Death at the Celebrity Center

On Sunday, a security guard at the Celebrity Center in L.A. shot dead a former Scientologist who approached him with two samurai swords.  

The L.A. Times report also says that the shooting was in self defense.  The police viewed footage of the attack.

“The evidence is very clear the security officers were defending their safety,” said Deputy Chief Terry S. Hara of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Police did not release the name of the guard or the man killed in the shooting, which occurred about noon. An investigator said the man had a history with the church but was not a member now. The tape showed the man arriving at the Celebrity Centre’s Bronson Avenue parking lot in a red convertible, getting out of the vehicle and approaching a trio of security guards and waving a sword in each hand, Hara said.

He said the man, who was described as being in his 40s, was “close enough to hurt them” when the guard fired. The man was taken to County-USC Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

Det. Wendi Berndt said the man was involved with the church “a long time ago.””There was a previous relationship, but it is unclear to what degree,” she said.
I have no reason to doubt that the shooting was self-defense.   I think it should go without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that no one at a Scientology Org should be put in that situation.   Violence is not a solution to anyone’s problem with Scientology.  


We are now learning the man’s name was Mario Majorski and there seems to be a deeper connection to Scientology than the organization is letting on.  If the people at whyweprotest are correct, Scientologist attorney Moxon represented Majorski in at least one lawsuit against “an evil psych,” in this case it was Jolly West.


A newspaper in Oregon has much more on Mario’s troubled background.

In 1993, Majorski was listed as a plaintiff in a lawsuit brought by the Church of Scientology in Santa Monica Superior Court against a nationally known psychiatrist and professor at the University of California Los Angeles, who was an outspoken critic of the church.

Majorski was a student at UCLA at the time. He and a classmate, John Van Dyke, sued Dr. Louis J. West on behalf of the church for waging “a smear campaign of religious intolerance and hatred on university time.” The lawsuit was dismissed.

Majorski has since had en-­counters with local authorities.

In June 2007, he was convicted of two misdemeanor counts of stalking Lane County Circuit Judge Debra Vogt with a dangerous weapon, after “repeated and unwanted contact” with the judge, and sentenced to probation. The charges came “after a case in which he did not like her decision and had made threats against her,” according to a news release issued Monday by Lane County Sheriff Russ Burger.

On Oct. 26, officers in Florence responded to a phone call from a representative for AAA, whom Majorski reportedly was threatening with an ax.

Majorski had called AAA because he ran out of gas in the middle of Munsel Lake Road, according to a police report.

The representative, Doug Bush­war, told police he arrived with a can of gas and found Majorski standing on the passenger side of his Toyota pickup, which had its flashers on. Behind the truck, there were “small kids’ toys lined up in a row on the street,” Bushwar told the officer. “He thought this looked very strange,” the report said.

When Bushwar approached, Majorski became upset and agitated, according to the report, yelling at Bushwar to stay where he was, then threatening him and ultimately telling him to leave. Bushwar tried to explain who he was and to calm Majorski down, but Majorski grabbed an ax from the truck and threatened Bushwar with it, according to the report.

Florence police officer Brian Goss arrived to find Majorski walking down Munsel Lake Road. Goss asked Majorski to talk to him, but Majorski walked away yelling and cursing, eventually threatening to shoot Goss. Majorski eventually ran into a nearby house, came to a window and told Goss he had hostages inside, then he came back outside and stormed about the yard.

“He told us we have rifles aimed at our heads right now and that at his count of three we would be executed,” Goss wrote. “He then counted to three.”

Majorski also said there were explosives in the house. Another officer eventually got handcuffs on Majorski, who was arrested for menacing and disorderly conduct. He pleaded not guilty to the menacing charge and was scheduled to appear in court on the other charge in December.

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23 Comments on “Death at the Celebrity Center”

  1. Avery1 Says:

    Agreed, Mark. I feel awful for the guard who was put in the terrible situation of having to use deadly force. I hope he is coping and getting any help he needs.

  2. Bill Says:

    Having been in a similar situation before, I can sympathize with the security guard as well. I am hoping that the guard is humble and he does not a “hero complex.”

