Jason Beghe Interview

It was a great pleasure to meet Jason Beghe and his family a couple of weeks ago at their home in Malibu. Jason has a long list of acting credits in film and TV and has done extensive voice-over work through the years. His talents were also used in countless Scientology PR and training videos, including a recruitment video for Scientology’s Sea Org.

He is the first celebrity to leave Scientology and publicly discuss his involvement and then disillusionment with the group. He made it to OT V on Scientology’s “Bridge to Total Freedom” and discovered the best way to get free was to get up and walk out the door.

I think you’ll greatly enjoy this interview. That is, unless your name is David Miscavige..

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608 Comments on “Jason Beghe Interview”

  1. Paul Horner Says:

    Jason and Mark rule this planet!

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  4. Terryeo Says:

    I knew Jason Beghe when I was at Flag.

    Wow. I think I must just blow with him 😦

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  6. Jefferson B. Clark Says:

    Haha youtube you just lost a ton of advertising revenue.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for finally putting this up.

  8. Zari Says:

    Hey. Was just wondering, will this be put out on the web as one big file for ppl to download?
    Would really love to have the ability to show it to ppl without having to use a pc connected to the web.

  9. XENU TV Says:

    Five parts? I hope you’re seeing all eight parts. I need to go to sleep. I hope I don’t wake up to a technical nightmare.


  10. Liam Says:

    i cant get sound – any known problems with the videos?

  11. themadhair Says:

    At work so this will have to wait until I get home. I am positively drooling with anticipation.

  12. mike Says:

    wbm ftw mofo!!!!

  13. mike Says:

    is it just me or is this thing in mono…right channel

  14. psyborgue Says:

    re: there was a time he could have woken up but he chose not to: Willfull suspension of disbelief.

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  16. Mitsu Too Says:

    Parts 5, 7 & 8 are in different format for me. Others played fine on Vimeo but not the other 3. :o( What I’ve seen so far is AWSOME. Thanks Mark and Jason. Also Andreas.

  17. […] Jason Beghe interview available in full Posted in personal, video by Temple of Xenu on the April 21, 2008 Xenu TV’s interview with Jason Beghe, OTV and celebrity dissident from the Church of Scientology, has now been made available in full via Xenu TV blog. […]

  18. Anonish Says:

    Hey Mark, I’m just wondering if it is possible to make it stereo sound for most of the videos? It’s strange having sound only through the right side .

    Just my opinion.
    Great video, though.

  19. felinonymous Says:

    Mark, the interview is as excellent as I thought it would be. Congratulations on a fine piece of journalism and congratulations to Jason as well. Hopefully we are seeing the beginning of a flood- people leaving Scientology in droves would not be a bad thing.

  20. Klukshubaby Says:


    Jason — balls of steel

    Mark — srsly, I want to have your BABIES!!!!!!!!!

  21. Paws Says:

    awesome interview!

    KBW! (Keep Bunker Working) 🙂


  22. anonakitty Says:

    downloading them all now ,parts 5 7 and 8 are dviX.

  23. Brisanon Cheeze Says:

    Im not seeing all the parts but anyway. Is there anyway i can download a coppy of these movies?

    Oh and who is willing (if mark will let us) post this all over youtube?

  24. Paws Says:

    you can download them from vimeo parts 1-4 & 6 and the rest from blip.tv 🙂

  25. TangledMess Says:

    WBM delivers !!!

  26. Requiem Says:

    I dont know about you guys BUT when i look at the main blog page i can only see Parts 1,2,3,4 and 6. Rest of them just has the title “Part x” but no actual video.

    Then when i go to Vimeos site i can only see Parts 1,2,4 and 6. Rest of them its says are private videos and require password to access…..sooo…whats the deal? Rather watch the whole interview when i watch it than only part of it.

    Unless someone can advice about this, ill just wait for the thing to be corrected and then watch the whole thing ^^ Thanks for releasing this though

  27. Paws Says:

    parts 5, 7 & 8 are hosted on blip.tv. Just go to blip.tv and do a search on “beghe” and click on “show explicit content”. There you go.

  28. Grayfoxv Says:

    Great Interview and video Mark.

    Jason, you provided a great insight into Scientology and what goes on behind closed doors. Many thanks 🙂

  29. anomdeplume Says:

    part 3: a celebrity scientologist escapes and tells us:

    yes xenu, and boy is it stupid.




  30. Good Work Says:

    Good work on getting the videos out Mr Bunker.

  31. Guy Says:

    Thank you Mark!

  32. anond Says:

    Thanks Mr. Bunker for doing the interview and thank you Mr. Beghe for having the courage to speak about your experiences in Scientology.

  33. tamphex Says:

    Thanks for this Mark and a massive thank you to Jason. You’ve done the world a favor by sharing this knowledge and insight. That sound you hear when you watch it is the nails slamming into The Scientology Organization’s coffin.

  34. me Says:

    Thank you Mr Beghe and Mr Bunker for your time.

  35. Anon Says:

    OK. I see all the videos now. If you have a JAVA SCRIPT BLOCKER installed, you must allow both VIMEO.COM & BLIP.TV. This is why some people are only seeing half of the videos (they don’t have either one or the other allowed for Java Script).

    P.S. Must download fast & redistribute before the Scientologists try to get this taken down too. Any suggestions on how to download from these services?

  36. Anon Says:

    The right speaker only issue some people are talking about is because this is recorded in stereo. You will notice that Mark Bunker’s voice & Tory Magoo’s voice come from the the speaker.

  37. anonymous Says:

    Excellent perspective of someone who’s been inside. I get the part about them knowing the truth but not waking up. Thank god you woke up, Jason. Hope others will see this and be able to do the same. Sometimes all it takes is one person to take the lead to give others the strength to do it, too.

  38. AnonSoul Says:

    Worth the wait! Good to learn more about some of the inner workings from a knowledgeable persepctive. Some of the belief becomes more plausible with the explanation that Jason gives. You keep yourself in the trap, wisdom that can be applied to more than just $cientology.

  39. Anonauswa Says:

    I just finished watching this. Thankyou Jason for doing this, I have just been left speechless. I honestly dont know what to say other than thankyou for sharing your story.

  40. anonynon Says:

    I absolutely love this guy! Anyone who wonders how people get in and are kept in should see this interview. This is the best example of what scientology is and what it does to people. Thank you, Jason, for your candidness in this interview. I hope that talking about your experience has helped you in your “recovery”. I just want to give you a big hug! God bless you!

  41. Ford Says:

    They can’t stop the signal. This video is meant to be seen by the public and it is being seen by the public.

    In time an industrious member of anonymous will get this on youtube. Some of your vids have had a ripple in the pond. This one? Man, you dropped a boulder in the pond and this will create a tidal wave they cannot stop. Add to that the whispers of suppression of this message and you have juicy news! WTG Christian, Mark and Jason!!

  42. DM Says:

    In part II of the clips where he says he’s “having a moment” when asked to define what a “past life clear” is. As a former Jehovah’s Witness (raised as one by my mother) I have had the same moments, when someone asks you to define something that – when you actually have to say it out loud – sounds completely ridiculous and foolish. Then you have that moment …. that moment of brief sadness, embarrassment, and regret that you believed something so insanely stupid.

  43. man, this is so gripping.
    he is so candid, its chilling.
    thanks for doing this Mr Beghe.

  44. Anocamo Says:

    I know this probably has been said before, and i will hate myself for adding the 43rdcomment, but
    now that that has been said, nice work man, Danger Mouse is on the run

  45. Anocamo Says:

    oh thank god that i didn’t break the 42 rule

    i wish i could watch it all right now but, cant

  46. FTS Says:

    Thankyou, thankyou, THANKYOU Jason for speaking for those who cannot. Your voice will be heard and it will help.

  47. Leanne Says:


  48. caliwog Says:

    i was able to see the first few clips, but they froze while streaming and now i can’t get anything at all… Mark, I think you overloaded Vimeo! Let’s hope you get your Youtube account back, in the mean time maybe the other site would be a better idea to host the first 4 or 5 clips…

  49. TheEvilOfScientology Says:

    AWESOME! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you; Mark & Jason, and not forgetting Andreas of course!

    Is there anywhere we can download the interview in one large lump?

  50. Hakujinjoe Says:

    The sound on these needs to be fixed! Even if I turn my sound up all the way I can only get a very small sound out any time Jason speaks. Mark’s voice comes out loud and clear though

  51. AnonymousNow Says:

    WBM and Jason deliver FTW!

    They mess with you guys, and they mess with all of us.

    Can’t wait to see these when i get home from work…

  52. Basement Of Freedom Says:

    Illness is caused because of bad morals or contact with people of bad morals?
    What kind of church would teach that kind of BS?

  53. Cass Says:

    Thank you for posting this through YouTube adversity. I was distraught to find out that your channel got shut down AGAIN. Great presentation, and extremely insightful and candid content. Thanks to everyone who was involved.

  54. Andy-nonymous Says:

    Rest are in DivX format, Req. If you’re on a Mac you might have some trouble. In any case, you’ll want to grab the divx codec.

    These interviews are amazing. Thank you, Mark, for keeping at this. On Scientology, the organization whose machinations cannot bear the light of day, you have focused a high-powered spotlight on the empty promises they charge through the nose for.

  55. That was AWESOME!!! – Thank’s Jason.. And Mark… Go ahead and make a 10 hour interview! – I’ll watch it!

  56. satire Says:

    thanks =)

  57. Xenasty Says:

    WIN! You are a brave man Jason Beghe!

  58. Sachiel Says:

    Are those air raid sirens going off at Gold Base? Because this is the fuel-air bomb of anti-Scientology interviews.

    Now, if only we could get the unbroken, high-res footage to put on DVDs…

    WBM, I think someone working on Project Blockbuster (Anonymous’ DVD propaganda project) will be in contact with you to talk about that. The third DVD is supposed to be made up of interviews, and this interview would be PERFECT for that.

  59. Stewart Says:

    Is it me or does this interview lack left ear audio except for bunker?

  60. phasis Says:

    Holy Moly. I have just watch the whole thing and while it will take awhile for me to process, I am also left with questions.

    I hope Jason writes a book, or at least an article, in which he deconstructs in more depth just what some of the practices he spoke of do, and how they do it.

    I also have a feeling that there is something “bigger” to learn about Scientology that is not simply about Scientology. I am left wondering how you can take the best part of a person, their desire to be real and authentic and to have an honest relationship with life and the world and to use that “shininess” that intention to imprison people. It seems very similar to what happens to so many women in situations of domestic violence. All they want to do is to love unconditionally (a good thing, right), to be supportive and they end up as empty shells. Something like that seems to happen in Scientology. I think that Robert Vaughn Young was beginning to get a handle on what it all was at the end of his life. Hopefully, Jason and some of the other OG exscientilogy critics can continue to explore this because I feel in my gut that there is somthing about this process in Scientology which would be very helpful to people not in Scientology (and not just as a warning not to get in).

    Thank you Mark and Jason, both of you for taking to time to approach this in such a thoughtful and organic manner. So much better than superficial sound bites.

  61. ckt Says:

    Many thanks to Mr. Beghe for doing this, and to you Mr. Bunker for getting it out there. It has not been an easy path for either of you, I’m sure.

    Best to you and yours.

  62. annenna Says:

    Mark, I can try to upload these on youtube as a mirror (with full credit to you obviously) – would you like that?

  63. Blotter Says:


    This should go up on youtube immediately!!!

  64. NotaScientologist Says:

    That was cathartic for me too. This is going to be HUGE. Thanks Mark and thanks Jason for having the courage to do this. I have still have loved ones in the Church. I’ve been waiting for something that will act as a powerful catalyst. This might be it. This is very exciting. I can’t wait to see what happens over the ensuing weeks.

    One thing that comes across is, you can get yourself out of Scientology, but its almost impossible to get the Scientology out of you. You buy into it so deeply, its almost impossible to get it out of your mind. Jason spoke with such integrity. Even though he got the red carpet, he still got the Scientology experience, and expressed it so well. Thank you.


  65. Avery1 Says:

    Awesome work! Very glad to finally see this!

    Best of luck to you Mark, and of course to Jason and his family!

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!

  66. Mark Says:

    I can hear everything on the site exsept this interview.

  67. anolia Says:

    This is a very personal and open hearted interview. My respect, Mr. Beghe. Thanks for your courage. Its was for you not easy to talk about all this stuff, but it was worth to do it for so many other people which need this information to make the right decisions. God bless you. + you WBM

  68. mudkip Says:

    annenna just do it , he sayd last night he wont mind us publishing it everywhere and anywhere.

  69. momISanon Says:

    I sent the link for this to Drudge. Hope he does something with it.

  70. Hendrix I love you Says:

    Excellent interview bes tof luck to mr.beghe

  71. TheEvilOfScientology Says:

    Ref. the audio. It would be much better is this video was remastered in mono sound. Of course, if and when it gets uploaded to YouTube, it will by default be mono as AFAIK YT converts all audio to mono.

    I’d still like a link where I could download all these videos to my hard drive though 🙂

  72. Mark Says:

    The sound is screw up.

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  75. Gumby Says:

    Accolades to all who went out of their way to make this video. It opened up and answered many questions swirling around in my head.Never before have i viewed such a candid and unbiased explanation as to the true nature of scientology

  76. linds Says:

    why doesnt the volume work?

  77. Ann O'Nymous Says:

    It is hard to say how I feel after listening to Jason Beghe.

    Listening or reading testimonies always has an effect on me.

    Magoo had a strong effect, and Jason Beghe too, even if on a very different way.

    I am damn sure that he will have an impact on many people, not because he is a celebrity, but because he is honest and clever.

    Thank you to him, and those who made this possible.

  78. Chad Says:

    Hi Mark,

    Great work! Will the whole interview be available as a torrent file?

    Keep it up!

  79. seattlesoxfan Says:

    Awesome! Well done WBM! Hero thy name is Bunker and Beghe!

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  81. […] Beghe’s full rant on Scientology has finally been released! Last week, Jason and XenuTV uploaded a preview of his interview, but YouTube pulled the video and cancelled XenuTV’s […]

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  83. James Says:

    Great Interview!!!
    Burn Scientology Burn

  84. Oh man, I want to download this — I run Windows 3.11 so I can’t see it. –sob–

  85. […] Xenu TV Website on WordPress.com […]

  86. Mary Says:

    This interview shall shake the church rafters and open the doors for more to leave.
    God bless you all.

    ps: Keli Daniels Landry, call your friend Angie.

  87. […] Yes, there are plenty of other video sites out there and I have many other accounts. Yes, the videos are being uploaded now to other sites and yes, you are welcome to spread them virally and get them everywhere. I will tell you where the videos are on Monday. A couple media outlets will have them as well. Jason Beghe Interview THE WOG BLOG from XENU TV […]

  88. bradS Says:

    A criticism I have of COS is by its very nature in the beginning is that COS cannot tell you most of what xyz is because the effects are different per person and no one knows how one will react.

    Thus the issue is that COS has to realize by that logic one does not always get a win and should not go to ethics just because of that result. Data as LRH put it is data but by the uniqueness of each individual as Jason has stated the drive to equate all has being able to obtain xyz because others have is in fact generalizing and as stated by Jason is not a valid use for a Clear and etc.

    I do not believe scientology to be a con as its leaders really believe in it, for it to be a con one would have to know it is all a lie and that is not the case. It may be that not everything is understood via what LRH wrote as there are holes. But that does not take away from the fact that one can have a genuine win or wins.

    My statement to Jason esp from video 3 in his confusion as to why, would be the tech did work but up until a point and that is why you stayed in.

    That said it take courage to spill your gutts like this, thanks Jason for sharing.

  89. Anonymous Says:

    Hope it’s okay to post this here.

    A torrent of these 8 videos is available at:


  90. dave Says:


    i think it might be a good idea. remember, every day is a new day, and every second is an opportunity to do the right thing.

  91. A2MXenu Says:

    Fuck Scientology!!! Let this video interview be a message to everyone. Excellent work!!!!

  92. It’s painful to watch him struggling for clear thoughts after years of being brainwashed.
    Things are so abstract he just can’t find the words. He’s obviously a very bright straight up kind of man.

  93. an anon Says:

    wow. this shit is awesome

    j beghe is clearly a very intelligent person, and this oughtta be notice to anyone who says that only idiots get lured into the scientology trap.

  94. Timmay! Says:

    Thanks Jason, Mark and Tory. Your contributions to rational thought and critical thinking are priceless.

    Jason, you may think you have lost a ton of money to Scientology, but having seen your interview and knowing the good work done by Xenu TV, I see it as an excellent investment in bringing that house of cards down!

  95. Suz1948. Says:

    I watched your video & listened to what you said. It was brilliant, this is just the same as what occurred to me. I didnt spend as much money but I did spend quite alot. I was on staff at St. Hill for 5 years & in Scientology for well over 15 years. The day I decided I had had enough I remember thinking Yes, I am PTS, I am PTS to the church, what they are doing is Suppressive.

    Later I was declared because I asked for my money back. I also lost one of my daughters, she is in the SO LA. She hasnt spoken to me for 8 years, but I know deep in my heart that she still loves her family & I pray that she wakes up. I will be 60 yrs old this year & I hope that we are reunited before I go.

    One thing you are also right about that these guys, all they ever wanted to do was help, most of them are good, decent people who care, but unfortunetly are on a Suppressive road that is going nowhere.

    Thank you for putting your story on the net & good luck for the future.

  96. Baggers Says:

    Have begun downloading all file so they can be moved onto Youtube.
    And obviously in-case they go after Vimeo!
    Cheers to both of your, I just want to again stand with everyone else in saying how much we appreciate what you are doing to help people.

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  98. […] Beghe’s full rant on Scientology has finally been released! Last week, Jason and XenuTV uploaded a preview of his interview, but YouTube pulled the video and cancelled XenuTV’s […]

  99. Cindy Says:

    Jason….and Mark….Tory,

    Being an ex-member I cannot say how much this means to all of us out here…that a celebrity – not only who is OT V but TRAINED up to Class V, would have the guts and the determination to come out and talk openly about this stuff.

    I am sending this to everyone I can think of because this is groundbreaking, frank, truthful and told from that very important perspective of someone who was in there. Jason reflects on SO many points that my husband and I felt the whole time we were in but kept struggling to make sense of. Once you know the truth, it ALL makes sense.

    Jason talking about this may bring others to the front with the hope of bringing the crimes of this organization to the forefront. I hope someday a Class Action suit takes place as well.

    Again, thank you Jason, Mark…and Tory too from the bottom of our hearts!

  100. […] Beghe’s full rant on Scientology has finally been released! Last week, Jason and XenuTV uploaded a preview of his interview, but YouTube pulled the video and cancelled XenuTV’s […]

  101. Bagger Says:

    52 peers speed max. done in 15 minutes.
    Youtube here wee come.

  102. Spectator.Anonymous Says:

    This video is a milestone for our message! Mark thank you so much for posting it. It’s going to change everything!

    Jason: Thank you so much for telling us your story. Its deep and very educational.

  103. diaNOTics Says:

    jason is the hottest former cult guy ever!!!

  104. […] Beghe’s full rant on Scientology has finally been released! Last week, Jason and XenuTV uploaded a preview of his interview, but YouTube pulled the video and cancelled XenuTV’s […]

  105. TheEvilOfScientology Says:

    Could someone PLEASE post the video to Megaupload.com or Rapidshare.com

    Downloading torrent files is notoriously sloooow!

  106. Mahovlich Says:

    That sound I just heard was DM’s jaw hitting the floor.

  107. Anon Says:


  108. anon Says:

    this is incredible… ALERT THE INTERNETS!!! Thank you so much wbm for doing this and releasing it.

  109. GO MARK!!!! Says:

    Mark, Tory and Jason
    WOW!!! What an awe inspiring video. Jason, about your comments on feeling awful for bringing people into the church (with your voice overs, etc). Dont, you have now officially let the world know that these guys are just after money, whether the stuff works or not!
    I have posted links on all my Facebook groups and will continue to get the story across!!! Jason, Mark and Tory – you have just opened the floodgates!!! Now lets see what the higher ups in Scientology have to say (me thinks it might be along the lines of ‘Jason is a liar, he is a terrorist…yada yada yada’)
    PS: Mark – as a footnote: I have just heard from friends in South Africa how much the government is getting interested in supporting Scientology. The Anon/Anti Scientology movement is just hitting my home country’s beautiful shores but I fear it hit too late…any suggestions?
    The thing that worries me about these freaks hitting on vulnerable South Africans is that SA is rife with crime and there are hundreds and thousands of crime victims who are just ripe for the picking – willing to do anything to feel safe or find answers!!! And these f***ers are there, ready with their hands out to take all the money they can and give nothing in return! Check out the ‘get scientology out of south africa’ group on facebook – there are a few links to news reports about how the government is becoming major supporters!! And SCIENTOLOGY ‘PASTORS’ CAN NOW PERFORM MARRIAGES IN SA!!!

  110. Lawtears Says:

    Mark, Tori, Andreas and Jason – Thanks ever so much for your work. This is fantastic. Now if only we could get every public scientologist to watch this!

  111. Julenissen Says:

    Holy Cow, I’ve been sitting glued to this for the full interview. Thank you Jason Beghe for doing this interview. It will help alot of people to find the door with the EXIT sign. And of course thank to Mark, Tory, Andreas and so on for getting it all put togheter. Its breathtaking.. WOW.

  112. anonymouscritic Says:

    Cannot download part 6?
    I’ve got all the rest, but for some reason realplayer cannot download part 6 which includes alot about homosexuality. Can we pls download it Mark???

  113. CLE Says:

    very interesting information. One thing I have always been unclear on are these various levels he refers to. It is so confusing..all these different levels…odd stuff

  114. anonymouscritic Says:

    BTW this is beyond EPIC WIN, that term just doesn’t give what you have done enough credit! Thanks so much to Mark, Jason and Tory!

