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Throwing in the Towel

August 4, 2007


The Many Moods of Vince Daniels

Vince Daniels has called it a day. He quit his current radio show and also quit speaking out about Scientology. As he said on the show, without naming Scientology, it’s not his hill to die on.

That’s true. We are all appreciative of the many shows he devoted to Scientology and Narconon-Stone Hawk. It’s a shame it ended this way because Scientology got to boost its stats this week by effectively “shuddering him into silence.”

Without going into details, they did so by visits from this man, Eugene Ingram. They didn’t dig up any dirt on Vince. They didn’t blackmail him. They did exactly what they do. They ran a “noisy investigation” to scare him into silence.

But did they really win? This is yet another clear example of how Scientology is pure evil and as the St. Pete Times pointed out years ago, not like any church we know.

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As you will see in the comments, Vince felt that I misrepresented his departure from the station and that was certainly not my intent. Scientology had nothing to do with his departure from KCAA. That’s why I kept the clip separate from the video of his farewell appearance on the station.

I prepared this video for his website. Here is his final segment which contains no Scientology material. I call it The Many Moods of Vince Daniels: Farewell for Now.

Free Keith Henson

May 21, 2007

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE:  Saturday, May 19, 2007 

The Many Moods of Vince DanielsVince Daniels has Keith Henson’s wife, Arel Lucas, on the show to update us on the latest legal situation Keith faces in Riverside County. Keith Henson was put on trial in Riverside for picketing Scientology. During the course of his trial, the word Scientology was never allowed to be uttered. Keith was found guilty of “interfering with a religion” while the jury never knew it was Scientology making the complaint.

Facing a year in jail, Keith fled to Canada. I know, dumb move. He sought asylum there but ultimately Canada turned him down. He snuck back into the U.S. and eventually was tracked down by Scientology who had the Arizona authorities arrest him.Keith Henson

Keith asked to serve his time in Arizona, outside the heavy influence of Scientology’s deep pockets. Their desert compound in Hemet, housing Scientology’s leaders, has a major impact on Riverside County. Governor Schwarzenegger was asked not to deport Keith for his misdemeanor sentencing but the governor refused and now Keith is being shipped back to the courthouse which has treated him unjustly since this ordeal began.

Arel gives an overview of the entire experience and asks for help from all of us.

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Vince Daniels at a Crossroad

April 1, 2007

BROADCAST DATE: March 31, 2007

The Many Moods of Vince DanielsIn the first segment of Vince Daniels’ radio show, Keith Henson appeared to talk about the legal hell he has been in since speaking out about Scientology. He was sued for posting Scientology copyrighted materials back in the 90’s. Then he was arrested for picketing Scientology’s desert compound near Hemet, California. He was charged with “interfering with a religion” and put on trial. Unable to mention the word Scientology in court, Henson’s attorney put up no defense. Henson was convicted and fled to Canada before he could be sent to jail in Riverside County.


After Canada refused his request for political asylum, Keith fled back to the US and was recently arrested in Arizona where he awaits extradition. If you want to help Keith, contact Governor Schwarzenegger and ask that Keith not be extradited back to Riverside County where Scientology has great influence.


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In the longer segment of the show, Vince was joined by his permanent guest host, Retired Army Col. Ray Coughenour. Col. Ray has been doing a lot of research of Scientology and he is very worried about Vinnie talking on this nasty, litigious group.

Col. Ray brings up the IRS battle, which he recently discovered wasn’t President Clinton’s fault but rather had started in the Bush Sr. era. One of the outrages he mentions was Scientology’s use of 9/11 as a recruiting device. They actually got their phone number scrolled on FOX NEWS during the nationally broadcast religious service attended by the nation’s leaders. Underneath the image of President Bush in the cathedral was a message to dial Scientology’s phone number “for National Mental Health Assistance.”



Once Col. Ray gets Vinnie worked up about the dangers of taking on Scientology, Professor Dave Touretzky calls in to sooth his nerves and explain how the Internet has changed everything for Scientology. They can’t get away with the crap they used to pull.

