposes.”

    Mark, I didn’t see your use of the Colbert clips. Did you just post his clips without commenting on them? i.e., did you make your own video and just used clips of Colbert’s video to make a point, as in this clip:

    If so, then your use was clearly transformative, in which case Viacom is certainly welching on their agreed understanding with the EFF. Even if you didn’t modify the Colbert clip in any way, it would be a limited excerpt for non commercial purposes and for a “newsworthy” purpose. I am not a lawyer, but I would argue that inclusion of the clip in your channel, even if unmodified, incorporates it into a greater body of work—i.e. your Youtube channel. It fits in with the theme of your channel and should be viewed as just a part of your ongoing commentary on Scientology. So I would argue—though I am not a lawyer—that your use was still minimally transformative, and if Viacom wants to stay within the spirit of their understanding with the EFF they should withdraw their DMCA complaint.

    For more background reading, see:

  67. Anon-Cayde Says:

    I find it strange, WBM, that a rep from a consulting firm lacks the ability to compose an email with proper grammar and syntax. There’s a pretty big difference in both word and meaning, between “clearly” and “clearing”.
    Moreover, as it’s been said before, they’re just a consulting firm – they don’t have the authority nor ability to make the final say.
    I’d seriously push deeper into the issue, and I’d definitely get in contact with the gentleman from the Registrar.

  68. Anonymous Says:

    Subject: DMCA Notice
    Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 10:33:41 -0700

    Sean Ray,

    After reviewing your email to Mark bunker, it has been determined you are a tool.



  69. gradyman Says:


    The Big Bad Fox


    Who was fair?

    Not meant to you Mark.

  70. FTT Says:

    “BayTSP is a strong arm enforcement company used by companies for enforcing copyright. They do not exist to contemplate what is fair-use and what is not. They wont drop any complaints they make towards anyone. He needs to talk to Viacom’s internal copyright department or upper management.
    Talking to BayTSP is like talking to brick wall ”

    You need to file a DMCA counter-notice!

  71. AnoMacca Says:


    The Anons stand behind you! We will not go quietly into the night! Because nobody messes with our Wise Beard Man!

    After CO$ has been dealt with, next shall be JewTube and Viacum!!!

    Many goodwills,

  72. starlite528 Says:

    Clearing infringing?

    Anyways, I seem to remember something called ‘fair use,’ but I haven’t seen the original clip.

  73. Locate Says:

    Why can’t Youtube just remove the problematic videos before reactivating your account? That would make sure that there are no infringing videos when putting it back up again. I also wonder why there is no way to administer the account to make it abide to the rules while its hidden from other users.

  74. Englishman Says:

    Perhaps you should start a bidding war with rival hosting sites because you would bring in a loat of new people with you.

  75. David Says:

    Shuffling the matter off to baysp doesn’t sound like personal-handling-promises were being kept by bigwigs at Viacom and Youtube. If nothing else you should get off on an atrocious spelling technicality.

  76. […] seen nearly 600,000 times before the video was abruptly taken down and Bunker’s account was supsended by YouTube. YouTube claims Bunker’s account was suspended due to two months-old DMCA complaints from […]

  77. Kris Says:

    We’re all with you, Mark. Hang in there. Thanks for getting the message out!

  78. Raven Says:


  79. Harald Says:

    Hi Mark!

    This Sean dude is just a little pawn playing his little narrow game. What I would do is to try to speak with some guy, a real person, at VIACOM and let them know that you did not have the chance to remove the clips and that you are going to do so as soon as you are given the chance…

    Meanwhile, why don’t you get a new YouTube account (whether we like it or not YouTube is a major player in this game). I know you are not allowed to do so but I’m sure somebody could help you with that (Your cat could be the perfect straw man..)

    Awesome job WBM!

  80. Krispie Kritter Says:

    Let us know what we can do to help, Mark, and we’re on it like white on rice.

  81. NonAnon Says:


    I’ll leave it to him to reiterate them for you.

  82. ItzMeRon Says:

    I just called Sean. The latest to call is Mr. Ray is 5PM.

    They asked me to leave a message. They were determined for me to leave one.

    However, I was very polite and well mannered while declining. I will be talking to Mr. Ray personally when I call back. And I will be calling back.

    So let me just ask……Is it fair to punish someone for the rest of their lives for something that could have been easly fixed with some clear understanding and communication? I think no. I am highly pissed about Mark Bunker loosing his account online with could have pulled those movies off themselves and not banned a single person or repremanded anyone.

    I would like to STRONGLY suggest that we use from now on. They are fair and open. They will not ban you over some shit like this. They are popular all over the world. I am sure it would work out there. They would even accept the kids of Anonymous.

    Please do not stop Mark.

    I do have to say though, after reading some of this blog, it is a shame that the KIDS over at Anonymous got ahold of contact information before the adults did. It would be nice to know that people with some sense could call or write first, at least. I am surprised some of these people over at Anonymous can even tie their shoes.

    Mark, I hope you make serious effort to remedy this. I am sure you will. But just in case, I will be in your cornor and making an effort myself. I got your back bro.

  83. packetscan Says:

    Why will youtube not remove the offending videos and re-instate the original account?
    Seems like a logical solution

  84. AnAnon Says:

    ItzMeRon, what do you have against anons? Not all of us are children, and several of us only joined after Anonymous stopped doing illeagal things. If you’re getting your info from, you should know that it is one of Scientology’s smear sites. Be careful about any information recieved online during this war.