  115. Anonymous Says:

    Guys we need to contact comedy central and get their forgiveness for XenuTv uploading Stephen Colbert clips to Youtube.

    Learn about the situation here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvlOXswmJ2E

    Call Comedy Central here: 212 767 8600 (ask to be transferred to their copyright office and speak to “matt”)

    Email Stephen Colbert here:


    Dear Mr. Colbert,

    Please do whatever is in your power to rescind the copyright infringement claims against Mark Bunker and his YouTube channel Xenutv


    Thank you for your attention.


    Your Name Here

  116. D Says:

    For any media that get directed to these videos (and I hope they are) it may be worth adding a glossery – Jason Beghe uses a lot of Scientology terms, I had trouble keeping up in parts.

  117. […] Seriously, you have to devote a mini chunk of time to listen to Jason Beghe’s Scientology inte….  Particularly in section 5, toward the beginning when he describes the difference between TR-1 responses and TR-2 responses to a statement.  You see him put up an invisible wall and respond from behind it looking perfectly engaged.  It’s amazing. […]

  118. Soundmaster Says:

    I settled on the sound being right-sided only after a while, but suddenly, a new voice came out loud and clear from my left. I almost shit myself. Sheesh.

  119. RJII Says:

    thanks for the insight. scientology – what a crock of crap. Give David D a hug for me, he’s a good friend and deserves one. tom cruise is brainwashed w/those crazy eyes. Little in life is clear cause humans are fallable.

  120. bradS Says:

    the only other issue as with the video is the last line where Jason says “lunary of being in and being out” the problem is that most were already out before going in.

  121. Shane Says:

    Jason’s sound comes through one ear, questions come in both.
    In other words the sound is a little messed up.

  122. rich Says:

    thanks guys. (tear,sniff ,sniff)

  123. The Under Toad Says:

    I got a sick feeling inside when I saw Jason’s dog walk behind him, presumably in the back yard. If anybody has a way of contacting Jason, please please PLEASE tell him to keep the dog inside for the foreseeable future. Co$ must really loathe his guts now and I fear they will do something awful to that poor pup…. It has happened before.

    Mark, if you read this, PLEASE tell him to lock that dog up inside. Please….

  124. mitchell Says:

    I watched every minute of all the videos and I’m simply blown away. Unbelievable.

    I’m particularly devastated by the SeaOrg and what he describes as mental and physical slaves doing manual labor.

    This cult MUST be shut down.

  125. terryeo Says:

    unf unf my mouth is full of OSA dicks oh gofhmfmfmfmf

  126. Artoo45 Says:

    Wow. What a genuine and impressive guy Mr. Beghe appears to be. I really do believe he doesn’t have any other agenda than helping others stay out of the clusterfuck that is Scientology. It was so telling that the greatest “win” he ever had was in those first intoxicating days of being courted by the cult. Like a first date . . . with a charming sociopath. Great interview questions too, Mark. There was so much there, I’ll have to go over it again when I’m not working on other stuff (I couldn’t wait till after work). I think I just heard DM’s head explode.

  127. subgenius Says:

    amazing work thanks mark!

  128. Anonymous Says:

    And thanks to Mr. Beghe to reveal this scam.

  129. Tom Says:

    Kudos to Jason, Mark (and Andreas) for letting out on this dangerous cult!

  130. anonymity Says:

    Excellent! Keep up the awesome work Mark…

  131. Anona Says:

    Someone seed/post a working torrrent? This needs to hit the torrent circles now. I’ll seed many, many copies.


  133. Mr. Mister Says:

    Dear Mr. Bunker,

    You have just settle back and let the internet work. These cons are peeing in their pants right now.

  134. Succubus Says:

    Thanks to all involved, Mr. Bunker Ms. Magoo and Mr. Beghe!!

    You stories means so much to us and thank you so much for sharing. We are with you all the way!!

  135. How can I get my own seaorg slave?

  136. kikalucanico Says:

    It’s interesting that Jason Beghe is not quite sure what to make of L Ron Hubbard – he should read an 1983 Penthouse interview with LRH’s son, Ronald DeWolfe (L Ron Hubbard Jr.). He won’t have any more questions as to LRH’s sanity or motives and will also see the dark arts behind Scientology. LRH truly was the embodiment of pure, unadulterated evil.


  137. S Says:

    Thank you for sharing this! And thank you to Jason for doing the interview. This is an incredibly valuable PSA to those already in or those contemplating a life in CoS…

  138. EDK Says:

    A great and very personal interview. Thanks Mr. Beghe for beeing so honest and open!

  139. Ron Says:

    Again Mark, THANK YOU FOR THIS!

    It would not do the world any justice to let the 3 minute video made before to make the news and this whole interview not broadcasted as well.

    Sir, I do plan to get the word out about Scientology. I hope I am helping too. This intereview was POWERFUL in SOOOOOOOO many ways. The world cannot thank you enough, Mark. I cannot thank you enough, Sir.

  140. Lori Says:

    Mark, thanks so much for posting this, and so sorry to hear you’ve been given so much trouble in doing so!

    Jason has a lot to say and is such an excellent communicator. I hope we hear more from him in the future, he seems like a really stand-up guy.

    Jason, your experiences might make you feel bitter sometimes, but they aren’t in vain because you’re right. You want to help people and you ARE helping. You have a perspective that people who are still inside really need. It’s a cliche, but the truth will set people free. The church can’t fight truth, at least not forever.

    BTW those are beautiful dogs, it was nice to see them too 🙂 Please be careful with them, make sure they don’t get fed anything bad. You’re a critic now and your pets could pay the price for it. 😦

  141. Mandy Says:

    Thank you for posting this Mark. I admire Jason so much for this. He is doing something so many are afraid to do.

  142. Guy Fawkes Says:

    You Sir are so magnificent.

  143. Anonomoose Says:

    Jason, it takes a lot of guts to step forward like you did and be so open. I wish you the best in your recovery from Scientology.

    WBM, great interview and hopefully this will get the media attention it deserves!

  144. TheMockers Says:

    Added to stumbleupon.

  145. Smoof Says:

    Huzzah!! Good going WBM and Jason!!

  146. Guy Fawkes Says:

    Here is a playlist for all lazy people.

  147. mf Says:

    the fact that hearing this information is so unusual shows how oppressive scientology must be.

  148. […] Saturday, April 19, 2008 in Big News Writers, Editorial, Highlights, Humor, News, News & Commentary, News In Brief, Quick Takes, The BizTags: Chicago Hope, Family Law, Giovanni Ribisi, Jason Beghe, Jason Lee, Jenna Elfman, John Travolta, Katie Holmes, Kelly Preston, KFC, Melrose Place, R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A., Scientology, Suri Cruise, Tom Cruise Actor Jason Beghe made headlines this past week when the former Scientologist posted a video on YouTube denouncing the religion as “destructive and a ripoff.” Beghe then gave a more in-depth interview to the Village Voice about his dissatisfaction with the church of which he was a member for thirteen years. (A more extensive interview with Jason can be seen in a series of video clips here.) […]

  149. […] Beghe’s full rant on Scientology has finally been released! Last week, Jason and XenuTV uploaded a preview of his interview, but YouTube pulled the video and cancelled XenuTV’s […]

  150. MightyTiny Says:

    This was an exceptionally good interview – I feel like I gained real insight into how Scientology operates, how it lures people in, and how it keeps them addicted to it’s absurdly expensive courses.

    And I have whole new respect for Jason Beghe – not only did he have the considerable courage to speak out against an organization not adverse to resorting to even criminal means to silence, intimidate and harm critics, but it takes great courage and a good deal of humility for an intelligent man to acknowledge that he’s been scammed.

    This interview, if we managed to get scientologists to view it, would help to open a lot of eyes, methinks.

  151. anon101 Says:

    TY OH WBM!!!!!

  152. showaddywaddy Says:

    Jason is officially declared “Man With Balls” – MWB

  153. Jo/Montyollie Says:

    Great stuff Mark and Jason (and Tory on the sidelines!). A great interview. I watched it all, and my favourite line was how you explained that being in and being out is the line between being asleep and being awake. VERY profound.

    Thanks again for all you do Mark. And thanks to Vimeo for hosting the clips! (Phooey on YouTube!)

  154. […] oops sorry, it’s on xenutv Jason Beghe Interview THE WOG BLOG from XENU TV […]

  155. RKitty Says:

    Wow. Just wow.

    Thanks for putting up the interview and kudos to Mr. Beghe.

  156. Germanonymous Says:

    very interesting. thanks wbm

  157. V Says:

    Remember, remember

    The 5th of November

    The gunpowder treason and plot

    I know of no reason

    Why the gunpowder treason

    Should ever be forgot

  158. tnpk Says:

    Hell yeah! Knockout punch.

  159. Cameron Says:

    I had a huge crush on Jason when we were growing up. I am glad to see him back.

  160. Amy Says:

    Jason, thank you for coming forward and sharing your experiences. I deeply respect what you said and what you have been through. Thank you.

  161. j Says:

    Jason i think your very handsome and have a sexy voice. thanks for having the courage to forward against these dickheads!

  162. Shibi Says:

    Whew. That was a lot to digest but I’m glad that I was able to watch those videos. Thanks to Mr. Bunker for taping and showing this and to Mr. Beghe for truly illuminating these closely held beliefs. I think that you have helped, a lot. No one should have to pay $1M to learn how to save the galaxy or be kind to their neighbor. Thanks!

  163. Ford Says:

    This is outstanding. I have been keeping tabs on google news and it is slowly starting to get the attention it deserves and there is also some nice plugs for Vimeo and BlipTV.

    I am very glad this is getting out. It is an outstanding interview!!!

  164. Robin Says:

    I think I just got a lot smarter listening to Jason. I love his intellect, his sincerity, his concern for other people and his down to earth attitude.

    Thank you Jason, Mark and Tory.

  165. Church of $camology Says:

    Wow, these videos saved me millions of dollars. 😉

  166. CultsAreBad Says:

    “Five parts? I hope you’re seeing all eight parts. I need to go to sleep. I hope I don’t wake up to a technical nightmare.”

    Yeah, only 5 parts on Vimeo. Sorry. 😦 But the torrented videos are circulating widely, and the mirrored videos are going up all over now. The video’s out and it will never be completely censored. You might also look into Vuze, which is a mostly de-centralized medium.

  167. Victor Says:

    This is so fscking made of WIN… it’s not funny anymore!
    This is a GREAT interview and a good description of what goes on on the inside.
    Thank you Jason!
    Thank you Mark!
    I love you guys!

  168. Branchdavidianchick Says:

    I grew up in a “cult” for lack of a better word and I can totally identify with some of the things he is saying. Like when he says that he has a moment of regret that he believed something like this. I had those same moments after leaving my group. Interesting!

    Good Luck!

  169. Anon1212 Says:

    Just an amazing interview, and certainly about an amazing person.

    Listing to Jason Beghe’s speak about his time in Scientology really helps me see things from his point of view, or how he would have seen things as Jason Beghe: The scientologist. All in all, a very fascinating look at Mr. Beghe, and also the mechanisms that Scientology uses to prey on others. All these feelings, spiritual leanings, are things that any person can have. We all want to know who we are, or what our purpose is, and I think it shows just how universal Scientology’s danger is. To take something as powerful as a person’s spiritual life, and to use that context to control every aspect of that person is what Scientology does. It has taken from so many great religions, and even from Psychology and Psychoanalysis in order to use these techniques for the profit of themselves and to the ruin of others.

    Great to see this come out. What a fascinating, interesting, and informative look on what it means to be inside Scientology

  170. Mike Says:

    Wow. Just wow.

  171. messycabbage Says:

    Just wanna say thank you to jason, tory and mark for putting the greatest weapon we have in our arsenal to try and awake this sleeping mass… excellent video

  172. ann Says:

    Mr.bunker , you did excellent work .
    Mr beghe you very brave for speaking out and share what you know.
    thank you.

  173. Philbert Says:

    Scientologists worship Tom Cruise’s dick. I bet they run around taking turns sucking it.

  174. The Enturbulator Says:

    Good job, Mark. And a huge thank you to Jason for being brave enough to publicly take this stand. This is an epic win!

  175. Ignorance is not bliss Says:

    I’m sure people in Anonymous arent the brightest bulbs but you should know Ignorance is not always bliss. Learn the facts before you attempt to understand something.
    its so clear that they are a bunch of people who have nothing better to do than talk about things they know nothing about.

  176. http://RipeVideos.Com has some more good stuff like this!

    Scientology is a scam for sure.

  177. Adam Says:

    Wow. Strong message. Get this video out to the world, everywhere!

  178. Mr Shmallow Says:

    This was awesome. Thanks alot to all involved in making this available for us to see. Jason and Mark, you rule!

  179. Anon436 Says:

    Woot, this shit is ace.

  180. Kanonny Says:

    Wow, is it possible to get a transcription of the clips? Awesome work, WBM! 🙂

  181. stoneman Says:

    OK! After watching all 8 segments, I need to see a Pyschologist. FUCK ME THAT IS SOME HEAVY SHIT!!!! P.S. Do I have to give up Mastubating?

  182. CultsAreBad Says:

    Mark, I’m uploading these videos to my YouTube account without your direct authorization. If you don’t want people to mirror these on YouTube (though I suspect you do), please say the word and I’ll pull them right away.

  183. DC8-Bomber Says:

    It’s already up:

    Guy Fawkes Says:
    April 21, 2008 at 2:22 pm

    Here is a playlist for all lazy people.

  184. Stephanie Huerta Says:

    I have to say that there are parts that nearly brought me to tears with Jason Beghe’s candor and honesty and sincerity – but the part about his regret and remorse for having brought people into the cult – just WOW. Jason, Mark, Andreas & Tory, you guys should be very very proud of yourselves. I’m in awe of all of you!

  185. Free Spirit Says:

    Wow… I’ve been looking forward to this one. There should be more people like Jason. I’m very impressed.

    But don’t say anything against American Spirits or I’ll sue you! ;o) They are the best cigarettes in the world! The only true cigarettes! :o)

  186. Simke Says:

    Great interview thanks Mark. Jason, and every one involved in this interview.

  187. CultsAreBad Says:

    “It’s already up:

    Guy Fawkes Says:
    April 21, 2008 at 2:22 pm

    Here is a playlist for all lazy people.


    With Scientology, you cannot have too many mirrors of videos which are critical of them, as Mark and Tory know all too well. I’m fully intending on being yet another mirror for this information, in an “I am Spartacus!” sort of manner; the idea is that they can’t ban us all. I just wanted Mark’s official blessing to do so. If he feels that in light of recent events YouTube is no longer an acceptable medium for what is rightfully his content, I will respect his wishes and take these down from my own Blogs, YouTube account, etc.

  188. Mary Says:

    This was amazing, being an outsider who has become active in ANON, I thank you Jason, for a very truthful account of what you went through. You really are such a great guy! You’re personality shines through, what you once lost has now returned. Keep up the great work, and enjoy life with your beautiful family and friends, god knows, you surely deserve some fuckin’ happiness. Again, thank you…..

  189. Suzanne Says:

    Very cool Mark…… great job.

  190. Ultrapoet Says:


    Just wow.

    My hat is off to you, Mr. Beghe. And to you, Mr. Bunker.

    I hope this is the beginning of the end for Scientology.

  191. Jim Gardner Says:

    Utterly fantastic!

  192. Nash Says:

    Thank you Mark for this interview with Jason and for posting it. Thank you Jason for coming forward and talking about your personal experiences. That was awesome and spoke so much of the truth. It sparked allot of the memories I have from my short lived experience with the church. I caught onto scam thankfully pretty early into it. I just really hope people are listening. It may not be as easy to pull out those who are deep into it right now but it could save folks from becoming a part of it in the future. It’s a scam folks, a great big FUCKING scam. Church of Scientology what are your crimes????

  193. Gary A Says:

    Great job Jason and Mark and Tory! Jason, you’re story is insightful and genuine.
    you guys are doing great and important work. Thankyou!

  194. DeadFace Says:

    Hey Mark…

    Ever thought of having a WBM Podcast on iTunes?

    Is good download source and exposure. Could be visible on podcast homepage with subscriber count being so high.

  195. […] full interview with Jason Beghe is now available here. Watch it now. Enjoy. « « Jason Beghe Interview […]

  196. Anon Says:

    I knew Mark Bunker was good but, damn! This is a hell of an interview. Well done Wise Beard Man.

  197. C_Van Says:

    Thank you for your courage in speaking out, Jason. Good luck on your road back to the WOG (Wonderful, Original, General) world. And, thanks, Mark, for doing this.

  198. Awakened1 Says:

    Thank you for this Jason, Mark, Tory and Andreas!!!! This speaks volumes! It is so clear and concise in examining and identifying the cons of Scientology. Jason thank you for your courage and your clarity! This is a must view by all! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  199. Frank D Says:

    Very interesting Jason.

    It seems like there were some wins at first…I mean getting out of your body is no small thing I think you’d agree. Some Eastern religions spend 1/2 a lift time trying to do this and you did it the second day in Scientology…That doesn’t sound bad.

    I do see your point though…where does this stuff go off the rails? There are wins and then some more wins then it kind of goes wrong…which is too bad. Would really be great if someone could just keep winning.
    Ron’s gone and I don’t feel they know how to fix it. Better luck next life time…if there is one.

  200. knw Says:

    Just ground breaking. Thank you and well done to all involved. Very brave, insightful and extremely emotive. These are real people with the best intentions.

    This interview will have a real impact on people in the cult I believe.

    I hope the tides are turning.

  201. ThetanMonger Says:

    Hey all, grab your nearest torrent client and head for MiniNova, has ALL 8 parts in DivX.
    has tons of uploaders and downloaders working together, i haven’t checked the quality yet but we shall see how good it is.

    sorry no links for mark’s legal protection rofl.

    google “Jason Beghe Torrent” first link,
    google “mininova” and use their internal site search to find “Jason Beghe”

  202. ,?;:! Says:


    As my name, I have listed some examples of punctuation marks other than the period. You should try using them.

  203. […] ‘poster boy for Scientology,’ Jason Beghe, OTV, Class V auditor, and seasoned character actor speaks out in a two hour interview about his experience as a celebrity in the CoS. A week ago Mark Bunker, affectionately known as Wise Beard Man to the Anonymous movement, posted […]

  204. AnonX Says:

    Many thanks to WBM for that awesome interview.

    Jay-B is simply kick-ass . Amazing that he got out of this trap. He deserve better than this CoS shit.

  205. Jason and Wise Beard Man,

    How can I get out?


  206. El Mar Says:

    Thank you both for the interview. It was very educational, and it’s helpful to understand what is going on and what that keeps people in. Everybody who wants a balanced view of Scientology should watch this interview.

  207. […] possible. Audio only even. I’m on a lowfi connection 😦 Hi AnonKiwi, links to all videos are on: Jason Beghe Interview THE WOG BLOG from XENU TV I am currently working on extracting the audio from the video files I have, these will be added to […]

  208. kathy Says:

    I’m so glad to see someone coming forward this way. Nice work, Jason.

  209. JJ Says:

    That was a very powerful interview. Alot of anger and frustration expressed through his vulgar language. I totally understand. Gotta be one of the worst feelings in the world waking up and realizing you have been conned. Well done Mark!

  210. Chuck Beatty Says:

    Truly historical!

    Thanks to Jason for just laying it all out!

    I hope MORE celebs will just let Scientology go splat out of their lives!

    Chuck Beatty
    ex Sea Org staffer (1975-2003)
    412-260-1170 Pittsburgh, USA

  211. Murielle Says:

    He is so fresh and raw, and without any phoniness. His honesty in this talk is so fascinating. This interview is interesting beyond Scientolgoy or anything.

  212. Lulzer Says:


    I just saw the X-Files episode where Jason Beghe guest stared as a Forest Ranger. I only got it o see the interaction between Jason and David Duchovny. It was cool.

    X-Files ~ Season 01 Episode 20 “Darkness Falls”

  213. Phillip Says:

    Just finished watching the whole interview. Very interesting. I think it’s kind of given me a better perspective of Scientology. I sort of thought that everyone in Scientology was bad, but its kinda opened my eyes that they’re mostly good, and just need help.

    I was thinking about the end when Jason was talking about DM, and how Jason said that he “knows”, and that he know’s he’s lying to people. Maybe DM doesn’t “know”, or just refuses to believe, as what most scientologists do. Maybe all of scientology has been left in autopilot since LRH died, and NO ONE know’s what the fuck is going on, but everyone in scientology refuses to realize truth, so they’ll all in a fucking theata trap, collecting more and more people in this trap as they go.

    I think LRH was smart to say that the “psycs” are bad, cause the only way some of scientologists can be saved would be though some hardcore therapy.

  214. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you, Jason.
    We got your back!

  215. Ania Says:

    Thank you! this was a fantastic interview and this is going to leave a major burn on Scientology!! with Anonymous spreading it all over the internet and big name news networks picking it up. Scientology has NO idea who they are messing with.

  216. 3rdMan Says:

    This guy has got brass bollocks for being so forthcoming with his experiences. I hope this reaches as many people as possible, both inside and outside Co$. I have noticed ever since April 12th that there are more ex-scientologists and more people are knowing about why they are leaving and why Anons are protest. Knowledge is powerful indeed. Thank you John for sharing. And thank you WBM for delivering.

  217. guy falkes Says:

    what he says about DM at the end of video 8 is EXACTLY what happened to Hitler. One thing we don’t drive clear in this world is that NO ONE sees themselves as the bad guy. They are either the victim or the hero. Hitler was never a victim… he just like how he’s describing DM.


    The truth will always set us free. There is no price for peace of mind

  219. anonamarkus Says:


    This is great stuff!

  220. cloak616 Says:

    I don’t know what was better – all the cussin’ or Beghe’s use of Vince Vaughn’s “babies.”

    Appreciate the effort Mark put in this and love that he is providing it FREE OF CHARGE (as all useful info should be) and allowing us to mirror it all over hell’s internetos. Thank you verah much.