    With that said, what this man did was a classic example of “suicide by cop”, in this case “armed guard.” He knew the guards were armed, yet he forced the security guard into shooting him, thus killing him. This happens all the time in the United States. I have seen it with my own eyes before.

    I have been browsing through the forums and have been viewing all of the documents being dug up about the dead ex-scientologist (Mario Majorski). So far, it is turning out to be interesting. One document suggests that the most recent activity that Mr. Majorski had within Co$ was in 2004. Other public documents being dug up show that this man has had many legal troubles and money problems for quite some time and had recently filed for bankruptcy. I am sure it will be quite some time before everything is put together. Lets just hope that the LAPD is forthcoming with information on the dead man.

    It is appearing more and more like Co$ has produced two more victims, one dead and the other being forced to take a life. I guess we will have to wait for more details to emerge.

  3. Artoo45 Says:

    This is why the cult is dangerous. Not the armed guard, but an unstable person who probably sought help with this crackpot organization. Being totally incapable of diagnosing serious mental illness, they Scienos probably just kicked him out. The Jeremy Perkins tragedy comes to mind.

  4. Leannekera Says:

    I’m just off to check what OT level includes lessons on how to wield a samurai sword…

  5. Eric Says:

    Seconding something mentioned above by Bill, the cult has produced two more victims, sadly this is the kind of behavior that comes from people who have been through the cult ringer. As it gets bigger and more widespread and also as it becomes more pressured, things like this will unfortunately become more common.

  6. Ann O'Nymous Says:

    We don’t know everything yet. Two details bother me:
    – If I am correct, it is not the guard who was facing the swords who shot. IMHO, this is not self-defense.
    – The LAPD deputy chief used the expression: “knives throwing distance”. From what we know, no knife was mentioned here. In my limitd undertanding, this distance is much bigger than the “sword stabbing distance”.

    I cannot help but consider the following hypothesis, that can be completely wrong: when killed by a third party, the attacker was still rather far from his potential victim.

    I hope the inquiry will clarify these points.

  7. Bill Says:

    Ann O’Nymous….

    I completely disagree with you. Let me give you some insight. First of all, the guard has a right not only to defend himself, but he has the duty to protect others, just as a police officer would.

    I have been a police officer for nearly 20 years. My department is very big on training and preparedness. We do a lot of in-service training and a lot of roll playing. Using simunition (paint filled plastice bullets), we did some experiments. One officer played “the bad guy” and was wielding a rubber knife. Another officer distanced himself 20 feet from the pretend bad guy. The pretend bad guy charged the officer from 20 feet away. The officer drew his gun and was BARELY able to shoot one round before the pretend bad guy was stabbing him with the rubber knife. The round missed the bad guy.

    It is NOT like the movies. When you shoot someone, they WILL still come at you most of the time. They do not fly backwards through the air. The only sure way to stop a charging suspect where he stands is a very accurate head-shot. That is unbelievably difficult on a moving target, especially in a high stress situation.

    The guard or officer does not have to wait until someone is stabbed and slashed before defending himself or anyone else? That would be ridiculous and irresponsible.

    The guard and others around him were in immediate danger according to the LAPD homicide detectives.

  8. XENU TV Says:

    Bill’s right. The tape showed there was a real danger. I’d say don’t leap to conclusions just because of Scientology’s affinity for lying.

    The news report today says that Majorski also threatened a judge in Oregon and had a troubled past:

  9. 3rdMan Says:

    The self defense appears valid. The real lies we should be looking out for is Scientology’s report on Mario’s involvement with this cult.

  10. tsimento Says:

    Hold on a second people…could it just be that the victim had issues way b/4 he got involved with the cult, I mean it would be nice to blame everything on scientology/ists but I seriously believe this individual was not in his right mind and I don’t think its valid to blame scientology for it…but then again, who knows?!?!?!?! The truth will eventually come out but lets not be quick to blame scientology for the victims actions…and I also agree with Bill that the security gaurd is there to protect everyone at and around the centre, I believe he was well in his rights to shoot the victim, if he had waited or stalled perhaps this could have been a much worse!!!

