Scientology: Jason Beghe Interview Tease

I sat down and did a lengthy interview with Jason Beghe. He’s an actor with a long list of credits who spent twelve years inside of Scientology and wants to share his story.

Jason has a lot of important things to say and there are many inside the organization that will find his words compelling. I know I did.

You’ll see the full interview soon.

David Miscavige, you have to wait like the rest of us. Throwing a fit won’t speed up the process.


Scientology forced YouTube to cancel my account.   You think you’ve won, DM?  Think again.


A lot af attention has been brought to this and the media have been contacting YouTube along with all you folks.  I think it will resolve quickly.   The impossible-to-contact YouTube just e-mailed me asking for my phone number.  So I think we can work this out.



I spoke with YouTube.  They are e-mailing me back soon.  They are being swamped with calls and emails about this.  You guys and the media are having an impact.  We’ll see how this goes but I feel confident we can work this out.

I’d like the ten minute time-limit lifted from my account so I can post longer videos again.  That would make it all worth while.  Feel free to suggest that option.


About the FOX News “Exclusive” — that was for the FOX News website, not the cable channel.  I was going to let them have first crack at the video for all the good stuff Roger Friedman has written over the years.   But it would also appear on YouTube and elsewhere after he ran his column.

Roger’s going to have something about this affair tomorrow and will show another 25 minutes of the raw interview on his column then.

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107 Comments on “Scientology: Jason Beghe Interview Tease”

  1. lafayette Says:

    this is a great teaser. mark, your a pos! why mark? WHY?!?!

    love the massive amount of swearing, keeps it real.

    GO WBM!

  2. maggie Says:

    Oh, MY!

    I’m making popcorn for the rest of this one!

    It’s Wise. It’s Beard. It’s Man. It’s WBM!

  3. Osakan Says:

    This is going to have a huge impact. There is no way The Chruch can “fix” this. History is being made here.

  4. Patty Pieniadz Says:

    Jason Beghe, I FUCKING love you!

    Thank you so much for speaking out. You fucking rock!


  5. Anonymous Says:

    Mark, this looks good. I can’t wait.

  6. Alanzo Says:

    I’m piddling myself. I make pee-pee. I dance and sing.

    I think it’s because we of the Church believe that Man has an inalienable right to think freely, to speak freely, and to counter or utter his opinions that this makes me so excited.

    Jason Beghe has never abandoned the best of himself which got him into Scientology. He is true to his ideals, and is speaking with his integrity intact.

    I make happy, festive party in my pants.

  7. Mark,

    “Daid Miscavige, you have to wait like the rest of us. Throwing a fit won’t speed up the process.”

    That cracked me up – is there a story behind it? I’m guessing it’s great.

    Loved the trailer, though i don’t like being teased.

  8. The grasshopper lies heavy Says:

    For the love of god MOAR!
    This sounds really interesting, hope to the the full interview very soon.

  9. String it out Mark, 7 minutes at a time, Like a drug.

  10. Thank you so much for the amazing clip

  11. Paul Riddick Says:


  12. Pelvidar Says:

    You are a great man Jason Beghe!

    Thanks for the tease WBM – you are always full of surprises!

  13. iwatchxenutv Says:

    I am a riveted bystander. The truth of what you and anonymous are doing is ringing every bell for me, and I watch you guys more than the news now.

    Because it is obvious what is going on, and it is SO INSPIRING to watch people exit the cult and watch them stand up a speak. We all need this, whether we are involved in scientology or not. It matters.

    I need to figure out how to do this on my own, because in my life there is a very dangerous mini LRon, and I grind my teeth as I watch him take advantage of the naive and the desperate. I want to add my voice. But I hear this so much, and it is true for me too: I am not willing to sacrifice my hard-won the peace and health. I worry that if I start talking, this thing will take over my life. Because just from browsing around I can feel the thirst of people for information and voice. I have that myself.

    Three things then.
    1- THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH to all the people who have sacrificed probably more than ever will be told, to hold up their truth about Scientology. You are like water in the desert.

    2- Wise Beard Man, what insight do you have into the decision to be anonymous or known, when that is a choice?

    3-Which Anon website has the best info about protecting yourself online?

  14. Rory Says:

    I look forward to watching the full interview.

