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Dr. Drew Live

April 11, 2008

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Thursday April 10, 2008

Dr. Drew PinskyI had the great pleasure to appear on the Dr. Drew radio show along with Tory Christman and Gareth who has been one of the organizer’s of the Anonymous pickets in Los Angeles. Gareth was “outed” by Scientology last month when they publicly gave out not just his name but also his home address and phone number.

They were trying to intimidate not just Gareth but all members of Anonymous and shudder them into silence.

Well, it didn’t work.

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Sounds Reasonable

April 7, 2008


It’s not a good sign when the guest has to whip the hosts into shape but that’s what happens when Professor Dave Touretzky appears on this show from Binghamton, New York.  Although the hosts start out dorky, once Dave starts talking the show starts moving.

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Mac’s World

March 12, 2008

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Wednesday March 12, 2008

I returned to the popular Des Moines radio show Mac’s World to once again discuss Scientology and the upcoming Anonymous global picket of Scientology. In my first appearance, the co-host Bradshaw was running the ship. This time Mac took a crack at me and he was much more skeptical about “criticizing a religion.”

I try to explain it’s the fraud and abuse and not the mythology that people are upset about. In many respects, I felt like a listener this time out rather than a guest as Mac and Bradshaw argued the points and I waited them out. Bradshaw is up to speed and was good at getting his message across so I was happy to listen and be a part of the show.

Then the callers started and the first one was DefendingScientology from YouTube. He claimed to be a member of Anonymous and said he went in to take a course to see if what I was saying was true and gosh darn it, wouldn’t you know it, in that first Scientology course they said nothing at all about Xenu so everything I had to say therefore must be a lie.

Only after getting off the show did I look at DefendingScientology’s profile where he says he was an “ex-member” of Scientology. In my opinion, he adopted a suitable guise to try to stop the peaceful protest on the 15th. That is his stated goal. I have no problem with anyone speaking or protesting peacefully. I’d just suggest, don’t lie when you’re doing it.

Other callers were full of praise for me and while I didn’t get a chance to say thanks, I would like to point out that there are many other critics at this much longer than me who have made massive contributions that I only have tried to build upon. My praise goes to them and to the new breed who are coming on strong and bringing a lot of new life into the movement.

I only wish I had read the full Clearwater injunction before airtime. Tory called me and told me it was online right after I got off the air. Here’s the full request for injunction which shows once again that Scientology is great at investigating people and finding their “crimes.” They list the names of several Anonymous and run through a litany of supposed threats to the church and to Heber Jentzsch in particular.

I don’t know how many of those threats were real or mocked up by Scientology. I don’t condone any such behavior. All I know is that on February 10th, thousands of people peacefully picketed Scientology around the world and there were no acts of violence attempted.

The same will happen March 15th when once again citizens will exercise their right of free speech and take to the streets of Clearwater and beyond to protest Scientology’s fraud and abuse. Scientology’s attempts to stop free speech on the net or on Clearwater’s streets will only backfire and make more people speak out against them.

They never learn.

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Astra on Kevin and Bean

March 10, 2008

Astra Woodcraft did a spectacular job on the Kevin and Bean morning show, talking about growing up in Scientology and the toll that takes on some of the children.

Brian Suits Show

March 10, 2008

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Thursday March 6, 2008

KFI host Brian Suits invited Kendra Wiseman from Ex-Scientology Kids to appear on his show.

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The Edge

March 10, 2008

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Thursday March 6, 2008

Jeff HawkinsArnie Lerma posted a radio show over at his site. It’s another in-depth interview with an old-time high level Scientologist, Jeff Hawkins.

Jeff created the exploding volcano ad campaign for Dianetics. Now he is unleashing some more explosive material as he discusses life inside Scientology and the upper tier of management.

Shore stories get blown and beatings from David Miscavige are revealed.

Astra on Kevin and Bean

March 10, 2008

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Wednesday March 5, 2008 

Astra Woodcraft did a spectacular job on the Kevin and Bean morning show, talking about growing up in Scientology and the toll that takes on some of the children.

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The Phil Hendrie Show

February 26, 2008

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Monday February 25, 2008

Phil Hendrie

The great Phil Hendrie tackled Scientology last night and to my great surprise gave me a shout out. Fortunately he had the number one critic of Scientology on the show, Lloyd Bonafide, who was more than up to the task of taking on San Diego’s representative of the Church of Scientology, Dr. Jim Sadler.

I believe it was a low blow of Mr. Sadler to use the Scientology tone on Bonafide. I think I might get just as frazzled as Bonafide if Scientology hit me with some of that Theta 4 music.

I was sorry to see the show fall apart in the end but it’s always good when we can have a serious debate on Scientology heard on a nationally syndicated radio show.

Thanks, Phil.

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Guys, I think it’s time I let you in on the joke.  As mentioned in the feedback, Phil does all the voices on his show.  He is the host, the guests and often times the callers, creating nonsensical segments in which his characters can argue with themselves.   There is no Lloyd Bonafide or Jim Sadler.  It’s all Phil Hendrie.  I’m not even sure there’s a Mark Bunker. 

Theta 4 tone music is just as silly as BT’s but in this case, Hubbard didn’t make it up.  Hendrie did.

Suri’s Life

February 25, 2008

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Thursday February 21, 2008

Stephanie MillerThe exotic and enticing Stephanie Miller took another cheap pot-shot at Tom Cruise again on her radio show, God love her.

This time it was an inside look at the life of little Suri Cruise.  They mixed in a lot of info about barley water for babies, kids being treated as adults because they’ve lived billions of lifetimes and other Hubbard nonsense and made it even more nonsensical in the process.

Sure, they don’t have everything straight but at least they know how to have fun.

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Mac’s World

January 30, 2008

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Wednesday January 30, 2008 

I was just on a Des Moines radio show which seemed to go well.  The co-host Bradshaw had me on to speak about Scientology and Anonymous.

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