I Like Tom Cruise

Really.  I’ve always been a fan.  And this is one of those moments when he does something right.  An Anon asks Tom to sign his V mask and Tom’s security grabs the mask.  Cruise gets it from security and signs it, adding a peace sign.  No drama.  No spectacle.  Well done.

It reminds me of when those TV pranksters squirted him with water from a fake microphone.  He handled that well, asking them why would they do such a stupid thing.    I wish we all could react as well under these circumstances.

Tom Cruise autographed a German Anon's V Mask

Tom Cruise autographed a German Anon's V Mask

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26 Comments on “I Like Tom Cruise”

  1. Tom Newton Says:

    It reminds me of the time you signed that woman’s breasts…you handled those quite well, didn’t you? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUOkCEdkcVg

    Here’s my take on Anonymous’ Tom Cruise Obsession: http://anonymous-is-a-hategroup.blogspot.com/2009/01/tom-cruise-signs-autographs-for.html

    Tom Newton

  2. Tom Newton Says:

    Are you blocking me again?

  3. Tom Newton Says:

    Okay Mark,

    Here’s my take on Anonymous and their silly celebrity obsession (I mean come on, they are dressed like action heros!): http://anonymous-is-a-hategroup.blogspot.com/2009/01/tom-cruise-signs-autographs-for.html

    And I’ve noticed that you, too , have become something of a celebrity to them:

    Tom Newton

  4. Tom Newton Says:

    I see….So I can’t link my blog to explain my take on yours and Anonymous’ celebrity obsession….okay, well click my name then. Thanks.

    U suk.

  5. XENU TV Says:

    Tom, what the heck are you talking about? I’m not blocking you at all. Sometimes your links get caught in the spam filter but I approve them when I’m notified.

    Even a bot can see that you are a spammer but I welcome you all the same.


  6. anonymous Says:

    WOW – just WOW!!! Now that’s one of those times I agree 100% with you, Mark! Stunning!

  7. Lizzy0lizzard Says:

    He is a psycho and he doesn’t believe in Peace and Love, he is a Scientologist.
    It’s a paradox.

    I think he did that just for propaganda to make people believe Scientologists are “peaceful and loving”.

    It was all for the cameras.
    After all, he IS an actor, he was just performing.

  8. Tom Newton Says:

    “Author: Lizzy0lizzard
    He is a psycho and he doesn’t believe in Peace and Love, he is a Scientologist.
    It’s a paradox.”

    Wow. You are a bigot and God’s going to judge you for it. You can join the rest of Anonymous IN HELL!!

  9. Lizzy0lizzard Says:

    GOD will judge me??



    Do BTs go the Heaven or Hell?
    Does God judge BTs?

    What about Xenu?



  10. Tom Newton Says:


    Ninth Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness

    Mark, ths appllies to you too. God Hates Demagogy.

  11. tsimento Says:

    Tommy hasn’t reached level OT3 yet….Newton that is! Tom Newton, as Tom Cruise would say, “you don’t know…you don’t know!! Have you read about Scientology, have you read about what scientology has done to kids/individuals and families?!?!? I know! I read books!” (well, I substituted scientology for psychology and added some stuff…but you get the point) When are you going to admit that you are a scientologist TN??

  12. rabidtreeweasel Says:

    That was really very classy. I wonder if these celebrities, still so enamored by the cult, are beginning to understand that we really are peaceful. Even if Tom Cruise disagrees with us, it would seem he’s able to appreciate our commitment to our cause. I only hope he’s willing to take that step farther, past “these people are peaceful protesters,” into, “I wonder what they are protesting for?”

  13. ManAna Says:

    Looked to me like Tom got a little annoyed by his Sec. “Gimmi that.”
    I think he should schedule another session on Ophra and make it a “public auditing”. Imagine if he spilt all his beans like that. hehehe. All the Scientology induced engrams just flogged in the open. How nice it would be.

    +5 Tom Newton. That blog is like the funniest shit.