  15. Artoo45 Says:

    And so begins the public defections, facilitated by the technology of the ‘net and inspired by the courage of the first and second generations of critics. And I can think of nobody better to chronicle those transitions to free thought than the honorable Mr. Bunker (a veteran of the second generation himself). I imagine the journey that these folks (especially the OTs) are making has to be by turns liberating, infuriating, frightening, humiliating and ultimately empowering. We all have illusions to wake up from—it’s never easy, but always worth it. I look forward to the full interview.

  16. jason beghe Says:

    […] Tucci,Janine Turner,Boo … Jason Beghe Interview Tease I sat down and did a lengthy interview with jason Beghe. He??s an actor with a long list of credits […]

  17. Mitsu Too Says:

    Mark, Mark, Mark, you are so,………freakin awsome. This is what you and the OGs were up to down at Tory’s! You silly wabbits. Elmer Fudd is going to be so pissed at you guys! Great job and can’t wait to see more of Jason’s interview. It’s like the antithesis to the Cruise video. Question? How long has Jason been out? Must be fairly recent is my guess.

  18. Gary A Says:

    this said “video has been removed” for me… please tell me it wasn’t canned… i really want to see this 😦
    keep up the great work!

  19. Mitsu Too Says:

    Gary refresh and try it again. It’s working for me now but at first it did that too. Must be all the traffic. :o)

  20. Jenni Says:

    Wise Beard Man – you are THE MAN!
    Jason – thank you thank you thank you! Can’t wait to hear the rest.
    Miscavige just lost bladder control.

  21. Pelvidar Says:

    121,000 views already. WBM, this is a HELL of a teaser.

  22. David Mudkips Says:

    Mark: PLEASE get the full version of this out ASAP. The tease is getting massive play on all of the celeb blog sites right now… picked up by Fox and major media outlets. I’ve watched this one story go from 100,000 this evening.

    Strike while the iron is hot!

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Haha, this is so excellent. I hope this is just the beginning.

  24. JJ Says:

    God I can’t wait to see this!! This is going to be one powerful interview.

  25. Ulf Says:

    Wow..DM will have to change his pants again..

  26. Terrific news, Mark! Can’t wait fo the rest of it!

    Welcome back, Jason 🙂

    Huffington Post: Jason Beghe, TV And Movie Actor, Films Scientology Rant: “Destructive And A Rip-Off”

  27. anon sympathiser Says:

    QUESTION!!! -oops caps *rolls eyes*

    Will we have to pay for this? Because the “non-scientologist” over at says we will have to, perhaps o’ve missed something so I’ve decided just to come streight to source (kinda) and ask =)

    Keep up the good work mind, this will be a BIG thorn in their side =)

    Cogitos / anon sympathiser

  28. Kingston Says:

    Great work, Mark! This should be a *heavy* blow to Scientology. They’re really in the shits now.

  29. felix Says:

    hi – i am not from the US, so please, if somebody could explain to me why this is “so big”. i is it the actor (who i dont know) or is the way he shares his experience so valuable? thanks for your help! very much looking forward to seeing more of the interview.

  30. Anonymouth Says:

    Anyone know why Tory’s youtube account is suspended?

  31. Anon-Cayde Says:

    Wise Beard Man… when I heard about this at work today, i was totally ecstatic, and still am!
    Wow, this is a MAJOR blow to them, and one hell of a major uplift to this Anon’s spirits!

  32. anonymous Says:

    I highly doubt the full interview will be for sale. It’ll probably be free on youtube like most everything else WBM puts out. The for sale thing is probably just the angle scientology is using to discredit it.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    Wow this is big! Thanks you WBM, Bob Minton & Tory for getting this all started 8 years ago. Also, thanks to the members of anonymous who’ve organized the worldwide protests.

  34. ohbuddy Says:

    torymagoo’s account is suspended…. for what i wonder… with all the crap and disgusting things on you tube she gets suspended for what?? speaking her mind???

  35. Pelvidar Says:

    If you are concerned about Tory’s banned account, go here and lodge a complaint!

  36. thetabop Says:

    Does any one know if Jason acted in any Scientology training films?

    I share Jason’s frustration. Scientology claims to “make the able more able” but in the 16 years I spent in Scientology I found the people closer to the top of the Bridge lacking in judgement, character, ability and compassion.
    The final straw was, while I listened to a series of 50 tapes on the Briefing Course in which LRH was angry much of the time, I concluded that LRH had withholds.
    A couple of weeks later I discovered the critical sites on the internet which confirmed my suspicions. It was tough recognizing the betrayal but I’m glad I had the courage to leave and stop denying myself the truth. My best friend followed a year later in 2007.