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It’s good to know that Vince Daniels will continue to report on Scientology’s fraud and abuse. We need more brave people to come forward and speak out and in coming weeks on “The Many Moods of Vince Daniels,” it looks like that will happen.



Who’s Up for a Debate?

March 17, 2007

BROADCAST DATE: March 17th, 2007

The Many Moods of Vince Daniels

Not Stone Hawk Narconon. Vince Daniels offered to have an in-studio debate with Per Wickstrom and Clark Carr but they refused to appear on the show. I wonder why?

To combat Vince’s many effective shows on the abuses at Narconon’s Stone Hawk rehab facility, Stone Hawk has purchased an hour of radio time each Saturday morning for a month to spread their PR nonsense. Wickstrom hops on a plane to come do their little show each week but can’t stick around an extra few hours to answer questions.

Anyway, Kimberly Darr returns to the show. She has been relentless in exposing the fraud and abuse rampant in the Stone Hawk facility in Battle Creek, Michigan. She’s been working hard to see that other patients and their families aren’t harmed by Scientology’s drug-rehab front group.

More and more people keep leaving Stone Hawk due to Vince Daniels’ shows. The latest to exit is Sue Wilkins’ son. Sue actually brought the sheriff with her to get her son out of Stonehawk this week. She talks about googling “Drug Rehab” and getting tons of sites all pointing to Narconon. That’s just one of the ways Scientology uses the net to lure people into their program. They created hundreds of sites pointing to their program. This not only buries the competition but actually increases the ranking of their main Narconon site in many search engines.

Sue’s son was in Stone Hawk for five days before managing to slip away to make a surrepticious phone call asking her to get him out of that nut house. It wasn’t until Sue had left her son in Battle Creek that she discovered the truth of the program from websites featuring stories of past guests on Vinnie’s shows. When her son’s call came, Sue hopped back in the car and saved her son from Scientology’s grasp.

He had entered on a Thursday, when the state of Michigan came in to inspect the facility. The results of the inspection aren’t released yet, however Stone Hawk claims the inspectors were impressed by how clean the place is. If that’s true, you can thank the patients because, as was pointed out on the last show, Stone Hawk freaked when the conditions were pointed out on the air and forced the patients to scrub down the joint

In the first Stone Hawk audio segment played by Vinnie, we are informed by Narconon that drugs are stored in fat. There is no scientific evidence to prove Scientology’s theories, especially that niacin removes those stored drugs fro the fat cells. This is the same non-fact based crap that got Scientology kicked out of California public schools. By the way, good work, Dave Touretzky.

The “Dear Alice” TR is described and much is made of the bullbaiting at Stone Hawk. You can see a demonstration and read an explanation of the TRs here.

Kim is trying to gather victims together for a possible class action suit. She gives out her email address for anyone that wants to contact her. One family has already sued.

After the break, they play a clip about how and why Per Wickstrom opened Stone Hawk.

Lynn Kasey scoffs at the claims of Narconon’s success rate and a good discussion is held about Stone Hawk’s claim that people can come back after leaving the program without paying more to re-enter. Lynn points out that the contract specifies they have to pay for an “ethics cycle” at a minimum $1500 charge.

Sue also points out that there was a lot of heavy smoking going on at Stone Hawk. That’s not surprising as Hubbard told his followers that smoking cures cancer.

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Next Vinnie plays the clip of “Nicole” who speaks about how Narconon saved her life and her arm but she speaks about it in very Scientological ways, raving about the purif and touch assists.

In the final segment, we meet another Stone Hawk patient, who went through the program about a year ago. Chris Jones calls in from West Virginia. Among the horror stories Chris shares, he talks about being forced to live in a room with other patients as it was being cleared of deadly asbestos.

Just as with the smoking situation, Hubbard told his adherents that asbestos wasn’t dangerous. Architect Lawrence Woodcraft recounted his experiences dealing with this insanity while aboard the Scientology flagship, Freewinds. Read his affidavit.

