Vince Daniels Not Shuddered Into Silence

BROADCAST DATE: March 3, 2007

The Many Moods of Vince Daniels

All attempts to silence Vince Daniels on the topic of Scientology and Narconon have failed. He once again has taken on the issue after Stone Hawk’s officials have spent the week lying about the Scientology connection and trying to do damage control.

In the first segment, Vince reads a letter from an employee of Stone Hawk who further spills the beans about how the facility treats it’s patients. Can you say, “Dumps them in a homeless shelter?” Unbelievable.

Vinnie then comments on the changing nature of Stone Hawk’s response to his earlier broadcasts. By the way, they’ve changed again. Since we last pointed out that they don’t allow any negative comments in the feedback to their posts, now they are putting up heavily redacted posts, including one from Kimberly Darr. They edited out her email address so if you want to contact Kimberly, click here.

Consider how the Walter Reed scandal would have played out if they had used Scientology’s tactics. First, they would have said that Walter Reed is in no way connected to the U.S. government. Then when pointed out that it’s a military hospital, they would have said, “Well, yes, but the soldiers are to blame for wrecking the joint and it’s their PTSD that is causing all the trouble. Their parents are anti-war zealots out to destroy something good.”

In segment two, Melissa Kasey returns to the show to elaborate on some of the issues she raised in her first appearance. She gives a more detailed look at her stay in the Stone Hawk Narconon facility. From the initial lies, to the treatments she received, Melissa paints a stark portrait of life in Scientology’s rehab center.

For the final segment, Vince reads a letter outlining the nasty tactics Scientology has used against critics in the past then opens up the phone lines. Dave Sweetland calls in. He has lost his son to Scientology’s disconnection policy. He makes a valid point about moving religious practices into a secular setting.

Narconon bought an hour of airtime for the next four weeks on Vinnie’s station to counter his educational shows. Yeah, that will work.

Let me show you how much easier it is to be a Wog than a Scientologist. This is what is known as telling both sides. You can download their first show from the Stone Hawk website or listen here. Why is Scientology afraid to share both sides?

The first caller, Nicole, tells how she was able to “return the flow” and “do an assist” to help another patient. You don’t suppose she’s a Scientologist, do you? Hmmm.

flow: a progress of energy between two points; an impulse or direction of energy particles or thought or masses between terminals; the progress of particles or impulses or waves from Point A to Point B. The four flows used in processing are flow one, something happened to self; flow two, doing something to another; flow three, others doing things to others; flow zero, self doing something to self. – Scientology Dictionary

assist: a simple, easily done process that can be applied to anyone to help them recover more rapidly from accidents, mild illness or upsets; any process which assists the individual to heal himself or be healed by another agency by removing his reasons for precipitating (bringing on) and prolonging his condition and lessening his predisposition (inclination or tendency) to further injure himself or remain in an intolerable condition. See also Touch Assist.

Seems she was led to respond to each and every important point that Vinnie has been raising, including ethics, saunas, training routines, etc.

I wonder why they don’t allow callers to give full names. I wonder why they don’t allow Pat to give out the name of his insurance company? Robert picked up the Scientology practice of disconnecting. How odd.

You telling me Scientology is afraid to have their stories verified? What powerful beings would be so frightened about fact checking? They must have a little, tiny leader with rage issues at the head of the group.

Anyone know Nicole, Pat and Robert? Why aren’t they as brave as the people who called the Vince Daniels show over the past few weeks?

Here’s a tip, Scientology. Tell the truth. I know it’s not a part of Hubbard’s tech but isn’t it about time to make an effort at real reform?

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16 Comments on “Vince Daniels Not Shuddered Into Silence”

  1. Gentle Soul Says:

    Good show Vinnie! I look forward to the next one.