    The numbers are indeed shrinking and the staff complain that the pressure is so great that they have little time off and work 18 hour days. The last I heard they are trying to find out why few public go beyond the Purif and Objectives.
    Looking forward to the complete interview. Thank you Mark-love your beard.

  37. bradS Says:

    Does anyone know the reason Tory was suspended?
    While I do not agree with everything she says, it is flat BS that she gets silenced.

  38. bradS Says:

    This reminds me of when xenutv got taken down and now we have xenutv1 thus ToryMagoo45?????

  39. Mitsu Too Says:

    Jason’s tease video is approaching 1/2 million hits on You Tube! YES! Good job Mak and please don’t let us wait too long. Sent a compliant to the tube re; Tory’ account. You Tube really has to get their shit together. And to above yes Jason is in a bunch of CoS videos. He was DM’s poster boy

  40. amy Says:

    Fox News just interviewed Beghe about this teaser:,2933,351426,00.html

    Very interesting stuff! Can’t wait to see the full vid. 🙂

  41. AntiScino Says:

    I can’t wait to see the rest of this. this is truly inspiring, and i hope im not kidding myself thinking that our global efforts through peaceful protest have helped, in some small way, to facilitate this. from one dc anon to a non anon, thanks

  42. gradyman Says:

    Wholly Cow, not sure how I got that url, let me try again….sorry Mark

    Troy’s YouTube account is back up everyone! YES

  43. Ishmael Says:

    Congratulations Mark!

    500k hits ish as of this posting. I know you are wrapping up the full video at this time but I would like to make a humble suggestion if I can be so brash. Can you please do some color correction on the final cut and add in explanatory subtitles to the main Scientology terms? I find that the general public interest in this is at such a strong point that we should do everything possible to make it embraceable to the larger population.

  44. anonymous Says:

    Seconding what Ishmael said. Not so much the color correction, because I know nothing about that kinda stuff, but explanations of scientology terms would be very helpful.

  45. Pelvidar Says:

    And de-interlace… 🙂

  46. Anonauswa Says:

    Aww, cmon! If Mark keeps adding things it will never get released and I am dieing to see this in full!

    Adding the subtitles to explain the scientology terms is a good idea though 🙂

  47. running Says:

    what the heck is going on with your youtube account? did you put anything illegal or they simply suspended you for no reason?

    i would love to know that

  48. gradyman Says:

    “what the heck is going on with your youtube account? did you put anything illegal or they simply suspended you for no reason?”

    Come on, are you a co$ shill or something?

    Mark always plays by the rules but why do I think you know that?

  49. AnonRocks! Says:

    OK folks, this is an inside job. How is the Fox News release connected to the suppression of the Jason interview??? Go to and log your anonymous opinion.

    Login: Anonymous
    Password: Anon99

    No abuse or this account will be deleted, news updates only! Lets break the back of this beast!

  50. AnonRocks! Says:

    Or try:

    Login: Anonymous
    Password: anon99

  51. Sponge Says:

    Alternative re-hosting of xenutv1 Jason Behghe interview teaser…
    on YouTube:

  52. Sponge Says:

    Alternative re-hosting of xenutv1 Jason Behghe interview teaser…
    on YouTube:

  53. Anonomoose Says:

    How and why does NoobToob listen to a few select Scam-a-tologists? Scam-a-tology…Tory was right…you are creating your own enemies. I was unsure about your motives until now. You apparantly just want the $$$ David MisCarriage and will do anything to keep the dollars coming in.

  54. Anonomoose Says:

    Another thing…If Scam-a-tology gives you all these powers MisCarriage why don’t you just “think” Bunker and the rest of us out of existance? Better yet according to Tom Cruise, Sp’s dont exist therefore we are just a figment of the thetan inhabiting your reactive mind. Perhaps you just need to go through ethics and purge us with an E-meter and we will all just vanish…..

  55. gradyman Says:


    It doesn’t help the cause, I hope Mark deletes them.

  56. Mares Says:

    A bunch of people all across the ‘net have been calling and emailing youtube to let them know how we feel. The woman I spoke with told me that they had been beseiged with telephone calls and they were looking into it.

  57. Anonomoose Says:

    If NoobToob continues their bias then I suspect they may have to deal with the alternatives. There are many vid sites out there…does NoobToob want to lost their market share?