  85. ItzMeRon Says:

    I am writting Mr. Sean Ray. Here is my letter:

    Dear Mr. Sean Ray,

    Sir, I am writing you today to speak about the situation I am sure you are familiar with. Today I saw an email from you to Mark Bunker regarding a response to DMCA Notices. I have to tell you, Sir, that I am truly unhappy with the result I am fearing will come because of you and your companies stance on the situation with Mark Bunker. I beg of you to hear me out.

    Mark Bunker is a hero to many online. He is an honest man. He is a man who would do right amongst all people and/or just one person. He is a man who is wise, creative, gifted, humanitarian, thoughtful, insightful, respectable, admirable, understandable, intelligent, and well-mannered. He is a person that anyone would love to love. His accomplishments are vast. Mark Bunker is a positive influence toward the world you & I live everyday. And the internet, with, has made his postive influence possible.

    As I understand it, there has been complaints filed against Mark Bunker’s account regarding some sort of infringement found on Because of these complaints, Mark Bunker’s account has been taken down by I understand that Mark Bunker has turned to your company to reconcile the problem and continue on with his life. However, your company seems to be hesitant to compromise or understand the devastation and impact your decision will make on countless viewers of Mark Bunker.

    If the clip(s) posted by Mark Bunker were “clearing infringing”, then why didn’t remove them before this? Why punish Mark Bunker, who bungled into this problem unbeknownst, for a life time? Do you realize that Mark Bunker will not be able to receive another account ever and will have to go somewhere else? Why would you choose to punish a person for a lifetime for something that could have been fixed with simple communication and understanding? gives people the medium to post such stuff. What actions have you taken on for not handling the situation beforehand and making Mark the scapegoat? Surly, will be just fine after this, but did you consider what will happen to Mark Bunker on because of your complaints? Do you care? Do you know how many people he will not reach now because of your actions against him? Do you really realize the true implication of your actions and lack of workability?

    There could have been a much more rational result from this. Mark could have been contacted and the videos could have been taken down without any further action. Instead, he looses he right to post on forever because of a simple misunderstanding between you and Mark. It is not like Mark was refusing to take down questionable material. It is not like Mark maliciously posted questionable material. It is not like Mark is not willing to cooperate. It seems very cruel and unusual for your company to brand someone for a lifetime of posting when that person does not know the facts of what the problem is before he is just suddenly banned and labeled. You and your company have caused a great injustice to a person, whether you see it or not, because you feel it was the right thing to do. I am asking you, personally, to reconsider your actions against Mark Bunker and please give mercy for understanding of how easily it is to receive these kinds of complaints and please give mercy for the fact that he is willing to fix whatever you all deem to be infringement.

    Maybe you can include a fine or some other sort of consequence besides branding a person for life on the internet. I hope we can think out of the box on this one. You may say you do not have anything to do with’s policy but of course you must realize that you have made Mark the scapegoat for a internet website company that is asking for videos to be posted on it with little to no censorship or consideration of anything posted, regardless of’s excuse for this. No one needed to be banned or labeled for a lifetime. No one needed their life’s work interrupted and impeded to resolve whatever issue your company had. I am truly sad by the result of this.

    How can anyone know there is a problem if it is not addressed with them? How can you fix anything if there is not a problem presented first? Do you just punish people when they make a mistake? Isnt it in our very nature to make mistakes? Certainly there are lessons to be learned by this but affecting another person’s life, for his whole life, was clearly not the answer.

    This is the first time I have written you or your company. I really hope it is the last time under this circumstance. I love Comedy Central and would hate to turn it off. I am not writting on behalf of the group called Anonymous. I do not support them. However, I do support Mark and I can easily understand how a sitution like this is blown way out of proportion. There is no need to make mole hills into mountains.

    I am asking that you seriously reconsider filing a complaint against Mark Bunker and let him correct and remedy whatever issue you have with his account posting on Furthermore, I am asking for rational judgment to be applied where all aspects of Mark Bunker’s life and lively-hood are considered on the internet, or not on the internet, concerning your complaints filed, and the outcome of those complaints. I certainly do not want to see a good man tarnished for the rest of his life on or anywhere in life because some simple thing that could have been taken care of differently and simplier. A simple email, phone call, or personal letter would have done the job. I beg of you and your company to reconsider this sitution. I am sure it will not happen again, regardless of your reconsidered action.

    I will be calling with aim to speak with Sean Ray about this matter, personally, on the phone so that I can better understand this matter. I am hopeful that whatever issues are outstanding can be resolved quickly and without any other outstanding concern. Feel free to contact me anytime.

    I am also asking that my personal infromation is not released to the Church of Scientology for any reason.

    Thank You,

    (Personal information withheld)

    Mark, unless I am otherwise told by you, I will be calling them personally to resolve this matter. I believe you have a sincere case and I believe I understand what the problem is. If there is anything I need to be corrected on or anything you would like to say to me at all, please feel free to contact me anytime. I believe in you, bud. I hope you are OK with me writting this letter to them and talking to them on the phone about this problem. I mean business and I would not call or write such a letter if I did not. I pray you receive the outcome to this problem that is reasonably desirable. I will do everything in my power to make that happen. I would like to think that I am “paying it forward” because of all the good things you have done for the world, Mark. I certainly reconize it. I only hope everyone else does too. Again, thank you, Sir.

  86. Lee Hollings Says:

    (NOTE: I will post the location and address of our website after Friday morning – we want to make sure thieir is no attacks against our site before the information above is posted)…..

    Hello Sean;

    Everyone deserves a 2nd chance – especially an honest person willing to clear up an honest mistake.