Chris shares his stories about the bizarre bullbaiting practices, the Scientology connection and how the sauna got him sick. To top it all off, they wanted to know “what are you afraid of?”

What is Scientology afraid of? Can’t communicate? Can’t confront? What powerful beings behave this way? Instead of manning up and appearing with Vince Daniels, they aired another one of their infomercials at 6 a.m. this morning.

Clark Carr believes Narconon is a drug-free social-education model. I think it’s a scam. To prove me wrong, he spent the morning talking to parents of children who underwent the program at Stone Hawk. They stressed the importance of getting through the whole program. If the whiners who call in to Vince had just stuck it out, everything would have been fine.

Amy, a mom of a patient calls in. Her son, Michael, has been in Stonehawk for 4 months. She actually admits that her son was dumped at a cheap motel but let him stay there and fend for himself until he decided to return to the program. They even try to make this dismal practice of patient dumping look like a good thing.

A dad, Bob, also calls. No last names, please. That could lead to fact-checking. Bob’s son was a meth addict. Bob is in the construction industry and now does interventions and sends people to Narconon.

I believe Clark Carr slips and lets out Bob’s full name. He may be this Bobby Neuman.

A big thanks to Raymond Hill for researching the doctor who appears on the show. Dr. Alan E. Sosin appears as a medical expert to put the full weight of his professional credentials behind the quack rehab program. It’s not surprising to discover that he is a Scientologist. You’ve got to love his success story:

“My most important gains in Scientology have included the ability to realize the truth of things, that is, to achieve a higher reality. In the past the truth was often determined by what other people said and by my own reactions to prior experiences. That has changed, and I am now more able to observe what is true, without having things twisted by prejudice and evaluation. That has made me a happier person, with a willingness to face and enjoy the future.”

There’s no longer a need for him to rely on scientific facts that are known truths. Now he can feel free to believe whatever crap he “observes to be true.” Hey, watch me pull a rabbit out of this hat!

To close the show, Clark reads a quote from L. Ron Hubbard. It just happens to be Dan Murnan’s favorite quote which I read to him as he led me on a walking tour of L.A. years ago.

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When is Scientology going to make this go right?

Vince Daniels Not Shuddered Into Silence

March 3, 2007

BROADCAST DATE: March 3, 2007

The Many Moods of Vince Daniels

All attempts to silence Vince Daniels on the topic of Scientology and Narconon have failed. He once again has taken on the issue after Stone Hawk’s officials have spent the week lying about the Scientology connection and trying to do damage control.

In the first segment, Vince reads a letter from an employee of Stone Hawk who further spills the beans about how the facility treats it’s patients. Can you say, “Dumps them in a homeless shelter?” Unbelievable.

Vinnie then comments on the changing nature of Stone Hawk’s response to his earlier broadcasts. By the way, they’ve changed again. Since we last pointed out that they don’t allow any negative comments in the feedback to their posts, now they are putting up heavily redacted posts, including one from Kimberly Darr. They edited out her email address so if you want to contact Kimberly, click here.

Consider how the Walter Reed scandal would have played out if they had used Scientology’s tactics. First, they would have said that Walter Reed is in no way connected to the U.S. government. Then when pointed out that it’s a military hospital, they would have said, “Well, yes, but the soldiers are to blame for wrecking the joint and it’s their PTSD that is causing all the trouble. Their parents are anti-war zealots out to destroy something good.”

In segment two, Melissa Kasey returns to the show to elaborate on some of the issues she raised in her first appearance. She gives a more detailed look at her stay in the Stone Hawk Narconon facility. From the initial lies, to the treatments she received, Melissa paints a stark portrait of life in Scientology’s rehab center.

For the final segment, Vince reads a letter outlining the nasty tactics Scientology has used against critics in the past then opens up the phone lines. Dave Sweetland calls in. He has lost his son to Scientology’s disconnection policy. He makes a valid point about moving religious practices into a secular setting.

