May the Best Man Whine

I get a lot of right-wing lunacy sent to my email box.  We’ve all seen it.  “Obama’s a Secret Muslim!”  “Obama not born in the U.S.!”  Wild-eyed stuff that has been long since disproved yet taken to heart by people who don’t want to know the truth.  

BTW, why do I never see any left-wing equivalent:  “McCain Faked Being a P.O.W.!  Spent years in four star hotel as traitor to country!”  Liberals aren’t always right, but why don’t I see them writing chain-mail lunacy?  Or am I just on the wrong lists?

I try to keep politics out of the blog and while I enjoy passionately discussing the issues of the day with people who disagree with me, I try not to be disagreeable.   But sometimes I have a short fuse.

I received a right-wing column the other day that was pretty disagreeable and I wrote back.   We exchanged several emails in which he stated some strong opinions   Now, I would normally keep such conversations private but he is a public figure.  The man ran for City Council in 2001.

Kevin Hancock

Kevin Hancock

Here’s what’s puzzling me.  Kevin Hancock was declared an SP and kicked out of Scientology in 1991 but he still believes in the tech.  I’m not sure where he is on the bridge but he seems pretty confident about his position in life and the knowledge he has gained using Hubbard’s tech.

Yet, of all the candidate in the City Council race, he came in 7th with only 168 votes.  That means six other people who weren’t Scientologists (to the best of my knowledge) beat him.  

Six people who had millions of lifetimes of unhandled engrams, and were covered head-to-toe with invisible Body Thetans which must have caused the Wog candidates untold problems.   They had no Hubbard tech.  None.  Nada.  Zip.

Still – they beat the guy.

How is that possible?  Why do we have non-Scientologist leaders in virtually every field (except sometimes at the box-office) when such worthy candidates as Kevin Hancock offer their advanced abilities to the public?

There is only one answer that explains it.  Scientology is nonsense.  It doesn’t work.  it doesn’t create powerful beings.  It creates delusions.  Most of them are harmless.  However, some people have their lives destroyed.  Which is why I speak out against Scientology fraud and abuse.

Kevin is really upset with Jason Beghe.  He thinks Jason has MU’s or screwed-up the tech somehow to not get its benefits.  But if I may paraphrase Jason:

“Kevin, show me the mother-fucking clear!”

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18 Comments on “May the Best Man Whine”

  1. Eric Says:

    I believe you are right to keep political talk away from your blog. I became interested in your writings because I too think scientology is dangerous and needs to be irradicated, but at the same time I am a republican. I am NOT a racist, I don’t care what color people are or where they came from, i just look at the individual and see what he/she has to offer. There are certainly left-wing lunacy emails that make their rounds, in fact i lost a friend over this past election because she went bananas with lunacy over her obsession with Obama. She flooded my mail box with ridiculous crap until i had to block her.
    I am not one to make uninformed accusations and at the same time do not want to lumped in with those types of people out there like this kevin hancock who have no clue, are prejudiced and are basically idiots, not because of their skin color, but just because they are idiots.

  2. settlesdown Says:

    In all fairness WBM, I did get quite a bit of “Bush was behind 9-11” or some other paranoid delusional conspiracy theory shit from liberal acquaintences (sic) in my email back when. Maybe people just no better than to send you such nonsense.

    I do appreciate the absense of political horseshit on your blog, so thanks for that. Keep your eye on the ball. You do a great job! Keep it up!

  3. CrazyDelaney Says:


    I think you’re absolutely right about Scientology. If it did work.. I think Scientologists would dominate every field. Do they? Not at all. I think the tech is nonsense and it robs people of their capacity to think critically about their world and to me that is probably the greatest abuse of all.

  4. Anon Says:

    The hard lefties get all the airtime they want on NBC & CNN. Maybe that’s why they don’t bother you WBM. Also, they know you’re already a lefty anyway. I agree with you on the $cientology stuff, but politics not so much.

  5. Gee, he’s just another brainwashed victim, like Barbara Schwarz.

  6. Hartley Says:

    But Mark, Mr David Miscavige explained it all in his 2007 speech to the IAS Conference. The writings of L Ron Hubbard had been published for fifty years with so many mistakes that no one could use them properly.
    Since then Mr Miscavige has been been working tirelessly to ensure that all 12 million Scientologists (TM) obtain the full and exactly correct Books and Lectures package that will fastrack them up the Bridge.
    I am sure that in future Scientologists (TM) will be winning elections for their chosen parties, as well as winning Oscars and Nobel prizes and becoming millionaires. And it will all be thanks to Mr David Miscavige.