    If they will censor WBM who is next, Me?

  58. LamontCranston Says:

    His imdb bio says he is the best friend of David Duchovny, something tells me that will no longer be the case

  59. […] Re: MAN THE HARPOONS AGAIN!!! xenutv1 channel on youtube suspended!!! Not sure if you guys have checked wise beard man’s blog within the last few hours, but he’s appended one of his posts: WISE BEARD MAN: "A lot af attention has been brought to this and the media have been contacting YouTube along with all you folks. I think it will resolve quickly. The impossible-to-contact YouTube just e-mailed me asking for my phone number. So I think we can work this out." source: Scientology: Jason Beghe Interview Tease THE WOG BLOG from XENU TV […]

  60. anon Says:

    Everyone should complain to Youtube, I did. Also, post the video on your own Youtube account. Here’s a copy I lifted from Youtube, view it with VLC player. You can also upload it to YT or other video sites. Spread it for Great Justice!

  61. Chris Says:

    Try putting it up on liveleak if youtube doesn’t let you.

  62. V Says:

    YouTube is just being spineless as usual. The truth will get out. Period. If they cancel one account, more will be made. If they delete a video, it will be re-uploaded. Scientology needs to learn that this tactic is useless.

  63. Godless Anon Says:


    You have to be a director in order to post vidoes that are longer than 10 minutes. To do this you have to go to this link:

    Then change your channel type from Youtuber to Director.

    Then go ahead and cause massive destruction onto the Scilons by posting the full length interview 🙂

  64. XENU TV Says:

    No, newer accounts (even director) do not have that option. But my first director account did. I lost the longer posting ability when my first account was canceled.

  65. mike Says:

    can you get the original xenutv account unsuspended(and gain back the long movie ability) in the midst of all of this? Can’t hurt to ask.

  66. Soulnova Says:

    How did they do this!?
    Dammit, we need the video to be showed in Television. :S

  67. Sponge Says:

    `sup with the Fox exclusive thing Mark? When will hit? You said Thursday.
    Cheers, Sponge.

  68. The Under Toad Says:

    Called and e-mailed. When I called at 5pm PST, it took 25 rings for them to answer the phone and when they did the woman I spoke to sounded exhausted and like she already knew which account I was calling about. I was polite but persistent in registering my complaint. WBM is not our leader but he is a revered beard; the wheels are in motion to correct this error.

  69. anon101 Says:

    wise beard man will rise!!!!!!!!

  70. Anonyowl Says:

    I hope this gets resolved soon, Mark. The whole of Anonymous is with you. We will not let a great ally like yourself fall prey to Scientology’s goons.

    Wise Beard Man.
    Your words are wise.
    Your face is beard.

  71. […] Scientology vs the Little Guy, round N+1 (XenuTV) […]

  72. gradyman Says:

    Cruise, Travolta: Homo-novis

    Is it a conspiracy or just bad luck?

    The anti-Scientology video we told you about on Monday afternoon featuring actor Jason Beghe has been removed from YouTube. Sort of.

    The original video, put up by videographer Mark Bunker, is gone. YouTube pulled it late on Thursday. In the video, which Bunker made, Beghe describes his 13-year membership in the sect and why he left.

    Bunker thinks YouTube took down the video under pressure from Scientology. It’s possible, of course, but unlikely. The video is still up on YouTube in other forms, including here (warning: contains offensive language). It’s also easily found just by typing Beghe’s name into most search engines.

    Bunker says YouTube cancelled his account because of previous copyright issues with other videos he’s posted. He says those issues have been cleared up and he should have had time to prove that before they removed the Beghe interview.

    YouTube, which is owned by Google, is not the easiest place to get an answer from. Ricardo Reyes, the head of public relations, told me Thursday night, “There’s no conspiracy here.” He would not say if Scientology had pressured the video posting site into taking down the Bunker/Beghe video. Reyes e-mailed the official YouTube stance to me later on: “We do not comment on individual videos.”

    Despite this little flap, Beghe’s video has taken off like a rocket. The Village Voice newspaper here in New York as well as several video outlets have picked up the story about his brave escape from the sect. Some have even taken our original stories without credit. C’est la vie in this case. It was just important that Beghe get his story out to the widest audience possible.

    Beghe has more to say, and a longer video, some of which we’ll see here next week. The more he describes the Scientology experience, the scarier it sounds. As he told me the other day: “A Scientologist who’s ‘clear’ believes he’s no longer a Homosapien. He’s Homo-novis, a new race. They believe they are the only hope for this section of the galaxy, starting with planet Earth.”

