Jeff at the Vaults

Jeff Jacobsen takes us out the the underground vaults where Scientology has supposedly stored L. Ron Hubbard’s tech on titanium plates so they will survive any future holocaust.

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9 Comments on “Jeff at the Vaults”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    They are really freaky!!!!!!! Just when you think you’ve heard it all, it gets stranger and stranger……………

  2. sam Says:

    Hey! Maybe that’s where Xenu is locked up, too!!!

  3. gargy Says:

    What a good question. Well, actually two good questions: What the f*^k are they going to do with their “crap tech” and what might really be in there? Whoa.

    Looks like more foot bullets to me.

    June 14th, Sea Arrrgh, Expect us.

  4. bagger Says:

    Xenutv1 is back on youtube!!!!!

  5. MarkayBayan Says:

    so is the original xenutv!

  6. L.Fraud Hubbard Says:

    Damn now I got think about that 2

  7. xenusiamese Says:

    I would bet anything that at some level they tell people that is where Xenu is imrisoned…I bet they have some room like out of the area 51 scene in Independence Day to fool people with.

  8. Hermetic Mysteries Says:

    Epic Nose Guy, it struck me as odd when you sarcastically stated that the video as a “Big deal” given the fact that “Epic Nose Guy” bravely stood by his beliefs in freedom of speech by refusing to put down his sign that declared $cientology a cult. When I looked up your site, what I found was an anti – Anonymous site that basically states that “Anonymous are racist and support pedophilia and therefore the public should discredit anything we hear from them.” Anyone familiar with $cientology’s tactics would immediately recognize the calling of their detractors as “racist”, “pedophiles”, or otherwise undesirables in the current society.

    It is a short leap to the hypothesis that you are in fact a $cientologist yourself. This is especially evident in the fact that you use the 15 year old’s alias, thus deceitfully attempting to trick the average reader. While there is nothing wrong with using an alias to hide oneself on the internet, stealing someone else’s name in an attempt to hijack his identity is especially heinous, and thus incriminates even further the cult to which you belong. I suspect that if you were to reply at all, it would be to deny that you are a $cientologist, further deceit demonstrating one of the many reasons why those on this site do not like your hideous organization.

    In conclusion, I would like to state that doing what you have done is another proverbial “foot bullet”, and is further proof as to why as a society we must dedicate ourselves to stopping the cruelties and evil perpetrated by the cult known as $cientology, as well as notify the public as to the lies that keep the cult alive.

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