    I lived around Scientology for a long time and as far as I know, these front groups, such as, Narconon, Criminon, Applied Scholastics, Way to Happiness and WISE are all a bridge to the public – a way for Scientology to reach out to people and get them used to using a little bit of Scientology. This allows the staff in those organizations to have contact with these new people so that they can gradually work on them and get them to reach for the next step until they walk in the door of Scientology and join the group where they can suck more and more of their money or use them as willing slaves because they then believe they are doing the best for themselves and all mankind. The front groups are the beginning bait for the trap.

    I was involved for about 30 years and I even worked for the Advance Org in Los Angeles for several years and never had a clue about what went on behind the scenes of the inner workings of the Sea Org. I was never in the SO, so I never had to go through the horrible abuses of some. No one is allowed to talk to anyone else if they are unhappy or if they are experiencing anything negative from Scientology or else they know that they will have to pay for expensive security checking and/or will be threatened with expulsion (which is the most feared). The public who bring in the money and pay for services are kept from seeing these things and are not allowed to read magazines or newspaper articles or watch anti-Scientology TV shows, or go on any anti-Scientology websites, etc. – again because of the threat of having to pay for expensive security checks or being expelled, so they really don’t know the bad side of it until they come face to face with something and then they can’t talk about it to others. If they do they will be declared an SP and no one will believe them and will refuse any further communication with them. One is taught this very early on in Scientology. The celebrities are treated with kid gloves to make sure they always think Scientology is great. They don’t see the bad side of it because it is kept from them at all times. The church guards them always from any negative feed back on Scientology. It’s very confusing because the celebrities see Scientology one way, the paying public who are rich see it another, the regular paying public see it another way, the staff members see it another way, the Sea Org members see it another way, those who have been to the RPF (rehabilitation project force in the Sea Org) see it another way, those who have been on the RPF’s RPF (the worst of all punishment in the Sea Org) have a different reality on Scientology and those kids who were born into the Sea Org and grew up in it have an even different reality on it and life because they don’t have any idea what it’s like in the ouside world and are told it’s awful outside the church and they often think they couldn’t survive the horrors outside the church and they’ve bought the whole scam and so they have an even different reality on Scientology and life as a whole. These people are so locked in with a very strong belief in the “Road to Truth” and the “Bridge to Total Freedom” and “going OT” and the idea that Scientology will save the planet and mankind, which are all very positive ideas that they are dedicating their lives to and it’s practically impossible to break through that barrier to let anybody know none of this is true – most won’t believe it and will turn and walk away and refuse any further communication. It’s sad, but this is the way they’ve been trained (brainwashed). I honestly did not believe that I had been brainwashed when I was involved in the group myself, but now I can see I was fed lies that I wanted to believe and did and I was trained to turn away from any other information until they started lying to me about myself and I saw them making up false information about some others I knew and that is where I began to doubt and watch and gathered information and eventually after I saw enough strange things happen, I quietly got on the net and gathered more info and then decided to quietly walk away from this group that I belonged to, which wasn’t really the group that I thought I had belonged to for all those years. They turned out to be something altogether different and nothing I wanted to be a part of in any way, shape or form ever again.

    Thanks so much for doing your show and letting the public know more about what Narconon is really about. The public needs to know the truth. They also need to know the truth about Scientology.

    And thanks Mark – XenuTV for posting these videos of the show. I look forward to the next episode.

  2. Kimberly Darr Says:

    I wish I could be Vince’s co-host! I just have trouble containing my feelings about this continued FRAUD/THEFT!

    Also….I tried to post a couple of questions to the narCONon Stone “hack” blog site and they aren’t allowing my comments again……..go figure!

  3. Jerry Says:

    I listened to a snippet of narconon’s own show that ran on KCAA prior to Vince’s show and something stuck out for me that raised a few questions. Per Wickstrom mentioned that he was saved by narconon from his +20 year crack-cocaine addiction. In everything I’ve read up to this point, Per and his “business” partner Kate have stated he entered narconon for his battle with alcoholism.

