Video About Disconnection

Grace Aaron has been producing several interviews on Religious Shunning for her public access tv show. She and her guest on this show, Dave Sweetland, have dealt with the terrible blow of Scientology’s disconnection policy.

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4 Comments on “Video About Disconnection”

  1. Tim Says:

    This blog and are excellent resources and have had a lot of great work done on them! I have recommended them to my friends and have posted a link to your site on my website,
    Let’s make “Freedom of Thought” our collective goal!

  2. xenutv Says:

    Thank you, Tim. I appreciate it.

  3. rachael Says:

    i have that in my livingroom too!

  4. […] questions to Scientology but he starts to answer on their behalf. Rinder disputes the effect of Disconnection on families and then smears the family who appeared on Panorama. Rinder talks about the people […]

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