Narconon bought an hour of airtime for the next four weeks on Vinnie’s station to counter his educational shows. Yeah, that will work.

Let me show you how much easier it is to be a Wog than a Scientologist. This is what is known as telling both sides. You can download their first show from the Stone Hawk website or listen here. Why is Scientology afraid to share both sides?

The first caller, Nicole, tells how she was able to “return the flow” and “do an assist” to help another patient. You don’t suppose she’s a Scientologist, do you? Hmmm.

flow: a progress of energy between two points; an impulse or direction of energy particles or thought or masses between terminals; the progress of particles or impulses or waves from Point A to Point B. The four flows used in processing are flow one, something happened to self; flow two, doing something to another; flow three, others doing things to others; flow zero, self doing something to self. – Scientology Dictionary

assist: a simple, easily done process that can be applied to anyone to help them recover more rapidly from accidents, mild illness or upsets; any process which assists the individual to heal himself or be healed by another agency by removing his reasons for precipitating (bringing on) and prolonging his condition and lessening his predisposition (inclination or tendency) to further injure himself or remain in an intolerable condition. See also Touch Assist.

Seems she was led to respond to each and every important point that Vinnie has been raising, including ethics, saunas, training routines, etc.

I wonder why they don’t allow callers to give full names. I wonder why they don’t allow Pat to give out the name of his insurance company? Robert picked up the Scientology practice of disconnecting. How odd.

You telling me Scientology is afraid to have their stories verified? What powerful beings would be so frightened about fact checking? They must have a little, tiny leader with rage issues at the head of the group.

Anyone know Nicole, Pat and Robert? Why aren’t they as brave as the people who called the Vince Daniels show over the past few weeks?

Here’s a tip, Scientology. Tell the truth. I know it’s not a part of Hubbard’s tech but isn’t it about time to make an effort at real reform?

Stone Hawk Responds

February 25, 2007

BROADCAST DATE: February 24th, 2007

What do you know? Stone Hawk posted a blog entry on their site about the Vince Daniels show. Turns out any patient who speaks out against Stone Hawk is a criminal. The patients are lying druggies and the parents are foolish enablers:

Many people enter a drug rehabilitation program to appease parents or the law and then deliberately leave or behave in a manner that gets them kicked out so they can continue to use drugs. Then, they turn around and say “Narconon stinks, they’re full of BS, they are only interested in taking our money, they are abusive…etc.” which is just justification for the addict to go out and use drugs. The addict then continues to get to do what they want to do guilt free because they tried, but Narconon failed. Parents are naturally enablers, and would oftentimes not want to put the blame on themselves or the addict, but turn to saying there is something wrong with what Stone Hawk did.

But what struck me most in the post was this section:

Although Narconon Stone Hawk is in no way associated with Scientology, the Narconon Program was created by L. Ron Hubbard, the same person who founded Scientology. This Vince Daniels, for whatever reason, has a problem with Scientologists. Because of his misconception that Narconon is associated with Scientology, he feels the need to attack it, too. Narconon does not teach or practice Scientology in it’s drug rehab program. Yet Vince Daniels goes to great lengths to degrade a drug rehab program that has saved the lives of thousands of people and families.

Wow. No connection to Scientology? Unbelievable. It is Scientology through and through. Listen to the last Vince Daniels show. The patients reveal that the same training routines are used, the same BS Hubbard policies of Ethics Officers and overts. I was stunned by all the Scientology jargon I heard from these former patients.

Listen, you want the truth? Turn to Professor Dave Touretzky. He’s done the research. Narconon is an official church program and designated as such in the church’s 1993 IRS agreement.