    Appreciate Jason’s candor, his obvious residual pain, and the humour. Tip of the hat to you, sir. Well done and a belated ‘welcome back’ to you as well.

    (Hey, you up there at 8:23pm – David Miscavige. Yeah I’m talkin’ to you, richboi. You made me laugh and spit up rice-a-roni on my keyboard. The hell? I want a new one – and make it gold, baby. Solid fuckin’ gold)

  221. Krol-On Says:

    Very nice interview. Congratulations to Mark, Tori, Andreas and to Mr. Beghe.
    He, and any former $cilon deserve applauses for their courage to come foward and talk about their experiences inside de cult.

  222. Thanks to Jason, Mark and Andreas! Andreas connected up Mark and I with Jason,
    so thank you Andreas for once again touching someone’s life and helping them speak out!

    Mark: Fantastic job editing… I love it!

    Jason, each time I listen to this, I hear more. Thank you SO much for saying ALL
    that you do. You have **no** idea how many people, both in and out, families, artists
    and young people you’re helping right now, as I type. I know one thing: It’s WAY More people than you can imagine. Lives are changing right now, just because of THIS interview and your courage to speak out!

    I’m honored to know Jason and to have been able to watch this unfold: Great job, everyone!

    Tory/Magoo~~X-Scientologist after 30 years “in”, escaped out in 2000:

  223. Dawgman Says:

    I have been waiting all week to watch this… I just watched the entire clip and it was definitely worth the wait! I even e-mailed youtube to complain about xenutv1 being suspended.

    Excellent job! This was very well done, I am now a huge fan of Jason’s.

    Please keep interviewing Jason, I am interested to hear stories about everything as I am fascinated by this evil cult and hope the members will wise up and quit.

    Jason: Write a book, you will sell millions of copies and make your $$ back that Co$ took.

    With all of the friends that you lost from Co$, you have gained 10x as many in the ‘real world’.

    Seattle, WA

  224. Bobbie Says:

    Jason, I have been out for a year as well. I saw some of the same things in regards to sick and crazy OT’s. I realized there were somethings that were just not right. I luckily had great results from the auditing, most the time, I went all the way up through OT 5. and was also an auditor.
    I was considered a natural clear, maybe that is why I did so well. but I was way too much of a free thinker for the group to have me on their lines. I started studying other things over 5 years ago. The C of S is simply not tolerant of any other practices or religions. I got out because I looked into other practices and questioned the Death Certificate and other things in the history of LRH, for example The OTO, and the influence of Alister Crowley.
    What I have realized is that there are many workable practices out now that are actually helping people. EFT and Theta healing, to mention a few. Now I feel a sense if freedom to explore what ever I wish , with out any quilt. I think the biggest win I got out of Scientology is the discovery of who I really am, there is no title and no religion that I have to attach to who I am. I am.
    be well, You know me.

  225. Yes! Please do Part 2 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I know there’s tons more coming. What a FABULOUS interview!

    Blessings to ALL~~

    Burbank, CA
    (818) 588-3044

  226. Anonymous Says:

    Downloads in progress. This interview plus the complete OT documents will always be on the Internet.

  227. PowertoAnonymous Says:

    Argh My left speaker is broken and I can’t hear the beard.

  228. Jake Says:


    Thank you so much for your candor and your insight-your stories have shed a little more light on how well-meaning, passionate, empathetic folks are captured by Scientology. I would be very interested to hear your responses to Philip Zimbardo’s “Psychology of Attitude Change and Social Influence,” which breaks down the patterns of cult psychology.


    Keep rockin like you just can’t stop.


  229. Wig3000 Says:

    Yes, thank you for broadcasting.

  230. CHazmisener Says:

    Its true.. Scientology is fucked.. but its also true as Jason sais, there is some good stuff in it, that does help you find/ and realize your true spiritual nature. I am currently on my very first course in Scientology, i decided to take the course because i wanted to look into it myself… My mom is a scientologist my dad is an Ex scientologist.. Its just too fucking true, my mom is a nervous wreck and shes OT4, she always seemed to be worried about something or other. BUt anyway… From what i have observed, so far on my course (Basic Comunication Course [the TR1 jason mentions, about just sitting there with your eyes closed and being there]) i also had a big win with that, being present, and that is the greatest thing i have taken from scientology, but i have come to the realization that it is fucked because they try to sell you more, when thats all you need to know… Being present… Everythings mixed up though, because alot of the people that hate against scientology dont really know about the basic spiritual truth that does exist, and its a shame that many will just jump on the bandwagon and be like “”YEAAHHH ANOTHER THING TO HATE ON, YEAAA WAY TO GO JASON””” YEAH YOU RULE THE WORLD”””FUCKIN YEAH”” like i dont believe jason spoke out to construct that way of thinking in people.. But in the end the truth is, the world doesn’t need scientology to awaken.. theres many other things happening to raise conciousness. ECKHART TOLLE speaks the TRUTH!!!!!!!! BE HERE>>>> NOWWW peace

  231. Kaito Says:

    Good to finally hear his story, keep up the great work mark!

  232. Bobbie Says:

    I went to a Zen Buddhist temple and did the silent meditation and realized where LRH got the idea of the basic communication drills especially, the first two. Just sitting there and being there, and allowing the pictures to just flow through until they stop, and one can eventual just be in a state of silent meditation, that is a very good way to realize who you really are, and to know thy self is what will set one truly free.
    So truly the first two communication drills alone could do wonders. The power of intension and being in the now are also very good. I like Echart Tolle’s books. I liked the movie “The Secret” as well.

  233. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks so much Mark, yet again. And much thanks to Jason for following through with this interview and getting the word out on the dangers of this cult. I’m working on getting this altogether as one video and I’ll upload it to Google Video for easier viewing.

  234. randomx Says:

    What a guy ! Jason needs to get a given a decent role in a hollywood movie pronto. People all over the globe are gonna want to see more of this guy. One decent movie contract and he could get back all the cash he flushed down Miscavige`s toilet back.
    Everybody reading this needs to start the buzz.
    Jason Beghe a true Hollywood hero.

  235. l3reak Says:

    Thank you so much for you honesty & basic human decency, Jason.

  236. Peregrine Says:

    Wow. Just . . . wow.

    Thanks so much you people, all of you, the old guard, the new. Thankyou for your courage and heroism. Thankyou for being such fine and decent human beings under the most extraordinary circumstances.

    Good times coming guys 🙂

  237. Guy Fawkes Says:

    The upload process to Youtube is completed. Just click and watch.

  238. knw Says:

    I just googled ‘scientology’ and wikipedia came up first, which makes me think all of the controversy over this has made people want to know more.

    I hope this is what is happening anyway.

    Am in Oz, so I don’t expect to see any coverage of this on any of our five free to air stations, but they may just surprise me.

    Again, great interview. I wish it was all over the tv, papers et al.

  239. David Says:

    That was…intense. And hilarous – Rinder looked like “a villain in a cheap fucking B movie.” 😀

    The “english” will hopefully help it get heard by the people who need to hear. I was really touched at the end. I felt your compassion for those still inside. It really communicated that (apart from any deliberate evildoers in the church) they really deserve it.

    Thank you both and Andreas for suggesting it.

  240. Siobhan Says:

    Jason, you are one courageous man. This has to be very difficult and devastating for you. Keep your head high and know that there are people out there who are going to see this and reach out to you and offer all the support you could ever want.

  241. James Says:

    You should be able to upload the video in its entirety at video.google.com – this also lets people download it for ipods and Sony PSPs.

  242. Anon Says:

    OH SHI-

    THERE’S A DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  243. Guy Fawkes Says:

    Another playlist.

  244. Anonymous Says:

    Wow. This is ground-breaking.

  245. Sorcerer Says:

    $cientology cannot fight aganst the Internet. These vidz will be always online. Even if they are deleted, anyone can upload them again and again and again and again and again and …

  246. Rob Says:

    I’ve added this to my links section. Nice work!

  247. ThetanMonger Says:

    That video alone is enough to destroy anybody, i love how he even mentions the super powers, immortality, umm wiping out and controlling the world. You know the stuff the public loves. =| poor guy though, i guess all ex-scn’s feel messed with like that.

    overall this video summarizes many of the things we fight for am i rights =)! Move forward legion May10 will be their next fall =P

    That man has some of whatever the wise beard is made of because he is pretty damn brave =O best of luck to you and your family Jason.

    Thanks to Jason and his interviewers, i will definitely spread this like a disease lol

  248. Well, nice to know Beghe is speaking out. It would be nice if this could be put on a torrent in full DVD quality.


  249. germanonymous Says:

    has anybody any idea how many people have seen the vids and how many mirrors/links there are? thanks

  250. NO SOUND? Says:

    If you have no sound, it’s due to a new component in DiVX codecs. Go to http://www.divx.com or download a driver pack which has a new version in it! Thanks 🙂

  251. I embedded the video to my site. Everyone with a Blog or website should do the same.


    Awesome job to Mark, Tory, and Jason!!!!!!

  252. Mitsu Too Says:

    This is the best interview ever, ever, ever, ever, ever,,,,seriously ever. We wants moar!

  253. terribletommy66613 Says:

    Jason (and everybody else),
    You REALLY want to stick it to Scientology? Then check out my church’s new website at: http://www.fcosp.com


  254. Tare69 Says:

    Mark and Janson, this was great interview and I hope that many people will watch thise and keep themselfs out of Scientology’s influence (it is disease)… It is rip of in big scale and nobody needs Scientology’s church, nobody…

    TAX TAX and more TAX to that ‘church’ … Dou, it is ‘church’…

    – Tare69

  255. wargl Says:

    The mother of all interviews. I loved seeing the raw material for this interview rather than a glossy edited version. It makes it much more believeable and real.


  256. Kevin Says:

    Insightful and highly appreciated..
    Deepest thanks for making this available.

  257. Englishman Says:

    That was well worth the wait, but why the mad stereo, it had me messing with my speakers until you spoke.
    I wonder how many news networks pick it up.

  258. ThetanMonger Says:

    Never Fear! Texas set an example by preparing to revoking religious status and tax-exemption. Once this policy sets in and hopefully it travels globally. Like Al Capone even if we can’t nail Co$ for its crimes maybe we can nail it for tax evasion hehe.

    Fun Fact – FBI search Church of Scientology, the pages are private but it shows there are more pages on the Co$ then Al Capone himself, that’s gotta say something lol.

  259. Jack Says:

    Way to go Jason! You have helped more people than ou will ever know. Bravo to you and Mark!

  260. Light Bringer Says:

    After being in there for almost 15 years, I think this is just the BEST!!!

    Jason. Thank you. You laid this ALL on the line. How people get sucked in. How they stay…and most of all, how they LOSE THEMSELVES. EVERYTHING becomes all about using RON’S solutions and never finding any of your own. No matter what comes up in your life, there’s always a Ron-bot there to say, “Well…LRH reference says ___________ is how you handle that”. Never figure out anything for yourself. And after awhile you lose yourself and becomes all about being a good Scientologist, staying on the Bridge or on course ALL the time.

    How the hell are you supposed to have TIME to go enjoy life or use anything you learn when all they do is keep you running like a rat on a wheel on course, in session, spend money, go get more money (and they don’t care how you get it as long as you get it)….you can go bankrupt and they wouldn’t care one bit. They would call you “upstat” if you lost everything you had to achieve “OT” (which as Jason says IS a crock of total BS!!!)

    Anyway, Jason, thank you so much man. And you know, maybe all of us on here who have money tied up and refuse to sign away our rights to take legal action against the church to get it back, should band together and start a Class Action. I have money tied up in there and first these crooks get you to sign their “enrollment agreement” when you join stating all your money is “donations”. You don’t really understand why or think about that when you sign up. They also state in there that you can’t sue them, or bring in any third parties if you want a refund, but must go by THEIR policies. They send you on some wild goose chase with “routing forms” and demanding you get all your cancelled checks proving you paid, receipts etc. etc. EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE COPIES OF NOT ONLY ALL YOUR ENROLLMENT FORMS BUT COPIES OF YOUR MONEY ON ACCOUNT. You send them their OWN receipts and unlike any other bonafide company, they don’t accept that and just write you a check. Plus, they want you to sign away your legal rights to sue them or make any more claims against them if you they return your money. And this is after they’ve already sold you a crock of FRAUD in the first place. But most people don’t have a leg to stand on because of the enrollment agreement at the beginning.

    Anyway…a Class Action Suit sounds great if someone would or could get the ball rolling. Tory? Mark? Any insights here. My guess? It’s like the move Antz. ONE small ant can’t do much in litigation against those voracious band of locusts sucking us dry, but if all of the thousands of people who’ve lost money got together, well…..who knows what could happen! I’d bet there’s thousands who would come forward.

    I’m off subject here…but Jason, thank you again. YOU have opened the door to so many possibilities for all of us long time members who feel just like you do!!

  261. The Sheriff's Come to Town Says:

    I’m digging this idea of class action!!! Yeah, baby!

    NOW is the time, folks. Don’t give them time to think, regroup or anything.
    In this past six or eight months, a scathing autobiography on Tom Cruise has come out, Jenna Hill (David Mis-Carriage’s niece) has come forward to SUPPORT the book and denounce the Church widely and publicly, Mike Rinder (OSAs top DOG) has either left on his own or got ousted by Little Lord Fauntleroy (David M), Anon has been protesting all over the WORLD, members have been leaving left and right, ex-members have been speaking out openly…some for the first time, and now this BRILLIANT piece by Jason with Mark and Tory’s help.

    The time is now to take them down! Let’s make it happen.

  262. AnonyMAX Says:

    WOW! That was a really powerful interview. I absolutely love the fact that there was minimal cutaway so that COS can’t say any of Jason’s words were edited out of context. Jason’s honesty is refreshing in a world full of bullshit, and I for one am happy to heard what he had to say.

    All Hail Wise Actor Man!!

  263. CHazmisener Says:

    PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE, everyone who have protested or havethe idea of bringing down the church, although im with everyone on it as the church is fucked up, i still think that those who know nothing of spiritual practises should study it, look up Eckhart Tolle, because raising the conciousness of Earth IS important if we want to survive as a spiecies, and the basic TR course DO RAISE YOUR CONCIOUSNESS. Scientology, UNDER all its crap of engrams and past life bullshit, UNDER IT ALL THE ESSENCE OF YOUR TRUE SELF IS THERE. I just dont think its completely right to take something down that your oblivious to, you should know and you should have experienced present time, AND DONT PROTEST OUT OF EGO, because there are people who can benifit from the basic idea that WE ARE SPIRITUAL BEINGS. DO NOT SUPRESS THAT INFORMATION…. although i must say ECKHART TOLLE says it all people. Just do me a favour anyone who has never been through the church, or never done anykind of spiritual thing. PLease Raise your own conciousness aswell, rather then just being descrutive of something to hate on. KEEP YOUR COMPOSURE. DONT GET FLABBERGASTED LIke this “sherrif comes to town” guy because I can see how all ALL of this destruction CAN, AND WILL create some stupidity if it is not done properly. Peace.

  264. John the Rationalist Says:

    What we need is a concerted grass roots effort to have $scientology’s tax exempt status, and status as a ‘church’, revoked by the US govt. A congressional inquiry is required. Everyone write your elected officials and demand an investigation. This is not religious persecution, this is govt. sponsored (through financial benefit) cultism. Texas is starting, get your state involved! Do it for your part of the galaxy!

  265. Lizzie Says:

    Soooooo Good. I love people who speak TRUTH, Thank You for taking the time and effort to make this interview happen….you have Helped more than you know!

  266. Brndn Says:

    Awesome! I’m sure everybody and their mom went to look him up on IMDB because his starmeter is off the charts:

    28,666% since last week

    Hahaha… Keep up the good work, gentlemen!

  267. […] Interview with ex-Scientologist Jason Beghe – They call them ‘Thetans’ . I call them ‘Flavor Crystals’. […]

  268. AnonymousNow Says:

    very compelling. better than any 60 minutes segment I have seen.

    excellent work WBM. good job allowing the interviewee speak for himself.

  269. Leanne Says:

    Amazing interview Mark/Tory very well done. I now have a new respect for Jason Beghe and how courageous he is.

    This makes me believe more so that Scientology is just one huge scam… Although a very cleaver scam.
    LRH has taken proven psychiatrist practices and turned them into a money making religious belief. Stolen them even!

    Yes you can gain higher spiritual perceptiveness from SOME of these courses and gain better understanding of every day issues from others. And yes these courses are worth paying for!

    But not for so much money. And you shouldn’t turn these courses into a religious belief so that you guarantee they return and pay more and more.

    This is why I hate Scientology, they have taken meaningful ideas and turned them into a fully blown religion for financial gain. They split families and friends up as part of their belief to ensure their members turn to them only.

    It makes me sick.

    Thank you Mark Tory and Jason, thank you so much 🙂

  270. JaneBriefcase Says:

    Finally someone speaks out. Thank you Jason and Mark.

    Next on the list–find Mike Rinder.

  271. Adam Says:


    I agree with you that it is important to find yourself amidst the delusion of “self”, but not at the expense of my humanity. As Jason Beghe said, he felt it right off the bat. But that’s all you need…you don’t need to pay for courses to get you there. You either realize your true potential or you don’t, and there are no courses that allow you to do so. The proof is in the pudding on this one…look at the way the scientologists act in the video’s on this website, and I think that that’s proof enough that while you may realize your self in the beginning, you are certainly a pawn by the end.

  272. Hunterswine Says:

    Thank you Mark and thank you Jason for this honest discussion. The right to think and responsibly speak your mind is the corner stone of this country. Freedom, truth and justice for all that have been harmed and had their lives ruined by the cult is what we are after. To the folks that say A is a “anti-religious terrorist group” i say this:
    We the people should not allow ANY group or org. that commits crimes, to use the American constitution as a way to protect themselves from consequences. We the people have the right to protect the integrity of the constitution and not allow the clear abuse of it. We the people have the right to seek justice for those victims who can not or will stand up for themselves out of fear. We the people have the right to watch, listen and say what ever we want, as long as it does not directly cause harm to innocent people, the key word being”innocent”. We the people are fighting for one thing: FREEDOM! We are the people, we are the solution.

  273. Jon Says:

    The hard pans on the audio are hard on the ears. I’d avoid this in the future.

  274. Number6 Says:

    Great interview: he comes across as a very intelligent and charismatic man.

    US slang: At the end he talks of ‘putting English on it.’ for those of us in the UK – I don’t know f you’ve come across this as a term in this context. I came across it playing Pool in LA. It’s what American’s call screwback; putting English on the ball. I guess he means he want to pullback from complete condemnation (of the good people involoved in the cult). Just FYI.

    Great job folks!!

  275. Zenster Says:

    Thank you, Jason. Your actions were courageous and much needed to counteract Scientology’s Public PR machine and Black Pr bulldozers for critics.

    It was interesting to me that each time you mentioned something in Scientology that you felt actually worked, it so obviously was copied by L Ron Blubbard from Zen Teachings.

    “come up to present time”?
    Several thousand years ago, Zen practitioners taught “BE HERE NOW”

    TR 0?
    Again, Zen teaches “stop thinking’ and non-attachment to the mind

    “Be Yourself”?
    Again, Zen teaches to contact the real you, the INNER KNOWER
    the koan what was your face before you were born is a “process” far superior to anything dreamed up by the drug abusing L Ron Blubbard.

    Jason, as part of your recovery from your brainwashing, may I recommed that you read
    “A Western Approach To Zen” by Christian Humphreys.

    Good Luck! You have gotten your life back and it is precious.
    Enjoy every moment

  276. CaptainSlug Says:

    I pieced it together into a single file and got it up on youtube in it’s full 2hr 2m glory.

  277. xspire Says:

    Absolutely, incredibly, amazingly Mindblowing!

    A fantastic interview.

  278. amanda from dallas Says:

    hey mr. bunker,

    this work is monumental!! jason seems like such a nice guy and he’s so brave for speaking out!!

    much love to you,

  279. Anonymous Says:

    CaptainSlug, I did the same thing. Here’s an alternate source in case YouTube has some, er, “technical difficulties” again: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2919780359261818827&hl=en

  280. […] Xenu is winning… April 22, 2008 I’m sure Scientology is not too happy with this. With all the anti-Scientology stuff going on, and how it’s becoming more and more prevalent, […]

  281. FreedomSeeker Says:

    Please transate it in Italian ….. please !!!!!

    I don’t understand almoust anything !! 😦

    Or at least publish the transcription.

  282. jonathan Says:

    Too bad someone ruined these videos by senselessly hard panning 99% of the audio. It wouldn’t have been so bad to just hard pan the other guy’s voice.

    Seriously, I can’t bear it. I know I’d be interested in this but I can’t listen to it.

  283. Anonymous Says:

    Love the interview, first hand experience from a celebrity.

    To Scientologist: We understand your good intentions, but the greedy cult organization you’re in doesn’t help the cause.

  284. Anonymous Says:

    wow, this was the most eye opening interview i’ve every seen. The world should stand up and applaud Mr Beghe for coming forward in this away. let me be the first to start ~ (clapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclap)

  285. […] part one of Jason Beghe’s full interview on Scientology (via dlisted). The rest are here. Beghe has been speaking out about the cult via excerpts on YouTube as well as […]

  286. Karl Says:

    Jason, I’m really happy you’re out of that mess. You strike me as a man of integrity and intellect, as well as brave. All respect for that.

    Jason, WBM and everyone else involved behind the stage, good work! I’m really curious as to what will happen, and hopeful that the world may soon have one less evil in it. Evil is certainly a strong word, but nothing of a more diplomatic tone suffices in expressing the insidious abuse and destructiveness of it.

  287. Av Says:

    I can’t see Part 6 and 7

    Are they posted?