    On Thursday, we’re posting a copy of Mark Bunker’s courteous and professional request to have a complaint removed. Also we’re posting the hard-line answer he was given. We have 32.5 Million viewers, all verified by a 3rd party.

    Viacom’s decision to support this position will be viewed and judged by millions of Average Americans who sometime in their life was very grateful for being given a 2nd chance. Likewise, many will remember back when a second chance was warranted for them (deserved) and refused by one with the power to make a difference, which time and again was a horrifying experience for the person(s) and an experience they have carried throughout their life….your short and firm letter appears to be un-American and un-Christian (I truly mention this with respcect, it is un-American, does not allow human fault and forgiveness) – and you’re certainly one who has the power to make a difference…..a difference that would make millions of people happy, or simply make millions disturbed with Viacom and vindictive.

    I’m sure you’re receiving large amounts of emails requesting a change in your decision – however, I understand that if there is Scientology management or influence within Viacom’s organization (who supports your decision and letter) – no amount of requests will make a difference to ensure free speech.

    Sincerely, Lee

  87. Faethe Says:

    Hey, Baytsp is an old skool load of crap. They’ve bothered the filesharing scene for years with bogus complaints. is familiar with them. They are also located in San Francisco. And the have a personal hard on for Baytsp and DMCA notices being sent out without basis.

    Seriously – contact them. This is high profile enough that they will likely do something, like issue a statement – who knows? To me, this looks like journalism and commentary and I am not sure if that falls under fair use, but it would seem to. It’s not like they were presented in the context of using them for purposes outside of your overall commentary. DMCA abuse is a huge issue and one that EFF brings before congress every now and then to see if anyone cares or not.

    Another person you may wish to let know about this is Ray Beckerman of That is his law blog dedicated to RIAA shenanigans. He knows a lot of people in the copyright reform movement and can probably hook you up, like with the people from copyfight or any of the various pacs stumping for DMCA reform.

    Sounds like you got tagged by baytsp, and not scientology. Welcome to the interbutt! You’re officially ‘in’ now because you got tagged, ya infringer you! You’re NO ONE until you’ve got pinged by Baytsp. TBH they are likely a great deal more evil than scientology, they just get there by a different route :p So take heart WMB. There are people on your side an lawyers who would love to meet you 🙂

    Semper Lulz WMB 🙂

  88. FETUSaurus Rex Says:



  89. I’m not an American, but isn’t taking down you’re account against the first amendment? What about all the kids that have home made videos of South Park up? Are they going to cancel their accounts? Probably not.

  90. […] Youtube just got flag bombed. Make a complaint to Google. Tell them that Mark Bunker gave you permission to post his video. Here it is: […]

  91. JustMe Says:

    Here’s what I wrote to Viacom via email.

    I think my comment on the DMCA becoming harmfull to the US-society by going bananas is noteworthy. Furthermore I state that I never had the chance to view the Steven Colbert clips and as a German I have no way to do so legally! (sic!). The old industries copyright policies just fail to grasp the extend of the internet – and they even become detrimental to substantial rights of the society.

    The Mark Bunker event surely shows how the DMCA was not ment to work but for what damage it can be abused- because of stupid politics and stupid lobbyists!

    ****** email to Viacom:

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    due to a DMCA-complaint of your company the youtube account “xenutv” of Mark Bunker, a well known Scientology critic, has been supended for posting a video in which Steven Colbert mocks Scientology.

    It was a first time offence and Mark wasn’t even given the chance to correct his well meant lapse. Instead he was banned forever immedeately with no chance to return on youtube as long as you are not willing to settle this incident benevolently.

    This is surely an incident where the DMCA becomes malicious to the US-society when it’s not only used to protect your honest copyright but directly goes postal to complete silence a critic and make it impossible for an individual to ever again express his thoughts and opinion publicly on youtube.

    The DMCA was ment to protect your (copy)rights – not to be used as a leverage to damage one of your most fundemental rights (to free speech) of others indefinitely.

    Please help to enable Mark Bunker to return to youtube – I’m sure he will never again infringe your copyright – not even well meaning – and you would give your own society the chance to grow in critical thinking and by educating itself through discussion.

    Unfortunately as a German I never ever had the chance to view the Steven Colbert clips (because I didn’t see them on youtube in the first place and I have no way to access them legally!) but I surely would miss an important US-voice of reason in the internet if you keep Mark Bunker banned because of your actions – if all what your companies policy aims for after all is beeing revengeful.


    (*my name removed*)


    Final remark:
    I am a German – I’ve not taken part in $cientology protests of Anonymous till now -nor have I paid much attention on the issue. But now I’m pretty pissed and I will keep an eye on the subject in the future and even join Anonymous when I will have the chance. (May 10 might not work for me but: $cientology – expect me!!! )

    The should only be referred to as “CoS = Cult of $cientology”
    Due to recent tragic events I think they should be labeled “Suicientology”
    We should hijack their vocabulary: it’s definetly a suppressive company!
    Tom Cruise probably is an OT8 = an obvious ‘tard level 8 – quite high up the scale 😉

    Greetings WBM!

  92. JustMe Says:

    I just recieved an email from youtube about my complaint concerning the suspension for Marks Account.

