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Slappy’s Nightmare

June 25, 2009

New Home at Vimeo

April 25, 2008

The Register did a really nice article about my YouTube situation.

YouTube has vaporized a popular user account dedicated to criticizing The Church of Scientology.

Last Thursday, the world’s most popular video sharer removed the 10,000-subscriber-strong “Xenutv1” channel run by Mark Bunker, a television journalist/well-known Scientology naysayer. Earlier in the week, Bunker posted a teaser for his three-hour interview with Jason Beghe – a film and television actor who recently defected from the world of Scientology – and the account was yanked just before Bunker was due to broadcast the interview in full.

“I was planning to post the entire thing on Thursday,” Bunker told us. “But before I could do that – boom – the channel was gone.”

One nice thing coming from the YouTube story is that it made me take a good look around at some of the other services. Vimeo has impressed me the most. They have a damned foolish upload limit of 500 megs a week so it will take me some time to upload everything there but I couldn’t be happier about the quality and their ability to handle tons of traffic.

Thanks go out to Anonymous for making the HD ANONYcam a reality. This video was not shot in HD. I won’t waste the bandwith for a simple blog. But for pickets and interviews, it will make a big difference. It is clear I need to attach a better mic to the camera but visually it does a good job.

Subscribe to my Vimeo channel and feel free to download the videos and put them on YouTube — just like in the good old days.

My Message to anonymous

January 27, 2008

I don’t know if this will make a difference or not but I felt I needed to respond to anonymous, the group of people who have taken down Scientology’s website and taken to the streets to silence Scientology.

Read more about Scientology vs. the IRS.

Locate your government representatives.


Don’t do anything illegal in speaking out against Scientology.  Follow Andreas’ suggestions and make a real difference.

anonymous’ First Video 

anonymous’ Second Video 

Comparing Myths

January 18, 2008

I’m taking a brief break from all the Andrew Morton/Tom Cruise shows that I’ve been collecting to share this video with you.   It was inspired by a conversation with a co-worker last night.  While recording Tom Cruise on TV, I stepped outside and taped this piece.  I hope you like it.

YouTube No More? Not a Chance!

January 15, 2008

UPDATED: Wednesday January 16th, 2008

Scientology thought they had me…but I’m back.

Andrew Morton Interviewed on the Today Show

A Response to Luke

January 15, 2008

I’m going to start doing more of this. Just grab the camera and do some quick commentary about Scientology. This video is in response to a young Scientologist who says there are no aliens in Scientology and we should stop telling lies. He doesn’t allow unmoderated feedback so I am responding with my own video here.

I would embed his video on the page but Luke doesn’t allow that either. Here, by the way, is the link to the Scientology glossary and here is the entry for Space Opera:

space opera: of or relating to time periods on the whole track millions of years ago which concerned activities in this and other galaxies. Space opera has space travel, spaceships, spacemen, intergalactic travel, wars, conflicts, other beings, civilizations and societies, and other planets and galaxies. It is not fiction and concerns actual incidents and things that occurred on the track.

Updated: Thursday January 16th, 2008

Perhaps in honor of my troubles on YouTube, Luke deleted his original video.  So much for completing a comm cycle.