Speaking Freely About The Profit

A couple days ago, one of Peter and Patricia’s spokespeople made a post on alt.religion.scientology with some new info about the Profit.   Now the info is interesting but it seemed the spokesperson was just as interested in bashing me as he was in sharing the documents.

That’s fair.  I’m not above criticism.  I just think much of what was said in the post about me was silly.  I agree with the foul mouthed author that I was wrong when I said that I didn’t think there’d be any objection to Peter and Patricia posting 8 minutes of the movie to see.  Bob had turned over power of attorney on the film to one of his lawyers, Thomas McGowan who wrote requesting the clip be taken down.

Patricia’s spokesperson finds the letter whiny but I think it interesting that McGowan uses Peter and Patricia’s own claim from 2002 against them.  For the record, I think Peter and Patricia  should keep the clip up.  I don’t see any harm to the film in doing so and people can at least get a sample of the film for now.

There’s also the power of attorney letter posted with Mike Rinder as a witness.  This leads Peter and Patricia to claim that Scientology still has Bob by the balls and is making him strike back at critics whenever Scientology dictates like a sad puppet on a string.

Yet we’ve seen no other actions from Bob.  He hasn’t cut a swath through the critic community and destroyed everyone in his path or taken to the stage at a Scientology event to hand Tom Cruise a Scientology medal.  He settled with Scientology.

The movie was a giant headache and Bob felt he never was going to see a dime back from it and I’m sure part of the settlement was to not release the film.  Do I know that?  No.  I haven’t talked to Bob about it or anything else about the settlement other than for him to say he is happy to have moved on and not have to think about it anymore.

Peter and Patricia’s attorney responded to McGowan and added the wacky assertion that I am acting as an agent for Bob and actively trying to DESTROY THE MOVIE!  That’s just silly.  I’m not.   Not quite so silly is his assertion that I posted third generation clips onto the net in 2002 to specifically to “damage the marketability of the film.”  It seems Peter and Patricia still plan to sue me at some point and lay the blame for the failure of the movie not just on Bad Old Bob but on me as well.

They took the film to Cannes.  They showed it to distributers.  They had ample time to sell the film and failed.  That’s not my fault or Bob’s fault.  It’s their fault.  It’s the film.

That’s not Bob’s opinion.  It’s mine.   I haven’t talked to him in ages about the movie.  I’m not trying to destroy the movie anymore than when I  said “Battlefield Earth” sucked.   It was my opinion.   My opinion didn’t affect BE at all and, unlike with the Profit, I was actually interviewed by a major newspaper about BE.  It still didn’t hurt the film.  Battlefield Earth destroyed itself.

I think The Profit should be released.  People should have a chance to see it.  It seems the courts would be the place to sort it out.

And the new mantra is that Bob is trying to stop Peter’s “free speech.”  I find it ironic that the people who are upset they aren’t allowed to speak always send out people to speak for them.

The Profit sits on a shelf just where Peter said he would let it sit when Bob told him he wasn’t sinking anymore money into the film after Cannes.

It’s not the only film to end up like this.  They are not the only filmmakers caught in this dilemma, although they are the only one with Scientology in the middle.

Orson Welles spent the last decade of his life trying to get the rights back to his final film “The Other Side of the Wind” from his investors.  He ruefully stated that they were waiting for him to die to release it because the film would be worth more money after Orson was dead.  And he was right.  They did.

Patricia’s spokesperson says that Bob and Scientology are trying to financially ruin Peter and Patricia.  They had a very successful business creating theme park attractions.  Who’s stopping them from pursuing that or any other means of livelihood?

And as far as free speech is concerned, NO ONE is stopping Peter and Patricia from writing a new script, finding a new investor and making a new movie.   Let’s hope they treat the next partner better than the first.

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15 Comments on “Speaking Freely About The Profit”

  1. sf Says:

    I forgot who are peter and patricia in the grand scheme of things?

    I’m sorry you were picked on Mark! Stay strong we all love you!

  2. The thing is, the movie could be sold on DVD for $5 a copy by the owners of the movie and they would _easilly_ get at least $10 million in Internet sales. I would pay $20 for a copy and I would bet that even selling downloads at $1 each would yield a couple of million U. S. Dollars.

    Profitability isn’t an issue — the movie would make a profit. At issue is who is keeping the movie out of circulation as the result of a gag order. I don’t think Patricia and Peter are the bad guys here, and I don’t think Mr. Minton wants to cencor the video, but I do still think that the Scientology crime syndicate is blackmailing Mr. Minton and while Robert isn’t a Scientology zombie committing the traditional Scientology racketeering crimes that Scientology is synonomus with, I still believe that he’s being blackmailed in to denying the movie’s release.