The social benefit and other public benefit entities discussed at pages 1-28 through 1-42 of the June [1992] submission [by CSI] along with all subsidiaries, subordinate chapters, subordinate organizations, or sub-licensees thereof (e.g., organizations that are permitted to use particular names, copyrights, service marks, and/or technologies) are Scientology-related entities. Thus, for example, Citizens Commission on Human Rights, National Commission on Law Enforcement and Social Justice, Scientology Defense Fund Trust, Association for the Better Living and Education, Applied Scholastics Incorporated, Narconon International, The Way to Happiness Foundation, and the Foundation for Religious Freedom are Scientology-related entities.
[“Closing agreement on final determination covering specific matters”, U.S. Internal Revenue Service, 1 October 1993]

Still, Stone Hawk respects Vince Daniels rights:

We respect the rights of Vince Daniels to print and say whatever he chooses on his radio show and blog. This great nation was built on the rights to do as such. But, his biased and false beliefs prevent him from telling both sides of the story. Truth be told, Narconon Stonehawk has saved lives.

Truth be told, Narconon Stone Hawk can’t tell the truth.


A reader has caught Stone Hawk editing sections of their blog to remove the blatant lie that Narconon is not affiliated with Scientology. The section now reads:

Vince Daniels, for whatever reason, has a problem with scientologists. Because of his misconcepton that Narconon is teaches the religion of Scientology, he feels the need to attack it too. Narconon does not teach or practice scientology in it’s drug rehab program. Yet Vince daniels goes to great lengths to degrade a legitimate and effective drug treatment program that has saved the lives of thousands of people and families.

Well, I am once again at cause over Scientology. I have forced them to react to a mere wog. See how powerful a non-OT can be? We don’t need hours and hours of training routines and indoctrination in the ways of that tubby, lunatic charlatan L. Ron Hubbard. All we need to do is tell the truth and, believe me, that is so much easier than jumping through the hoops put up by Scientology management.

What makes these attacks unfair is he only seeks out people who are dissatisfied with the program to speak. At no time does he bring in the comments or letters of those who swear by it. His website and radio show are filled with people who have terrible things to say about Stone Hawk, but these are all people, or parents of people, who have not successfully made it throught the program to no fault of Stone Hawk.

Wait? More lies? At NO time does Vince bring in the comments of those who swear by Narconon? Can Vince help it that the people who say good things about Narconon are Scientologists, many of whom lie about it or their connection to Narconon? What about the Wickstrom’s appearance on the show?

What about Bob Adam’s appearance on the show when he was too frightened to sit in the same room with Tory Christman?

I believe that Vince has had an open invitation out to Clark Carr or whoever would come on and openly speak about the issues. Too tough for an OT, it seems. The mighty beings are really outside of Scientology.


Being shown to be the frauds they are, the Stone Hawk people have moved their blog entry to a new url so the link from this site would not find it. They also suddenly have many success stories popping up to refute the the charges leveled on the show.

Notice how they whine about Vinnie not letting anyone speak positively about Narconon on his radio show? Try posting an opposing view to their blog and see how they react.

Think for yourself. Leave Scientology now.

Beneath the Planet of Vince Daniels and Stone Hawk

February 24, 2007

BROADCAST DATE:  February 24th, 2007

The Many Moods of Vince Daniels

I always loved the title of the first Planet of the Apes sequel. Didn’t care that much for the movie but the name “Beneath the Planet of the Apes” still tickles me.

Anyway, Vince Daniels is doing a sequel to his show last week on Stone Hawk, the Battle Creek Narconon facility of Scientology. It’s a good thing that Vinnie is continuing to tackle the subject of StoneHawk and the alleged sub-par facilities and fraudulent nature of Scientology’s treatment.

In part one, Vinnie and his co-hosts read emails and take phone calls about last week’s show. One caller mentions “L. Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman?” which I am re-reading right now. You can read the full book online or pick up a copy at Amazon. It’s a great book written by Bent Corydon who was a Scientology Mission Holder and had a great story to tell.

The caller says the book was written by L. Ron Hubbard Jr. which is inaccurate. He was a co-author of the book but withdrew his co-operation before the book was finished, amid pressure from Scientology. Hubbard accepted a settlement offer from Scientology and remained silent about the group afterwards but his prior assistance on the book was utilized and remained critical in making the book a success.