    > Datum: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 20:48:18 -0000
    > Von: “YouTube Support”
    > An: (*removed*)
    > Betreff: Re: [#267553689] REINSTATE XENUTV1 ACCOUNT ON YOUTUBE!!!
    > Hi there,
    > Thanks for your email. We are only able to discuss specific content
    > removals with the user who posted the materials.
    > We take copyright issues very seriously and prohibit users from uploading
    > infringing material. We cooperate with copyright holders to identify and
    > promptly remove infringing content from the site. Our community guidelines
    > make it clear that users must own or have permission from the copyright
    > holders to post any videos. Videos that breach these rules are removed and we
    > disable all accounts belonging to repeat offenders.
    > Regards,
    > Pat
    > The YouTube Team


    Here is what I replied!
    (Sorry, but I had to vent some air! 😉 )
    Of cause I sent it to ALL these addresses:,,,,,,

    Thank you for your kind reply Pat,

    as far as I understand YOUTUBE is messing with exactly that policy that you are stating below.

    What I learned so far youtube gave Mark Bunker ONE Notice.

    You call him a repeat offender – yet youtube has only be able to give him ONE SINGLE complaint ID ( BayTSP notice ID: 158-8236 ) from Feb. 2nd. Youtube failed to give him the opportunity to remove the video or to react at all!

    There seem to be a second complaint from Jan 15th, but has youtube ever noticed Mark Bunker about that in the first place?

    If he would have recieved the a first complaint from Jan 15th – WHY DIDN’T YOUTUBE TAKE DOWN THAT FIRST VIDEO IN THE MEAN TIME?

    You state
    > We cooperate with copyright holders to identify and
    > promptly remove infringing content

    But YOUTUBE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING between Jan 15 th and Feb 2nd to remove the video someone complained about in the first instance?!?!!!


    Silently supressing the first complaint, covertly waiting until a second complain arrives in order to than call out “repeating offender” and on the spot execute the users account doesn’t seem to be a honest policy at all!

    EITHER Youtube screwed this up in the first place by not taking action for the first complaint and now ist just trying to COVER THINGS UP by blaming it on Mark Bunker

    OR you planed this “repeat offender” stunt from the beginning to silence Mark Bunker and ban him from Youtube for good – forever – irrevocably!

    How much does $cientology pay for advertisements in total to Youtube and Google?

    Someone is lying here and what YOUTUBE says so far MAKES NO SENSE!!!

    EITHER Mark Bunker has been a first time offender noticed by you exactly ONE TIME (!), (immedieately beeing executed without been given the chance to repend) –
    OR YOU HAD KNOWN OF A VIDEO, that someone allegedly compained about FOR MORE THAN 14 DAYS AND DID NOTHING TO REMOVE IT
    (which definetly contradicts your bold claims from the text modules you wrote below completely!!!)



    Either way YOUTUBE IS LYING HERE!!!

    Isn’t Googles company slogan ‘don’t be evil’?
    You fail miserably!

    Shame on you, YOUTUBE – you are lying!

    Shame on you, Google – if you let this happen!

    You will be known for what you are doing!


  93. Anonymous Says:

    The following are the YouTube acounts of known $cilon sock puppet accounts

    YouTube – xemutv’s Channel (Claims to be freezoner but has been revealed as a fraud)
    YouTube – anonymousexposed’s Channel
    YouTube – draziom99’s Channel
    YouTube – DarthTrayal’s Channel
    YouTube – ScientologyWisdom’s Channel
    YouTube – MartinLuther105’s Channel
    YouTube – psychetruth’s Channel
    YouTube – LinuxKid27’s Channel
    YouTube – jaymedecas’s Channel
    YouTube – petemanXTREME3265232’s Channel
    YouTube – AnonLulzKiller’s Channel
    YouTube – AnonymousNemesis’s Channel
    YouTube – JonathonBarbera’s Channel (Claims to be Freezoner, uses OSA talking points)
    YouTube – rickygarciargr’s Channel
    YouTube – turkthetan’s Channel
    YouTube – JeanneBa’s Channel
    YouTube – WaytoHappiness’s Channel
    YouTube – CCHRInt’s Channel
    YouTube – CCHRTex’s Channel
    YouTube – CCHRLondon’s Channel
    YouTube – SeroxatShite’s Channel
    YouTube – nat88008’s Channel
    YouTube – Luis0fernando8gomez’s Channel
    YouTube – cquirogat’s Channel
    YouTube – yedimart’s Channel
    YouTube – luisesmz’s Channel
    YouTube – esguli’s Channel
    YouTube – narcononofga’s Channel
    YouTube – DianeticaBogota’s Channel
    YouTube – juank902’s Channel
    YouTube – dianeticamadrid’s Channel
    YouTube – scientologymadrid’s Channel
    YouTube – Torch8008’s Channel
    YouTube – nyfael’s Channel
    YouTube – ivanarjona’s Channel
    YouTube – Nilok1959’s Channel
    YouTube – spiritualbeing’s Channel
    YouTube – blackpanorama’s Channel
    YouTube – scientologyworks’s Channel
    YouTube – ScientologyTVShow’s Channel
    YouTube – scientologymyths’s Channel
    YouTube – cienciologiamadrid’s Channel
    YouTube – thereyougo5’s Channel
    YouTube – ClearSantoDomingo’s Channel
    YouTube – SheilaMacd’s Channel
    YouTube – dotnetsolutions’s Channel
    YouTube – ScientologyWisdom’s Channel
    YouTube – scientologyandme’s Channel
    YouTube – johnalexwood’s Channel
    YouTube – ronsavelo’s Channel
    YouTube – FreedommagTV’s Channel
    YouTube – FreedomMagazineTV’s Channel
    YouTube – MillarayII’s Channel
    YouTube – humanrightsvideos’s Channel
    YouTube – Psychbuster2006’s Channel
    YouTube – KR1963’s Channel
    YouTube – jdoescientologist’s Channel
    YouTube – terryeo’s Channel
    YouTube – nottinghamer’s Channel
    YouTube – DrugFreeWorld’s Channel
    YouTube – overgaardcom’s Channel
    YouTube – DrDrugBuster’s Channel
    YouTube – monicakoda’s Channel
    YouTube – onebillionyearsoflov’s Channel
    YouTube – Greenfir’s Channel
    YouTube – JPMFo21’s Channel
    YouTube – narcononbr’s Channel
    YouTube – lauriebart’s Channel
    YouTube – mnour9’s Channel
    YouTube – getsaved07’s Channel
    YouTube – rstoss01’s Channel
    YouTube – bipolarorwakingup’s Channel
    YouTube – jedihawk’s Channel
    YouTube – iHealthTube’s Channel
    YouTube – NaturalNutrition’s Channel
    YouTube – grahamesd’s Channel
    YouTube – HateCrimesAnalyst’s Channel
    YouTube – Falkor88’s Channel
    YouTube – thetruthaboutpsychia’s Channel