  11. Sue Mee Says:

    Sometimes my dear Bunker we give the cult too much benefit of the doubt. Patience! Soon will come the necessary details. But then the news is old. I do think we move too slowly in using opportunities to put the cult onto it’s back foot.

  12. Weihnachtstollen Says:

    If the man was mad to begin with then involvement with scientology made his madness worse. Moreover, the madness in his person was trained, refined, when he had the money, and his personage was indulged in up until the time he became bankrupt.
    His involvement with the cult will be established in time, if they were too slow to rub out the appropriate records as they did with Charles Manson.

    The point is that they took the money off this poor chap and ditched him. This is normal behaviour from the cult. This is what should be highlighted because those who are looking for help, or inspiration should look elsewhere. scientology wants your money and/or labour. They will pretend to give you certainty and direction.

  13. t94xr Says:

    Why on earth are “church” security guards carrying weapons?

    I bet the best thing that can happen out of this is the church cant say it was a member of Anonymous, and the worst thing they can say the guy killed was a member of their own church. lulz

  14. ManAna Says:


    The Church claim to be the authority of the mind. They say that they can help people with problems. If he had issues b4 they failed hard on this one.

    Either way, it’s a sad thing. Even if he wasn’t crazy when he joined the depletion of his funds could have been enough to send a few clowns of his circus.

  15. Bill Says:


    Apparently the armed security works for a private firm, hired by Co$. I have never been a supporter of “security guards” carrying guns, but I guess in this case it was a good thing he was armed. Security guards get very little training, they have little to no expertise in dealing with life and death situations, and they rarely practice with their firearms. However, with proper the minimum state mandated training and certification, some security guards can carry guns while on-duty.

    All of the latest information being released indicates that Mario Majorski had mental problems for a long time. Of course, the normal thing for Co$ to do is to take the guy off of his psych meds and treat him with auditing and vitamins. Taking a psychotic person off their psych meds can have devastating effects that can sometimes become permanent, requiring new psych treatment, diagnosis, and different medications than what he had before. At some point, I am sure he became too much for them to handle.

    I think auditing alone can drive even a sane person insane. After all, it is just one of many types of mind control and hypnosis.

  16. tsimento Says:

    Agreed…I just think we shouldn’t be rash to blame scientology without all the facts. If in time it becomes evident that they did more harm than good to the victim than we can make these accusations with hard evidence. I’m not defending scientology, I just think we should ‘all’ examine the indicident rationally.

    I also agree with Bill, auditing could certainly drive the most sane person into insanity but to paraphrase L.Ron… show me one completely sane person and I’ll show you someone who’s completely mad.

  17. ManAna Says:


    I agree. There is no need to sink to their level.

  18. Box Car Billy Says:

    I am waiting for further information to CONFIRM my feelings but I don’t need ALL the facts ‘tsimento’ before I draw my conclusions. You don’t give the benefit of the doubt to liars, cheats, thieves, degenerates and sociopaths. As corruption exists in the very fundament of scientology they must be viewed at all times with suspicion. They should be considered guilty before proven innocent because their criminal behaviour is institutionalised. They are a SPECIAL CASE and being limp-wristed or generous to them just makes them laugh.

    In a video of Mark’s he meets the bass player Bill Sheehan on the street during a demo. Sheehan has a plakate on which is written his willingness to talk about anything regarding scientology. Of course Mark ruins the effect of this ‘reasonable and pleasant’ member by asking questions which Sheehan refuses to answer.

    Nice guy? Pleasant to talk to? Maybe , but at a deliberate level which is always promoting an evil. How can he be considered of gentle generous character when his job is to mislead us? Why is he unable to properly answer the simplest of questions or take seriously the verifiable abuses and crimes of his cult once they are put to him?

    Likewise then, with Majorski, are we to rely on the cult to illuminate us about his involvement with them which would go a long way to explaining his actions?

    When ‘tsimento’ writes “….we shouldn’t be rash to blame scientology without all the facts.” I think ‘why not?!’ But I don’t think it’s rash at all, I think it’s being careful. The emphasis should be on them proving their wherewithall and not on us to look at ‘both sides of the story’ ,an oft abused cliche, for the basis of establishing fact.