    Rinder was flown to Europe to quell a Scientology riot at several of the crime syndicate’s franchises and he disappeared, supposedly causing a “flap” at Gold Base and Flag Land Base. If Rinder fled and seized several of the numbered bank accounts, there are financial crimes that he could be extradicted for which could be used to leverage some truth about the whole Mr. Minton fiasco — big if.

    Point being, we’ll probably eventually find out what the problem is with the release of the movie, and we’ll probably get conformation that the only bad people here are what we know to be true: Scientology crime bosses.

    I’m patient. The “nattering” in a.r.s, you might notice, is something that I don’t participate in since it’s pointless and I actually have a real life and volunteer my time in beneficial persuits on week ends. I’m glad to see that you let the stupidity roll off of you and don’t take an offense. That’s what maturity is supposed to be about. The kids screaming conspiracy in a.r.s only serve to make the Scientology crooks smile a bit.

  3. Trams Says:

    Mr. Rice I’ve to say you have made this game so clear to me of what and who is doing what. I thank you very much for your insights. You have always been a good fighter who stands for what is right.

  4. shadowoflogic Says:

    Well said Mr. Rice. I agree, the culprit here is the CofS, again.

    I dont think we would learn anything that we dont already know about the cult from this movie and I do have to disagree with you a little bit. I dont think they will sell that many copies of it. From the clip I have seen its a pretty badly acted and directed movie.

    That said I hate for anything to not be published that is against the cult and I feel for those who invested money and time into this only to have it placed on a shelf by the cult itself. So much for free speech.

    While i dont know Mr. Minton I have seen many of the videos from those days and read the stories. Mr. Minton spent millions of his own dollars trying to fight this cult and its my simple belief that they just plain wore him out. Now he is chained to an agreement that im sure he is not happy with but i am sure he is happy to be moving on with his life. This ads to the point that it will take something more than just personal wealth to fight this cult. It will take groups like ANON, Mr. Bunker, and Govts from around the world to finally end the criminal activity of this organization. I for one look forward to that happening.

  5. David Says:

    I’ve read the linked juvenile rantings on ARS. I think anyone, when faced with private contractual legal restraints who goes on to blather about their first amendment rights being impeded is a moron.

    It used to be said that if anyone mentioned Hitler or called someone a Nazi the discussion was automatically declared over and lost. The same should be true of mis-applying first amendment rights.

    The film should be released, true. But not in a form where it would cost anyone to have to look at or show it. The film is clearly a turkey if the clip shown was supposed to be any kind of pinnacle of its quality.

    There is obviously more to the Minton/Rinder pact than Mark knows about. But ignorance is never a reason to rail against Mark. But nor is it excusable to try a bait and switch to try and get the ARS newsgroup to fall in behind Courage Productions by implying that what they face is anything more than a business and contractual problem.

    If Bob Minton is behind the blocking of that dreadful clip then no doubt he has his reasons. If Scientology is behind the blocking of that dreadful clip then it does not automatically imply that anyone who is not against the blocking and falling in lockstep with that childish representative of CP on ARS does so for nefarious purposes or as a character flaw.

    In so many ways some of the anti-scientology clique act like a cult, or at best a scorned lover.

  6. Human Imprint Says:

    im sorry to hear mark. But the movie looked like it was going to really fuckin suck. But it is not your fault.

  7. Human Imprint Says:

    im sorry to hear mark. But the movie looked like it was going to really fuckin suck. But it is not your fault.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Who cares about what’s in the move? $cientology wants to take it down, therefore it is worth at least preserving access and knowledge of.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t really are about all this drama. If they release the movie I will watch it, if they don’t I’m not going to cry much about it. I hope it come out, but it honestly doesn’t matter any more.

  10. Anonymous Says:


    you might wanna take a look at that… you will need ana ccount to see it tho.

  11. scylon Says:

    if they ever want to sell that movie, then now is the right time to release it.
    i would buy a download version for 5-10$ via paypal. it’s probably not a great movie, but i still want to watch it.

    if they think they can never sell it, someone should just leak a version to the net. piratebay never forgets 😉

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Full vid is now available via torrent at the pirate bay, and is also available on youtube… so I guess it probably won’t be getting released. eh.. and it is pretty bad.

  13. Rabidtreeweasel Says:

    I managed to get my hands on a copy, and I have to say I feel the CoS has really over thought this one. I’m curious as to how much money they sank into silencing a film that most likely wouldn’t have seen daylight if left to it’s own devices. If CoS had just left well enough alone then nobody would care about the movie, and chances are few of us would have heard of it. Now because they’ve silenced it they’ve given the campy wonder a cult status of it’s very own. How delightfully ironic of them.

  14. Spencer Says:

    Say, when I try to view this video, I’m given a message that says the video is private. Is it posted or mirrored anywhere else?

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