Vinne also reads an e-mail from Barbara Schwartz, a deeply troubled woman who spams the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology with her kooky rants about being the spawn of L. Ron Hubbard and Eisenhower. I never thought any radio show anywhere would ever utter her name but there you have it.

Segment two features features Kimberly Darr and Sheri Koenig from last week’s show. Kimberly’s fiancée, Dave Bowser, left Stonehawk recently. Sheri’s fiancée, Daryl, was kicked out of the the facility immediately after last week’s show aired. He was dropped off at a motel 20 miles away with a few dollars in his pocket. Sheri had to drive 11 hours through a snowstorm to pick him up.

Kim reports that Dave is in another non-Narconon program and doing better but traumatized by his experiences and facing trust-issues.

She has contact info for the authorities in Michigan. If you have complaints about the Narconon program, call John Wilhelmsen in charge of licensing for the State of Michigan at (517) 241-1970 and Jeannie Diver, the Quality Assurance Manager for the Mid-South Substance Abuse Commision at (517) 337-4406 extension 111.

Segment three continues to amaze as two more recent patients at Stone Hawk appear to corroborate the charges leveled in last week’s show. Doug from Indianapolis (not sure of the spelling of his last name “Kaneen”) was actually the roommate of Dave Bowser. Doug left the Stone Hawk program last weekend on the same day that Daryl was kicked out of the facility. Doug’s mother heard last week’s show and took Doug out of Stone Hawk immediately.

Cash Williams and his mother Theresa Nelson also appear. They talk not only about the conditions at Stone Hawk but also about settlement offers from Scientology. Theresa wants to warn other parents about sending their kids to Narconon.

The Scientology view of “Ethics” is discussed. Scientology ethics is nothing like what we in the wog world believe ethics to be. To be ethical in Scientology is to toe the party line and behave the way L. Ron Hubbard demanded. You are “Out-Ethics” if you disobey a Scientology order and are punished until you are brought back into line.

Segment four features phone calls from listeners. The first is Anna, a doctor who pushes another Scientology website for the detox program. She really, really believes in the program. Thank god, I was able to get through to Vinnie and let him know it was a Scientology site.

Why can’t Scientologists just be upfront? The doctor says “I don’t undersstand your question” when asked if it was a Narconon program she was involved with. That’s not that hard a question, whether English is your first language or not.

Bob from Glendale went through the program and praises it. He is a Scientologist and admits it. Good for you Bob. Be proud. By the way, Glendale is another stronghold of Scientology. I lived there for many years before I started researching the group. See how serendipitous life is?

Bob from Oklahoma calls in. Vinnie believed he was Per Wickstrom, which was a mistaken belief held by others who called in to warn Vinnie. After the first two callers, can you blame Vinnie from not trusting Bob. Turns out Bob’s son went through Narconon years ago…and the son is now a Scientologist. By the way, how many patients become Scientologists is the most important stat collected by Narconon.

A great show. Thanks again, Vinnie, for keeping on them and making a difference in so many people’s lives.

Vinnie Has Stone Hawk Cornered

February 17, 2007

BROADCAST DATE: February 17th, 2007

The Many Moods of Vince Daniels Vince Daniels devoted the bulk of his radio show today to Scientology’s Narconon Stone Hawk drug rehab front group in Battlecreek, Michigan. It was a terrific show with people who were speaking out against their treatment at the facility for the first time. Vince even managed to get the executive director of the facility, Kate Wickstrom, and her husband, Per Wickstrom, on the show for a brief segment as well as Patty Pieniadz who ran Narconon Connecticut before leaving Scientology this past year.

Skip forward to about nine minutes in on this video to get to the start of the Scientology/Narconon material.

Here’s an earlier segment from the program featuring an expert from a non-scientology drug rehab program explaining how a non-abusive facility operates.

Segment one features Kimberly Darr and Sheri Koenig. Kimberly’s fiancée, Dave Bowser, left Stone Hawk recently but Sheri’s fiancée, Daryl, still remains in the Narconon program.

