Jason Beghe – “Today Tonight” Report

Australian TV did an amazing job of taking my 3 minute tease and building a longer story around it.

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50 Comments on “Jason Beghe – “Today Tonight” Report”

  1. Exoan Says:

    Getting closer! I bet David is having all his friends over to watch it with 80 types of counter videos at the ready while the faulty claims for court are being dreamed.

  2. JAB_au Says:

    Here is the blurb that is on the Today Tonight website, they didn’t have much more on their site to tell the truth: http://au.todaytonight.yahoo.com/article/2494936/lifestyle/scientology-star-recruit

  3. Johannes Scotus Says:

    Quote presenter /the once popular Tom Cruise/ endquote

    Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

  4. […] Tip to Mark “Wise Beard Man” Bunker for the TodayTonight […]

  5. AnonACavige Says:

    I can’t wait to see the full interview with Beghe, I’ve always loved him as an actor and had no idea he was a scientologist, until now. I know he’ll pull no punches, if he decides to go forward and tell his story. He’s got to know about OSA, and think about his family first. God I would hate for them to cull his Pre-Clear folder and leak some nasty things about him. God bless him for stepping forward for this partial interview, may we see more him exposing the Cult, that is Scientology. Also, in regards to the Australian bit, Tom Cruise took a Decade hiatus from Scientology? How’d they bring him back? Do I smell payroll? Their Administrative positions have always been shuffled and hidden, even when “Ron wasn’t running the Church” we all know he still really was. Wise Beard Man, your work agaisnt this cult is something on an Epic platform, and will be remembered and used, long long long after the lives this generations grandchildren. You deserve some kind of award, god bless you and stay safe.

  6. Supressive-Dude Says:

    Wha? *blink* Huh? *blink-blink* Mark, how come they’re allowed to do that? They didn’t even give you credit!! Mark that’s plagerism. Dude, I would be so pissed off if that was my video. I’ld be like, HEY YOU PRICKS! HOW ABOUT PAYING ME FOR THE USE OF MY FRAGGIN’ VIDEO! DOUCHE BAGS!!!

  7. just me Says:

    Knowledge is free Supressive-Dude, Knowlegde is free…

  8. I need it man, I can’t take it anymore. I am fiending for more XenuTV and Jason Beghe interview. Just gimme a taste man, one more hit. Not the full interview yet, I’ll OD.

  9. Anonomoose Says:

    Youtube suspended your account again ?

  10. Fable Says:

    Oh snap, I just saw that. It was there an hour ago. Funny timing for that to happen to you, what with the full-length video about to be released. *tsks*

    Can’t imaaaagine who’d do that. */sarcasm*

  11. Matt Says:

    Yes, I found it very odd that at no point did they credit the source of the video. Or how they said they brought that video of the scientology award night out first.

  12. nex Says:

    Ok here you go just got this message while trying to go to next video in a 3 part on youtube
    This account is suspended.
    This sucks

  13. DMS Says:

    That Australian TV report was better than any Scientology-related news story I’ve seen on U.S. or Canadian TV. Shameless plug: I have my own commentary on Beghe at my blog.

  14. Anonomoose Says:

    Funny thing is the only vid’s that seem to be getting pulled are Bunker’s. If its the content then why aren’t the copies of the teaser being pulled? Its obviously the spinmasters at Scam-a-tology trying to put out a fire

  15. Lars Says:

    Not related at all, but this seemed like the place to post. Why in the world is the xenutv1 account on youtube suspended? I’m lost for words. First tory and now you. I know you dont know me but I’ve been following you guys for a long time. I almost feel like I know you. I’ve talked a little with andreas on diskusjon.no (norways second largest discusiion-board) and I’m just so angry about what these guys are getting away with. It’s just terrible.

    Good luck! Your doing a great job!

  16. Sandy Says:

    Hey Mark,
    I can’t believe what’s going on here…
    But I’m sure you’re not surprised.
    Keep on keepin’ on –
    We all love you.

  17. Requiem Says:

    And here i was thinking i could spend the night watching this interview….bah

    Though lets face it. there is absolutely no way that anyone can stop that interview from released if you really want to release it. Its not like Youtube is the only way to spread around video material.

  18. anonX Says:

    Is Youtube also “advised” by Scientology??

  19. curious Says:

    Does Jason Beghe know that his interview is being censored?

  20. Noxat Says:

    This is weird. When torymagoo44 got suspended it at least still appeared in my list of subscriptions but xenutv1 has completely disappeared from my subscription list. Even the original xenutv is still in there. Have they completely and utterly destroyed the xenutv1 account?

