The Edge

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Thursday March 6, 2008

Jeff HawkinsArnie Lerma posted a radio show over at his site. It’s another in-depth interview with an old-time high level Scientologist, Jeff Hawkins.

Jeff created the exploding volcano ad campaign for Dianetics. Now he is unleashing some more explosive material as he discusses life inside Scientology and the upper tier of management.

Shore stories get blown and beatings from David Miscavige are revealed.

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9 Comments on “The Edge”

  1. Krueger Says:

    There’s a problem with the speed, it’s being played VERY quick, sounds like Alvin and the Chipmunks.

    Thanks for all of these posts! March 15th coming up…

  2. L. Bob Rife Says:

    Yup, definitely a problem with the speed. I didn’t mind, though; it’s still easily understandable and takes less time to listen to.

  3. XENU TV Says:

    Try refreshing your browsers and trying again. I reencoded the audio and did some noise reduction while I was at it.

  4. Krueger Says:

    Works now! 🙂

  5. vicky Says:

    Excellent interview. Jeff is extremely credible. How CO$ was ever allowed to stay in business after operation snow white is beyond me. They should have been shut down right then & there. And our government’s lack of even addressing not only CO$, but many other areas of public concern, is disturbing. Mark, thanks so much for all the information you provide.

  6. Xeero Says:

    Problem with these situations is once stuff like this takes root its very hard to weed out. When somebody sues the IRS of all groups into submission, well..

    Scientologists can’t actually argue. All they can really do is chatter on incessantly til someone freaks out or gives up. The real trick would be for someone to use that to their advantage and lead them into stating a few incriminating things. No easy task but it’s really the closest thing to a win you’d manage. And even then you’d only take a chunk, you’d not eliminate the bulk of the problem

  7. The grasshopper lies heavy Says:

    They both talked about the fact that the so called “security check” is really an electronic interrogation.
    What does that mean? can anyone elaborate on that?

  8. beentheredonethat Says:

    grasshopper, security check is a $cn term for a particular kind of auditing (the part where you hold two cans that are attached by a lead to an e-meter) designed to get you to talk about things you’ve done that you feel were wrong (it can also include things that were done TO you). theory is: you admit doing them and you feel better. duh. butsoanyway. so the “electronic” refers to the e-meter. there are two kinds of sec checks — one is private (supposed to be covered by priest/penitent privilege) and the other is open and is used to make you walk the straight and narrow. problem is, it’s been revealed that there are NO private sessions any more — everything is made known if miss cabbage wants to make it known. another miss cabbage addition to the mix: being questioned by many people at one time, lots of yelling and accusing and so on. very not nice.

  9. The grasshopper lies heavy Says:

    “being questioned by many people at one time, lots of yelling and accusing and so on. very not nice.”
    Wow that sounds like friday nacht at the Kehlsteinhaus(Eagle’s Nest).

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