Part two features the comments of David Bowser who has been out of the program for a week and Melissa Kasey who left the Narconon program just hours before this show. Melissa’s mother, Lynn, also appears.

Part three is a little frustrating because they managed to get the Wickstroms on the show, including an angered Per who felt it important to pick up the extension suddenly and chime in, but there’s a bit more heat than information. It’s best to just get these Scientologist on the record answering questions than to take them on with heated exchanges. These are, after all, people who have been trained in bullbaiting.

The final segment is far too short. Patty Pieniadz talks about her experiences running Narconon Connecticut and working for Scientology’s dirty tricks division in the Office of Special Affairs. Hopefully she can be back for a full hour soon. She has a lot of info to share.

This was a great show and my thanks go out to Vinnie for continuing to tackle the subject. Already they have been digging up information on the guy and trying to smear him on the net. The frantic attempts to stop people from appearing on this show is a clear indication of how worried Scientology is about The Many Moods of Vince Daniels.

Here’s an earlier segment from the program featuring an expert from a non-scientology drug rehab program explaining how a non-abusive facility operates.

Keep it up, Vinnie. You’re helping a lot of people.

Back on Vince Daniels

February 3, 2007

BROADCAST DATE:  February 3rd, 2007

The Many Moods of Vince DanielsI returned to the Vince Daniels show today, this time by phone. It was a kind of painful program for me and you can hear it in my voice because I had to speak about a lot of painful topics. The first one being the arrest yesterday of Keith Henson.

It was a last minute addition to the show which I was hoping to go into at the open the show. Thankfully, Barb had emailed Vince Daniels about it before we went on air and he also wanted to address it right off the top.

I’ve met Keith several times. I like him. He’s a decent guy but he can do some dopey things that are not in his best interest. The bottom line is he doesn’t deserve to be in jail.

Keith was protesting Scientology in Hemet when Stacey Moxon died. Scientology tried to lure him away with a free breakfast before the police and medical crews arrived. They wanted to ensure that Keith wouldn’t discover something was wrong and start snapping pictures.

While Keith had been picketing, Stacey Moxon, the daughter of Scientology legal guru Kendrick Moxon, had been electrocuted in an underground electrical vault. At first, Scientology reported to the authorities a vehicle accident. Then it turned into a building fire before the reality of the situation was inescapable.

Scientology next said Stacey went below ground into the dangerous chamber to rescue a baby squirrel. After decades of shore stories (Scientology’s term for outright lies), who can tell what really happened other than a young girl, dedicated to her “religion” as a dutiful Sea Org member was dead.

Keith’s trial was a farce. The word Scientology was not allowed to be uttered. The attorney decided to put on NO defense. He rested, saying the state refused to prove their case. Keith was found guilty of interfering with a religion and sentenced to a year in jail. He fled to Canada, was denied political asylum and snuck back into the US. He will likely be extradited back to Riverside County and face more time.

He and his wife lost their home, lost their incomes and pretty much lost everything for standing up to Scientology. He made some mistakes and some BIG ones but this is still an injustice.

We spoke a bit about journalist Paulette Cooper who suffered mightily at the hands of Scientology’s Guardian’s Office. She spoke about the many covert ops they ran on her at the 1982 Clearwater Hearings:

Read her book, “The Scandal of Scientology” on-line. Check out her official website and drop her a line of thanks for all she’s done.

Then we turned to the topic of Bob Minton. Here’s some info on Bob I put together when I was working for him at the LMT in Clearwater Florida, including the Bob Minton Harassment Timeline. This is the Bob Minton I know and admire:

We ended up talking about the sad end of the Lisa McPherson civil case. The LMT was named for Lisa McPherson. I have a collection of material on Lisa at XENU TV including a link to all the court transcripts of the civil trial. I didn’t do the story justice, watching the closing minutes tick away, wondering how to condense years of legal wrangling into what time was left while not wanting to stir up crap on the net.