  288. […] an interesting interview with Jason Beghe about leaving Scientology. Sounds very familiar. I’m having a moment.… of coming out […]

  289. Av Says:

    now it’s working.
    Well I have to say:
    “there’s not perfection in the human nature”
    is not for us to be perfect but better everyday.

    Good for you Jason “you woke up”

  290. ohbuddy Says:

    im pretty sure someone already said this but i really appreaciate his candor i can see how this has affected him and hope that he just gets better and better as the says pass would love to see maybe a second interview ask him some more questions like from viewers but i get this sense that he just wants to return to a normal life………… love you guys tory, wbm, jasonand andreas …. if any other former scientologists are reading we are waiting to listen

  291. ciccio Says:

    I have just finished watching part 4. I have never been able to even understand how anyone can take any of their bullshit- I knew one of them in 1960, I now have a vague idea. When he mentions that fact that having spent all that money had in all likelihood kept him in there longer than hat was good for him, I was reminded of a study on the effectiveness of placebos. Cheap white pills were the least effective. The more expensive and bigger, more colourful they got, the better they worked. So now we know scientology is a very good placebo.

    I notice some posters spell scientology with capital letters. Stop this nonsense immediately!

  292. anonymous Says:

    So what is L10?

  293. Anonli Says:


  294. […] That’s how crazy I am. Did everyone get a chance to see the Jason Beghe interview on xenutv? Jason Beghe Interview THE WOG BLOG from XENU TV It’s huge. It’s a disheartening that we do all this picketing and get so little press while he […]

  295. […] operate. In particular the greedy mechanisms of scientology. Great stuff. roll a fatty and enjoy Watch it here. […]

  296. Anonymous Says:

    There’s a full cut of it, I think mark should put this up instead.

    Greets ~ Anonymous.

  297. scaredofCoS Says:

    “Six figures ain’t dick”
    How did this guy end up in scientology? He’s intelligent, practical, and has a good sense of humor. Extreme introspection plus self-help-itis may have done it. Anyway, I could watch him for hours….I guess that’s why he’s an actor.

  298. Anonnimoose Says:

    Thank you, Mark, Magoo, and Jason, for putting this together- it feels like a punch in the gut, to see this decent-seeming guy kicking himself for making a stupid decision years ago.

    Things will get better, dude. We’re all supporting you. I’m sure David’s glad as hell you’re back, too.

    Thanks for speaking out.

  299. As a former church member, many, many thanks, Jason.

    Your honesty and clarity have helped get a better handle on what the hell happened in my life. I came into the church as a little kid and have family that are SO lifers. I know you’re right – they sincerely believe what they are doing is for good. They are the most well intentioned beings you could find. I’m afraid they are unable to think their own thoughts at this point. The risk of what ethics action (labor camp) even thinking a negative thought would subject them to is too great, because they’d end up confessing it, so I think they just stop thinking. Maybe this video will have that same clearing effect you spoke of – if enough people break out of the trap, the untruth will dissipate and allow them to see for themselves.

  300. […] door. I think youll greatly enjoy this interview. That is, unless your name is David Miscavige. And here are the videos. I’ve watched the first one so far – there are 8 of them in all about 6mins long each. So far […]

  301. Eve Says:

    Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!! This interview makes me feel hopeful for those still inside, and also for those who might be flirting with the idea of joining. Lies and manipulation tactics are being exposed all over the world in so many areas, religion, politics, corporations etc; it’s like there is a TRUTH-fest underway, emerging at long last. Authenticity is priceless!

  302. Justin Says:

    That was a great, fascinating interview, and it obviously took a lot of courage and insight. Jason et al are to be commended. I think the problem is much bigger than Scientology though, and that people are picking on that religion with probably about the same disproportionality that the Romans picked on the Christians and the Christians picked on the Muslims and the Egyptians picked on the Jews, etc., etc. All religion should be examined with the same cynical, skeptical eye. Don’t just pick on Scientology because it’s the new kid on the block. Pick on it because it’s stupid and pick on all religions because they are all just as hogwashy.

    What Scientology does is nothing different than what any organized religion does: it gets a bunch of people to throw reason out the window and donate a ton of money to perpetuate the problem. I don’t see that Xenu is any different than Satan, that L. Ron Hubbard is any different than Muhammad, that OTs are different than Lamas, that Dianetics is different than the Torah, that Clearing is different than being “born again.” In 200 years, the Freewinds will be analogous to Charon’s boat. Pretty soon they’ll be selling pieces of Galactic Confederacy ships just like they sold pieces of the True Cross in the Middle Ages.

    If you think Scientology is on the way out, you must think religion, psychosis, group think, and mob mentality are on the way out too, because that is the only way it would ever go away. I hope, for everyone’s sake, that that is true.

  303. […] calling this number) The video everyone should be directing the media to is either Mark’s Blog: Jason Beghe Interview THE WOG BLOG from XENU TV Or, this cut together version (Captain Slug, you may want to link to Mark’s blog which is the […]

  304. Ohyeh_man Says:

    Beghe was the perfect poster boy for scientology. Now he´s the perfect poster boy for getting out.

  305. TheEvilOfScientology Says:

    I see there are rumours doing the rounds that another big Scientology “celeb” is about to come out (Tory even alludes to something in her latest YouTube video). Is there any trith in this?

  306. Euphrates Says:

    That was a great interview, a powerful one and a brave one by Jason Beghe. However, I’m kinda worried here. An astonishing number of people in the comments are saying how enlightening it was, how they now “understand it better”… Come on, now. This was truly a fantastic substantiation of something most of us just… should know about already! If you were really enlighted by Jason’s words, boy, you’d better be looking for help because there’s a lot worse out there you can fall for at this point. The whole scientology thing is pretty much retarded, the way Jason Beghe so correctly puts it, so it’s a low level type of con, for when you are really REALLY looking for anything or in a sort of naïve soul search (like he said he was in the beginning), in which case it’s understandable. But if you were any surprised by the declarations here, do yourself a favor and read a lot, look for help and spend a lot of time alone thinking about yourself.

  307. Xeero Says:

    Mark, just wanted to thank you and Jason for doing this interview and putting it up.

    It’s good to have a more current voice regarding this (your last batch of interviews were close to a decade old if memory serves). I really do hope that more people hear this and become more aware of what’s going on in regards to all this.

  308. ABPederson Says:

    Wow. Mark, I’ve been watching your videos since the LMT days and this is BY FAR the best interview you’ve posted. Thanks to both you and Jason Beghe.

  309. Dominic Says:

    Hi! Would you allow synchronization of this interview? We’re interested in synchronize it in german. Please contact me!

  310. Amazing testimony. Very interresting. Very brave.

    Thank you for this.

  311. Chuck Says:

    Something is very wrong – the movie plays for me but I get NO SOUND!!

    Very disappointing.

  312. Another ExScnKid Says:

    It’s hard to understand how deeply the twisted teachings of the church can screw with you unless you were raised in it. Add to that the constant reinforcement of its validity by every admirable person you know (and there are some amazing and brilliant people in the church) and you might see how insidious it is. This interview helped peel away a layer of the onion, further separating truth from crap, and better revealing the trapping mechanism. Jason’s words were enlightening because he is a very clean being who gave the tech a fair shot and was able to be objective in a way I never was.

  313. MightyTiny Says:

    Replying to Euphrates some comments before – I think you misunderstand what people mean when they say that this interview is enlightening.

    Most people that protest the cult HAVE looked into what it does, and do see it from the outside – and from the outside it looks so absurd, so OBVIOUSLY a scam, that it is hard to fathom how someone would be lured into it; or how someone on the inside could avoid noting the obvious.

    By giving us an insider’s view, Jason’s given some original insight into the whole deal. What was a new thought that hadn’t occurred to me, for example, was the fact that the outrageous prices they have to pay for courses, may themselves act as something that keeps them from recognizing that they have been conned – because when you’ve invested lots of money and time on something, to acknowledge that you’ve made a mistake that costly, is something very ego-bruising. A tough pill to swallow – so many may choose to continue with the Church, trying to convince themselves that it’s working, when inside they know it’s not. Just to avoid having to face a painful reality.

    So I would say that this interview is truly illuminating. If you’ve already thought out everything Jason was saying before watching it, then good for you. Not all of us have done extensive study on the specific operating mechanisms and psychological traps of the cult.

  314. john Says:

    I still see a (frustrated) scientologist. In a couple of years he’ll figure out that ALL that lrh wrote (of written in his name) is pure BS

  315. john Says:

    Let me elaborate on my previous comment. Jason says “LRH, tone 40, PT, etc.” this is pure BS. Of course, if you can’t get the person into present time, it’s not the tech’s fault, it’s your tone 40 that’s not quite 40. Scientology IS hypnotism, and the best place to hide hypnotism is to say that you are totally against it. So, to a scientologist, “the tech.” is everything BUT hypnotism. My view of scientology is as follow: pc’s look up to clears and OT’s (because they have these special powers and are free). OT’s (aren’t free and domn’t have special powers) won’t let the pc’s down by admitting the lack of the above (it’s their fault, not the tech”) and so the circle goes around and around. Buying more auditing, more courses, because, “well, I didn’t reach the final Ep that was expected of me”.

  316. Tyler Says:

    Jason has done a really amazing and courageous act by sharing his experiences in this dangerous cult. No matter how hard the tyrannical forces of the CoS try to suppress the truth, the cat is finally out of the bag. Hopefully Tom Cruise will see the light and jump off the bridge too. When the CoS finally collapses under its tyrannical weight, I as well as many others will be dancing around the flames! Thank you Jason!

  317. Chazmisener Says:

    In response to John, i dont think what your saying is fully true. Its not pure bullshit, LRH does ripp alot of things from buddhism as for entering present time, but it doesn’t make it bullshit. The intentions of the organization is where the bullshit comes in, because they pressure you to go up the bridge. Im just skeptical of this whole ordeal because people need to wake up, not just those scientologist who believe in what there doing, but those people holding the pickets who are protesting out of Ego, it is important that everyone on earth Wakes up if we want to survive as a species. And all of this comotion might give someone who knows nothing of spiritual practis a bad idea of everything related to scietology. Now i honestly don’t know everything there is to know cause im only part way through my first basic course. so ive only explored the tip of the scientology iceberg.. the iceberg is a good metaphor actually, because how i see it now, its like the early entry data that you get in scientology is good and clear, essientially above water, and then once you go to explore the rest of the iceberg thats underwater, you drown yourself in the bullshit.

    I strongly Agree with you Justin, people gotta look at the whole big situation and realize what is happening. ZeightGiest is a good movie to watch, it will let you know how ALL RELIGION IS FUCKED. but there is still something good in most religion that can be of value to man kind…………………………..Eckhart Tolle everyone

  318. Hi.

    Thank very much for the vidoe. It’s increadible to have Beghe speak up like this. I put the link on my testimony about $cientology blog.

    I hope this video can help us in Israel get some scientologists OUT.


  319. […] as many times as you’d like. 4. Add WBM Blogs to your comments so people can see the whole thing Jason Beghe Interview THE WOG BLOG from XENU TV 5. Use any tags you’d like but please add ENTURBULATION so we can track back. 6. Invite your […]

  320. Tony from Perth Australia Says:

    Its a really good thing that you gave the world an insight into how Scientology works. I am sure that it will help alot of people see the con and not waste their time stepping any where near a Scientology centre.

  321. HaleBop Says:

    Wow! I THOUROUGHLY enjoyed the WHOLE thing! I couldn’t pull myself away – watched all 8 parts. Which was a good investment of time. JAson – you are a hero to many; but especially the invisible people who literally can’t speak out.

    Now I have to go to the police station and fill out a police report on those fuckers who’ve been following me around since the 12th. (sorry, but I’m getting the idea that swearing is OK)

    BRAVO to both Mark & Jason!

    “Free will is the ability to gladly do what one must do.” ~Carl Jung

  322. Cynobill Says:

    Just wanted to say thanks to you (and Jason) for making this video as well as you’re previous work. While respect peoples right to their religious beliefs no matter how odd they may be, what I can’t stand is scientology’s secrecy. It’s great to finally have a someone openly talking about their experiences in the church.

  323. March Violet Says:

    Having just found out what the W.O.G. stands for, I thought it might be an idea to let you know that ‘wog’ is a derogatory word for a black person in the UK. I want you to get as much publicity for this interview as you can, and I don’t want it to be the bad kind. I’m probably worrying too much, but maybe put periods inbetween the letters?

    – MV

  324. […] Just spend my afternoon watching the amazing interview with Jason Beghe instead of reading my assigned papers but it’s really good. He’s talking very openly about his time with Scientology, why he got into it in the first place and how he finally found his way out again. It’s quite long (about 2 h) but split into 8 smaller vids so click and watch it. […]

  325. TheTruth4Justice Says:

    Great work Mark and Congradulations Jason
    You were brave enough to come straight out and tell ppl the truth
    as there are many others like yourself whom wish to leave you
    have given them the courage to do just that and I tip my hat to
    the both of you!!!!!!!!!!!

  326. Jason needs to do more interviews. He is still sorting things out and in time will be able to paint a clearer picture of what happened. I hope to see much more of Jason.

  327. Kelly Says:

    Respect the religious rights of others.



    Religious Freedom in the United States of America

    Prepared by the International Coalition for Religious Freedom
    Updated: 04/04/2004 07:11:57

    The United States of America (US) has a population of about 269 million people. Eighty-three and four-tenths percent of the population is categorized as white. This includes diverse ethnic groups of varied European ancestry coming from both Europe and Latin America. Americans classified as “black” make up 12.4 percent of the population, although this group also contains many people of mixed racial background. People from various Asian ethnic groups comprise 3.3 percent of the population, and Amerindians 0.8 percent. According to 1989 figures, 56 percent of the population belong to a spectrum of Protestant denominations, 28 percent are Roman Catholic and two percent Jewish. Another four percent belong to other religions and ten percent of the population profess no religion.

    The US Constitution adopted in 1789 is the oldest written constitution in the world. Article Six forbids any religious test for the holding of national office. The First Congress of the United States passed ten amendments known as the Bill of Rights. The First Amendment to the Constitution states that “Congress shall make no law regarding an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” The First Amendment also guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.

    In American constitutional law, the section of the First Amendment concerning religion is generally divided into two clauses: the Establishment Clause – “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion;” and the Free Exercise Clause – “or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” At the time of adoption, and for over a hundred years after, the Bill of Rights was construed to apply only to the federal legislature. Gradually, the rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights were extended to the state governments by the Supreme Court through the application of the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment which was passed after the Civil War. The Free Exercise Clause was extended to the states in 1940, and the Establishment Clause was extended to the states in 1947. Since that time, the Supreme Court has heard numerous cases concerning the right of religious freedom.

    The roots of religious freedom go back to the settlement of the colonies by the British in the 17th century. Not only England, but Europe as a whole, was still in a state of religious ferment caused by the Reformation and Counter-Reformation. Many of the early settlers were religious dissidents who came seeking a home where they would be free to practice their religion and worship as they desired. Several of the colonies were established as havens for specific sects and denominations. Several were, in fact, experiments in establishing a new form of governance based upon religious ideals. Plymouth Colony was founded by British Separatists. Massachusetts and New Haven (Connecticut) were established by Puritans favoring a reform of the Church of England along Congregationalist lines. Pennsylvania was founded as a Quaker experiment by William Penn and Maryland as a sanctuary for Catholics from Protestant England. Furthermore, believers who were persecuted within the newly founded colonial communities founded new settlements where they could worship freely. In the 1630’s, Roger Williams established the colony of Rhode Island based upon the principle of freedom of conscience and complete separation of church and state.

    Not only did a wide variety of English dissidents migrate to the new colonies but, as the reputation of the American colonies for religious freedom spread, Huguenots fleeing France, Mennonites from Holland and Germany, and others, made there way to the colonies. In the 1600’s, religious dissidents from Europe made up the majority of the population of the American Colonies even in those colonies which were nominally Anglican, such as Virginia. Controversies over biblical issues and religious practice spawned new denominations such as the Baptists, who spread throughout America.

    By the time that the US won its independence from England and established a federal government, it was indeed a land of religious diversity. As Justice Story, one of the first Chief Justices of the US Supreme Court, wrote in Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States:

    In some of the states, Episcopalians constituted the predominant sect; in others, Congregationalists; in others Quakers; and in others again, there was a close numerical rivalry among contending sects. It was impossible that there should not arise perpetual strife and perpetual jealousy on the subject of ecclesiastical ascendancy, if the national government were left free to create a religious establishment. The only security was in extirpating the power. But this alone would have been an imperfect security, if it had not been followed up by a declaration of the free exercise of religion and a prohibition … of all religious tests. Thus, the whole power over the subject of religion is left exclusively to the State Governments to be acted upon according to their sense of justice and the state constitutions.

    This remained the situation until the 20th century. Because religious issues were under the jurisdiction of the states, the Supreme Court heard very few cases concerning religion before the 1940’s. The one major decision concerning religious practice arose from a federal territory, and concerned the issue of polygamy. In Reynolds v. United States, the court found that a federal law against polygamy, which had been challenged by a Mormon defendant, was constitutional. Polygamy was outlawed in the United States.

    During the 19th and 20th century, America’s tradition of religious diversity continued as the country went through a series of cycles of decline in religious fervor followed by religious revival. Not only were new religions such as the Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Scientists and Pentecostals begun, but immigrants from throughout the world have continued to enrich the spectrum of America’s faith communities.

    At the same time, the development of science, the application of empirical principles to social research in the social sciences, the proposition of the theory of evolution and the rise of several secular humanistic and materialistic philosophies have given rise to a complex of ideas which has been referred to as modernism or secularism. In the 20th century, these ideas have come to exert a considerable influence on education, law and social policy. This development of secular thought was paralelled by, and influenced, the growth of government and its increasing role in education, welfare and other areas of social policy.

    By the mid 1960’s, many scholars were predicting that America was entering a post-religious society. Their prophecies were even echoed by theologians such as Harvard scholar Harvey Cox who, in 1967, wrote The Secular City.

    As it turned out, such predictions were wrong. Three decades later, Harvey Cox himself wrote in Fire From Heaven:

    The prognosticators had written that the technological pace and urban bustle of the twentieth century would increasingly shove religion to the margin where, deprived of roots, it would shrivel. They allowed that faith might well survive as a valued heirloom, perhaps in ethnic enclaves or family customs, but insisted that religion’s days as a shaper of culture and history were over.

    This did not happen. Instead, before the academic forecasters could even begin to draw their pensions, a religious renaisance of sorts is under way all over the globe…Buddhism and Hinduism, Christianity and Judaism, Islam and Shinto, and many smaller sects are once again alive and well…. we are definitely in a period of renewed religious vitality, another “great awakening” if you will, with all the promise and peril religious revivals always bring with them.

    The past 50 years, with tensions wrought by urbanization, modernization, secular thought and the growth and changing role of government, in the midst of an increasingly diverse and spiritually resurgent population have spawned numerous religious freedom issues for the Supreme Court to consider in its extended role as final arbiter of all such disputes.

    In hearing cases under the Establishment Clause, the court has developed and generally applied three principles known as the “Lemon test” which were articulated in the case Lemon v. Kurtzman (1970). Under the decisions of the court, no law may prefer one religion over another, or prefer religion over non-religion; no law may have a primary effect of promoting religion. Furthermore, any law which causes undo entanglement between government and religious organizations is unconstitutional. The court has pursued an ideal “wall of separation” between church and state and total neutrality of government toward religion.

    Some of the major Establishment Clause cases have been:

    McCollum v. Board of Education (1948) in which the court declared that religious instruction in public schools is unconstitutional.

    Torasco v. Watkins (1961) in which, by unanimous decision, ruled that any religious test for state office holders is unconstitutional.

    Engel v. Vitale (1962) in which the court declared school prayer unconstitutional.

    Abington School District v. Schemp (1963) in which the court declared Bible reading over the school intercom unconstitutional.

    Murray v. Curlett (1963) in which the court held that it is unconstitutional to force a child to participate in Bible reading or prayer.

    Stone v. Graham (1980) in which the court outlawed the posting of the Ten Commandments in a school even if it is done for a secular purpose.

    Widmar v. Vincent (1981) in which the court ruled that a state university must allow student religious groups equal access to facilities open to other student groups.

    Marsh v. Chambers (1983) in which the court ruled that prayers said in state legislatures are not unconstitutional.

    Lynch v. Donnelly (1984) in which the court ruled that government owned nativity scenes displayed on private property do not have a religious purpose and are therefore constitutional.

    Wallace v. Jaffree (1985) in which the court ruled that a moment of silence in schools has a religious purpose and is therefore unconstitutional.

    Edwards v. Aquillard (1987) in which the court held that a state law requiring equal treatment for creationism and evolution has a religious purpose and is unconstitutional.

    Allegheny County v. ACLU (1989) in which the court held that a nativity display inside a government building does violate the constitution.

    Board of Education v. Mergens (1990) in which the court ruled that public schools which receive federal funds and allow community meetings during after-school hours may not deny equal access to student groups based upon “religious, political, philosophical or other content.”

    Lee v. Weisman (1992) in which the court ruled that school officials may not invite and direct clergy to give prayers at school-sponsored graduation ceremonies. The Court maintained however that prayer may be included in graduation ceremonies if it is student-initiated and student-led. For further clarification on this case and several subsequent cases in the Federal Circuit Courts of Appeal visit this page at the American Center for Law and Justice.

    Lamb’s Chapel v. Center Moriches Union Free School Distinct (1993) in which the court ruled that churches may not be denied access to school premises after hours if such access is provided to other organizations.

    Rosenberger v. Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia (1995) in which the court allowed student activity funds to be used for a student Christian magazine.

    Almost all of these decisions were, and continue to be, controversial. Opinion is divided not only between religious advocates and opponents but among religious faiths and denominations themselves. Some Christian denominations welcome the absolute separation of church and state. Furthermore, many believers of non-Christian faith support the exclusion of prayer and other forms of religious expression in school, fearing they may be discriminated against in a nation in which Christianity is the majority religion.

