An Anonymous Call to Action


March 4th is the first wave of the Anonymous Lobby Against Scientology. I am calling on everyone to make a couple of phone calls and write a couple of faxes to your district’s Representative, as well as Senator Feinstein and Senator Boxer (our two Senators).

All of this contact information will be on this page by 9AM tomorrow morning (so it will be incomplete up until that time).

All you have to do is go to that website and find the appropriate Representative for your district (ctrl+f and search for the town you live, and see if you can find it in an address. PROTIP: The further South in California, the larger the “number” of your district). Place a call to their federal office, and their state offices. Don’t be afraid to give an alias (or hell, your real name if you’re that comfortable); “Anonymous” doesn’t give them much to work with and concerned constituents with a name are more credible. Send a fax with a typed letter. In future weeks, we may have form letters available, but nothing is better than something you put a little thought in to yourself.

Remember: the purpose of these calls is to call for an investigation in to the circumstances under which the Church of Scientology received their tax exemption, to call for the unsealing of their secret agreement with the IRS, and to ultimately show that they have violated said secret agreement, and should no longer have their tax exempt status.

For extra credit, you should read some documentation before making the call or fax so you are well informed. This is a TLDR post, but is well worth the read if you have the time.

It explains the harassment and beating in to submission that Co$ performed on the IRS. They got the IRS on their knees, begging them to stop, and the secret agreement was made.

At any rate, Anonymous all over the country will be calling their senators and representatives. Not to be shown up, SoCal should try and be the most proactive of the regions. Make those calls and faxes on Tuesday!

The next protest is March 15th at Big Blue, 11AM. More information is forthcoming. Please continue to check these e-mails after couple of days.


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11 Comments on “An Anonymous Call to Action”

  1. absotubely Says:

    I just want to say THANK YOU for this call to action also wanted to note to anyone reading this that along with your letters for the irs should be some factual information regarding the other criminal acts…. i saw one guy comment that he was so involved with the upcoming election that he didn’t know about this anonymous until he read/heard Obama comment on it so then looked it up my point is that other people that are involved in only the election need to be informed so send your Representitative some facts so that they are informed on this issue on a whole

  2. J.P. Says:

    Obama commented on Anonymous….do you have a link with that????

  3. absotubely Says:

    sorry jp no it was mentioned in a “comment on a youtube vid” and i don’t remember even which one i will take a look for it but if you don’t see me comment further soon that means i couldn’t find it…. sorry

  4. Required Alexander Says:

    People has already commented what I was about to, but the thing is that Anonymous and Xenu did some good propaganda work. Yes there exists “good” propaganda, where people is getting an objective overview about something. WICH NOT IS THE CASE HERE. But their propaganda is slightly better than the usual mass-propaganda wich points to buying something or voting on a specific party.

    I complete grieve Scientology, my grandmother and my mother has faced the death just beacuse they stayed in this sect, beacuse Scientology doesnt tell you to “DO NOT GO TO THE HOSPITAL” merely the people inside it (your “friends”) will start to ostracize you, giving you “looks” well the rest you can figure out for yourselves. IMO both of them could probably get cured or live a longer life if they got some diagnoses earlier, but nah my life got fucked when my mother died two years after my dad, when my age is 8. Thank you Scientology, but enough about my “tragic” lifestory there is over 1 billion homeless children out there where they cannot feel sorry for themself, just listen to the fucking Chatolic church NOT HINTING TO USE A FUCKING CONDOM, so they end up dead pretty early in life.

    But these anonymous, if you check their web page its full of satir, black humor & childish accusations. Its pretty clear to me that the anonymous is not a the kind of vigilantes they want the world to see them as. At first I was really supportive for them, but now since they do not really “speak out” only making crappy edit movies on youtube and so on. Even trolling their own comment board. Since I do not understand the way they think, I wonder do they hate blacks, fags, jews and so on, or is that their humor?

    Actually what I have learned from the Scientology is that they stop at nothing, they are capable of doing whatsoever, thats why these Anonymous is kind of creepy. Even though they are successfully getting the masses to grow suspicion against the CoS at the same time they are making the way for the Scientology’s because ur (anonymous) giving them alot of material in getting a much better position in the face of the court system, around the Lobbysts, and most importantly inside the church. Sure alot of people will probably leave the organization. But from what I have seen, this only gives them excuses at forcing their religion on people by far more excessive propaganda than they are already using.

    My question is to you basically since you do not have a leader and so on. But lets be rational you have this “inner circle” how can you be so sure that their agenda is so pure, Scientology is just waiting for the world to feel sorry for them. So that they can get something similar to the Jews..

    Im not here to teach anyone, you seem all pretty well educated in this matter. But I cannot see much criticism about the establishment in your own group.

    As you can see iam not a good writer, but it doesnt matter to me. This may come out of context but it really isnt. Anyway I support you people anyhow.

  5. Required Alexander Says:

    I forgot to mention one thing, wich many people probably has asked already.
    What about all the other sects/religions, from what the history has teached us a relgion starts out from a sect, forcing their believes with use of crusades/propaganda wich was supposedly invented my the chatolic-church.

    I would love to get some answers on these feel free to e-mail me or hack it..

    Do you have some plans attacking the Judeo-Christian church, the Buddhists and other dominant religions. Since they are also in the mind control business?

  6. Bananonymous Says:

    “Since I do not understand the way they think, I wonder do they hate blacks, fags, jews and so on, or is that their humor?” -Required Alexander

    Required Alexander, this video might help you.

  7. Bill W Says:

    I am LDS and there are many things the church asks us NOT to do as far as diet, lifestyle, and such. However, when we do not follow these guidelines, it is not automatic that we are in major trouble and put into a situation like the RPF. COS punishes people for making mistakes. If that is what people want as part of their life that’s ok, but there should be an option to leave if they don;t like what is being taught. is a great site to illustrate my point. You don’t hear about dead Mormons who didn’t get the necessary help.

  8. Anon1376 Says:

    Well said Bill W,

    However you have the link wrong:

    Is the correct one.
    You see, Scientology, or should I say one of their front groups, purchased the .com version of the site in an effort to play a virtual game of URL Monopoly and possibly put up misinformation on it at a later time. Much like they took over the Cult Awareness Network by sueing thier pants off, moving in, and acting like an informational establishment while shuffling people into Scientology.

    Anyhow, just be sure you get the URLs 100% when giving out informational links, because the Scientologists will stop at nothing to send you on a goose chase.

  9. judy Says:

    keep exposing the truth

  10. This stuff is pschobabble and snake oil

  11. AnonLover Says:

    backlink note – this article referenced as kindred back matter on the inaugural post for the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Anon Galaxy” available here:

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