    Yes, Tom Cruise and John Travolta evidently believe this, Beghe says.

    And, yes, Beghe did confirm with me what he’s talked about on the videos: All Scientology sessions are taped. Every one of them, including those of Cruise, Travolta and all celebrities. Does Beghe care if his tapes ever get out?

    “Hell, no,” he told me. “They won’t do that anyway because then the whole thing comes out and everyone knows there are tapes. They can’t do anything with them.”

    Beghe also told me that one possible theory for why the careers of Scientologists tend to go south is that the famous actors, such as Jenna Elfman or Juliette Lewis, “get so involved in thinking only they can save the world” that the sect overwhelms them.

    This may be true: Elfman has had little luck since the cancellation of “Dharma and Greg,” Lewis gets little acting work, Elfman’s husband, Bodhi, is only known because of Jenna and rocker Beck hasn’t had a real hit album since “Odelay” back in 1996.

    As for Travolta, his career had a brief revival in 1994 with “Pulp Fiction.” But he’s headlined a series of flops since then from “Be Cool” and “Ladder 49” to “Lucky Number,” “Swordfish” and the Scientology-based sci-fi film “Battlefield: Earth.” The rare exceptions were non-leads in “Hairspray” and “Wild Hogs.”,2933,351678,00.html

  73. NOW the story of the Xenutv1 account suspension is getting big

  74. JJ Says:

    Its interesting that Fox news is running these stories. With Greta Van Sustren working there, she has a history of applying pressure to keep $ci-related stories from being posted. Gretta Von Xenu who talks out of the corner of her mouth.

  75. Artoo45 Says:

    FOOTBULLET FUSILLADE! It just gets better and better, I’ve moved from glib to giddy.

  76. FightingTurnip Says:

    Still waiting for your glorious unlimited video return to YouTube, but if not will watch here to see where I can see Jason’s interview in full. One thing is for sure this cancellation of your account has gotten this dusty old root up and participating.

  77. […] *EDIT: You will note that the video is no longer available above. The account was suspended with no notice. Read here for more details. Another copy of the video is available here. […]

  78. Shaithis Says:

    I just called Google and submitted a request via web to have Mark Bunkers account reinstated. GO GET’EM MARK!

  79. Alex Jones Says:

    Learn WHY it was pulled:


  80. David Says:

    Jason Beghe: I’d like to thank you for your massive brass balls. They’ve lent a TON of weight to this movement.

    WBM: Thanks for being consistently strong for all of these years. The cult will fall; those inside will be freed; the guilty will be pursued.

  81. Sandy Says:

    I can’t believe your Youtube account hasn’t been reinstated yet…
    I’m starting to see Youtube in a different way.
    Keep on keepin’ on Mark, we love you.

  82. Shadoe Says:

    Been EMailing all day and calling, even got some friends to help! I will not stop ive been watching your vids for a while and this is just $cio-shit!

  83. Mary Brown Says:

    This is scary. Its hard to believe Scientology still has so much power.

  84. Anonomoose Says:

    Youtube will either redeem themselves by fixing this situation quickly or they will give away their current market share. The court of popular opinion can either make or break you and a business that owes its success to viral ideas and memes must be cautious not to become a subject of the same.

  85. Annette Says:

    I contacted them for you just now too, reminding them not to compromise their reputation as the world’s gateway for free speech.

  86. gs Says:


    could you add a time stamp to to your UPDATE 1: UPDATE 2: UPDATE 3: UPDATE 4:
    so we know progression of the events

  87. other Says:

    youtube update ?

  88. Anonomoose Says:

    In update 3 or 4 this was mentioned “Roger’s going to have something about this affair tomorrow and will show another 25 minutes of the raw interview on his column then.” I am guessing this did not happn as I can not find it.

  89. Sep Says:

    Hallo Mark Bunker

    Have you thought about alternatives to YouTube? I suggest German Video hosting like or . Some European Hoster are resisting Scientology attacks. For example XS4All which supported Spaink against Scientology.

    Google is known to censor very fast. Look at Google China or the removal of from Search index in the past.

    Good luck and have a nice day 🙂


  90. Ultrapoet Says:

    Have you considered DailyMotion or Vimeo to host it instead?