    On the other hand, critics feel that the court has gone too far in its interpretation of the constitution and that they have misconstrued the original intent of the authors of the Establishment Clause. Supreme Court Justice Rehnquist himself expressed this viewpoint. In particular, critics complain that the courts’ stipulation that the government must be neutral between religion and non-religion is faulty and that, in excluding religious expression from public facilities, the court is, in fact, favoring non-religion and infringing upon people’s right of free expression.

    Such objections have intensified to the point that in 1997 a resolution for a Religious Freedom Amendment was introduced into the congress. The resolution has passed the House Judiciary Committee and is awaiting a vote. The text of the Amendment states that:

    “To secure the people’s right to acknowledge God according to the dictates of conscience: Neither the United States nor any State shall establish any official religion, but the people’s right to pray and to recognize their religious beliefs, heritage, or traditions on public property, including schools shall not be infringed. Neither the United States nor any State shall require any person to join in prayer or other religious activity, prescribe school prayers, discriminate against religion, or deny equal access to a benefit on account of religion.”

    At present the resolution has 140 cosponsors. In order to be adopted as an amendment it must pass both houses of the congress and be ratified by three-fourths of the states within a seven-year period.

    The Free Exercise Clause of the constitution has generally been interpreted by the court to mean that people may believe anything but that actions and rituals may be limited by law if the government has a compelling interest. Laws passed which are aimed at a particular religion are unconstitutional. Here are some of the court decisions regarding free exercise:

    United States v. Ballard (1944) in which the court ruled that religious teachings could not be prosecuted for fraud.

    Wisconsin v. Yoder (1972) in which the court ruled that the Amish do not have to comply with state law requiring children to attend school until the age of 18.

    Employment Division v. Smith (1990) in which the court ruled that the Free Exercise Clause does not exempt a person from drug laws. In this decision, the court stated a new rule which declared that no religious actions may violate general laws, but that laws aimed specifically at religions or at a particular religion are unconstitutional.

    The fact that this new rule relieved the government from proving that it had a compelling interest in order to abridge religious practice generated enough concern that in 1993, the congress passed a Religious Freedom Restoration Act seeking by legislation to restore the precious rule. The Supreme Court declared this act unconstitutional in City of Boerne, Texas v. P. F. Flores, Archbishop of San Antonio (1997).

    One major attack on religious freedom which should be noted is the attempt by enemies of new religious movements to label all such groups as “cults,” and to pass various laws to deprive members of new religious movements of their constitutional rights under the First Amendment. In the 1970’s and 1980’s, the so-called “anti-cult movement” went into business kidnapping members of groups such as Hari Krishna, Unification Church and Children of God in order to “deprogram” them. Gradually, they expanded their faith-breaking efforts to include charismatics, Pentecostals, and a wide variety of other groups. In fact, “deprogrammers” made their services available to any disgruntled persons who objected to a relative’s conversion to any faith.

    After the mass suicide of many of the followers of Jim Jones in Guyana, members of the “anti-cult” network sought to legitimize their efforts through the passage of national and state legislation. Senator Bob Dole held several Senate hearings on cults. Fortunately, civil liberty organizations, the American Baptist Church, the National Council of Churches and several new religious movements, came forward to oppose this effort. The senators recognized that the proponents of deprogramming were themselves a motley, disreputable crew and the hearings produced no legislation.

    As numerous religious leaders denounced the efforts of “anti-cultists” to promote religious bigotry and subvert the First Amendment, and “deprogrammers” were inceasingly convicted of kidnapping and other crimes, the “anti-cult” movement changed their tactics. They began courting state legislatures seeking to pass legislation enabling judges to declare converts to new religions mentally incompetent and place them under the conservatorship of a disgruntled relative. The conservator could then hire a deprogrammer to break their faith. As the term deprogramming became increasingly disreputable, the “anti-cultists” changed the name to “exit counseling.” This effort to pass conservatorships was denounced not only by new religions but also by an array of ministers from small churches who could easily discern the threat to their ministries. At one committee hearing in Maryland, when an inner-city minister asked a deprogrammer who would decide what churches were cults, the deprogrammer replied arrogantly, “You pass the law, and we’ll tell you who the cults are.” Even lawmakers who were skeptical of new religions could see that such laws would never pass constitutional muster and the efforts of the “anti-cult” movement declined for several years. Recently, however, there has been a resurrgence of anti-cult activity based upon succusses in Western Europe and Japan. In Western Europe, this movement against religious freedom is generally known as “anti-sect.” The sensational news concerning the Solar Temple suicides, Heavan’s Gate, Waco, and Aum Shimrikyo have created a climate in which several of the governments of French and German speaking countries have delegated commissions to study “dangerous sects.” The Belgian and French Commissions have finished their reports which name a number of religions and religious organizations such as the Baptists, the YWCA, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Salvation Army, and numerous new religions as “dangerous sects.” Now a similar movement is beginning to appear in the United States. The legislature of Maryland on April 13, 1998 approved a resolution, HJ22, calling for the creation of a task force to study “cult” activity on college campuses. The resolution passed largely because the language did not name any group that they intended to study. Proponents of the bill insisted that they favor religious freedom and do not want to study religious groups but “dangerous psycho-groups.”

    According to Massimo Invigne of CESNUR in Turin, Italy, this is the same strategy that the anti-cultists have followed in Italy. The anti-cult apology is generally:

    1. We favor religious freedom, but “cults and “sects’ are not religions. When pressed to define what is a cult and what is a religion, anti-cultists reply:

    2. People join a religion voluntarily, but they are induced to join a cult through psychological manipulation (ie.”brainwashing”). When confronted with skepticism from scholars who have refuted the accusations of “brainwashing and psychological manipulation, the anti-cultists state that:

    3. Scholars can’t be trusted. The way to determine if a group is a cult is to ask the people who have left the organization. When challenged that studies have shown that many more people who leave such groups state that they were not manipulated as those who state they were and that the majority of those who leave these organizations are indifferent, the anti-cultists then assure legislators that:

    4. The are organizations (meaning themselves) who specialize in these matters and they can help determine who are reliable witnesses (meaning those ex-members who are working with them).

    In Maryland, the resolution moved through the legislature very quietly midst a maze of more publicized bills. Groups which generally testify to protect religious freedom were not aware of the existence of the measure until the end of the session after the bill had been approved by committee and was going to the Senate for a final vote. The bill was read on the floor of the Senate as a proposal to study “cultural activities” in both its second and third readings and passed. The majority of senators who were talked to during the last few days of the session said that they hadn’t heard of the bill and thus had no idea of what they were voting for.

    Unfortunately, one indirect result of the “anti-cult” movements efforts in the United States was the two-year imprisonment of Reverend Moon, the founder of the Unification Church. In 1976, Sen. Dole sent a memo to the IRS requesting an investigation of Rev. Moon and the Unification Church. After investigating church finances for three years, Justice Department lawyers recommended on three occasions that there was no basis for a suit against Rev. Moon. Overriding the advice of their own lawyers, a higher official in the Department of Justice ordered the United States District Attorney in New York to file suit. In a highly controversial trial, in which Rev. Moon was denied his request for trial by a qualified judge, and denied the right to choose his interpreter, Rev. Moon was found guilty for a $7,500 tax liability accrued over a period of three years for a church account held as a trust in his name. Investigation by the noted constitutional lawyer Lawrence Tribe, into allegations that the jury was tainted, was squelched by a gag order. Numerous churches, civil rights organizations and state governments filed amici briefs requesting that the Supreme Court review the case, but the court declined to do so. Rev. Moon was forced to serve a two-year sentence in Danbury Federal Penetentiary.

    This case presents an ominous example of how complex US tax laws could be misused to attack unpopular faiths or religious leaders.

    Under US law, religious and educational organizations are tax-exempt as C(3) nonprofit corporations. Tax-exempt religious organizations may not lobby or engage in political activities.

  328. Cyclops Says:


    Thank you for a wonderful and eye-opening interview.

    i’m certain that many will benefit from the wisdom and frankness of Jason’s tale.

    Up up Anonymous!!

    Up up WBM!!

    and Jason, keep talking about it! I’m sure there’s more to come….

    Well Done!

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  330. Dapper Dan Says:

    This amazing interview is a watershed event and will hopefully inspire many others to see through the cruel, cynical, evil scam that is the Co$. Religion, my ass. Miscavige will go to jail. Thanks, guys, for having the balls to tell it like it is. You are truly helping people here.

  331. BigD145 Says:

    All religions use the techniques Jason talks about. Every last one of them.

  332. Kol Says:

    If the Skeptologists (http://www.skeptologists.com) don’t pick up on this, I’ll be disappointed.

    I’ve just watched a true hero for truth. It’s good to know that so many exist.

    Be proud of yourselves. Use the data to justify that pride.

    Super Win.

  333. Supressive-Dude Says:

    The First Amendment to The Constitution of The United States:
    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    Thus, Kelly, I am 100% legally allowed to fully disrespect your religion with every fiber of my being. I can mock you from dawn ’till dusk if I want to and I have that much breath. I can draw mean cartoons depicting LRH having butt-sex with Mohammed while The Budha sits in a chair watching and smoking crack.

    I may not want to, but I could.

    … Because your right to freely worship, to freely assemble, to question authority, and all else listed in The First Amendment DOES NOT protect you from being OFFENDED!

    In other words – your right to exercise your religion IN NO WAY limits MY right to publicly express my skepticism of the claims made by your clergy and your sacred texts.

    Incidentally, I would like to point out that sometimes the Anons on “Project Chanology,” include insulting remarks about Jesus Christ in their videos. While I may not be a very devout Christian, I do believe in that religion and attend a church in my area. Yes those remarks irritate me but I can just shrug because it is their video and they can put anything they darn well please in it (except for x-rated stuff). If I knew that person, I could simply chose not to associate with him or her. I could refuse to talk to him or her. I do not have the right to censure someone else’s thoughts, feelings, or words!


  334. Jack Says:

    Yo Kelly, Dumbell…

    People are free to worship any Religion they want to.

    But not to commit crimes.

    And the Cult of Scientology is not a Religion. It is an evil, money scamming, fascist group who, thanks to their OWN actions, are going to be brought to justice very soon.

    The jig is finally up.

  335. Dapper Dan Says:

    As for the religious thing, I remind you of the words of the scheissmeister himself, L. Ron Hubbard: “Scientology is not a psychotherapy, nor is it a religion. It is a body of knowledge that brings truth and freedom to the individual.” (quoted from memory)

    Funny how it appears rather as a body of BS that brings deception and enslavement to the individual.

  336. MaximusA Says:

    One Question: Great interview and data. Has Jason written a Success Story for his L’s or OT Levels?

  337. Supressive-Dude Says:

    Q: How many Scientologists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
    A: (This punchline has been removed from the Internet because it contains copyrighted material, property of The Spiritual Technology Corporation LLC.)

    Q: Why did L. Ron Hubbard(tm) cross the road?
    A: There were more gullible people with expendable income on that side.

    Q: Why are Scientologists so afraid of cameras?
    A: Ever heard someone say, “Please, get my good side in your photo?” Well, there’s not *good side* to being a Scientologist. It’s all on the *bad side*.

    Q: Why did the OSA staffer sue himself?
    A: Just as a joke, his spiritual counciler told him that he was Bob Minton in his past life… And since that can not be invalidated now… Well… He’ll be find though because he’s taking vitamins and stalking yourself is really good exercise.

    Q: Let’s talk about you. What are your crimes?
    A: I shot L. Ron Hubbard twice in the rear end with bullets coated in Visteral! Then I burned down The Bridge while you and all your friends were still on it. After that, I went out and deliberately kept The Tech from working (well it already wasn’t working but I made sure it didn’t start working). I destroyed a mock-up, stole a facsimile, poisoned a planet, undermined a culture, enslaved a civilization, wished ill upon someone, wrote an open letter to the world about the abusive cult known as Scientology and signed it ANONYMOUS! … Why? Do I look like a criminal to you? Because I’m still not taking off this mask, sucka!!!

  338. Supressive-Dude Says:

    Q: What did David Miscaviage say when he saw the stock market graph in The Wall Street Journal?

    A: “Oh look, this newspaper’s Stats are up. It’s getting better spiritually as well as mentally. We should move Wall Street Journal up the line. Where’s my assistant?!? I need to send out a memo! We need to put this newspaper in charge of a big project right away!”

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  340. jimmy smith Says:


  341. Dr Anon Says:

    Part 5: 11:28-11:40-

    “I mean i WALKED INTO scientology, and I was AT THE TOP of the thing, must have been false though. I mean I WAS FUCKIN HAPPY! And I’m fuckin UN-happy! And THEY ARE PAYING ME…they are making me pay, to get fucked up!”
    Define: Jaded.

    Paging Dr Frued..oh wait. That couldn’t have been a slip. fuckin pysches!

    P.S. Only Read the CAPS.

  342. Recyclops Says:


    Having just spent about two hours of watching the Jason Beghe interview, which was as fascinating as watching a massive 100 plus car pile up in slow mo’, I have mixed emotions in the aftermath. Having watched two generations of my own family give disproportionate sums of their wealth to various churches, I do have empathy at one level for Mr. Beghe and the people entangled in Scientology’s snare, but come on, other than the kids whose confused folks reared them in this jangled, hallucinatory freak-show, can one feel any sympathy for anyone who gets roped into this barrel of horseshit?

    In general, any dogmatic belief system generally falls apart under the weight of its own colossal Bandini Mountain of rhetoric, but in the case of such latter blossoms of lunacy such as Scientology or even Mormonism, we’re close enough to the historical epicenter that the shear weight of provable facts about the said religious leaders that spawned them should cause these metaphysical farts in the wind to completely blow away in the dusts of recorded history, leaving them as nothing more than an asterisk of a footnote in some unread doctoral thesis. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. For fuck’s sake, we got Joe Smith’s arrest and trial records and L. Ron Hubbard’s various entanglements with the law on record and still people come running to both religions. Suffice to say that if we had Moses, Mohammed or Jesus’ prison records, it probably still wouldn’t matter. Why? In short, most people are both gullible and stupid. They always have been and always will.

    I think it’s great that Beghe got away from the slimy octopus called Scientology, but did he have to cough up over a million bucks before he came to his senses? I remember being approached by a couple of converts to LRH’s little tax shelter gone awry almost twenty years ago when I was slaving away at a shitty job while going to college, and I sent them footing off to greener financial pastures, rather tersely if my memory serves me right. I did that just on the merits of seeing a commercial on the tube when I was but a child that rubbed me the wrong way about Dianetics. I was still several years away from having a studio in the Life Art’s Building/ex-Scientology headquarters in Riverside California, going through all kinds of abandoned case files in a dusty store room and reading several books about this cult. If they would have come across me at that time, I could have saved them from a lot of auditing costs.

    Since my close brush with my hometown’s little part in Scientology’s suppressed history some thirteen years ago, I’ve changed my tune about the organization. Back then, I would have railed against David Miscaviage as some sort of demon sent from the very pit of hell to plague mankind; today I say, “Go for it you brilliant con-artist of a scumbag! You deserve every penny!! Stupid people deserve to have every cent they have taken from them!!!”

    Of course, he probably feels the same way. Oh, well. Nobody said Ron’s Bridge leads to the same end.


  343. an anonymous user Says:

    Hey Kelly, of ANYONE to use in your comparison to defend Scientology, I find it extra hilarious to use Sun Myung Moon as your example, the only major religious leader about as equally batshit as Hubbard (Though sadly, he’s arguably even MORE powerful politically)

  344. another view on scientology…

    Xenu TV’s interview with Jason Beghe, OTV and celebrity dissident from the Church of Scientology, has now been made available in full via Xenu TV blog – after youtube shutting down the xenutv-channel for some unclear (*kidding*) reason.
    the intervie…..

  345. Been there, done that Says:

    Truth. Thank you.
    When you consider scientology, don’t be distracted by the money or people’s gullibility in getting involved with it although it is incredibly expensive and an amazingly clever trap.
    People who are drawn to scientology want to help people and to grow spiritually. Sea Org members give up their lives to help others. Most Sea Org members and public scientologists are nice, good, admirable, dedicated, productive people.
    A lot of lower level scientology (borrowed or not) is helpful to a lot of people. That’s part of the trap.
    THE REAL CRIME IS TAKING OVER THE LIVES OF THESE GOOD PEOPLE (AND THEN USING THEM, REALLY USING THEM) AND THEN NOT DELIVERING WHAT IS PROMISED. In fact, really screwing them up. The physical and mental pain caused by technology that doesn’t work is awful.
    It would be interesting to know how much of this weirdness is straight from Hubbard (source) and how much is just the evil spin put on Ron’s ideas by scientology management.

  346. Ryan Says:

    four or five hundred megabytes, you should at least warn people in text of the bandwidth commitment for this. And the audio is in mono and only comes through right channel, and it is faint, and loud when Mark asks questions.

    Good interview though, he’s a great guy. Doesn’t look forty eight, despite the stressful life he’s had. Looks about early forties to me. And man, I hope he does help some people get out. Interesting shit.

  347. stewie Says:

    So even Fox Mulder laughed when he heard the Xenu story …

  348. L0rd Xenu Says:

    Scientology is neither a religion nor a cult. It is a company with a pyramid scheme. I pity every person who believe this fraud.

  349. TheEvilOfScientology Says:

    WOW! Kelly is really in deep. I feel really sorry for you Kelly. It must be awful to be told what to think and how to act. Wait, what am I saying, you haven’t the free will enough to realise you’re in a VERY bad situation…

  350. Simon Says:

    Sounds like Jason is not the type to read these comments, but good on him for speaking out.

    I went through similar thought processes when I gave up Christianity.

  351. JT in Kansas Says:

    Many Thanks to Mark and Jason for this interview. Jason , you are a Warrior. Your words will help many people break free from the CoS oppression. The process of loss and finding your true self after breaking free from oppression is very painful. Co$ is a carefully thought out and deliberate process of indoctrination designed by LRH to oppress others. Jason as I listened to you, it is clear you are going through some of the necessary, but painful processes to purge the Co$ “poison” out of your being. You are a kind and mindful person. Unfortunately, as humans , the only way we really see Truth and Wisdom is insight through our mistakes. Mark, Jason and many who are exposing this cult- You all Walk the Talk and I respect that.

  352. cre8tivewmn Says:

    Thank you Mark Bunker and Jason Beghe. I watched all the videos and learned a lot. Thank you for making these public, and congratulations to Jason for “waking up.”

  353. […] Beghe, a former Scientologist, spoke out. I’d seen the tease for the above-linked interview and was checking back to see if the full […]


    Mark, thought you might want to know…the masses are finding out. Marie Claire is running the story on your interview!!!!!!!!!!
    I am so thrilled that word is getting out!!! You guys (Mark, Tory and Jason) deserve a standing ovation!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lord knows that when scientology is finally exposed you will definitely be getting one from every person that has been affected!!!!

  355. What would Xenu do? Says:

    Wow! I have goosebumps. Thanks to Jason, Mark, Tory, Andreas, Arnie Lerma and all of the other brave people willing to risk everything in order to get the word out about this cult. You’ve inspired me to get involved in the effort to bring $cientology down.

  356. Christian Says:

    Please don’t bash me for what I am about to say, but, I really don’t think it is fair to lump all religion in the same ilk as this freak show. I have been a born again Christian since 2001 and all I have seen is people from my Church doing things like sponsoring a summer camp for abused children, donating thousands and thousands of dollars to people in our community in need, and not only our community, but we also held a fundraiser where nearly 50,000 was raised to aid tsunami survivors. That doesn’t sound F-cked to me, that sounds like having a caring and generous heart in honor of the spirit of the one we worship.

    Now that I got that off my chest… 😉

    I have only been able to watch five minutes of the interview because I am sadly a technosaur who is still stuck on a dial-up connection… and it is driving me up the freaking wall. Is there ANY possibility of getting ahold of transcripts from the interview?

  357. YaY! Says:

    I didn’t know this guys work but I like him! Cool dude. Congrats on freeing yourself from that cult garbage.

    I would have asked him, that now that the OT crap has been posted on Wikileaks has he read it. Oh and about what a midget Tom Cruise is.

  358. Jack Says:

    Dear Christian,

    As to your first point. No one is attacking Religion. In fact Religious Freedom is one of the shining lights of the United States of America. Everyone has the right to worship anything they want. In this country that is.

    However….when a CULT masquerades under the guise of a “Religion” to commit crimes it is not ok. Whether it is a Polygamist Group abusing underage girls or The Cult of Scientology money scams (just one among many others).

    Which leads me to point two:

    Go to your neighborhood Kinkos or Library. I’m sure they have broadband and you can see and hear the entire interview and you can discover for yourself what COS is all about from someone who was taken in for over a decade.

  359. Xenu2008 Says:

    great interview^^ this actor becomes now once of my favs^^

  360. ThetanMonger Says:

    hey WTF it says 3 of the videos are not found and

    vimeo – staff has been notified ? whats up with that are the sci’s attacking vimeo too?

    Anyone up for creating the some kind of JasonRoll? or maybe CultRoll, could do a remix? and mass spread it total victims of duckroll/rickroll is millions, even have anti-roll plugins for firefox so it’s obviously effective tho we would have to do it to Joe Public, because we all already seen the video.

    (Miscaviage singing never gonna give you up? while jason talks some truth?)

  361. I Says:

    What happened to the last two videos? I’m getting “Not Available”

  362. Mark Bunker Says:

    Vimeo has yanked three of the videos that were uploaded by a second users. I will relink the missing videos after work.

    They have a 500megs per week policy. I used up my space and originally put the remaining three videos on blip.tv who couldn’t handle the traffice the videos were getting. Another user posted the remaining three videos to his Vimeo account.

    Today Vimeo took those down because you can only put up your own material. I took that to mean no copyrighted work but Vimeo is even stricter than that. Even though I said it was okay for the other user to use my materiual, they didn’t care. ONLY I am allowed to upload my videos there.