  21. Anonomoose Says:

    I posted this on Tory’s youtube account

    Scientology, If you take issue with this video, then rebutt it. These tactics will only hinder you. If Scientology is seeking to end mankind’s troubles why not have a debate on an open forum? I want to see Cruise’s uncoached responses to an uncoached Jason Beghe. Imagine the thousands of possible OT 3’s and above that could be gained. If you truly want to save us from our reactive minds then you should be seeking this dialog

  22. ohbuddy Says:

    NOXAT i think the diff might be tory’s was suspended and WBM’s was Canceled….correct me if im wrong

  23. Soulnova Says:

    I cant believe what they did!
    Somebody needs to seed the video and upload it to a p2p. NOW.

  24. Anonauswa Says:

    Couldnt belive it when I saw this, Anna Corrin Actually said ‘when he left the cult’! She didnt call it a religion, she called it a cult!

    Thank you Mark, this video has been daming to the cult, and its only the 3 minute teaser!

  25. a@b.com Says:

    i sent my email! we await your glorious return wise beard man!

  26. Noxat Says:

    Tory’s account is suspended again WTF is going on! 😦

  27. val Says:

    both are suspended. luckely i could see marks video on torys account just 5 minutes ago…

    man, thats is annoying. as we say in germany: scientology is shooting their own feet. their are destroying themselves and they know it….

    this will stirr things up a bit.

  28. Chris W. Says:

    Please be kind, courteous and concise when contacting YouTube regarding the reinstatement of accounts “xenutv1” and “torymagoo44”. Voice your concern over the ability of special interest groups like scientology to ban honest YouTube users who merely have the audacity to voice concern and criticism for this pseudo-scientific pyramid scheme masquerading as a religion.



  29. anomdeplume Says:

    hey mark. you and tory have once again been removed by youtube. where will the beghe interview appear if this is not rectified by the weekend? good luck to you sir.

  30. Anonymouth Says:

    When was Tory’s account suspended a second time? I ask because it’s there right now. I must have missed it.

  31. Martin Says:

    OK. Now these wacknuts at Scientology have pissed me off. It took a while, but they have so thuroughly attacked Free Speech here, that I am ticked off.

    Mark, Tory & Anonymous, I am a Lawyer, and although I do corporate law, my love has always been Constitutional Law, and the First Amendment in particular. On Monday I will be going to my local Federal District Court to file an injunction against YouTube trying to get them to restore your video’s until they can show some proof of a violation of the law or a copyright infringement. If you have proof that it was the Cult of Scientology behind it, please provide that as well, as I will file a further injunction against the Cult to prevent them from doing this again. I am peeved.

    Scientology has, in the past, used the courts as a weapon against Critics. It is time we do the same to defend our rights. These abuses by the Cult have finally reached a level where they are attacking a Supreme Court designated Free Speech Zone as the Court held in Reno v. ACLU 521 U.S. 844 (1997). They have crossed the line in my mind, and now, even I, who aside from sending an occasional Email to people like Mark and getting the Simon Wiesenthal Center to have their link on religiousfreedomwatch.org removed, have remained in the shadows, evn I am now going to step out and take up the matle of Anonymous and stand up to these clowns.

    In addition to the filing, I will be at the protest in Philadelphia on the 10th, and will bring a camera to record it. May even do an interview or two for XenuTV (With Mark’s Permission) while I am there. The die is cast and I have crossed the Rubicon.

    Oh, and Mark (aka WBM) I *LOVE* the reference to that “wise old man” in your last video posted on Magoo’s account 😀

  32. anonymous Says:


    I just want wise beard cat back.

    wise beard cat is wise

  33. noone Says:

    hi Mark, i was little bit against protests and raids against Scientology, because I am non-caring monster, but the video removal really pissed me off…..

    if you decide to put the video somewhere else (on some other youtube or somewhere) i will copy it and put it on my youtube too… i will do anything that piss off CoS, because they cannot bitch with free speech like that… they simply cant.

  34. Locate Says:

    Hi Mark, the german online magazine “DER SPIEGEL” also put some coverage info regarding the interview teaser on its front page.

    http://www.spiegel.de/panorama/0,1518,548316,00.html (german)

  35. I’m wondering aloud if we can get some news sources interested in running a brief story on CoS using YouTube’s flagging and DMCA processes to ban people who they dissagree with. The old standards Slashdot and Digg come to mind, but it’d be nice to see an interview with Mark and/or Tory on CNN or BBC also, wouldn’t it?

