A Classroom Full O’ Crazy

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Wednesday, May 23, 2007

We could start with the bat-shit insane Glenn Beck but at least his producer was smart enough to have Professor David Touretzky on as a guest to speak about the increased use of Hubbard’s Study Tech in public classrooms. Dr. Dave once again proves that there is no one better than he when it comes to clearly laying out the information the public needs to know.

I’m so glad Dave was able to speak about the safepointing of Scientology through front groups such as this. He hit the nail on the head.

It’s yet another terrific appearance from Dr. Dave.

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27 Comments on “A Classroom Full O’ Crazy”

  1. barbz Says:

    Hmm…Beck is such a freakin’ idiot!
    Now, why wouldn’t Dr. Dave protest an Arabic school being established in New York?

    Well, for one thing, it’s an Arabic school. We know that, Beck said it.
    It’s not like Arab scholars are sneaking into public schools to teach unsuspecting school children the ways of Islam. We know it’s going to be an Arabic school. It will probably have Arabic students.

    Is Glenn Beck mentally impaired that he can’t see the difference between a school set up specifically for a certain demographic as opposed to a cult sneaking in to a public school under false pretences?

    Beck ended the interview at the best time to preserve his dignity. I am sure that Dr. Dave would have pointed out the stupidity of his last question had he been given a few more minutes of air time.

  2. mike Says:

    Scientology is retarded!!

    major cult, with a 95% turnover rate.

    Everything Scientology says is all bullshit.

  3. Mike Says:

    I’m glad you guys finally heard about these stories, I’ve been battling (well destroying) the scientologist for the last two day in there. Don’t forget to go read this story too (link: http://www.sptimes.com/2007/05/20/Tampabay/Church_tutors_embrace.shtml ), and leave a comment if you like. Everybody who responded to the Study Tech in schools story did a great job, your comments were awesome.

  4. Jerry Says:

    Barbz, that’s also the first thing I thought when Glenn mentioned the Arabic school. I don’t dispute their right to found their own schools in which to use Study Tech. How long has the Delphi Academy been around for now? However, I do dispute the use of study tech in the PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

  5. David Says:

    Well I suppose my opinion might be invalid as I think that faith schools ( even when advertised as that ) are deeply unhelpful to society. However, the comparison with an Arabic school was an insult to reason and logic.

  6. Krueger Says:

    Wow, Glenn Beck is a moron. “I don’t trust them college professors”

  7. likwidshoe Says:

    I see that four of the six commentors above don’t understand the concept of “devil’s advocate”. Instead, we hear that Beck is a “freakin’ idiot”, “mentally impaired”, and a “moron”.

    Way to stay on subject guys.

  8. Jerry Says:

    “Staying on subject” is exactly my issue with this Glenn Beck segment. There is a difference between playing devil’s advocate and the direction that Beck took the story. Playing devil’s advocate would have been asking Dr. Touretzky questions about the study tech from a scientologist’s perspective. He instead shifted the dialogue to a debate about Arabic schools with a slant that implies ‘shouldn’t we be more worried about this than scientology.’ If he wanted to do a story on Arabic schools that may or may not be terrorist friendly, it’s his show, he should have done the story.

    Glenn is a practicing Morman, and his comment in regards to his “skepticism of college professors and their phobia of religions” says volumes of his perception of Dr. Touretzky and not of the argument/evidence that was presented.

    In my mind, Glenn is still a “freakin’ idiot.”

  9. Genny Says:

    It’s a good thing that Beck says continually “I’m not a reporter” on his show then huh? Not to mention the times his lambasted scientology on his radio program, spending at times one to two hours interviewing excommunicated members and promoting Mark’s work. I guess the fact that he’s mormon is supposed to say something about his intelligence level? As he has said before, “No one was more speculative about the church then me.”

    Glenn slanted the story to schools on Islamic studies because that’s what the segment was about. His point was that at least as far as we know Scientologists aren’t ready to blow themselves up on our doorsteps. Not to say it will never come to that.

  10. Jerry Says:

    His being a Morman says nothing about his inteligence level and I’m sorry if it came across that way. It does however place him into the position of having strong religious views (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Those with strong religious views sometimes place college professors in the category of “secular progressive,” and dismis any and all arguments based on that. That was my interpretation of Glenn’s comment regarding college professors and his handling of the segment. As far as the segment being about Arabic schools: My Bad, I thought it was about Study Tech.

  11. Finn Bjerke Says:

    That is not journalism.

  12. zadrozardozzarddoz Says:


    teachur: “otay class, let us now commence to do a drill that will help us commicate betters:”

    t: “Hello class!~!!”
    students: “Hello theachur!”
    t: “Hello class!~!!”
    s: “Hello theachur!”
    t: “Hello class!~!!”
    s: “Hello theachur!”
    t: “Hello class!~!!”
    s: “Hello theachur!”
    t: “Hello class!~!!”
    s: “Hello theachur!”
    t: “Hello class!~!!”
    s: “Hello theachur!”
    t: “Hello class!~!!”
    s: “Hello theachur!”

    fuck those ppl.

  13. Nicole Says:

    excellent texture.i

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Youtube video disappeared due to TOU violations. Need to repost?

  15. […] Scientology v. Education – The Scam of "Study Technology". Alternatively, you could watch A Classroom Full O’ Crazy THE WOG BLOG from XENU TV or contact Dave Touretzky, a Research Professor at Carnegie Mellon University at dst@cs.cmu.edu. […]

  16. name Says:

    Good day!,

  17. Anonymous Fox Says:

    And now, Nevada is close to electing a sciTool into the senate! FCK that!

  18. NFORMD RADIO Says:

    GLENN BECK IS A SHILL,, EVEY THING YOU EVER BE TOLD WAS A LIE ,, the Scientology Cult is just a part to the big pitcher… http://www.nformdradio.com

  19. Jay Says:

    You people who put Scientology down are the idiots. When I”got into Scientology” I was not looking for a savior or a hero. I was looking for some answers I could apply to my life and make it better. I don’t give a rats ass what Hubbard did in his personal life only did what he taught me WORK! It does. I have seen thousands of people come and go in this religion. The same can be said of ANY religion on this planet. But there are those who want to destroy anything that can and does expose their blackenend souls. I have met this David clown and asked him a simple question and he gave a stupid ass answer that had nothing to do with the question. When I responded and ponited it out to him that his answer was non-sequitor he put his tail between his cowardly legs and RAN AWAY! LOL! I have used the knowledge in Scientology for the last 39 years and I am very successful in what I do and am a slave to no one. It seems to me that you never post the abundant successes of people like me only the failures. The easiest person to find in this world is a failure.

  20. dg Says:

    Heh, Jay you have been successfully brainwashed. You did not need scientology to better yourself, it can be done without Scientology and in a much safer and tested methods. You may conclude that your success was a result of your scientology techniques, but science has pulled the cover on the techniques o scientology and proven that they are anywhere from useless to physically harmfull.

    You really think that all the things you confessed during auditing sessions will be forever be kept secret… I doubt it… just as an experiment, tell your church you are quiting and are going to publicize it on the net and see what happens to you.

  21. Jco Says:

    Hey. Jay. Scientology is a cult. A cult a cult. Cult u psychotic creep. David. Miscarriage of thought is the devil and Lron the moron hubbard is trash scum and he should b in an assylum they kill People murder people and steal children. And only care about cold hard cash. Thank God Katie and Suri got out Run Run Far away I just pray that the rest of u reach this moment of freedom from the sick psychotic devil cult

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  24. […] David Touretzky speaks on Glen Beck about Scientology involvement in educational […]

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