  94. Lyn Says:

    Got the run around and then a hang up when calling

    408-341-2300 (Main)

    408-341-2399 (Fax)

    When I asked who handles grace period issue (Since time was not allowed for Mark to respond to the take down notice) she replied “Customer service” and refused to transfer me to them after stating that they wont be accepting calls concerning Mark Bunker.

  95. MightyTiny Says:

    Damn that terse note from Viacom’s copyright people makes me angry!

    It shows that they didn’t really review the case at all, they only looked to see whether the videos in question were in violation of copyright – SOMETHING THAT NOBODY WAS CONTESTING IN THE FIRST PLACE. DAMN those blind-and-deaf corporate drones, devoid of any human quality!

    After my temper cooled, I wrote them a polite plea to reconsider, pointing out that the legitimacy of the claims is not in question, and the only reason for the retraction request is to spare Mark of unreasonable consequences – I also suggested to them that if they cannot, for some company policy reasons, retract the DMCAs, then at least they would do well to consider contacting YouTube, and telling them that they have nothing against reinstating Mark’s account.

    I hope others continue sending these people requests and pleas to the same effect, and hopefully we can get them to realize the situation, and do what’s right.

    If not, there are always means of protest, and boycot, if necessary. I for one REALLY want to see Mark back on YouTube ASAP.

  96. Even though Youtube has two reports from Viacom, they are not able to furnish two notice ID’s, you are only a repeat offender in that you posted two videos infringing on copyrights. I can see why Viacom is not willing to recall their reports, then thechnically you wouldn’t have to take them down. That being said, i feel that it is Youtube that should be giving you the second chance. Your accound was removed because of an error in their procedures. They should at least send a follow up to each notice to ensure the user got at least one. Regardless of Viacom’s actions, Youtube should at least allow you access to your accounts and give you a day or two to remove the vids or else they take them back.
    Just a thought
    Best of luck
    We do not forgive,
    We do not forget,
    Expect us

  97. Xandero Says:

    To the German fellow who asked, no it is not against the first amendment. The American Bill of Rights only applies to what the Federal Government can and can’t do. Youtube is a private company, and thus, can do anything they please, within the law, with their servers/software/etc.

    This is a grand injustice and all the evidence points to Co$ involvement.

  98. cloak616 Says:


    *rubs hands together maniacally*

    Thank you for that list Anonymous at 2:26pm. Shank you verah verah muchly.

  99. Zeenoo Says:

    You all are missing the real boat….Call Bank of America and complain to them about YouTube’s treatment of Mark. BOA is a big Youtube sponsor that does not have time to deal with calls about the company they are advertising on and will either call Youtube and tell them to get on it, or cancel their advertising letting YouTube know you mean business.

    Be polite. Bank of America has absolutely nothing to do with Marks account suspension…They just happen to pay YouTube to advertise and so please do not take any of this out on them…Just let them know that you are part of a LARGE Nationwide group of people that are unhappy with YouTube’s treatment of Mark Bunker and wanted to voice this dissatisfaction with a major advertiser. …again, they don’t deserve to be the brunt of critical stuff…just the fortune of getting the calls.

  100. IttyBitty Spider-Pie Says:

    If YouTube is so very concerned about Copyright, why don’t they do anything about the hundreds and hundreds of clips from TV shows (some of which are whole episodes) that are posted??
    Just a question and maybe a point that should be brought up to them?

  101. Harald Says:

    Can you give the source of that list of “YouTube acounts of known $cilon sock puppet accounts” Anonymous?

    Scientology vs. YouTube. “Fair Game” vs. Free Speech.

  102. Harald Says:

    Don’t bother. I’ve found it. (At enturbulation)

  103. ACLU needed Says:

    You should consider contacting the ACLU. Viacom did the same thing a few months back with another youtubers account and with the help of the ACLU he got a “fair use” status on his use of the Daily Show and CoberT Report.

    See his youtube posting about how he solved the problem

    How the ACLU Got Viacom To Treat My YouTube Videos Fairly #1

    How the ACLU Got Viacom To Treat My YouTube Videos Fairly #2

    Hope that helps!

