Astra on Kevin and Bean

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Wednesday March 5, 2008 

Astra Woodcraft did a spectacular job on the Kevin and Bean morning show, talking about growing up in Scientology and the toll that takes on some of the children.

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5 Comments on “Astra on Kevin and Bean”

  1. Casper Says:

    Really great interview. One of the best I’ve heard, thanks for posting Mark.

  2. Human Imprint Says:

    yeah i heard it on the radio, good discussion with some humor. I like the ending discussion with the other COS member

  3. L. Bob Rife Says:

    Excellent interview. And the host is right — Astra’s accent is hot. And so is Astra, really. I’d totally hit that if not for my personal policy against getting involved with single mothers.

  4. […] found a book titled " Scientology" that predated lrh by 30yrs? Anybody heard of this? Astra on Kevin and Bean THE WOG BLOG from XENU TV __________________ "Somebody some day will say ‘this is illegal’. By then be sure the orgs […]

  5. L.Fraud Hubbard Says:

    To bad that lady wasted the last bit of the show

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