    I’d like to remind everyone once again to please be kind, courteous and concise when contacting YouTube regarding the reinstatement of Mark Bunker’s account, “xenutv1″. Voice your concern over the ability of special interest groups like Scientology to ban honest YouTube users who merely have the audacity to voice concern and criticism for this pseudo-scientific pyramid scheme masquerading as a religion.



    600 W 7th St
    Los Angeles, CA 90017

  36. LordCheeseCakeBreath Says:

    I tried to call You Tube but the mailbox was full.

    I can’t wait to see the interview. It’s so easy for us to look at all of this as some sort of entertainment. Unfortunately the whole thing is so sad. Thanks for being such an advocate Marc.

  37. heynonynony Says:

    Mark, if youtube continues to give you troubles, just give the word, and we can spread any video far and wide easily.

  38. David Mudkips Says:

    Censorship? On MY Internet?

    Not. Going. To. Happen.

    Manning the harpoons. Sure hope YouTube wakes up before /b/ goes off.

  39. DMS Says:

    OFF-TOPIC: My main e-mail address appears to have been blocked from comments at WordPress-powered sites. I have to comment using a different address. Any ideas on how to address this?
    I have no idea why my comments would be blocked.

  40. Anonomoose Says:

    Youtube should be careful. Their bannings will impact their market share. The entire site is based around viral ideas and memes. How long before people decide to go somewhere else? I don’t think google would be happy to see their audience go to the competition. Youtube and Scamatology are creating their own bad press.

  41. Englishman Says:

    I don’t quite understand why it’s so important for the interview to be on you tube, why can’t you just put it up here. Please explain if I am being a dunce (which is likely).

  42. Requiem Says:

    I think the reason is probably that its already so widespread among people all around the world. That its a good place to host your videos to get the most publicity and watchers. Looking at the my personal situation for example, if I want to find some clip online the first usual places that i go to are Youtube and Google sites. Though ofcourse theres many more options but probably not that well known worldwide.

    The reason the video aint here would probably be that this site isnt in itself meant to host videos/files hence theyre linked to this page from Youtube/Google that host the actual videos. Using a video hosting site just makes the whole releasing of videos easier opposed to doing it yourself.

  43. Anonymouth Says:

    Just don’t post it somewhere else, and then post it on YouTube afterwards, because then someone will flag the account claiming he stole it from wherever he posted it the first time, and we’ll have to go through this whole account suspension bullshit again.

  44. ohbuddy Says:

    yeah he could post it here and he prolly will eventually but its the principal

    freedom of speech, freedom to post something which was fully made by him….. its a you tube, scientology, viacom, principal issue

    feel free to correct me if im wrong

  45. Anonymous Says:

    hope you get your youtube account back mark, co$ will not win 😀

  46. Load of BS Says:

    Just thought you should see this:
    I laughed my ass off when i saw it!! I have only recently started getting interested in the Anon v Scamatology war following a posting I saw from someone on Facebook. I then started asking questions – why are they protesting? Why the masks? Are anon terrorists or just activists? And what is Scientology?

    Am not a fan of TC, he destroyed the movie War of teh Worlds for me but after spending hours and hours on the net researching (both sides of the story – reading sci’s side and anon’s) I have come to the conclusion that sci believe that they can blind any and all people to their tactics! Sorry dudes!!! The internet has arrived!!! (or, to take that fantastic picket sign from one of the pickets – ‘OH FUCK, THE INTERNET IS HERE’ or something to that effect).

    Just so you know, they are opening a Johannesburg (South Africa) branch and a few people want to protest. Get word out to all the guys in SA (my home country) to get their butts to Kyalami Castle for a peaceful picket!!!

    And WBM – I absolutely love you!! I think that if we had more people like you in the world, willing to take a risk and expose the truth, the world would be a better place!
    Scientology IS A CULT!!!

  47. Anony-mous Says:

    I think Australian “current affairs” programs like Today Tonight, A Current Affair and 60 Minutes are pretty much jokes now, they put little effort into the real current news and affairs, they often lean towards popular culture and shameless self-promotion of their own networks programming when their not ripping off popular items from YouTube and alike without proper credit.

    But I’m not at all unhappy they ran this story, in that I think this topic needs to be out there for discussion at all levels.

    What makes me uncomfortable is that it seems to me like some of these shows, particularly “Today Tonight” and “A Current Affair” often behave very much like ‘The Church of Scientology,’ in that they often hunt down people who talk against them, and try to drag their name into the ground. They even do so to each-other, and even to comedy programs on other networks which parody them.

    PS. Maybe watermark the final release videos of the Beghe interview, so people can see credit where it’s due. and be mindful of watermark positioning or they’ll simply crop it out!

  48. Requiem Says:


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