  104. ThetanMonger Says:

    zeenoo you are slick …. lol calling sponsors is quite good, either they will hate the anti-free speech tactics and disassociate or they will be unable to handle the call volume

    anyone up for a mass campaign 😮 or polite calls lol

    youtube supresses free speech
    youtube shares your adspace with a master race organization? (lol)

    Legion’s power has no limits as long as we are undefined, lets make youtube pay

    (as well WTF Veoh videos from jason’s interview were reported/removed)
    legion reign on vimeo next?

  105. Freedom1 Says:

    Mark, so this BayTSP represents viacom? Not a lawyer? Not a viacom rep who can spell? They look like a small company…

  106. ThetanMonger Says:

    The original point of your DDoS was to cost money am i right? cost em money the legal way spread the truth and use the information about it to economically isolate CO$ and its associates or influences.

    Long as its truth and not slander/libel we can say anything about the church, to discourage business connections. albeit harsh the only thing businesses understand or care about is money and co$ is one of them.

    For each business that distances itself we would achieve a great victory. Part of what allows them to maintain themself is outside influence if they lose all connections or control outside the organization, it would make winning that much easier.. Though the long run sounds more fun. We can always trump them.


  107. Anon Says:

    Put on the mask Mark, start a new account.

  108. crazyscot Says:

    Sounds like the USA is no longer the land of the FREE.Is this country gone communist? I think YouTube owes Mark Bunker an apology and a reinstatment.

  109. alicia Says:

    I really hope youtube puts your accounts back up, your videos are interesting and informative.

    You probably already know this, but it made me laugh…on the scientology website under frequently asked questions and what is an SP, they define an SP as an antisocial personality

    Antisocial personality, wtf?! That’s a psychiatric diagnosis…i thought they were anti-psychiatry, yet they’re using the terminology of psychiatrists…although they’ve clearly made up their own definition of an antisocial personality, loosely based on the real definitions

    I can’t wait til they’re gone…they’re creepy

  110. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t think your ever going to get your account back, or even be able to make a new one. At least not for long. They have made an example of you. It’s sad to say, but xenutv on youtube has been salted. Then thrashed about. And then squatted by scilons just to make sure it doesn’t get back up.

    I’m going to go with the several other anons and say go with Heh, they are willing to host Fitna. Scientology will have a hard time taking anything else down if you go there.

  111. Ryan Says:

    This is BS. First off, i seen a ton of videos just get removed and account not suspended it happens every month with the UFC. They post fights then boom video removed due to copyright infringements but the account still exists.

    Furthermore, it’s BS how you only got one notice and how there being anal over this yet everyone else it’s okay.

  112. EpicFaiIGuy Says:

    Hello WBM. I’d be more than happy to host your videos for you! I understand that YOU cannot have an account, but wouldn’t someone else be able to upload all of your videos and continue getting the word out?

    Hope you can get back to me. My existing youtube account is at and I’d love to be of assistance.

    Keep up the excellent work,

  113. Anonymous Says:

    Well I cant believe Comedy Central didnt cut you a break, but we’ll still be here watching your videos. this website is now bookmarked

  114. Elithrion Says:

    On another note, the way I read YouTube’s ToS and Community Guidelines, while you are prohibited from creating an account, there is no rule saying that you may not use one. Technically, someone could create an account, say XenuTV2.0, write on the front page “this account is owned by so-and-so”, and let you control every other aspect of it. Mind, this is very much rules lawyering, but I believe it should be permitted.

    “If your account is terminated you are prohibited from creating any new accounts.”
    “3. YouTube Accounts

    A. In order to access some features of the Website, you will have to create a YouTube account. You may never use another’s account without permission. When creating your account, you must provide accurate and complete information. You are solely responsible for the activity that occurs on your account, and you must keep your account password secure. You must notify YouTube immediately of any breach of security or unauthorized use of your account.”
    ^this one implies that you can give out your password and let someone use your account as long as you’re willing to accept responsibility for that person’s actions. I’m sure there are plenty of people who’d gladly volunteer to carry out such a scheme with you.

  115. PissedAnon Says:

    I will NEVER EVER EVER support Comedy Central in any way ever again.

  116. Scientology has HIJACKED YouTube!

    You can’t even report their videos as SPAM. Scientology is a dangerous cult, but YouTube and Google have granted them full priviliages.

    Their propaganda group is trying to cover up the truth.

  117. Sachiel Says:

    The CoS had one of their Youtube accounts banned (the “AnonymousFacts” user name). And now they have a whole new channel dedicated to their propaganda (Under the “ChurchofScientology” moniker). Does anyone else think that this is something of a double-standard?

  118. ohbuddy Says:

    re sachiel – anyone with a brain agrees with u hun ……….

  119. […] video director who has previously had videos removed can no longer post on YouTube. From his blog: My YouTube Account THE WOG BLOG from XENU TV "People complained to YouTube about my account. YouTube got so much pressure that they called […]

  120. D. Says:

    What are you rambling about? What you say, can be said about any religion. If the beleifs are not for you, keep out. Stop whining. I am not into scientology but it annoys me when people like you try to trample on other peoples lifestyles.

  121. . Says:

    It would take more than one complaint I think. Hate speech is not allowed on youtube. Plus I heard your other video and all you did was swear. If it was like that I would have complained too.
    Move on and get a life.

  122. ohbuddy Says:

    although scientology claims to help people deal with there problems i don’t see them dealing with anything ….. hey thats against the law …shrugs* ohwell lets move on and not deal with it………we’ll deal with it next life time……. seriously arn’t u people tired of living in fear of your own thoughts????

  123. Watcher Says:

    Well done, I hope you get your You Tube account back. I dont think they have been fair at all

    Keep up the excellent work!

