Casting Stones

I broke my long silence to applaud Anonymous on their 1 year anniversary and also talk about Supervisor Jeff Stone and the protest ban in Riverside County.

Tony Ortega also printed some comments from me today in the Village Voice.  He has been very upset about the Pubes Kid affair.  He wrote a scathing piece two days ago and then had comments from Jason Beghe yesterday.

He thinks I let them off the hook but I wrote what I thought.

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16 Comments on “Casting Stones”

  1. 9000 Penii Says:

    We are the internet Hate Machine, we post flashing images to epilepsy forums, we raid hobba hotel, we raid second life, we mock death, we hacked Sarah Palin’s e-mail, we have over 9000 penises and their all raping children.

    We do not forgive

    we do not forget

    We cover our selves in pubes

    expect us

  2. XENU TV Says:

    You know, Tom, I welcome your posts but please don’t spam. Once is fine. We get your point.

  3. Nick Says:

    The brave agent pubes thing was funny. It was for the lulz dammit.

  4. Tarvu Says:

    What is “hobba” hotel anyway Tom? Sounds like epic fail.

  5. Avery1 Says:

    Thanks for your insights Mark. I notice is down – I hope this is because the new site is being put up soon! Can’t wait to see it.

  6. Anyman82 Says:

    Moving. Very moving indeed. My hat’s off to you again, sir.

  7. anonymous Says:

    Mark – why are you saying that the police “chased away” the protesters?

    My understanding is that the police came down, they apparently did ask for the identities of the protesters, they may have asked them irrelevant questions about their HIV+, but I don’t remember that they have chased them away.

    What I remember reading was that , quite on the contrary, they were allowed to protest in front of the gate and along both sides of the highway. They were not prevented from protesting, and they were not chased away.

    Do I remember wrong?

  8. 3rdMan Says:

    I think the impression was that the police and sheriff who showed up were producing an air of hostility towards the protesters who were simply practicing their first amendment rights. Srsly, asking for HIV status? What kind of law-enforcement question is that? Its like Scienfaggotry fair game tactics asking you “what are your crimes?” Its inappropriate and intimidating, especially when there are more cops than protesters showing up.

    Yes they were allowed to protest b/c the law itself was a violation of the constitution of the U.S. Which is good, the police know they can’t deter lawful assembly. But that was the reason they sent so many police in the first place: to deter.

    It is a common tactic for police to just be in an area to discourage crime in a particular area.

    I do think the whole thing with epic pubes guy was just stupid. Funny as hell b/c it was so stupid (in other words, I am laughing at pubet).

  9. Mark,

    I have the utmost respect for you. You, sir out of all the “OG” (most of whom aren’t OG) actually has the best understanding of anonymous.

    Anonymous is not new. Please see the website that I’m linking in this post ( This board pre-dated 4chan. You know what? Anonymous predated Slashdot by years.

    Anonymous has been watching. Anonymous will continue to watch. Anonymous will act as Anonymous thinks is proper. Anonymous has always been around. Anonymous was here long before us. Anonymous will be here long after us.

    Anonymous is NOT the chans.
    Anonymous is NOT WhyWeProtest.
    Anonymous is NOT basement dwelling teenagers that have a grudge.
    Anonymous is NOT a social movement.
    Anonymous is NOT any persons personal army.

    Anonymous is.

    This is why Anonymous will win.

  10. 3rdMan Says:

    The error in attempting to accurately define Anonymous is attempting to accurately define Anonymous.

  11. anonymous Says:

    “Anonymous is not new. Please see the website that I’m linking in this post ( This board pre-dated 4chan. You know what? Anonymous predated Slashdot by years.”

    I don’t see what this link has to do with anonymous nor understand what you are talking about. Anonymous as we know it today is clearly associated with the chans. Slashdot long predates the chans.

  12. Rory Says:

    Good job all outspoken critics of Scientology!

  13. J. Blaze Says:

    What is the information for contacting Supervisor Jeff Stone such
    as email address? Thanks.

  14. Bill Says:

    Mark, as always, your wisdom and knowledge makes you shine. I appreciate the unbiased, factual information you provide on your site through your videos, DVD’s, and articles.

    Jeff Stone will get whats coming to him sooner or later. People need to provide the Riverside County Board of Supervisors information about Jeff Stone’s relationship to the cult. As we all saw in the videos of the meetings, the people who spoke have begun to do just that.

    On another note, it is not a crime or civil violation for law enforcement to ask for one’s HIV status. However, NOBODY has an obligation to answer their question. Where the crime was committed, was the female $cientology representative who PROVIDED that information to the police. What that woman did is a Misdemeanor and could carry a $25,000 fine. Not only that, there would be heavy civil repercussions. Shame on law enforcement not knowing the law. It was a misdemeanor committed in their presence and they did not recognize it, nor did they take action of any kind.

    If I were in the shoes of the two HIV+ protesters, I would retain legal counsel and also go to the D.A’s office and demand justice. Once criminal proceedings are under way, file a civil suit against the woman and the cult.

  15. anonymous Says:

    “the unbiased, factual information you provide”

    unbiased? You’ve got to be kidding, right?

    As for factual, how about Mark claiming the protesters where chased away when in fact they were allowed to protest?

    “Where the crime was committed, was the female $cientology representative who PROVIDED that information to the police.”

    Because you have evidence of such?

    That I know, all we have is a 5th hand account from a notorious liar, i.e. Garry Scarff.

    If you have anything better, I’d like to see it.

  16. Randy Says:

    Mark, just checked Tony Ortega’s piece in The Village Voice. Are the political jabs really necessary?

    Believe me, there are Conservatives out here who do support this cause along with you.

    Its not the first time you’ve done it and its really a big turn off.

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