Scientologists Stalking Anonymous

Here’s some video of Anonymous members leaving a protest in the L.A. area and being followed for two miles by Scientologists.  Kinda creepy, kinda Scientology-like.  

Sure, back in 1999, I did follow Dan Murnan but I was specifically trying to get an answer from him as to why a few hours earlier he and fellow Scientologist Mark Perkins came to my apartment complex and lied to my neighbors about being “friends from out of state” to find out which apartment I lived in.

Intimidation and investigation have been hallmarks of Scientology since Hubbard invented his paranoid organization.

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9 Comments on “Scientologists Stalking Anonymous”

  1. Cozy Moses Says:

    Look at those gas prices! Woo hoo!!!!

  2. Cozy Moses Says:

    Oh, and CREEPY!

  3. WolfyRik Says:

    Dood that’s so creepy!

  4. Eric Says:

    Man, they are like disabled children, making claims that are nothing less than surprising to a rational adult. Fruit loops is a phrase that comes to mind here. So what did they want? Why follow someone for 2 miles just to complain that they are the victims in this situation? I think I might have accidentally been cleaning my shotgun at the time, sometimes they go off.

  5. CrazyDelaney Says:

    You following Dan Murnan was one of my favorite videos of all time. “This man is an OT8. He can kill you with his thoughts!” Priceless LOL

  6. Mary B Says:

    You never hear about Jew or Catholics stalking their critics yet, Scientology makes this a regular practice. a real Religion…I think not!!!

  7. the shrink Says:

    Just came across this site, I regularly travel the UK as part of my job, I stayed in the background til now, and in Manchester in the UK they are very active and very serious and drawing in lots of young people with the free personality test in the street at a little table.
    They seem to very quiet now in london and the south east but expanding ops in the north.

    Is there anything that can be done to stop them?

    Also, how did you not laugh your bollix off at the little boy/security guard in the clip who claimed you assaullted..oops “violently” assaulted him. I would have pissed myself laughing in his face!

  8. Suzanne Says:

    That was hilarious Mark…….. I needed that. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving…..

  9. OnePurpose Says:

    You’d think that all the money she’s spending on auditing would have cleared her of the need to smoke. Those pesky engrams.

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