  124. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Mark,
    I am Still amazed at the fact that Comedy Central did not call out a truce on that they realize you are sorry for what has been done, you owned up to what they thought to be “wrongfully done” when you are not the only person out there that has posted videos on you tube from Comedy Central, Its just
    Peculiar that you were the only one they decided to claim was copyrighted their video’s. Now, about you tube, you and I both know that it was not just because of your first account that they will not let you post videos, we all know that there is some sort of persuasion going on, but they of all people is what astonished me that they would not tell you who it was that complained, they know how calm cool and collect you are about everything you do and when you say something it has an enormous amount of thought behind it, so unless its a crime to tell you who complained against you’re video’s and not give you a chance to ask these people why they complained and what it is that they so harshly disagreed with.

    We all stand by you, and keep up the good work, may 10th is just around the corner…..Wise Beard Man.

  125. AnonymousEAST Says:

    your wise words are missed wbm.

  126. Germanonymous Says:

    its about time your beard shared his wisdom again with us here on xenutvdotcom

  127. Anonymussolini Says:

    It’s obvious – there are undercover Scienos working as Youtube employees.

  128. GerAnonymous Says:

    THE BEARD WILL RISE AGAIN!!! Go for it!! May 10th! Stop Fair Game! hope to see ya!

  129. fergiebear NYC Says:

    It is crazy as of May 7, 2008 you are still not back!!! I never believed that Scientology had soooo much power, untill now. It is so funny I almost join back in the 80’s I had just lost my grand mother and was depressed. I was all of 19 I went to the 42nd street branch in NYC because they were giving out tickets for a “free” movie. Long story short when I got home my older cousin told my it was a cult and throw away the free book they gave me. You know the book it begins with the letter D. All the best too you and your organization!!!

  130. We all sure miss ya, Mark. A wee bit depressing at this point. Been listening to tons of Radiohead.

    Still, I know you’ll triumph big time at the end of the day.

  131. Robb Says:

    We miss you mark =( I really hope your account comes back soon.

  132. Mark, I think a fairly good argument could be made that your use of the Colbert clips fell within Fair Use. In light of the Great Viacom DMCA Dragnet of 2007 (where Viacom sent out nearly 60 false DMCAs), I think you have an opportunity to get your account back. I know this is long and you are busy, but I hope you have a chance to watch my videos about this. It is a three part video, but you can probably skip the first part without missing anything. Part 2 starts here.

  133. […] My YouTube Account – Scientology My first account was canceled in early Feb. when the Tom Cruise tape was zipping around the world. Scientology found it on a private YouTube account and I got a takedown notice for it about at the same time I got a takedown notice from Viacom (tags: religion) Filed under: Uncategorized   |   […]

  134. […] Visual Beta – Aplicaciones y Programas online y offline wrote an interesting post today on My YouTube Account – ScientologyHere’s a quick excerptScientology found it on a private YouTube account and I got a takedown notice for it about at the same time I got a takedown notice from… […]

  135. Matt Says:

    Well this is bullshit. You should just leave YouTube and go to other video sites, multiple ones even, to get your media out there. Screw them if they want to ban your account for ToS but not others.

  136. anon5 Says:

    it’s been near a month and still no word yet?
    I’ve also heard a rumor they are freezing the counters on content related to scientology to keep them out of the front page on you tube.

  137. AnonymousCheese Says:

    What the Hell? They said they won’t retract the statements? Why not? You removed the video! This is utter idiocy.

  138. truckerbomb Says:

    I’ve added YouTube to the list of disreputable companies with whom I’ve canceled my accounts, along with eBay for helping the CoS harass former members and Amazon for censoring negative reviews of LRH’s books.

  139. MoonCat Says:

    We need wise beard man.

  140. anonorasta Says:

    You are missed on youtube! I am just glad that I have found My interest in the war on scientology was sparked when I saw the “message to scientology” vid from anon. until then I, like so many others, just thought that scientology was an innocent cult that celebs, some how, thought would give them statis. Now I know otherwise and have done everything I know to do to tell the truth about this cult to everyone I can. I would like to thank you Mark Bunker for giving me a whole world of material to educate myself with so that I will be better equiped for this ongoing war. Even though we have never corresponded I want you to know that your work is inspiring and you must not ever allow your voice to be silenced. THE WORLD NEEDS TO SEE ALL OF YOUR WORK!!!!!!!!

  141. tsimento Says:

    Hey Mark, I just went on YOUTUBE, and I can access your xenutv1 channel with all your videos…Are you back on???

  142. LIL'DEEZEE Says:

    sorry to bring it uo but what’s the deal with comparing jennifer hudson with beyonce they both can sing but in different stylz so quite hating just cuase you cant sing

  143. 2PAC738 Says:


  144. anon101 Says:


  145. GetTheCans Says:


    Not even Chuck Norris could keep this beard down!

  146. […] Mark Bunker, the critic, describes it, he had initially set up a YouTube account under the name XenuTV, where he posted clips including […]

  147. SKryus Says:

    Yeah man, good to see you back with, us, now It’s personal 🙂

  148. anonymous1936 Says:

    great time ahead!! big up from France, Italy & Switzerland where I try to spread the true about this cult and making people know what is going on wise man!!
    You made me be interested in $cientology crap behaviors and with that Anonymous no violent fight against them. trying to do the same in my micro cosmos!(Through you dvd that I brought)
    We need reasonable people like you to keep the mic open from USA and nice reportage like you do.
    Compliments also for XENU tv and for your really well understandable way to talk for no English mother speakers like me.
    I would like to remember to anyones that not everybody can understand sometime hard American talking on some video than guys ,please, because we are all fighting for the same cause just let us at list know what you are talking about ….!!! lol

  149. kr1963 Says:

    SCN sock puppets RULE.

