Living Up to High Stanards

I made a post early today about Chicago radio host J.T. Foxx being shuddered into silence. I was dead wrong.

See how easy it to admit your mistakes, Scientology?

I leaped to the conclusion that Foxx had decided not to put his shows about Scientology onto the net when in reality he just took a few more hours than my impatient little being would allow him. I have been shamed before the world and, with my lower lip quivering like Jimmy Swaggert, I beg forgiveness.

Last weekend, Foxx had Arnie Lerma and Scientologist Sylvia Stanard on his show. The Saturday program spilled over into a second show which was taped and later broadcast on Sunday morning. Here now is the Sunday portion of the pre-recorded show, and it’s even better than the earlier segment. There is much more substance and fewer gimmicky sound effects.

I’ve met Sylvia Stanard on occasion. I think she’s a decent person. We had what I thought was a pleasant conversation early on, then she turned around and said some horrible things about me which were completely false. I didn’t blame her for it. She is programmed by Scientology. Hopefully she will leave Scientology someday and become my good friend, as Tory has.

In the meantime, I think it important to point out when she is lying on behalf of Scientology which she does with ease in order to Keep Scientology Working.

Download the mp3 .

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14 Comments on “Living Up to High Stanards”

  1. Arnie Lerma Says:

    JT Foxx said in the last time
    I asked him, yesterday (Wednesday)
    that he would have these up by FRIDAY


  2. Thanks Mark. I’m glad to see it’s up! I’ve been looking forward to hearing Sunday’s tape.

  3. barbz Says:

    A few things really stand out.
    Sylvia’s assertion that schizophrenia is not a disease is just plain crazy.

    She tried her best to divert, slither, change the subject and talk over others. Nice demonstration of the Comm skills she’s paid so much for. It reminded me of those talk shows on Fox, where everybody shouts over everyone else.

    JT Foxx needs a mute button on his control panel.

  4. Rich Ahlgrim Says:

    Slyvia stated that $cientology does not go after government money,
    What about the federal grants that Narcanon and Crimanon go after?

  5. Daniel Samuels Says:

    You are right, the show Sunday was awsome. J.T. Foxx is like so much better than Rush Limbaugh. The sound effects made it real funny and although we are all hardcore audiences, he was probably able to keep a lot of his listeners around that now think Scientology is full of it. Lets spread the word and get this interview out in the open and expose them for who they really are WHACK JOBS!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Trams Says:

    Sylvia, oh Sylvia you’ll wakeup one day, to fight a better cause than the L.Ron way. Life’s a game I can hear Ronnie say, and you better do as I say. I could sure hear it in your voice, you only had but one choice. With all the wins can you rejoice, paying for little david’s rolls-royce. Sylvia, Oh Sylvia your doing fine, we’ll still be here when you change your mind.

  7. Mark Castel Says:

    J.T. Foxx is the man and Scientology is just a load of crap. Finally A talk show host who is exposing for who they really are. I am now a big Fan of the show.


  8. Maureen Says:

    Thanks to JT Foxx for hosting the show. He has a whole lot of pizazz and unique style. His guest, the former US attorney also quoted some very good info. Arnie, you did a good job, and between the three of you, Sylvia must have had to go for reconditioning! Scientology hasn’t changed. All Sylvia could do is attack the facts because scientology creates a clueless “all the stories are supplied by us” world. As JT Foxx said, “Sylvia is switching the subject, that’s because of her scientology training.” He has learned well. You could see Sylvias job was to attack the facts, deny OT3 and try to roll out a stained red carpet to sell Scientology. Didn’t work.

  9. Friend of Elli Perkins Says:

    Fascinating broadcast!
    Surprised that Arnie didn’t refer Sylvia to the Jeremy Perkins Tragedy website.
    It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant Scientologists are about the most devastating mental illness that schizophrenia is.

  10. Matt Says:

    Though I can appreciate JT Foxx for being brave enough to tackle this subject on his show, I must say that I was a bit dissappointed with the outcome of this broadcast. The subject matter just jumped around and never stayed on any point and everyone was talking over one another so much that it was hard to figure out where the conversation was going from one point to the next. Big props to Arnie for being a gentleman as he seemed to have a hard time in getting in anything of substance. It seemed to me that JT lost control of this show and really had no intention of taking back control. He could take a lesson from Vince Daniels on how to control the flow of a difficult topic when tensions are running high.

    Overall, I tend to think that if I were someone who knew nothing of this subject, that I would have been greatly confused and therefore probably would have changed the station if I were listening live. As someone who has casually followed this subject, I was able to see through the babble and enderstand the tactics that Ms. Stanard was using to confuse the conversation, but after listening to the many other shows posted on this sight, (way to go Mark!) this broadcast will not go down as one of the better ones.

  11. Marcus Sullivan Says:

    I dissagree with Matt. I am not very familar with scientology and it was until I heard the J.T. Foxx Show that I learned about how scientology was that crazy of a religion (If we can even call it that). Although I did like Vince Daniels I didn t found it as interesting as the J.T. Foxx Show. Maybe when you are a hardcore anti-scientologist you expect more meat in a show unfortunetely the public us is not you guys. All in I was extremely informed by the show and laughed my ass off. Its official. I think scientology are a bunch of quacks. I agree with the other blogger Foxx is much better than Rush Limbaugh.


  12. Rizzo Says:

    Lerma & Scientology

    “Arnie Lerma: Pulling A Con?
    con man (confidence man, con artist)

    1. a person who deceives other people by making them believe something false or making them give money away.
    2. a swindler who exploits the confidence of his victim.

    The Trick

    It is a common trick of the con man to accuse others of crimes which he himself is guilty of committing. He does this to divert your attention away from him. The con artist can get so involved with his trickery that he even fools himself into believing his own lies! The con man is “mentally challenged”.

    This is how Arnaldo Lerma operates. He publishes and promotes lies about people and groups who are sincere and honest, and then solicits money from his new found supporters to “combat” these worthy individuals and groups.
    The Deception

    Arnaldo Lerma earns money by soliciting donations to his various hate-related causes at his Internet domain and begs for financial support in email he sends and newsgroup postings. The majority of funding has come from a few wealthy contributers whom Lerma has conned. Some of these people finally caught on and stopped funding Lerma.

    Lerma’s requests for financial support are carefully worded, designed to deceive the…”
    Exposing the Con

  13. Mark Bunker Says:

    Well, Arnie, Scientology has built an entire smear site devoted just to you. Pretty impressive.

  14. L.Fraud Hubbard Says:

    I second Mark

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