  14. Avery1 Says:

    Tom Cruise is another cult victim and he, like many other Scientologists, is shielded from the awful truth. I hope one day he wakes up.

  15. Nick Says:

    Well played Mr. Cruise

  16. rhill Says:

    Nice side of him. Phew. I thought he might shatter it as in “How to shatter Suppression” (http://www.suppressiveperson.org/spdl/images/stories/promo/isn-24-bk-cvr-2003.jpg#)

  17. Eric Says:

    I agree with you Lizzy0lizzard, and Tom Newton, you are a flipping idiot dude, go away. Tom Cruise, another idiot, but without the fruit cakes then how would the rest of us be defined as normal?

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Tom Newton really loves Anonymous, actually. His opposition to Anonymous is strictly a ruse so he can regain Scientology’s trust to infiltrate them and leak moar secrets. In fact, before Tom Newton was kicked out of Scientology, he was responsible for a third of the leaks of Scientology’s secrets.

    You know that guy on WWP who doesn’t say much and just participates at the protests and doesn’t really associate much, goes by the alias: Anonymous? That is him.

    It really does pain him to have to act like a dick-less, know-nothing, antagonistic, troll who doesn’t care about the people who Scientology hurts (both in and out of the cult). May you succeed in bringing down the cult, Tom. May the lulz be with you.

  19. censor Says:

    and the best thing about this: now tom (cruise) can’t come up with stories like “they’re threatening to murder me and my family” anymore. if he feared Anon that much, he probably wouldn’t have drawn the peace symbol on there. he’s cool with us, after all it’s scientology we’re after, not the scientologists.

  20. 3rdMan Says:

    Coolies on the mask signing. I wonder if DM is pitching a fit knowing Cruise just gave his John Hancock to an SP, lol.

  21. General Public Says:

    Cruise was hedging his bets. In fact he didn’t know what to do until he put his PR hat on.
    If the hat wasn’t snatched by the security he would have ignored it. The guy who did that will be sacked or at least severely admonished.

    For someone who is engaged in a war on the psychiatric and psychological profession, as well as underwriting the human rights abuses of his organisation, the drawing of the peace sign was a cynical joke. Well done? My arse!

  22. freddie Says:

    Unfortunately the camera shows Cruise from the shoulders down at the crucial moment as his attention is guided to the fact of the mask by the security guys. We don’t see any expressions from anybody. But significantly Cruise does not look directly at the owner of the mask when he gives it back. In fact he seems embarrassed.

  23. Xeero Says:

    Regardless of the reason, it is impressive that Cruise avoided the more typically publicized reactions that we see for Scientologists (blatantly ignoring, or having the guy thrown out, etc.).

    I generally don’t care for him, but I’ll give him props for at the very least managing to be remotely civil about the whole thing (which ultimately isn’t that big a deal in this case)

  24. new mexican Says:

    idont like his acting or his religous beliefs i only own 1 movie of his and icant find it 🙂 BTW i dont like him at all.:)

  25. Emily Says:

    I think another poster is right and he’s caught up in it as well. Maybe someday he’ll surround himself with non-scientology people and have a great discussion. I could really care less if he does believe it I just don’t like the cultish and criminal things they do. I remember reading that Nicole Kidman doesn’t see her kids from her marriage with Tom anymore. 😦 It was a classy moment and it didn’t seem staged. Of course as someone else mentioned he is an actor and I could be wrong but he’s no Leonardo DiCaprio of course. He could’ve just handed it back to the guy and not have signed it. I sometimes wonder if Tom really is out of the loop on things and Scientology just uses him for money and promotion. 😦

  26. robert s Says:

    Tom Newton Says:

    January 20, 2009 at 9:04 pm

    “Author: Lizzy0lizzard
    He is a psycho and he doesn’t believe in Peace and Love, he is a Scientologist.
    It’s a paradox.”

    Wow. You are a bigot and God’s going to judge you for it. You can join the rest of Anonymous IN HELL!!

    judge not least ye be judged! im guessing you will require some sun tan lotion for your trip to hell as well?

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