  150. Clear Head Says:

    I became Scientologist because of this guy. He talked so much shit about it that it intrigued me and I investigated it – and loved it.

  151. Mark Bunker Says:

    Knock yourself out, Clear Head. Enjoy the auditing.

    All my best,

    Mark Bunker

  152. scott Says:

    Just found ya. sorry to hear about all the crap you went through. It is surprising they were able to cancell ya. kinda shows how america is changing. I like what you stand for and will point people to you. I also like how your videos show the lack of understanding the lower level members have of the church. It reminds me of mormons about how when you get to a certain level you wear special underwear. Alot of the lower level people don’t even know about that. Or about the watchtower and it’s hidden beliefs from its lower lever members. But I think scientology is the most dangerous of them all. keep up the good fight.

  153. andrew stoll Says:

    I make shure all the students I teach are clearly taught that scientology is not only a cult but a criminal gang. for real! Here in CNY we do not take crud from people like that. I think I will teach my kids that XENU is a cartoon charcter and too google it all day. tom cruise is a wacko anyway and his movies are stupid

  154. Frank Bonora Says:

    It has been years since I left Scientology but the pain still remains. My now adult children grew up without their father. That is the saddest thing that happened. That hurt me more than anything else.
    1993 Feeling despondent, I had thought of suicide as I returned to my apartment that night. Instead, I decided to just leave the group, never to return…For one week in September of 1993, I was hospitalized for depression…I experience recurring and intrusive recollections of the events that occurred while in Scientology. These thoughts often keep me awake at night and, therefore, I suffer from insomnia. I feel foolish that I fell into this trap and responded to Scientology manipulation. In contrast to my friends who have families, homes and careers, I believe that the new attitudes and resulting actions that were induced by the techniques used by Scientology caused me to lose my family, employment, opportunities, and emotional harm.”

  155. Frank Bonora Says:

    I was in Scientology for 13 years before leaving the group. The saddest occurence is that my now adult children grew up without a father. That was profoundly hurtful more then anything esle that was done to me.
    1993 “Feeling despondent, I had thought of suicide as I returned to my apartment that night. Instead, I decided to just leave the group, never to return…For one week in September of 1993, I was hospitalized for depression…I experience recurring and intrusive recollections of the events that occurred while in Scientology. These thoughts often keep me awake at night and, therefore, I suffer from insomnia. I feel foolish that I fell into this trap and responded to Scientology manipulation. In contrast to my friends who have families, homes and careers, I believe that the new attitudes and resulting actions that were induced by the techniques used by Scientology caused me to lose my family, employment, opportunities, and emotional harm.”

  156. Will Says:

    I really prefer Vimeo anyways. Maybe you should move videos there!

  157. anon - United Kingdom Says:

    Your a good man Mark , you had the balls 10 years ago to stand up to scientology when no one would . You may not know it, but if Anonymous had to unite under 1 flag it would be yours 🙂 .

    London is having another Anti Scientology protest on the 14th of march . Ill e-mail you pictures/video’s etc .


  158. Alexwebmaster Says:

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  159. s.t.riley Says:

    The mind boggles.Orwellien tactic’s indeed and I for one applaud you for your tenacity.I am consantly amazed at the double standards displayed by youtube.Fight the good fight and know we all support.Knowledge is power.

  160. […] supporting Scientology. Long-time anti-Scientology campaigner Mark Bunker had his Youtube account repeatedly shut down after complaints about the content of his […]

  161. michelle Says:

    how is it legal for employers to bully their employees into doing scientology? admin tech, study tech, communication courses, special programs including the ups and downs in life, dynamics, etc.

  162. CALIN MIHAI Says:

    Buna ziua
    As dori sa am un account pentru YOUTUBE mai bine spus un username si o password pentru a putea comunica parerile pe youtube de pe iPHONUL meu Va multumesc mult CALIN MIHAI

  163. Anon Says:

    You sir, are awesome. Fuck Scientology and their stupid members “What’s you crimes Mark” (fucking losers).

    I’m outraged by your ban, and I have totally lost respect for Youtube.


  164. […] Re: List Of All Ex Scientologists Who Have Spoken Out Frank Bonora: My YouTube Account THE WOG BLOG from XENU TV […]

  165. […] Frank Bonora – Left after 13 years. His story […]

  166. […] -Panorama video Michael Blasingame -ESKMB Maureen Bolstad – Frank Bonora- left after 13 years, his story Andrew Boone-Las Vegas Review Journal Ex-Scientologists Express Bitterness Stuart Boote – […]

  167. Jessica1Mauboy Says:

    does any one know how 2 sign up 4 youtube I mean like thats just like whoo!

  168. MileyFannnnn Says:

    I luv Miley Cyrus I’m her number 1 fannn and srry but this is kinda crap when I cant sign up 4youtube

  169. […] 25 years, Ex So,Int. Base, Golde Era, Her Story ESMB Frank Bonora – left after 13 years, suiccidal His Story, The Fable Andrew Boone -Las Vegas Review Journal Ex-Scientologists Express Bitterness Stuart […]

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  171. […] is a link to a very long explanation as to what is going on with Mark Bunker’s YouTube […]

  172. […] is a link to a very long explanation as to what is going on with Mark Bunker‘s YouTube […]

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