A Day of Entheta

While I was busy yesterday getting the Vince Daniels show up on YouTube, Arnie Lerma was even busier dueling with Scientology spokesperson Sylvia Stanard on a Chicago-based radio show, The J. T. Foxx Show.

The show is one of the rare examples in recent years when Scientology has brave enough to allow a representative to appear alongside a critic. It used to happen far more frequently in the past but after several disastrous shows, including one where Scientology “President” Heber Jenztsch actually went berserk and grabbed a microphone, trying to silence former member Dennis Erlich and the then-head of the old Cult Awareness Network, Priscilla Coates, Scientology decided not to confront people who actually had facts which could be presented.

In this show, Sylvia tries to deny once again the existence of Xenu and the mythology of OTIII. “It’s not in any of the books,” she claims. True. The OIII information is in a folder, presented to you when you reach that upper level. This is what they call an “acceptable truth.” There’s elements of truth to the statement but at it’s base is a lie. Former Scientology executive, Robert Vaughn Young explained Scientology tactics used in dealing with the media.

The story of Xenu is important because every move Scientology makes from the moment they meet you on the street offering a “stress test,” sign you up for a business management course, help you kick drugs through Narconon or whatever other fraudulent means they use to get you into Scientology, is leading you directly onto the “Bridge to Total Freedom.”

The pressure is constant to move you up the bridge to become an OT. They are leading you directly to Xenu and the entire concept of body thetans. The fact that they refuse to admit that all of our problems stem from having been blown up in a volcano is a case a fraud, clear and simple. It’s bait and switch, which is what radio hosts and their listeners need to be told.

Scientology lies about what lies ahead. They lie because they want your money for expensive courses or they want you to join staff and work for peanuts to service the people who can afford the expensive courses. And they lie because they know exactly how insane the truth sounds to people who haven’t been indoctrinated by years of Scientology “training.”

Listen to Scientology lie.

Download the mp3

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20 Comments on “A Day of Entheta”

  1. The Target Says:

    Looking forward to more. Funny how Sylvia avoids questions and arnie tries not to. The only question he had to avoid was the Osama Bin Laden question which even had ME stumped on to say which was worse. They are about the same. One is a lot more direct, and the other one is more elusive. Both use belief to get what they want and ruin lives.

  2. Sylvia Stanard is an idiot: listening to her in the first part she compares Scientology with the first 300 years of christianity, and the mormons in the 18th century. What she doesn’t understand is that we, the people of the 21st century are a litlle bit more civilised than people then! And she seems not to see that the early christians an the mormons didn’t do what $cientology is doing today: lie, cheat, disconnect, grab all the money their followers are able (or not!) to cough up, commit crimes, do Black PR, Fair Game and so much more!

  3. Worthy Oriental Gentleman Says:

    Mark, can you include direct download links for those of us who like to listen on MP3 players? don’t know about you, but hearing this stuff helps me pick up the pace on my morning walk. 🙂

  4. David Gerard Says:

    Heh. I read this all the way through and the comments, then realised it was actually you. Well done 🙂 We’re still annoying the CoS every now and then in London. You haven’t seen funny until you’ve seen a London policeman reading a Xenu leaflet and desperately trying not to laugh.

  5. Tony Says:

    Did you record the continuation of the decussion on Sundat?

    I had to work, so I missed it.

  6. Tony Says:


  7. Tony Says:

    Opps again,

    Man, I can’t type today.

  8. Mark Bunker Says:

    No. It aired at 6 am my time. I work late hours so I missed it. I’ll grab it when they post the archives later this week.

  9. Tony Says:

    Cool. Thanks!

  10. Doug Says:

    “she seems not to see that the early christians an the mormons didn’t do what $cientology is doing today: lie, cheat, disconnect, grab all the money their followers are able (or not!) to cough up, commit crimes, do Black PR, Fair Game and so much more!”

    You are incorrect. Study some religious history, pal. You’ll see that they did a lot of those things. The vast majority of early Christians lived in secret, mostly in caves, to avoid persecution by the Roman empire. Did this cause a lot of family strife? Yes. Was there lying? Oh yeah, early Christians had to do a lot of lying to avoid persecution. They may not have liked doing it, but they still did it. Did people give all their assets to their Christian cults back then? Yes. Read Acts 4. Was there medical strife between Christians and Romans? Let’s see, there’s a lot of stuff in the Bible about Jesus and his Disciples being able to perform miracles and heal people and not saying exactly how this was done outside “the power of God.” It’s not hard to imagine official Roman doctors having a serious problem with this- in fact if you look back at the history of those times, you will see that’s what happened. Was there Black PR? Yes. Every Roman emperor who practiced Christian persecution got some- even otherwise benevolent ones like Marcus Aurelius. Even the Apostle Paul had a serious problem with Black PR related to him when he first switched sides from persecuting Christianity to promoting it- so much so that Pauline Christianity vs. Petran Christianity is known as the first big schism in the Christian religion. Do I need to go on?

    Do the Mormons have similar problems in their history? Yes. Joseph Smith, the Mormon prophet, was widely accused of fraud, kidnapping, and various other crimes during his lifetime. He was assassinated while trying to escape from jail in Illinois after being incarcerated for his crimes as a matter of fact. He was also running for President at the time. 🙂 Subsequent to his death, the Mormons had a huge squabble over who should succeed him as Church leader. Around 10 years later (1857) a small war broke out between the US and the Utah Territory over whether or not the Mormon majority in the latter area should be able to govern their state. Was there family strife, crime, Black PR, etc. behind this war that was caused by the Mormons? Yes. The Mormons also have a long history of racism, homophobia, polygamy, and other controversial practices. Oh yeah, and Mormons are required to donate a large amount of their money to the Church. Is there family strife in the Mormon Church? Yes. Go ask Rick Ross and Steven Hasan- I believe they keep files on Mormons. You want examples of Mormons treating their critics like the CoS treats theirs? Google the Salamander Letters and Stephen Fales. You want them engaging in controversial medical practices? Go ask your doctor whether Jehovah’s Witnesses (a Mormon sect) have a problem with life-saving blood transfusions. I don’t think I need to go on.

    Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not promoting Scientology over these other religions. I’m just saying do some research. I also think Sylvia and all other Scientologists, not to mention religious people, need to face another more serious issue. They need to stop dodging the problems their religions cause. These problems do not go away. Look at the Catholic Church. It’s been around in one form or another for over 2000 years. It’s been mainstream (ie- accepted in the majority of the nations where it’s practiced as a religion) for over 1500 of those. In that time, it’s gotten in huge trouble for a lot of the same stuff the CoS has. Ask the Cathars, Hugenots, Lutherans, and other medieval Christian sects opposed to Catholicism about Black PR. Heck, ask the Muslims in the Crusades and all the victims of the Inquisition- or Galileo and other scientists who have faced Black PR and worse from Catholicism. You want a huge financial scandal? Check out the sale of indulgences. You want family strife in the Catholic Church? Priests and nuns have had to deal with it throughout history when they take vows of poverty and obedience and go to live in isolation from their families, often in foreign countries in poor conditions. Let’s fast forward to today- it still happens. Lay people get it too- I have a devout Catholic aunt who isn’t exactly looked on highly by the Baptists in my family or her peers. The men behind both World Wars (Hitler and Kaiser Wilhelm II) have both been devout Catholics. The IRA, KKK, and Mafia also have a history of being devout Catholics. JFK had a huge problem getting elected President because of his Catholic beliefs. The Catholics have also faced a lot of questions over whether their charities launder money for the Vatican, lawsuits over priests molesting parishoners- the list goes on. And the Catholics don’t have a good history of dealing with these issues to everyone’s satisfaction either. Nor does any religion that faces similar issues (and if you look at history, they all do!). Pity, because I don’t think they’re going away. The negative feelings about them in the press and public may lessen, but you tell me whether or not that really helps the problem. I don’t think it does.

    The CoS needs to face its negatives and fix them. So does every religion. My thanks to people like Mark and Arnie for continually motivating the CoS to at least face theirs. Will they fix them? I pray for it every day.

  11. Trams Says:

    Before hubbard died as a mean little boy, he cried alot over his broken toy, he was far from being gentle and coy, all he ended up was to destroy. L ron hubbard was his full name, who left a history full of crime and shame, with his lies and his cons he lost his game , from his grave he reaches to pull you down his drain.

  12. Maxwell Marshall Says:

    Wow what a great show> i really thought J.T. Foxx made her look like a complete ass. She could not even deny the Xenu. Its refreshing to see that there are talk show host that are willing to tackle these kind of issues instead of being scared. Great show, I have listened to it 3 times so far.

  13. Daniel Samuels Says:

    The Show about scientology is up on the jt foxx show. I thought the show was super funny and great radio. Uou can tell the host had a fearless attitude and it was quite refreshing. You can go to http://www.jtfoxxshow.com and its the Archeives. I have listened to it 3 times.

  14. Lugunga Says:

    “Considered To Be a Weakling and a Coward

    While Lerma appears to be physically threatening, he is actually a coward and a weakling. His degraded lifestyle and lack of real intelligence prohibit any ability to engage in constructive activities, and he eagerly participates in destructive activities.”

    says http://www.lermanet.org

  15. Logonga Says:

    “Arnie Lerma: Pulling A Con?
    con man (confidence man, con artist)

    1. a person who deceives other people by making them believe something false or making them give money away.
    2. a swindler who exploits the confidence of his victim.

    The Trick

    It is a common trick of the con man to accuse others of crimes which he himself is guilty of committing. He does this to divert your attention away from him. The con artist can get so involved with his trickery that he even fools himself into believing his own lies! The con man is “mentally challenged”.

    This is how Arnaldo Lerma operates. He publishes and promotes lies about people and groups who are sincere and honest, and then solicits money from his new found supporters to “combat” these worthy individuals and groups.”

    says http://www.lermanet.org

  16. Logonga Says:

    Don’t know if this is true, but it’s on http://www.lermanet.org

    The Deception

    Arnaldo Lerma earns money by soliciting donations to his various hate-related causes at his Internet domain and begs for financial support in email he sends and newsgroup postings. The majority of funding has come from a few wealthy contributers whom Lerma has conned. Some of these people finally caught on and stopped funding Lerma.

    Lerma’s requests for financial support are carefully worded, designed to deceive the unsuspecting reader. On his Internet website he specifically says, “Your non-tax deductible gift”.

    “Non-tax deductable gifts” are distinguishable from personal income per US tax law. “Gifts” are not the same as donations to a non-profit organization such as a church or the fireman’s relief fund.

    He also requests potential “marks” call him on the telephone, possibly so he can request that they send cash. Beware of any businesses (esp. Internet based) that specifically request that you pay in cash.

    Lerma’s business (inc. Internet based) is a FOR PROFIT activity, it is NOT a charitable institution. Beware of businesses that mimic non-profit institutions.

  17. L.Fraud Hubbard Says:


  18. L.Fraud Hubbard Says:

    Help me Obi-Wan lol!!

  19. tsimento Says:

    Poor Arnie couldn’t get a word in…this show is a perfect example why scientology doesn’t let scientologists on the radio show to debat with critics like Lerma,….they end up sounding like idiots…Great Job Sylvia, great PR for the cult!!!

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