  91. Anonymous Says:

    I left this comment on Alex Jones’ website, linked above, in which he gloats over the suspension of Mark’s YouTube account:

    We hold Scientology accountable for the deaths Lisa McPherson, Noah Lottick, and for the torture and abuse of many children raised in cult compounds, denied medical treatment and proper schooling. We hold Scientology accountable for decades of slander and abuse of its critics, for its illegal “operations”, for its policies of attacking critics with false accusations and other underhanded techniques, for its policies of brainwashing and disconnection, for its abuse of donations. We hold Scientology accountable for the emaciated state in which ex-members have arrived at hospitals after escaping church compounds. We hold Scientology accountable and we will be heard.

    The success of Anonymous is made evident by the fact that your best attempt to smear our efforts is this little clip of half a dozen teenagers dancing in a street, at one of the many, many, many peaceful demonstrations that took place across the world in the last few months.

    You cannot smear anonymous. You cannot attack anonymous. You cannot bankrupt, frame, kill, or hospitalize anonymous. Anonymous will not go away, and yes, we hold Scientology accountable for its evil.

    Mark, have you heard any more from Google about your account?

  92. Germanonymous Says:

    WBM, give us some info when the long interview will hit the internet. and whats going on behind the scenes. Say hi to WBC.

    Wise Beard Man.
    Your words are wise.
    Your face is beard.

  93. MightyTiny Says:

    Thank you Mark, for the important work you do. I knew of Scientology marginally before, but only really got introduced into the whole battle that’s going on through Thunderf00t’s excellent videos on the subject on YouTube. And I’m glad I did; I’ve been talking about this issue to my family and friends, and I bet there are masses of people out there as electrified about this as I am.

    The ranks of anonymous are bound to swell, and the behavior of Scientology in getting your account banned just serves that cause, as can be seen by the fact that YouTube has been swamped by demands for reinstating xenutv1. Glad to hear that they’ve been in contact with you, and are working to resolve the issue – would be great if you could get that ten minute limit lifted in the process, wouldn’t that just piss off Co$! 😀

    I love it how the “fair game” policy is turning against them, now that the issue has so much more visibility, and their dirty tricks come to light through the Internet.

  94. Requiem Says:


  95. Xenasty Says:

    Mark, I did all I could do, let’s hope a million other people made complaints to Viacom. Keep up the good work.

  96. Bobbie Says:

    I just want to say. as soon as one of the members starts to wake up, from the hypnotic fog they were under, the administration of the C of S gets really nervous. I started to wake up, while practicing another spiritual practice. I saw right away that there were other methods that could indeed work and could enlighten one, so I started to tell a few of the other members about my experiences with these other practice,. Boy after that the reports started flying in and the ethics dept got really busy. I never saw such a covertly hostile group of people in the ethics Dept. What they do is deliberately try to cave you in, so you will give in to their pressures.
    I think that those on staff that think up all these ways to squash the opposing voices are just dramatizing their own evil intentions.
    This will eventually catch up with them. I believe we will see the C of S implode in a relatively short time at least in my lifetime.
    It sure helped to have sites like yours on so I could hear other X members stories. Thanks

  97. Susan Jones Says:

    To Jason Beghe ; My husband had me addmitted to the colorado Narconan. After about 3 weeks, I recognized that I was not getting any support for my drinking to stop But I did realize that I was being indoctrinated into their brain washing, their belief of Scientology. Yes scientology DOES run Narconon.
    They want you to join in believing their own beliefs. I even found mysef telling new
    admissions. When I came to realize that I was starting to act like they did it was the end of my rope. Than night I slipped out of my window and went straight into a close little town. I really did not know where to go but was headed toward a close hospital. I thought that they might believe me. Long story from there on in, I made it home to Forida. I actually was able to hear the entire interview with Jason Beghe. He really nailed it to the wall. I hope to listen to it again. Whatever you hear about this place please don’t give them the chance to take your Soul from you!!!

  98. […] And celebrity actor Jason Beghe has left the Church of Scientology on unhappy terms, and is speaking to Wise Beard Man in blunt and angry language about the failures and crimes of the […]

  99. […] video is no longer available”. Now I’ve seen this video before, it was post at “The Wog Blog“, and I’ve seen the video’s that Mark has placed on YouTube before so I know that […]

  100. […] video is no longer available”. Now I’ve seen this video before, it was post at “The Wog Blog“, and I’ve seen the video’s that Mark has placed on YouTube before so I know that […]

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