    No amount of talking sense to them will make them see the light. I’ll go back to blip for a day or two then upload the lost episodes to Vimeo when my week starts anew there on Saturday.


  363. Bunker Mentality Says:

    Why don’t you check out the french verison of youtube, dailymotion.com. They have the capacity of youtube

  364. Gnosis Says:

    To bradS: David Miscavige may not know that the tech is a lie but he knows that there is a lie in the tech or else why would Daddy, who was a Clear, be getting drunk and beating Mommy? Why is DM refusing any further auditing?

    Jason, thank you for seeing the con and pulling yourself out and thank you for speaking out about it. You speak honestly and I knew another past life Clear from the 60’s and I believe you when you say you are a past life Clear and I believe you did get some benefit but the betrayal was just too much.

  365. Chris Says:

    That was awesome! Fantastic job. My girlfriend couldn’t watch it because of the cursing but I thought it was fantastic! You should feel a real sense of pride.

  366. […] full interview with former Scientologist and actor Jason Beghe is currently available on Xenu.tv. It’s in 8 parts and is long, but incredibly interesting. So far I’ve watched the first […]

  367. […] full interview with former Scientologist and actor Jason Beghe is currently available on Xenu.tv. It’s in 8 parts and is long, but incredibly interesting. So far I’ve watched the first […]

  368. […] full interview with former Scientologist and actor Jason Beghe is currently available on Xenu.tv. It’s in 8 parts and is long, but incredibly interesting. So far I’ve watched the first […]

  369. Bee Says:

    Well done Mark, this is amazing. We’re working on getting your youtube back, HANG IN THERE ;).

    Keep up the good work.

  370. […] full interview with former Scientologist and actor Jason Beghe is currently available on Xenu.tv. It’s in 8 parts and is long, but incredibly interesting. So far I’ve watched the first […]

  371. lightbulbcomeson Says:

    For years I’ve been trying to understand how someone could get sucked into this insanity. Thank you Jason for telling your experience in a frank and open manner. I get it now. I respect you. One thing throughout the interview that struck me was, yes you knew who you were and with that knowledge, you weren’t going to let anyone BS you. Not really. They got you because you were really searching for something, but they began to lose you when what they had to sell didn’t fit with what you found. I’m happy you have a wife as strong-minded as you and your family is intact. You’re very lucky in that respect. May life only get better and better for you all.

  372. orbal1 Says:

    THANKS and VWD, Jason! And kudos to Mark for producing and broadcasting this – and to Tory and Andreas for coordination.

  373. Kirk Says:

    This is great and extreme expression of our freedoms of such. AND it exposes something dangerous that cloaks itself as a religion. I hate that as I am a religious person.
    One thing I was wondering though, was it Scientology that infused in him to drop the F bomb every sentence?

  374. Joseph Says:

    Mark…Great work to you Tory and Jason….I can tell you that what Jason reported is 100% accurate …I knew Bohdi Elfman (stayed with my family in LA) I am a former professional athlete Class V OT V also; I can tell you personally why John Brodie (former 49’ers quarterback got out!)…unfortunately guys like Jim Brewer (former LA Lakers, still in)…. Tim Ireland (former Kansas City Royals, still in) and Bob Adams ( Pittsburg Steelers still in)… and the reason Scientology targets actors instead of athletes is that in performance, sports is about “doing feats in real time” …no retakes!!!! which would put the technology to the “real test” and would fail miserably…as it has in the past!!!!!

    His story parallels the exact sequence of what happens to a person getting into Scientology searching for “truth”…

    ….their ‘bait and switch technology game’ that they do is calculated exactly to make a person violate his integrity and make him so called ‘PTS” and once you do that; brainwashing sets in big time because now the person has “shifted” to a synthetic “clone” of what they (Scientology) want him to be like…!!!!

    Jason has courage and a no back-off with integrity…. you know “paybacks are a bitch”…and the Grim Reeper is arriving on Scientology’s door steps!!!!!!

  375. openmind Says:

    I just started watching. I’m dealing with the influence of scientology for many years now. It’s great that Jason was brave enough to not just leave Scientology but make it public like this. I bow deep.

    What annoys the crap out of me is Scientology flooding youtube with their ad … literally every youtuber who’s a youtube partner and therfore has an ad next to the vid is automatically conected to scientology. (At least in Germany…but I guess it’s world wide)

    Get a f%&king position on this youtube or you’ll loose the mst loyal viewers.

  376. Nabi Says:


    Maybe we could do a movie about this defection–is Tom Cruise available? Maybe the Church will take a tip from the Catholics and excommunicate him now. His soul will be stuck in a horrible place–Hollywood.

  377. Aaaaa Says:

    Jason kicks ass.

  378. Charles Says:

    I have yet to find one $cientologist or former $cientologist who is impressive. Mr. Beghe could barely get through one sentence without using profanity. Maybe he should have taken a course on advanced vocabulary. I’ve always taught my students that those who can’t talk or write without cussing are just basically ignorant of words. It’s funny that $cienos advocate word meanings and getting the correct definition, yet they can’t seem to come up with advanced semantics skills. Just an observation.

    I’ve watched all of Mark Bunker’s videos, and it seems like ALL of the interviewees $cienos and former $cienos use profanity like it’s a’goin outta style.

    Also, it seems that $cientologists and former $cienos are so self-absorbed! Typical Americana-self indulgence and “self-improvement..” If anyone is suckered into $cientology, that’s their problem.

  379. didn'tgetsucked in Says:

    I had a math tutor who was really into Scientology, and she was an amazing person, very sweet. She had gotten in through their drug rehab program. I think because she got in as an adult, she was able to kind of keep some of her sense of self. She had tons of texts on other religions ALL over her house, even in the bathroom next to the toilet! Which, in COS, you aren’t supposed to be reading.

    She gave me one of their books to look at, I was really skeptical, thank God. I took it home and read it for fun. It had a lot of pop psychology mixed with the heavy guilt factors I recognized from Catholicism, plus promises that you would end up being way cooler than other people, superior to them, blha blah. Also lots of pretty pictures and colorful graphs. Charts. I was already a recovering Catholic, which saved me -LOL. I told her I wasn’t interested because

    1.”I would not want to be a part of any group that would have me as a member”- like, I just knew if I was at some COS rally, and we were all screaming and waving our arms, I’d look around and be like, “If I’M buying into this, it can’t possible work! We’re all so SCREWED!”

    2. When I have money, I don’t like to give it away, I like to keep it all for myself. :). Or save the environment, puppies/kitties, or children, none of which have ever pissed me off.

    3. I don’t like to be in groups of people sweating and breathing on me and talking. I have to deal with people all day at work and who needs that in your free time? Gah! I’d rather work out or be with close friends or do fun hobbies, etc., stuff I chose to do. I don’t want to give up my free time or money.


    She just STARED at me like I fried her brain! Poor bb. Oh, and she also believed her brother had cancer because he chose to not heal himself, and that his cancer was his fault. Nice. That’s kind of a big clue that this is some fucked-up shit.

    Also it got me to thinking-convenient way for them to blame and weed out the sick people who will no longer be U$EFUL. Chilling. Nice religion.

    I think for people that get into it older, like her, some of them are able to retain their identity and do “cafeteria scientology” where they pick and choose, ie., all those religous texts she had. For the very young, I think they must get warped.

    And may I say, IT TAKES A NEW YAWKER like Jason to call them on their bs. He seems to genuinely feel bad about having brought others in through videos, and I think that’s a big part of why he’s going public.

  380. Cheryl K. Says:

    Very interesting to listen to. I had heard a lot about the “church” many years ago. And I must admit what I heard wasn’t good. If I am remembering correctly it was a 60 Minutes report done on a few members who had left the church and felt for whatever reasons that had a right to be paraniod. I found more of what he had to say enlightening and some what disturbing. My only issue with his discussion was the use of so much foul language. I think he could have said what he did without most of it. But, then again, maybe that is his every day language. L. Ron Hubbard sounds like he had a few screws lose and probably had been forced to seek help from a “shrink” and hated the experience so much that he started his “church” to get back at them… and for that matter, M.D.’s, too. What else is also apparent is that “G-d” isn’t part of their belief system either. And I suspect that if the money runs out for them to sell you all types of things, so goes the “church” for you. No money = No ‘Church” Equavilant to some of the Christian groups selling of G-d to their flocks. Neither works. But for a “lost” person who has some money and is wanting to know why they feel lost, this is a gemmic that works for a while…longer for some than others. I am wondering what Katie will do with Tom if Suri becomes seriously ill with something more than a normal childhood illness? Not that I would wish that on any of them… Just a question. Will it cause a rift between her and Tom? I wonder if Mr. Beghe would know the answer to that question… he might, but then again he might not feel right saying anything about that. The extreme views of this group as with others like FLDS and Christain Science etc. I guess is why people have trouble with the followers… I know I do when they chose to spout off about things they really don’t know about.

  381. Someone Says:

    Fascinating interview, I was always curious as to how scientology worked.

    Also as a comment to Recyclops (not that he/she will ever read this, I know i most probably will never come back to this page again, having seen everything already, let alone read the comments).

    I’d just like to point out that most of Mohammed’s life and the bare facts of Jesus’ life were both recorded by sources other than their religious followers and we have records of both. Oddly enough part of the point of Jesus’ life as a whole was that he did eventually have a ‘run in’ with the law, the religious leaders of the Jews pestered the Romans into taking him for crucifiction, despite the Romans saying he’d done nothing wrong by their laws. Anyway point being there are records such as Josephus’ book ‘Jewish Antiquities’ which has a passage in it breifly outlining Jesus’ life and affect on the Jews, however the exact wording is disputed as it implies that Josephus himself thought Jesus was the Christ (which he did not), and that is very probably a copyist imposing their own views on their translation of his work (by changing it from possibly saying ‘his believers thought he was the christ’ to ‘he was the christ’ ) sometime before 324 AD (which is when the first citation of the exact passage is from).
    Mohammed’s life on the other hand is amazingly well recorded by many non-muslims, although most muslims dispute a lot of the recorded facts claiming they are forgeries by Christians. Basically he was sent away to live with nomads as a child, where his ‘parents’ died and then he went to live with his uncle in mecca and became a merchant, got married to a 42 year old widow and started spending a few weeks a year in a cave meditating, started telling people he was a prophet of God (a follow on from Jesus, only better) and he preached “based on a dogmatic conception of monotheism but on a strong general moral and religious appeal” (from wikipedia).
    He ended up moving to Medina and rather than having a run in with the law, effectively ‘became’ the law. His followers all moved with him but had nothing and so resorted to raiding mecca and meccan merchants for their living, strangely enough at this time mohammed changed his teaching from being generally moral and peaceful (as Jesus’ was before him) condeming the meccans and permitting muslims to attack them. Eventually mecca was taken by force by 10,000 strong muslims.

    Basically as mohammed got more and more powerful his teaching ‘permitted’ more and more violence and forced itself on more and more people making it more and more powerful. Islam, as an entity, still follows the same cycle.

  382. […] Bunker was first notified of a problem when he aired a bizarre video in which Tom Cruise praises the Church. Beghe has said that Tom Cruise and John Travolta believe believe that they are no longer part of the human race but a new race, click here. For the full interview with Beghe, click here. […]

  383. Charles Says:

    There is a word for people like David Miscavige and Mike Rinder, and that word is psychopath. Or in more technical, DSM-IV terms they both exhibit traits consistent with antisocial personality disorder. Neither one of them has a conscience; therefore, they can do the things they do. If Mike Rinder is out that’s bad. He’s the one individual who might have kept people from getting into $cientology and without him as a spokesman, more people will be gullible. He is one scary dude. David Miscavige probably has crimes to his credit that are punishable by incarceration.

  384. Dapper Dan Says:

    What is not touched upon in this interview is that $cientology’s true agenda goes far beyond the bullshit “spiritual” front. $cientology is in fact a seditious, crypto-fascist organization intent on seizing political power worldwide.

    Think about it. If $cientology had its way, only those deemed “clear” by the Co$ would be allowed any rights at all. “Democracy” would only extend to those under Hubbard’s spell and would be a total sham, a top-governed, robotic, enslaved society. This is not stating too much. Read the PDF here:

    Click to access system_so_engl.pdf

    It’s incredible and frustrating that the US government apparently hesitates to take action against this scum.

  385. […] Bunker had his YouTube account two weeks back, just before he was about to post these interviews with a defector from the church of Scientology named Jason Beghe. As you can see he’s now […]

  386. Sebastian Says:

    If Scientology (the name is an affront to Science) truly wanted to “help” the planet, it would not cost a goddamn penny! It’s why the few honest churches still have charities. But the fact that you have to dump money into a black hole of bull-crap and platitudes to become “clear” spells it out for you. This “church” is a money making machine founded by a 3rd rate science fiction hack. The longer you stay with it, it seems you are not only separated from your money, but your sense of self as well! Sure, they want to keep you away from “hostiles” and “lower level beings”; cults have been doing this since the dawn of religion! Limiting contact with differing views means less chance of intercepting and straightening someone out before the ‘church’ can take their money! With this interview, you are hearing it from the horse’s mouth: SCIENTOLOGY IS A LOAD OF CRAP! As an atheist, I watch religions (ALL religions) from the sidelines. I listen to their arguments and my bottom line is: are people fundamentally better off having faith in this belief system? With Scientology the answer is a resounding NO. Jason Beghe; I salute you for your bravery in telling the truth and for doing this interview. I hope everyone who is on the fence about joining this sham faith watches this! This is NOT a church; it is a CULT. And Tom Cruise is in it because he seems to love controlling things; be it fast cars, his issues with women or just people in general. Good luck, Jason Beghe! Best wishes to you.

  387. Nisa Says:

    I LOVE YOU MARK thank you for putting the video up and kudos to jason for breaking down what alot of people wanted to know about CLEAR and what the hell scientology really is. Scientology needs to be taken down so it can stop ruining people’s lives. Jason you should be so proud of yourself and by you going out there you will help alot of people leave the church.

  388. […] journalist/well-known Scientol(ogy) naysayer. Earlier in the week, Bunker posted a teaser for his three-hour interview with Jason Beghe – a film and television actor who recently defected from the world of […]

  389. […] For anyone who read my recent post about YouTube censorship, xenutv, and Scientology, you may have viewed the Jason Beghe interview conducted by xenutv. […]

  390. Anoynymause Says:

    400 get!

  391. Dave Fitzgerald Says:

    Beautiful fuckin interview. Probably one of the most interesting interviews I’ve ever heard. Jason is articulate and genuine, and I’m glad he decided to do this. Beautiful. Honest to god beautiful.

  392. […] find the full Jason Beghe interview (which is also all over YouTube) and on Mark’s personal blog. The Beghe interview has attracted substantial media coverage from outfits such as FoxNews, […]

  393. Scientology student Says:

    Thank you Jason for talking so openhearted about this. I’ve studied LRH materials for a couple of years, and one in my closest family is a lifetime member. I’ve been in SeaOrg, seen how they live there. Almost got trapped in it myself.

    You put words to a lot of the same doubts that I have. I didn’t know how it was like to be a celebrity in there. I used to think that the SeaOrg members were working their asses off in poverty, so you celebrities could have the luxury you needed. But I see that you are DM’s “milking cows”, too. You are just as exploited as everyone else in there.

    First of all, LRH said that whenever you want something from someone, you should give back something more valuable to them than what you ask for yourself. That’s not what’s happening in the organisation. Like the fact that celebrities pay more than other Scientologists for the same services.

    And, as long as “havingness” is so important, why can’t the people working in SeaOrg own anything? If you want to join SeaOrg, you will not be accepted unless you sell your house and everything else you might own. Then your application is accepted, and you can live in poverty, working almost around the clock for them the rest of your life. And howcome they think that the SeaOrg staffs selfstudies are more valuable than the 100$ they earn per week? First of all, they work so much that they might get just a couple of hours a day to study. Second, they don’t receive auditing by professional auditors, they are auditing eachother. How much worth is that? As long as “havingness” is so important, why should they want to take that away from you when you join SeaOrg?

    And….. how can they say that when you join SeaOrg, you are automatically an OT? Then they are reducing OT to be nothing more than a working title. And if they just by joining SeaOrg become OT’s, why study at all? If looking at what an OT is, they shouldn’t need to study or audit eachother at all, cause the main goal of studying and going to sessions, is to become an OT!

    “OT” has been degraded into a title, not a way of being. To become an OT today, is like studying whatever. I mean, you can study to be a priest without actually being a Christian, if you want to. You can remember the Bible in and out and preech Jesus’ words, without actually believing in God. Studying to be a priest, does not mean that you have to be a Christian by heart. To join the SeaOrg, is like being given the post as a priest in some church, without having to go through the studies.

    To me, being an OT is like being 100% pure YOU, living according to the true soul of yourself and the universe. You can’t study yourself to receive that as a title. It’s defined by the nature of YOU, not by how many books you’ve read, how many classes you’ve taken, how many sessions you’ve been to, or which post you have in the organisation. I’ve met people that are not Scientologists, but still closer to being pure OTs than some of the OTs I’ve met in the CoS. Ghandi is a hell of a lot more OT than DM.

    How about this, it’s written on the Religios Technology Center:

    —-Religious Technology Center holds the ultimate ecclesiastical authority regarding the standard and pure application of L. Ron Hubbard’s religious technologies. Religious Technology Center is not part of the management structure of the Church, nor is it involved in the Church’s day-to-day affairs.——

    David Miscavige (DM) is the CoB of RTC, and how can they claim not to be involved in the Church’s day-to-day affairs, as long as everything, every day, all over, is based on using the right tech, and DM is the CoB of the RTC, which is the authority that controls that same tech?

    RTC has the total control over what is the “right tech” to use in every situation, they control the tech and all the policies that are used by every single Scientologist all over the world. To claim they are not involved in the Church’s affairs and that they are not a part of the management structure, is so not true. DM is the big boss, or rather the “Big Brother” of the world of Scientologists.

    There ARE actually some really good people working in the Churches, people that really understands how to use the right tech to help people instead of destroying them. I know one in particular who is perfect. If all Scientologists were just like him, we would be much better off. He should have taken DM’s place as the CoB, because he knows how to understand the tech in order to bring help, peace and freedom to everyone. Not ever judging anyone. He could bring any SP to his knees, not by crushing him, but by helping him become a happier and better person, without ever discredit him in any way.

    This “war” between Scientologists and their critics, is so unbelievably stupid. And the ones they put on the screen on behalf of all Scientologists in this world, are just making it even worse. They are acting so “off tech” from what I’ve learned reading LRH’s books, that I wonder if they have all gone insane up there at the top levels of the management.

    At the other hand, this is adressed to the hardcore critics of Scientology: You have to stop taking everything LRH said literally. When he said “a staff member could get away with murder as long as…” he didn’t mean it literally. It’s a figure of speech. In the creeds it says that you shall not kill anyone. That’s the main problem LRH had, I think. Remember that he was a writer and that he also wrote some science fiction, so his speeches and writings might have been spiced up a little too much from time to time.

    Scientology has a lot of good things to offer to help us live more in harmony. The problem is the organisation, it has become the exact “monster” that LRH warned us against.

    Salute to you, Jason. You know what you’re talking about, and what you say is true. Most of the other critics don’t have a clue, and they are making up stuff that I know for sure is NOT true from my own experience.

    And to all of you, most Scientologists are good people, just trying to help other people. And being caught in it has nothing to do about being naive or stupid or have some huge personal problems. A lot of Scientologists I know, are well educated, speaks well for themselves and are quite successful in life.

    Love you all….

  394. Jaime Says:

    I want to thank Jason for doing this for the public and for the sake of Scientology. I’m very fortunate to be able to be doing the tech outside of the orgs with people that were competent and capable enough to blow! lol.

    The key element in this is to pay attention to the tech and your OWN CERTAINTY as a human being, and not the idiots trying to apply it. Jason did this, and the world is fortunate enough to have capable and caring people like him in it. Jason didn’t need any help, he WAS happy, and by messing with him they created a case.

    I think he’s right about OT5. I know some OT4s that never finished OT5 that I have to handle all the time! and I’m a wog! 😀

  395. MAX Says:

    I laughed so hard!!

    I was in that trap for 25 years and woke up 5 years ago.

    I enjoyed Jason’s descriptions and comments on how one does get sucked in. The mechanics for continuing with it even when you have Doubt, whoa! It’s so geared to keep you in…it took me YEARS to stop feeling like I’m commiting an OVERT to even think to myself how crazy it is, and actually LOOK at it as it IS! Pretty damn creepy!

  396. […] list. I’m disappointed. You should be ashamed. – The American Public [1] Why We Protest [2] Jason Beghe Interview THE WOG BLOG from XENU TV [3]http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2008/04/scientology-freewinds-asbestos-tom-cruise.php [4] […]

  397. Dorothy Says:

    Wow! This is not only a great interview about Scientology but also about the ‘Human Condition’. Who am I? How we deceive/perceive others and ourselves etc.

    We all have our own emerald glasses that filter out the things we don’t want to see but Jason shows us that we have to continually question the world around us and come up with your own answers. If anyone says they have all the answers then they are either insane or trying to sell you something. Never stop questioning, it’s never too late to wake up.

    Jason – glad your back in the real (mad) fucking world. All the best.

  398. G. Lysghak Says:

    Scientology needs to be squashed, if they have their way , we won’t even be able to have post like this. They are spooky dangerous people!!!!

  399. marco Says:

    I was interested when Jason got an exteriorization from his body,
    Also he said he got many wins and realizations.
    I’m trying to get the same things by Yoga and meditation but with no success so far.
    Has scientology much faster technics to achieve that??

  400. PinkAnon Says:

    Epic win! Excellent interview, we need to distribute this far and wide.