    So the questions that arose in my mind: Was he really addicted to crack-cocaine and merely used the alcohol angle in the past so that it would not take away from his credibility as a business owner and/or drug counselor (since alcoholism is a bit more common and accepted than a crack-cocaine addiction)? Or, was he really an alcoholic and just now used the crack-cocaine angle to show just how “great” the narconon program is that it can cure such a strong addiction? Or, did he have problems with both and claims one or the other depending on which suits him best?
    Just one more of the inconsistencies found in their story.

    Unrelated to the previous questions; where in the hell did they get that background music for their show? Man did it suck!

  4. Kimberly Darr Says:

    They took down my questions and their answers to their show!!! Did you by chance get a copy of the lies they posted in answer???

    Now I can’t sign in and post questions/comments either….can you?

    LOVE the comment on thier background music…….not only did is SUCK it was like watching Barney the cartoon show!

  5. Jane Cunneen Says:

    My posts to the Narconon Blog, website at Stonehawk were not posted. Per told me approves each one and never saw my posting. Odd!?

  6. Nick Says:

    Hi i’ve got the books from stonehawk and would be clad to send them to Vince!!! Yes, please come check out the Scientolgy. That is forced on you!

  7. Tom Says:

    Just for peoples own information about Narconon and the craziness they put out, why not check out

  8. Judy Harris Says:

    Our daughter also went to Narconon Stonehawk in July 2007 we wnt through the same type thing as Greg Beha did with his son Being suspended and taken to a cheap motel and left.

  9. Ryan S Says:

    I was went to the battle creek campus and was outraged! I eventually was transfered to the Albion campus about 2 weeks before it was closed…. Then was transfered back to the battle creek campus? Why? because the bathroom by the sauna had been backed up with Sh*t and the housed staff had no plumbing! Thats the truth. I was eventually suspended for ENTURBULATION? I was a drug addict…enturbulation is why i want to the program. As far as I am concerned Stone hawk should be Suspended foe ENTURBULATION for what they are doing to us and our familys. I have my own story to tell if anyone is interested and we be constantly updating to see if some is setting up a lawssuit!

  10. L.Fraud Hubbard Says:

    Narconon, Criminon, Applied Scholastics, ABLE, Way to Happiness, WISE , (CCHR)Citizens Commission on Human Rights, frontgroups and recruitment tool of The Cult of Scientology

  11. Bertha Dukes Says:

    To all who is interested, This nightmare is still going on. Suspension seems to be the magic wand used to justify their inability to fulfill their comment, I am attempting to get as many families together to put together a Class Action Suit/Law Suit. Because this organization cleverly victimized us by using are loved ones as the “Weapon”. there is just one problem… can we coordinate a way so we all can communicate to get the required information to get the process started? the more individuals we can get on board the more powerful our suit will be.

    B Dukes
    Groveport, Ohio

  12. Barbara Says:

    did stonehawk change their name? I thought i put my sister in stonehawk, but then the address changed when we learned where to mail letters and they answer their phone “freedom treatment center”. Can someone get back to me please. I am on a mission to destroy narconon. Where can I get on board?

  13. Dude Says:

    An exposé needs to be done on NA. This cult is worse than Narconon. But get a body guard, they don’t blow hard, they will kill you for exposing their shortcomings.

  14. rocky49152 Says:

    “An exposé needs to be done on NA. This cult is worse than Narconon. But get a body guard, they don’t blow hard, they will kill you for exposing their shortcomings.”

    Narconon is not a cult. Scientology is. Narconon is a front for scientology.

    NA is a fellowship, not a cult. Whether you found NA to work for you or not (I assume you did not…) you can be assured that there’s no behind-the-scenes pulling of the strings from any religious organization since NA groups are self-supporting.

    Please get your facts straight so you don’t confuse people who are in genuine need of help.

  15. NA saved my life, not Narconon Says:

    NA is NOT Narconon, it is Narcotics Anonymous, as in, Alcoholics Anonymous. Please get the facts straight, commenters.

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