Back on YouTube

By now you probably are aware that I am back on YouTube.  After filing a DMCA counter-notification, Viacom decided not to press charges over a couple brief Stephen Colbert clips.  I detail the full story here:

Several people have done nice welcome back videos.  These are a couple of my favorites.

Please subscribe to my original YouTube channel where I can post longer videos.  The new material will appear there.

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12 Comments on “Back on YouTube”

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  2. dorothy Says:

    awesome awesome, restored my faith in the world just a tiny bit.

  3. crazyscot Says:

    Welcome back Wise Beard Man!! Just can’t keep a good man down 🙂

  4. Gary A Says:

    Wooo! Welcome back WBM!

  5. Randall Says:

    Now that you’re back, is there any chance of re-uploading of the old 60 minutes clips and 20/20 clips from back in the 80s? When their leader and lawyer started blowing up at Mike Wallace, it was classic!

  6. Count Zero Says:

    The return of the Wise Bearded Man . Sir your wisdom was missed , your beard also.
    The world needs more who will stand up for what is plain and simply right, pray continue. Long may you be a thorn in the side of those who would seek to exploit others in the name of a religion , and of course gently helping them make total asses of themselves .

  7. allmuppetcaligula Says:

    I dedicate this honor to my mother-in-law who made the eggplant really boogie.

  8. […] month, the YouTube account "XenuTV" of [experienced] scientology critic Mark Bunker was reinstated. For this purpose, Bunker filed a DMCA objection. Unknown people had denounced the US […]

  9. Anonomoose Says:

    Good to have you back. I am furiously digesting all your old vids!!

  10. duva Says:

    good job nice to see in this day you still cant keep a good man down. mark bunker the best of the best

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