  401. john boice Says:

    Jason – have you checked out the “Free Zone” home page. There’s some interesting thoughts on why the church went sour that’s equally incredible. Implants can be horribly suppressive for the purpose of enslaving; and galactic scenarios can occur but so secretive as to be undetectable making it possible that Earth’s population is running primarily off of these implants including Scientologists who have been implanted to act as they are if and when anyone tries to stop the takeover of this planet. Too incredible? Maybe … and maybe not if one tries to analyze what an implant is and what it can do.

  402. Cork Says:

    great watch…… well done jason on getting out of scientology!

  403. […] https://xenutv.wordpress.com/2008/04/2…Jason Beghe, a former deciple of SCientology is being denied his first amendment right to speak freely about his first amendment right. […]

  404. The Marcabians Says:

    john boice, you and your Freak Zone friends are just Hubbard clones…wake up!!

  405. Shane Says:

    Thank you so much Jason for having the courage to stand up against them. This was such a brutally honest interview – it was so nice to hear you blow the whistle. I think this will help many people and hopefully set an example. I am sure it will do much to damage you, and I’m sure you knew this, but did it anyway. Thank you.

  406. jorge Says:

    that man is very centered, is that becouse of scientology?, i mean the sect is just evil, and what he tell about how they treat you is bad, but maybe this tech give them something, i mean so why the fuck he stay 10 years in the sect if what they were giving him was so bad, he may have get something, wins or they just make him belive he is getting something, i know about scientology thanks to sites like lermanet and xenu and every interview about former merbers i see very good people, who looks happy and they talk bad about the church, but not about what they teach them, for example hey they were doing sec checs every time and i didnt like it or i dont get any superpowers like they say i will(doooh ofcorse), or they charge alot of money and i… please dont respond with hey dont join scientology becouse they will brainwash you becouse ive already know that, and i will never join a sec, but if i can get something that helps its always welcome, like meditation this really helps but if someone makes a sec a exploit people with meditation this doesnt make meditation bad, and im not defending the tech as they call it, becouse i dont even know what it is, i just want to know what is that is so good about scientology that makes people get into it and stay, so much time, maybe is hope, about being better, or i dont know, but is a fact that when you have and institution for do your thinking, you will get screw, and manipulated into something.

  407. Vicky Says:

    I do not know about Jason but the catholic Tom Cruise should know better. I am so dissappointed as a mother .

  408. Kelly Says:

    I sat at my desk for over an hour after it was time to leave last night just so I could watch this interview. It was remarkable. Thank you to everyone involved, especially Jason, for such an unflinching look at the whys and hows of Scientology. I’ve wondered for a long time how someone could get involved in Scientology and now I get it. I could see myself in the same situation, frankly, and I’m glad for sites like this and people like Mark, Jason and Tory that provide the unvarnished truth about Scientology.

  409. Anonfree Says:

    I am a former Scientologist, and Oatee VI, and my life was destroyed by this Cult.
    I believed in their lies, that Ron was a Physic Nuclear Scientist, had studied in Tibet, was awarded a Purple Heart from the US military, was wound in war and became blind, and Scientology cured his blindness, plus all the lies the Cult say.
    I did not learn about Ron’s Admissions, that he was a wife beater, that he never graduated from College, until I was out of the Cult. I did not know he had mental problems either, and that he said “that the way to be a rich is to start a religion.”
    This dangerous Cult, dressed as religion for tax purposes, must be stopped. Too many lives destroyed… It is already not recognized as religion in France, Germany, Greece, and many other countries. Be careful, they infiltrate governments, and want to dominate the world… but their publications state otherwise…

  410. riptide Says:

    Jason’s experience mirrors much of my own. As 30+ year member who is recently out, I witnessed much of the same arbitrary and robotic application of Hubbards teachings by those entrusted to it’s care. Whether you think Hubbard contributed anything of value or not, is beside the point. It’s the unethical practices of the organization in key positions of management who are culpable. The well intentioned thousands of individuals within the church who are staff members are tacitly supporting and condoning it only because they don’t know any better. They are told what to think and receive their “information” through a filtered system, much like the mass media spoon feeds us news they want us to hear.

    I’ve known hundreds of Scientologists. Smart, effective and good people. But they are the product of a slow indoctrination process. This is nothing new people! It goes on in many religions that promote the cutting of communication from other sources other than their own.

    And I have a comment for those who are “piling on” by such comments as “I don’t see how anyone could fall for this crap”…..listen. You don’t have the luxury of knowing what an insider does. Obviously, millions of people can’t be idiots and get involved with this subject if there wasen’t something that was worthwhile in the subject to begin with. Really, you have to look and get a balanced viewpoint, because there are good things being accomplished by many Scientologists. They, and the entire subject as a whole are not really the correct target. My point is, many Scientologists really deserve compassion, because they are being intentionally deceived and taken advantage of a system that has motives other than what is being widely promoted.

    Really, Jason is correct when he states there are many people of good will in Scientology. And Tory is correct when she stated in an interview that Scientology is a dichotomy. From my experience there is a lot of worthwhile information there, but my own conclusions of late have led me to the revelation that the Sea Org is the CULT factor and influence that gives Scientology it’s bad name. And unless Scientology as a whole can “get a grip” and face up to this fact, and REFORM, they will continue to mass produce a steady stream of ex-members and detractors. Face it Scientology. This has been happening for decades. It’s reliable, predictable and a matter of record. More Ex-members OUT than people IN IT. Do the math. The only thing new and different is THE INTERNET IS HERE. Now the stories are widely and openly discussed. OSA, you need to change your operating basis. Lies and flat denials of “disconnection” of family members is earning you nothing but contempt as THE GENERAL PUBLIC ALREADY KNOWS THE TRUTH. SO STOP TELING LIES! Your own inane “out-reality” policies are earning you nothing but public contempt and scorn. Scientology; The most interesting, expensive and controversial and dysfunctional religion ever!

  411. Jen Says:

    Thanks. Cathartic now but really important in the long rung. Kudos for your honesty and bravery. And you are very handsome too.

  412. Are you aware that wordpress.com is showing Scientology ads to people coming into this post from Google?

  413. john boice Says:


  414. The Marcabians Says:

    Ha Ha Ha…are you for real john boice…? Please call a psychiatrist..Oh no..right..they are part of the conspiracy…

  415. Adjust the Volume Says:

    I am very disappointed that utube fell right in line when the COS demanded it and deleted xenutv’s account, utube is weak.

    I am also disappointed with the sound quality of these videos, Jason Beghe’s voice sounds low compared to the interviewer’s. I have the sound cranked all the way up and I still have to strain to hear what is being said,
    at that level the interviewer’s voice BOOMS in stereo and nearly deafens me.

  416. Black Bright Says:

    This guy swears too much and seems like a bit of an ego-maniac.

    PS: I hate Scientology so don’t jump on me with that im a scien bs. I just personally don’t like this guy, though his story was interesting.

  417. me Says:

    :-)) next step is to open a church for Lord of the ring and pray at matrix. Man this world just got fuc.. up. I think that many of us are idiots not to open a church – if the level of supines is so big 🙂

    why so many things when it is easy to get clear – Cristal clear – jut send me all your money and you’ll all be clear – eaven the bank will say like me – just call and ask after transfer youl see you are clear :-)))

  418. […] The Wog Blog, run by the intrepid SP (Suppressive Person) Mark Bunker has posted an extremely long and detailed interview with actor Jason Beghe. Jason just got out of Scientology under a year ago after about 10 years on the Bridge. The eight parts of the interview dive deep into why he joined in the first place, how Scientology failed and conned him, and ultimately why he left. This might be one of the most insightful looks into Scientology I’ve ever seen. Enjoy: […]

  419. Rita Says:

    So where the hell is Jason Beghe now? So much for “this is going to be big”.

  420. Mark Bunker Says:

    So where do you think he should be, Rita?

  421. Gabriel Says:

    You did a wonderful job with the interview and the editing. Thanks for sharing, Mark.

  422. 2c6635d237b0 Says:



  423. 38GLGWM in San Diego Says:

    Interesting interview, but I got the point after sitting through 2-1/2 of them. He does have a mouth like a sailor, but he’s attractive for 47, lol. I’m rabidly anti-$cientologist, have never spent a dime on it. But honestly, I have some difficulty respecting someone who spent tens of thousands of dollars on a scam before they realized they were being scammed. I suppose I should admire that they’re doing a public service by warning to not make the same mistake, but still . . . I gotta wonder if people like him, Tori and Mark didn’t already have a screw or two missing in the first place if they spent so much time, energy and $ in the cult. But being the good Libra that I am, maybe I should respect that they even had that much money to blow in the first place, as I’m just a $55k/year legal assistant who will probably never be able to waste that much money — other than a little bit at a time at the clubs over the years, lol. Peace and Love to you all, bitches. 😉

  424. Mark Bunker Says:

    Since I was never in Scientology, your comments are not as perceptive as you think.

  425. […] also challenge you to take the time to watch the full unedited interview: Jason Beghe Interview THE WOG BLOG from XENU TV And as a parent, I say, how DARE you meddle in the private affairs of ANY family? […]

  426. 38GLGWM in San Diego Says:

    Mark, please accept my apology for mistakenly thinking you were once in $cientology.

  427. kgf Says:

    the interview was awesome mark,thank you! i have to say that 38GLGWM has a point when he/she says that its difficult to respect someone who fell for that kind of a scam.still,it has to be said that he finaly did come out of it so he has to get the credit for that.even more so after having seen what scientology does to you,it must have been a very big step to take and a lot of effort to work up the nerve to get out.so in those terms you have to give the guy the respect he deserves cause he does deserve it.

  428. Anonymous Says:

    CoS = XxX Wasteful times! Use the INTERNET!
    CoS = XxX Wasteful times! Use the INTERNET!
    CoS = XxX Wasteful times! Use the INTERNET!
    CoS = XxX Wasteful times! Use the INTERNET!
    CoS = XxX Wasteful times! Use the INTERNET!
    CoS = XxX Wasteful times! Use the INTERNET!
    CoS = XxX Wasteful times! Use the INTERNET!
    CoS = XxX Wasteful times! Use the INTERNET!
    CoS = XxX Wasteful times! Use the INTERNET!
    CoS = XxX Wasteful times! Use the INTERNET!
    CoS = XxX Wasteful times! Use the INTERNET!

  429. Epex Says:

    This is far one of the best and informative interviews I have seen.

    Thanks Jason and Mark for doing this.

  430. […] journalist/well-known Scientology naysayer. Earlier in the week, Bunker posted a teaser for his three-hour interview with Jason Beghe – a film and television actor who recently defected from the world of Scientology […]

  431. Paul Says:

    Excellent! Thank you so much for posting these. Congrats to Beghe for taking his life back and sharing his experience with others. I understand what you were trying to accomplish by the stereo separation between the interviewer/interviewee, but it really sounds horrible in headphones. Any chance of remastering these with mono sound?

  432. Paul Says:

    I’m sorry, it looks like it’s just part 3 that hasn’t been remastered in mono.

  433. poordoug Says:

    Hi. I’ve tried several times to watch some of the interview but i’m on an incredibly slow feed.
    I have tried going to about 4 sites where copies exist and can’t figure out a way to download them for viewing later. I’d like to start a download, go to bed and watch it in the morning.
    Is there any place that tells the actual steps you have to take to download these ?

  434. poordoug Says:

    my problem is that i lose connection, then i can’t restart watching where i left off, it only lets me start over at the beggining of the clip i’m watching and it’s driving me nutz.

  435. DavidWalbridge Says:

    As a Cof S breakthrough I’d say Scientology is definitely worthwhile if understood AND applied. You can start with those triangles and the S. These are NOT understood too well if at all. The lower triangle , ARC=understanding. Understanding is POSITIVE. IT’s based on POSITVE Emotion or “Theta”, Greek for soul or spirit. The NEGATIVES come in when you don’t understand the POSITIVES! This is true for Jason ,Marc,Jenna or ANYONE else who has ever been in it. CofS should wise up to it BIG TIME! It’s more than just one lifetime now don’t forget!

  436. XENU TV Says:

    You can go to Vimeo and on each video page there is a download option in the bottom right hand corner. All the segments are gathered together here:


    You might also want to load the latest RealPlayer on your computer because it allows you to download any video from any site.

  437. John Says:

    I cant put into words how good this interview was. Thank you Mark Bunker and Mr. Beghe. Thank you. Your work in not done in vain.

  438. Jon Says:

    EX Scientologists that make a career obsessing over Scientology are spooky.

    Great that Mr. Beghe spoke his mind, said his experience, opinion. That takes a lot of courage and integrity!!

    Unfortunately it also brings out the weirdos that go around stalking all the $cientology news and trying to rant about people they haven’t seen in years and are so full of hate and resenement decades worth they can’t let it go! It’s like they have no other life! So Mr. Beghe has a life, he is a star. He said his truth and let it be…rock on with life and don’t get stuck int he rut of losers that have no claim to anything except bashing $cientology and all their former “friends” Like that Chip Gallo freak ex Scientology staff member who sounds plain creepy unreliable bogus and it hurts the cause!

    THANKS Mr. Beghe!! You took the spooky factor off and keep it the fun of truth and opinion

  439. Jon Says:

    Oh yeah some of the ex-Scios like I just described are creepy because my guess is they are double agents. Like the Chip Gallo critter was an Ethics Officer Staff 3 decades ago and is still IN but stalking all Scio posts.

    They seem so obsessed against former friends naming people they are like stalkers. Which stinks of double agent and untrustworthy.

    So it’s nice to see reliable people like this come forth. Who don’t make a career (or front pretense) of $cio bashing Man this is great I laughed a lot listening to all this good stuff!

  440. Caroline Lallam Says:

    Jason Beghe seems as such a funny guy, plus he’s hot…!
    It sadens me that he and sooooo many other people have been coned by this multi billionaire corporate called; Scientology.
    I laughed so hard that I almost feel off my chair on the 4 and the 6 clip ..!I’m sure he can get a book deal and explain what he did in that crazy org .
    I’m sure people want to know specially since it’s sooooo secretive, the org.

    Why all the secrecy?Isn’t religion suppose to be for every one ?The hollywood people always claim it helped improve their lifes.What ……..?I have to buy the product before I know what I buy??…That’s pretty messed up:(
    Thanks for a great interview.

  441. Here’s one for you. Even if such a warlord like Xenu existed, Hubbard could NOT have EVER KNOWN it! This great catastrophe that occured 76 million years ago is SO long ago that you’d have to travel 76 million years UP to present time to find out Hubbard was born in Tilden Nebraska 1911! Point being that he could NOT have been L.Ron Hubbard finding it out! This incident has nothing to do with Scientology! Scientology wasn’t a Religion officially until 1954. That’s 1954! You know Mays catch off Vic Wertz etc? He must have been someone ELSE therefore. Who? The spirit knows! It’s all about knowing how to.

  442. András Puiz Says:

    A transcript, please? This is the web, folks. This ain’t no TV. Thanks.

  443. BobJones Says:

    That guy is a complete moron.

  444. Jason Bleeney Says:

    Lots of good people believe the most absurd things. One has nothing to do with the other. The CULT of scientology is the front of a money and power making machine. Waken-sie up. This world is controlled not by governments, but by corporations. Democracy? Free Speech? Toys for the masses.


  445. Wasabi Says:

    Great Interview. Especially having been through all the stuff Jason went (and maybe even more), I am totally happy that he has the guts to speak out. I am still scared to speak openly, and so I hope you forgive me for not giving my real name (who knows who reads in here.) I also went high up the bridge auditing and training wise, and I was totally messed up. In fact I nearly had a collapse and could have died if I didn’t get external help. Again thanks for that exellent interview and I hope through it many other Scientologists will wake up and see what really is going on.

  446. Paul Says:

    Thank you
    All the best

  447. John Magee Says:

    Jason is a really nice guy. So what is wrong with “organized religion”? I searched and searched and finally I found at age 60 that what I was looking for was in my own backyard during all the time I was walking around blind: the Catholic faith of my parents and grandparents. Dominus Vobiscum Jason.

  448. Commenter Says:

    You do know that ‘wog’ is an extremely insulting slang term for black people, don’t you?

  449. MajorSP Says:

    Arbitraries Cancelled!!! LOL….Scientology is retarded…keep up the good work Mark

  450. Scott K Says:

    hilarious. scientology is like boys scouts, only with an unlimited number of badges and no way to become an eagle scout. ha

  451. Loren Says:

    Hey Guy,

    You are so F*****G BRAVE !!!! I know who much is hard to realise after all this brainwash everything was illusions !!! Like u said u give so much (time, money) for something complety empty & that dont open your eyes that close them & your mouth with (no critisim, no freedom, no expression)
    I’m at 100% with u !!! Sorry for the mistacks (Im french)
    Take care & keep going ur excellent !!

    From Paris

  452. Loren Says:




  453. Gary Says:

    I think that it is great that Jason has come forth and told his story. He seems very intelligent, but I was surprised that with the length of his interview, that he either didn’t actually ever figure it out, or if he merely over looked it, but:

    Scientology introduces itself to most people by giving people a “free” personality test. The person that becomes a member of Scientology doesn’t see it coming, but an observer does. Surely you have heard it before. Nothing is “free”, and this is a perfect example. –

    The person giving the information in taking the “free” personality test, may or may not ever hear the supposed result of the test (none was ever given to me, and when I asked, I was refused?), but what has just happened is, you have just given this organization (I agree with cult) all the information they need to know, to psychologically ‘control’ you. They then know what makes you tick and what they need to do to control you, to make you and keep you as a member and promoter of their cult, and most of all, make money for them. All from that “free” personality test. –

    If you allow yourself to really look back at what this organization has gotten you to do, and if your ego will allow you to see and accept it, you will see that you have been manipulated from day one, and if you have succeeded in the organization (cult), it was by helping the organization manipulate more people, for more money.

  454. videos Says:

    Five parts? I hope you’re seeing all eight parts. I need to go to sleep. I hope I don’t wake up to a technical nightmare.


  455. bog Says:

    Does anyone have any evidence of the CoS actually killing people’s dogs? This whole cloak and dagger aspect sounds fabricated. But I am open to proof

  456. leanne Says:

    Awesome video and true! I know members of the Local org. and his experiences describe them to a T.

  457. I don’t get it. Hubbard has stated more than once, “Scientologists make friends”. I’m a church “breakthrough” and “scientologists” sure aren’t “making friends” with me! Maybe I’d become more able or more powerful defeating suppression in the Church! Then there’s a matter of the “watchword” Service. Let me know if you notice any.

  458. […] reach and impact in the United States.  As he did when we first sat down to do an interview with me a few months back, he speaks bluntly and delivers a powerful […]

  459. […] https://xenutv.wordpress.com/2008/04/21/jason-beghe-interview/ Explore posts in the same categories: Jason Beghe, L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology, Tom Cruise, cults […]

  460. VekStizeVefe Says:

    thats for sure, brother

  461. Simon Says:

    What a very decent bloke Jason Beghe is. His career might be affected a little bit and he has got the respectability to come out and give the opportunity for those who care/interested in learning what SOC have been and are up to.

    Fair play to you Mr Jason Beghe

  462. The Patternboy Says:

    Just wanted to say “Thank’s alot!” to Mr. Beghe for sharing this and Mark Bunker for publishing this.

    I’ve read many things on the Internet concerning the “church”, but this, by far, is the best, I can offer people to watch, if they want to know about Scientology.

    Excuse my gramar and punctuation, for I am from Germany.

    Warm greetings from there (though it’s dammed cold here right now 😉 .

  463. CMdT Says:

    Very insightful.
    These unveiled truths are reminiscent of Robert Greene’s writing on Charlatanism and the innate yearning that we have as human beings to believe in something fantastical and unknown. LRH, Charles Manson, Jim Jones; all master manipulators of this dark Achilles’ heel.

    Kudos for your courage. You’ve saved many more with this than could’ve been done in multiple ‘clear’ lifespans. I hope you have found your identity Mr. Beghe.

  464. ex-scientologist making life hell Says:

    Brilliant interview. Really fascinating. ~My stepbro has been out of scientology for two decades now. Not his choice but he escaped when he was on RPF’s RPF. He is terrorising my family, especially my mother who now has dementia. We are in a huge battle involving adult protection, social services etc to try and get her safe. He was very high up in the RTC and as Mr Beghe said, he has a severe case of The Bends! Brilliant analogy. He is also using scientology control techniques on the family and is impossible to talk to – the generalisation thing kicks in all the time – he must feel that I am a suppressive person! My mum’s phone is diverted to his mobile, he doesn’t allow visitors, doesn’t let her drink tea because it is ‘toxic’, only allows phonecalls on speakerphone and records all calls, won’t allow her medical attention. You’d think we would be able to get her out of there but no…

    Thankyou for this wonderful interview – I will be passing it on to the relevant authorities. I love the way it answers the questions of how an intelligent person could be sucked in – and is also sympathetic to existing members as being decent people who want to change the world for the better. It is a very fair interview. Tom Cruise’s comeback to it shows a lack of all the above, like a five year old responding to a professor.

    Well done.

  465. William Gaskill Says:

    This really explains why Tom Cruise “went off” on Matt Lauer. He believes completely that psychology and psychiatry are evil, without really knowing about them. In his interview with Matt Lauer, he talked about “anti-psychotic” drugs which are mind-altering, when in fact the issue was with modern anti-depressants, which are primarily drugs which ensure the right levels of brain chemicals such as serotonin. Chemical imbalance is real, and modern anti-depressants have helped millions of people. Cruise talked about electro-shock which has been out of use for 40 years, because of the advent of chemicals. He talks about psychiatry being bad, but ignores the fact that Scientology teaching deals with the same issues that psychiatrists do. The main difference is that Scientology charges more to “fix you” than psychiatrists do!

  466. Myna Wallin Says:

    Mark and Jason,

    Congrats! Phenomenal job. I was riveted from start to finish and I also love your sense of humor and irony, Jason. I found myself laughing out loud with you.