  7. 3rdMan Says:

    Hartley, that has been the goal of Scientology for years and years, and all they got was an asbestos contaminated boat, banning in parts of Europe, soon-to-be criminal status in France, RPF camps, and Hollywood (the most debased & degenerated part of America). Face it, Scientology has been digging itself a hole.

    Btw, thanks for illustrating the cult-ish nature of Scientology for us. Be sure to thank Miscavige if he doesn’t beat you during another one of his temper tantrums.

  8. rabidtreeweasel Says:

    3rdman- I’m pretty sure Hartley was being tongue in cheek.

  9. Shimmy Shapiro Says:

    There is another answer to the mystery of the lack of success among the body-thetan lacking scientologists. It is the suppressives. Hubbard created the bad guys, the wily 1.1’s stuck in the middle of their engrams back in Dianetics. They can blame most any setback on them. Aside from this concept being pure nonsense, what I don’t get is that 1.1’s, because of their low tone, should be pretty much useless at getting things done yet they cause more damage then the Joker in Dark Knight. When I stated this in the past, one scientolgist replied, “Look at Adolph Hitler and tell me there are no suppressives!” The person who said that was OT7 and I guess that his brain was about as fried as a brain could be, but that was his answer. Most just go back into a denial loop and COMPLETELY avoid giving an applicable answer.

  10. Caliwog Says:

    Years ago, a Scientologist mentioned Hubbard’s film tech. So I asked, “If there is a winning film tech, why did Battlefield Earth suck so bad?” The answer — and I’m sure you can guess — “They didn’t follow the tech correctly.” I should have known.

  11. genesee Says:

    I honestly feel that your work is one of the most important in the world.
    In a very close race, would you vote for a Republican candidate if the Democratic candidate is a Scientologist?

  12. MagnaniomousCoward Says:

    Yeah it’s the lists you’re on Mark. I’ve heard all sorts of nutty theories about Sarah Palin and John McCain, especially about Palin’s baby boy, as well as the usual conspiracy theory stuff about 9/11 and the jews and the psychs and what have you.

    Thanks for keeping the party politics away from your blog when it doesn’t concern cults.

  13. XENU TV Says:

    Genesee, I vote for the person, not the party. A candidate would have to explain to me how his faith in a conman fits into his world view.

    I can’t vote for an irrational person so I’d have a hard time doing that, same as I couldn’t vote for someone who believes the earth is 5000 years old and Jesus ran around with the dinosaurs.

    I want someone who actually believes in scientific facts as a starting point.

    And Mag, the Palin’s baby thing was bloggers reacting to a series of pictures. That story was debunked and dropped. I don’t still see emails about it long months after the fact. They may be out there but I don’t see them.

    And 9/11 conspiracies and such don’t have a party attached to them. The 9/11 truth gang disrupted Bill Maher’s show for example.

    There are nuts from all sides, however. I never meant to imply otherwise.

  14. Eric Says:

    Mark, your comment

    “same as I couldn’t vote for someone who believes the earth is 5000 years old and Jesus ran around with the dinosaurs.”

    Can you possibly explain what you are saying here? The United States of America was founded and built on Christianity and it’s beliefs. If this is not an anti-Christian statement, i apologize for asking.

  15. XENU TV Says:

    Sure, Eric. To have faith in ones myths is one thing but to reject science completely is another. Creationists who believe the Earth is a mere 5000 years old, the grand canyon was carved by the great flood and that man and dinosaur roamed the earth together just a couple thousand years ago is to reject all scientific proof otherwise.

    I’m sorry but if you believe those things you are wrong. And I don’t want the country ruled by someone that blind to reality.

    Faith is one thing, a rejection of reality is another.

  16. Artoo45 Says:

    Now you’ve really put your foot in it Mark. Everyone knows that the earth is 6000 years old, not 5000. And I think I saw a picture of Adam and Eve riding a Protoceratops to church once . . . so it must be true . . . or was it a Pachycephalosaurus? Dipolodocus? Oh, nevermind.

  17. Weihnachtstollen Says:

    “It creates delusions. Most of them are harmless. ”

    Mark, can you please tell me which of the delusions of a scientologist are harmless.

    Do not these delusions exist in a system which glues them together? Is it possible for a scientologist to possess some delusions but not others?
    Is it not the case that being deluded makes one vulnerable to further control by a system which desires power over you?
    How can a delusion be harmful in that case?

  18. Sue Mee Says:


    A scientologist cannot be a Democrat, or a Republican for that matter, if they want to remain true to the ‘sauce’ (!) of LRH. He wanted a totalitarian system true to him. Hitler played the vote until he had the power to disregard it. Ron would’ve done the same. I think you should have known this already. In fact I think you did. So stop messing about.

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