  19. XENU TV Says:

    I certainly doubt anything Scientology says. They have earned my belief that if they are talking to you, they are lying to you.

    However, when the police say they looked at the tape and say it is clear that the guard acted in self defense, I’m willing to accept that. Even with my own run-ins involving Scientology and the police.

    Look, Buddy called the police and said i assaulted him from a gentle bump so I know how they lie but I don’t think the cops are covering up a major crime here.

    Now, clearly Mario has a troubled past and I don’t doubt at all that Scientology had something to do with him being screwed up. It is definitely worth looking into what led up to the shooting.

  20. tsimento Says:

    Box Car Bill, your absolutely right,…except for when you say ‘we should presume them guilty until innocent.’ Although I agree they are a dangerous cult and I understand how harmful they are to society, I still think we need to have some evidence of Mario’s connection with the cult (which, with very little research can be easily established) and that a correlation exists with his actions and how the cult has treated him in the past. The site Why We Portest has begun to do this…I mean, there are a lot of people going through this site and other similar sites and when these people read irrational (however, I agree, meritable…is that a word??) we ‘the anti-scientologists/critics/anons/etc,’ end up looking just as irrational and crazy as the scientologists do.

    Also, the argument is that scientology is a mind controlling cult and that individuals such as sheehan are brainwashed, thus, not able to think for themselves…hence, his willingness to speak except about Xenu. It seems to me that your implying that individual scientologists are just as bad as those on top…I personally have never met or talked to a scientologist but I’m sure there not all ‘in on it.’

    Anyways Billy, I honestly, wholeheartedly agree with what you’re saying, I just think we need to be careful in how we state our opinions b/c there are others out there that may think we’re just as crazy as them…

  21. Box Car Billy Says:

    People who appear irrational do indeed put people off. This is a very important point, of yours Tsimento and my intention has always been to use clear language and logic; to give reasons why I think a certain way; to allow for misunderstanding and to work towards building transparent communication. I do not believe in shouting because good ideas have to be virtuously put across -with good manners and a clean ambition.

    Nevertheless I have had the odd experience, more than once, of being looked at askew when explaining the black-magic origins of scientology. And to say that the cult has it’s own (RPF) concentration camps, in a voice sweet and reasonable, has not guaranteed me safety against guffaws and ridicule.

    (Tsimento says) “It seems to me that your implying that individual scientologists are just as bad as those on top….” I would like to quote Mark, I’m sure he won’t mind : “They have earned my belief that if they are talking to you, they are lying to you.” Sheehan does not have the vicious character of Miscavige therefore he is not as ‘bad’ as him, but he supports DM and this is why Sheehan himself cannot be trusted and neither can any other scientologist.

    Please note that I (habitually) refrain from being insulting. When I say that to be a scientologist is to have your morals and virtues compromised and corrupted I base my opinion on the actions of the organisation and their total surrender to the words of a proven liar and sociopath. The exclusive nature of scientology makes ‘nice’ people like Sheehan feel special and protective towards it. His manner in Mark’s film was just a milder version of the repetitive patterns performed by the more aggresive cult-member. He was unable to tell or accept the truth. In this way he is ‘as bad as those on top.’

  22. Sue Mee Says:

    I HAVE met scientologists outside of a tent or org, in a normal social setting. I have to say they severely disappointed me. They were either extremely defensive within a simple low-key debate, or trying to sell me books. They wanted to know more about me than were willing to tell about themselves. They were inappropriatly inquisitive, vague, apart, seperated and dare I say -alien.

  23. sam gregor Says:

    No-one so far mentioned the fact that, from the blood shown on an aerial shot, Mario was shot right beside his car. I also picked up the idea that he had done the Ls. In one of his own posts to ESMB he talks about OT14 and at times he had the money to pay for it.

    I believe, but then I have a nasty suspicious mind, that he was expected at the Centre and that the guards knew exactly who he was when he arrived. They deny this but not too many people have tattoos on their necks. There was some kind of event going on: was he planning to take part disguised as a celebrity, as he talks about in one of his postings?

    At the end of the day he was certainly insane and died holding two swords and his behaviour esp latterly was eccentric but in fact he never did any harm to anyone and many people liked him.

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