    I’ve got a great idea for you to get some of your money back: sit down with David Duchovy, have this conversation with him, and sell the DVD on wide release! I could
    listen to hours of this. It’s fascinating stuff.

    And if you’ve got the time, write a book. You’re very articulate, intelligent and thoughtful. It would make a fantastic memoir.

  467. Ian Says:

    Thank you for this video. I want everyone to watch it and be warned. Scientology needs to have their IRS exempt status stripped. They are not a religion and should not be classified as such.

  468. michelle Says:

    I think John was actually too nice about Scientology. I think Scientology is a very powerful and convincing mistake. I was banned form the Church of Scientology because I stood up to them and questioned everything they stood for. I feel really bad even for the people that work there because they are part of a devastating money making fuck up. What Scientology does to most people is the very thing they tell people is the entire cause of Evilness. They are suppressing hypocrites who are even more dangerous than most sociopaths because they are nice about it. It is a very sick sick cult and the only thing I pray for is that people educate and think for themselves. I hope people trust their own judgement and most importantly their instincts because those will never fail you.

  469. Free Spirit Says:

    Wow!!! This was truly an enlightening insight. Kudos to Jason for his delightful candor. I have been walking my path for years, looking, listening and learning. Now, I am about to relocate to the Clearwater area for my next adventure; and I am soooo stoked!! Thank you Jason. Though my heart will be open and loving, I shall certainly be ever so watchful — and mindful of what you have advised. Namaste.

  470. music Says:

    To free Spirit: I too am very surprised

  471. Juliano Says:

    Hey Jason, hope your reading the comments or someone will foreward mine to him?
    I LOVE you! I love your personality, character, openness. I was transfixed to this interview from moment at beginning to the end.

    You are the CoS’s deepest enemy because you are so charismatic, articulate, and SO fukin interesting to listen to and watch!

    I have come to here, because I am exploring connection between CoS with the anti~psychiatry movement. I have been upset that such heavyweights of that movement like Thomas Szasz, Dr Fred Baughman, Dr John Breeding, Drt Breggin, Dr Gary Null and others seem to support their involvement in exposing the corruption of pharma-psychiatry. However they seem to be more a bane for the movement to expose it, because people look at this control-freak cult with its crazy ideas and that stops them looking at the total pseudoscience of bio-psychiatrey. And the onesagainst CoS, mainly the Whyweprotest people seem pro bio-psychiatry from my experience at their forums.

    It is VITAL we see BOTH CoS, AND church of pharma-psychiatry as being part of the same vile exploitation and power over people. And even as bad as CoS is it still…YET anyhow, doesn’t do ECT, and lobotomies, on people and force drugs onto millions of children. But it does fuck with the soul, and as you know , that is NOT a good thing.

    GREAT interview!!!

  472. iMhatimi Says:

    Kudos to Jason, Mark (and Andreas) for letting out on this dangerous cult!

  473. nihilator Says:

    Juliano —

    The reason the “anti-psychiatry” movement accepts support from Co$ is the same reason the anti-drug movement does — they have such deep pockets that the people who want their money willfully blind themselves to the evil, brainwashing cult behind the dollars.

    A little OT, but I have to respond to your bashing of pharmaceutical-aided psychiatry: as the husband of a woman with severe depression and the father of two boys with severe ADHD, I have to object to your unfair characterizations. While it is true that anti-depressants and ADD/ADHD medications are over-prescribed by some lazy doctors that believe that a pill is a substitute for more difficult treatment, it is NOT true that all patients taking such medications are being duped by unscrupulous doctors. I know, from experience, that these types of medications can be life-altering for certain people, and my inclination has always been to avoid such medications due to my belief that they are over-prescribed. However, after both my sons went through extensive (and expensive) educational-psychological assessments, and were under treatment by mental health professionals, I came around to the belief that ADD medication could significantly assist them during school hours. Similarly, my wife has struggled for years with clinical depression, has been treated by psychiatrists, but after her most recent depressive episode, nothing helped nearly as much as anti-depressant medication.

    That is why Co$ is so destructive in this area — for some people, very real physical conditions necessitate medical-pharmaceutical intervention, without which their lives will be far more difficult and painful.

  474. Chris Says:

    Great Interview. Somebody answer my question on how in the world did CO$ attain religious cetification on any level? This money churning cult is so far from any Church that tax free status is a joke.

  475. […] they ever posted the interview on youtube. He has the interview up on his website: http://www.xenutv.com Interview here It is very long, but interesting if you’re into this. Lots more videos on the above website as […]

  476. Kidtechnical Says:

    I have just featured this on Digg at http://digg.com/world_news/Jason_Beghe_Scientology_Interview
    Keep up the good work, thank you all.

  477. vxhxcx Says:

    Thank you. Great work!
    I have a loved one involved in The Landmark Education courses, which is just another rip-off. This video should help that person wake-up, as Jason said in his interview.
    It is just fantastic work guys, Thanks.


  478. vxhxcx Says:

    Also, does anyone know if this 1 file torrent in AVI format is any good?


  479. YayFreedom Says:

    Wow. Wow wow wow. I don’t even know where to start with this. I actually looked up the effects of Scientology to parallel it with the effects of having endured the abuses of a narcissist/sociopath. OMG. Anyone who has ever dealt with that kind of abuse should watch these videos. To explain to another person why/how you stayed thru unspeakable tortures of either mind or body is excruciating and confusing. Not many are able to do it because it is in large part not tangible and not provable.

    I think Jason’s account of his experience was awesome and applicable to many other situations that we have no idea how or why we endured. It is not always an option to “just wake up” ………until you know that it’s an option. Once we do, it all looks so comical.

    This made my day. Thank you!!!

  480. Anon Says:


  481. Michael Breskin Says:

    Hi Jaseon, Michael Breskin here. (Pre-Clear)

    Jason thanks for your video.

    I was involved 23 years ago, 1984, I only lost $6,000.00 compared to your 1 Million.
    I got out then, never looked back.

    I can duplicate everything you are saying even though you are much higher on the bridge than I.

    I laughed but in sympathy, because I experienced the same thing with my auditing, even though I didn’t spend the near fortune that you did. It was pure, unadulterated Bullshit.

    Perfect example of their mistakes and overts costing the public millions in lost monies, not to mention the countless time and agrravation and senseless cycles that go nowhere trying to rectify, defend, verify, or correct errs.

    Most current example of this is, they just came out with the Basics Books, to correct every book’s alteris since 1948. Talk about an overt product that the public is having to suck up and have paid millions for, to now have to re-purchase this new series for $450+ dollars.

    I asked the reg, how could Ron possibly have put out overt books at that time, when he is so maticuluous? How could he have not qualled and read the books that were put out 50+ years ago when he was alive.

    This is beyond insanity and nonsenselessness. There is just no reality here accept like you say, completly lieing to and misleading the public and ripping them off for millions without any ammends or acknowledgement.

    Isn’t that what they do best?

    Glad your out, and hopfully have found piece.

    Michael Breskin
    Valley Stream, N.Y.

  482. anon Says:

    scientology isnt a religion! its a fcuked up buisness full stop.

    i fear for future generations being brainwashed in this community of robotic retards.

    The human mind can not determine the difference between imagination and true thought. Where is the truth behind any of this? When this ‘religion’ is based upon a fictional book!
    Its just a lucrative business!
    NO one should have to pay to find their beliefs!

    thankyou jason for sharing your experience and to mark for showing it to the world

  483. T.Forsyth Says:

    One More thing.. Btw the Scam and Okie doke is part of the ride.. maybe the spiral is that part of the ride. LOL GL

  484. Well done for ripping the mask of lies from this so called religion, hopefully the Church of Scientology and the politicians who they bribe to not investigate/prosecute them as they are obviously a cult/scam and cannot be viewed as a viable religion will be brought to justice for all the lives they have ruined/destroyed.

  485. Roknrol Says:

    Just an FYI – the audio for the third clip is jacked up, and clips 5-8 no longer exist. It’s unfortunate, because this interview was (from what I saw of it) about as clear-cut as can be expected.

  486. XENU TV Says:

    Replaced it with one full video. Thanks for the heads up.

  487. aerie Says:

    Jason is HOT and an awesome guy. Glad he got out!

  488. […] Re: What RELIGION are you? An interview with a ex high ranking Scientologist Jason Beghe Interview THE WOG BLOG from XENU TV […]

  489. […] What RELIGION are you? An interview with a ex high ranking Scientologist Jason Beghe Interview THE WOG BLOG from XENU TV He seems like one of those people that would be able to see right through the Scientology mumbo […]

  490. BMS Says:

    Mark – Excellent work, sir. Although I am in now way tied to many of the contacts and subsequent extended networks, which seem to know you on a more personal level that have commented on this page; I am ardent supporter of TRUTH. As such, all attempts to eliminate any and all of the fallacies manifested by Scientology reward not only my thoughts, but also the entire of our surrounding humanity. Mr. Benghe – you have guts, my friend. Stand tall… Now that you finally stand FREE!
    –BMS from Philadelphia

  491. […] is true for you’ belief system, if you try and publish something or change it you’re ostracized or perhaps […]

  492. s.t.riley Says:

    intelligent,forthright and honest.

  493. Lisa Says:

    You rock!! I wrote you something too wordy for this comment space…Here is just a bit of it. I would like to somehow get the unabridged version to you. Meanwhile….Be extra, extra kind and good to yourself as the “programming” slowly unplugs. Get lots of that fresh ocean air, play with your kids and dog…have fun!! Get lots of rest, good food, and bodywork!!!! There may be times when you just need to sit and stare, then realize that 8 or more hours have passed…OOOOOOPS! (lol) You might even wonder in the morning ” HOW DO I TAKE MY COFFEE????!!!” It is a freaky, yet fun phenomena of blowing down into YOUR OWN power and authenticity!! As a former staff member of 20 years, it has taken me about a decade to blowdown into a nice life!! Please allow me to share the rest of what I so feel compelled to talk with you about. Thank you!

  494. wthomas Says:

    Just got done watching. My take on Scientology……wierd. Everybody is born into the human condition…everybody lies, steals, cheats. Its just a matter of how much you do it, and how big they are. Some people hardly every do any of them. Some people do them daily. My take on problems….EGO. It starts there and ends there.

  495. dima Says:

    Brave guy, not too bright though… Sounds like his mostly mourns his wasted cash, more so than his sanity.
    There is too much of “poor me, they fucked me up” – and not accepting personal responsibility for falling for something as obviously idiotic as scientology. Sounds similiar to his ex-pals blaming “psychs” for all modern evils.
    This guy seems to be too involved with “spiritual shopping” approach – he is almost naive in his expectation to “get what he paid for” from scientology. Don’t really feel sorry about his case – he was not manipulated in any special way, pretty much made a free choice to be blind.
    I also liked his “i am not a rich man” comment – my feeling about his material status after learning that he blew over a million dollars on this ridicilous crap, was quite the oposite – i guess our standards are a bit different 🙂 But in any case – kudos to him for having the balls to face up to his shit – and coming out strongly against a pretty scary group of powerful people.

  496. Intrachresodist Says:

    Wow, that was quite a tour de force. I really wish Mr Beghe could speak without the constant swearing. The first few minutes of the video he was really incoherent, but he did make some really good points toward the end. I expect this was ad-libbed and so I have to cut him some slack for otherwise speaking so well off-the-cuff.

    I can see he has a lot of energy and is very focused. That’s good, it undoubtedly helped him to get out of Co$ (after it got him into it).

  497. […] The Jason Beghe Interview He is the first celebrity to leave Scientology and publicly discuss his involvement and then disillusionment with the group. He made it to OT V on Scientology’s “Bridge to Total Freedom” and discovered the best way to get free was to get up and walk out the door. The Marc Headley Interview Marc Headley is a 15-year veteran of the CoS where he worked closely with leader David Miscavige and actor Tom Cruise. In this radio interview he reveals some of his amazing stories. Global pickets against CoS Anonymous managed to arrange the two largest pickets against the cult ever! A fifth world-wide picket is scheduled for June 14th 2008. See the video The Road to February 10th. Find out where there are pickets here. Niece of David Miscavige speaks out (Inside Edition) Video of Jenna Hill, the niece of David Miscavige, speaks out against the cult. Looking over my shoulder, The Inside Account of the Story That Almost Killed Me You may not believe this, but you can write something that someone doesn’t approve of and then – with the help of the government – be bankrupted and have a quarter of your life almost ruined. And you don’t have to live in China or Russia. The XENU Leaflet UPDATED! Consider using this leaflet against CoS. Available in several languages. […]

  498. […] The Jason Beghe Interview He is the first celebrity to leave Scientology and publicly discuss his involvement and then disillusionment with the group. He made it to OT V on Scientology’s “Bridge to Total Freedom” and discovered the best way to get free was to get up and walk out the door. The Marc Headley Interview Marc Headley is a 15-year veteran of the CoS where he worked closely with leader David Miscavige and actor Tom Cruise. In this radio interview he reveals some of his amazing stories. Global pickets against CoS Anonymous managed to arrange the two largest pickets against the cult ever! A fifth world-wide picket is scheduled for June 14th 2008. See the video The Road to February 10th. Find out where there are pickets here. Niece of David Miscavige speaks out (Inside Edition) Video of Jenna Hill, the niece of David Miscavige, speaks out against the cult. Looking over my shoulder, The Inside Account of the Story That Almost Killed Me You may not believe this, but you can write something that someone doesn’t approve of and then – with the help of the government – be bankrupted and have a quarter of your life almost ruined. And you don’t have to live in China or Russia. The XENU Leaflet UPDATED! Consider using this leaflet against CoS. Available in several languages. […]

  499. […] The Jason Beghe Interview He is the first celebrity to leave Scientology and publicly discuss his involvement and then disillusionment with the group. He made it to OT V on Scientology’s “Bridge to Total Freedom” and discovered the best way to get free was to get up and walk out the door. The Marc Headley Interview Marc Headley is a 15-year veteran of the CoS where he worked closely with leader David Miscavige and actor Tom Cruise. In this radio interview he reveals some of his amazing stories. Global pickets against CoS Anonymous managed to arrange the two largest pickets against the cult ever! A fifth world-wide picket is scheduled for June 14th 2008. See the video The Road to February 10th. Find out where there are pickets here. Niece of David Miscavige speaks out (Inside Edition) Video of Jenna Hill, the niece of David Miscavige, speaks out against the cult. Looking over my shoulder, The Inside Account of the Story That Almost Killed Me You may not believe this, but you can write something that someone doesn’t approve of and then – with the help of the government – be bankrupted and have a quarter of your life almost ruined. And you don’t have to live in China or Russia. The XENU Leaflet UPDATED! Consider using this leaflet against CoS. Available in several languages. […]

  500. Karen McAllister Says:

    A must read: St. Petersburg Times Scientology report, 4 high-level defectors provide an unprecedented inside look at the Church of Scientology and David Miscage.
    Read stories, watch video:

  501. home page Says:

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    heres mine…

  502. H.J.McHardie Says:

    What truly amazes me is how long it takes for some to begin to see through this crap. I became involved with the Scientology Celebrity Center in Los Angeles many years ago. It took me about two weeks to see Scientology for what it was.

    I mean, c’mon…tin cans/E Meters/’prison’ planet/enemies of Scientology? Give me a break!

    I lost several friends simply because I questioned them concerning all this stuff. They were told by their ‘superiors’ that I was an ‘enemy’ and therefore I should be shunned. Sounds pretty obviously cultish to me.

    I quickly realized that instead of making me more facile in my dealings with society it actually closed me off. Scientologists are so locked into their own ‘vocabularies’ that they simply can’t communicate with ‘outsiders’. To me, that seems to be the exact antithesis of spiritual growth/purpose.

    And the money! It’s supposedly a measure of ones dedication…right!

  503. I lost several friends simply because I questioned them concerning all this stuff. They were told by their ’superiors’ that I was an ‘enemy’ and therefore I should be shunned. Sounds pretty obviously cultish to me.

  504. […] SC1ENT0L0GY EXPOSED 24 07 2009 A complete fraud , the  , has been revealed to actually have NO SUCH THING AS “CLEAR” (their stupid ideal of a perfect mind). The great viedeo of their highest level cult defector, Jason Beghe can be found here – https://xenutv.wordpress.com/2008/04/21/jason-beghe-interview/ […]

  505. TK Says:

    Here’s the IRONY …they charge good, honest people THOU$$$ANds and Million$$ of dollars on “Sec Checking” — while the real people they should worry about got the confidential materials and tricked them. Pathetic.

  506. This deserves a full, complete, unedited, feature-length upload….to Demonoid, PirateBay, or any number of other private trackers for b1ttorent. Jesus loves watching about Scientology. Because it IS the whore/beast revealed in the book of Revelations. The end is coming. And David Miscavige will be the Devil’s right hand man. That makes him….z0mg….the a-n-t-i-c-h-r-i-s-t

  507. freud5137 Says:

    I just wanted to add to the praise this interview has received. Jason articulated a very difficult experience extremely well. They are a real mind phuck and most are very well intentioned, as he mentioned. Some really good people doing things that would normally be admiral. His candor was just really helpful. So, thanks.

  508. Scientology should be glad to be ride of this dude. He’s ugly and has a strange voice. Not exactly a compelling spokesperson!

  509. […] on Vimeo.com, there’s a series of videos by Mark Bunker of an interview he had with actor Jason Beghe, who was a Scientologist since 1994 or so, and left earlier this […]

  510. tish Says:

    Jason said a couple of things that surprised me about how he “woke up” and his comments and realizations where very Buddhist in nature. Basically, you are not the collection of your thoughts and what you think, who you are is in that very moment. I am. Very insightful.
    I’m so glad he’s speeking out. If he feels badly about having a part in enslaving others into scientology then this is the way for him to go about setting it right. Preach on brother!

  511. janny Says:

    It just goes to show you how all people are impressionable and have an egoic mind set. Yes, there are good people in scientology. I believe most people are at their core, good. They want to help others and that is admirable but to think you are the only one who can do so is the ego. Most religions say they alone have the answer. That’s why I have never subscribed, and never would, to any of that nonsense. People want to be be apart of something “better” or have the “better” object. EGO, EGO, EGO!!! Being dogmatic and religious does not make you spiritual or “clear” or closer to God or what ever nominclature is used. It’s a conciousness. An awareness. A being. You can find it on your own. No tithing necessary.

  512. […] Also of related interest, the entire Jason Beghe interview is now available for your viewing pleasure here. […]

  513. lida Says:

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  514. […] Scientologist and actor Jason Beghe gave an exhaustive two hour interview to anti-Scientology website Xenu TV and provided some amazing quotes that could just as easily be […]

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  516. W.T.F. Says:

    I can’t even understand what the hell this guy is talking about. But when I listen to dudes like this, I understand how they get involved in something as stupid as Scientology in the first place: They simply don’t know how to think. The fact he can’t even coherently express himself is a sign of this.

    Also, he’s a celebrity? Who the hell is he?

  517. NQ Says:

    This guy is awesome,… this movie could be like 30 minutes long without the swearing. Freaking hilarious.

  518. Susan Senn Says:

    Dear Jason,Happy Holidays. Please let us know what the largest amount of damage would be for us to hurt sientology…

  519. don'tmakemelaugh Says:

    To those who say there are a lot of nice people in Scientology–how “nice” is it really to be so unable to handle reality (we are born and die alone) that you sell yourself to an organization that lies, cheats and abuses? “Nice” is relative, I guess. I was so abused as a child that I looked for love in all the wrong places, and the org was one of them, but I never abused others and nothing would have made me do so.

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  522. […] known as the MV Freewinds. the ship described by Jason Beghe as a “rust bucket” was first sealed […]

  523. […] Bunker has posted the Jason Beghe Interview, it’s bound to cause a storm. […]

  524. Luis Says:

    Poor thing! He must be feeling terribly foolish now, but then, that’s what happens with unsecure people, persons that can’t rely on themselves and need the help of “substitutes” (drugs, religion or any other…).
    I’m sorry for these guys but not as much as I feel for the unknown people that got caught for other reasons, other than persecuting personal aims. I’m sorry for the anonymous people that were truly believing that they were working for the salvation of the planet. I am sorry for the kids that never had a choice, and found themselves trapped into a criminal organization that used them as slaves for their unworthy goals.
    I am so sorry, so sorry, for the innocent that I have difficulty in feeling empathy with these selfish “stars”, as much as I have with those that knowing what they were into for, they kept harassing their fellow members for decades.

    Fortunately that plague hasn’t propagated greatly in Portugal, but there are a few dozens that I’ll make my aim to unmask – damn bastards.

  525. William Says:

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  526. fbml kod Says:

    Kudos to Jason, Mark (and Andreas) for letting out on this dangerous cult!

  527. Seanan Says:

    Jason blew COB to get to OT VII

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  533. A fan of Jason Beghe - The Person! Says:

    HAHAHA GOOD JOB! I stayed awake and enjoyed viewing this Jason Beghe video. I was in the Sea Org for several years making my merry way to the top and then I decided to make my move. So I did. THANK GOD FOR NEW YORKERS!!! I love that Jason has the balls to admit to being duped and brave enough to tell his story. I know what he means by these certain A-hole elitist “OTs” who think they are the sh*t and look down on others when they can’t even tie their own shoelace. I’ve heard first hand from someone who left INT about the abuse and humiliation that went on behind closed doors and how Celebs are shielded from these horrors and how the church shells out $$$$ Big Money to ESPECIALLY non-Scientologist artists to perform at events or at Gold. Unthinkable amounts of money and attention showered onto them, while making an SO Member who only has one uniform and one pair of shoes stretch a meagher budget to get things done against all odds. Would Tom Cruise support the beatings and abuse and poverty dealt to the S.O. or does he just turn and look the other way while the Sea Org Members HUSTLE to give him the royal treatment? Celebs have no idea what rides on the backs of these people or what it took to honor him and hang a medal around his neck. Jason opened up a can of whoop ass and he was HONEST.

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