If you look at how much time I spent setting up the Keith Henson story when that was just supposed to be a couple minutes of airtime, you can see how long-winded I can get. I had a brutally honest co-worker years ago who would see me start to talk and and immediately say, “GET TO THE POINT!’

Anyway, all of these people were victims of Scientology’s Fair Game doctrine and that’s what I wanted to highlight today. I hope there was some nuggets of interesting material in the show and that I kept the sucking to a minimum. You be the judge. Yes, I’m looking at you, Shirley Jean Wilson.

I hope I did these people justice. It’s hard to say. I left the show feeling very drained. Hopefully I get a chance to cover some of the other aspects of Scientology’s fraud and abuse on another show. I would like that.

Hello Vince Daniels Fans!

January 27, 2007

BROADCAST DATE:  January 27th, 2007

The Many Moods of Vince Daniels

I had the great pleasure of appearing on the Vince Daniels radio show yesterday. I was a last minute replacement after Greg Beha received a hefty settlement from Scientology’s front group, Narconon. Greg got his money back and signed a gag order. That left Vinnie with a huge whole in his show which I tried to fill with a whole lot of me.

In case you didn’t catch it, you can listen to the show on Vinnie’s site or check out my segment here.

Download the mp3

Right after college, I worked in radio as the morning guy on a station in the mid-west. I was never a fan of radio growing up. Never listened to much of it at all. I stumbled into it because of my love of old radio shows. On my college station, I did a weekly half hour comedy show with actors and music and sound effects.

It was a salute to the golden age of radio drama called “The Air Adventures of Little Orphan Armstrong!” It had a Rocky and Bullwinkle format and sensibility. Each show was bookended with a chapter in the ongoing saga of retired flying ace Captain Jack, local mailman and friend to all Uncle Gus and a plucky newborn babe wearing a decoder diaper, Little Orphan Armstrong who had the answers to any and all problems. Between the chapters were segments spoofing soap operas, westerns, detective shows and so on.

This drew the attention of a local commercial station who hired me to be their morning guy where I did things I had no real interest in doing, like spinning records, hosting swap meets and even playing Radio Bingo. This was not Howard Stern time, folks, but very similar to the first station you see Howard working at in his movie “Private Parts.”

The station was in a converted house with the sales staff working in the basement, while my studio was in what I’m sure was once a bedroom. I used to announce that the show was coming from the penthouse headquarters of our massive broadcasting complex but, in reality, I could look out the ground floor window at the unmowed field in its rural midwest setting.

It was a small station in a small market and I used to joke that we’d get knocked off the air when a neighbor down the street plugged in a toaster and the coffee pot at the same time. I would do some sketches on the show but I was primarily doing the stuff that the station wanted me to do. I tried to bring my sensibility to it but ultimately it wasn’t something I was particularly suited for, interested in or made me happy.

Vince Daniels, on the other hand, is passionate about radio. He gets it. He loves it. He embraces the chance to connect with an audience and to try to make the world a little bit better with every broadcast. We went out to lunch after the show yesterday and it was clear that Vinnie is wholeheartedly committed to his show and wants to use it to reach out and help others. I admire that.

It was a lot of fun appearing on his show and even more fun chatting over lunch about big and small issues from politics to the media. From Bush, the Clintons and the 2008 election to Jack Benny, Burns and Allen and St. Elsewhere.

I’m going to come back on his show soon and I’m looking forward to it. I think I started out a little slow yesterday, being frazzled by the late arrival. By the time I got comfy, the show was over.

In case you haven’t heard the earlier shows Vince has done on Scientology and Narconon, I have them archived here:

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Before leaving to do the show yesterday, I put together a quick reference guide to some of the videos or topics I thought we might discuss.

Here are a collection of newscasts on Narconon. These stories deal with Narconon setting up a rehab facility on an Indian reservation in Oklahoma. The editor of a small weekly newspaper, Bob Lobsinger, wrote a series of terrific articles about the event and the uncovering of the Scientology connection. I highly recommend reading these articles.

Of course, the best place to find out about Narconon is the website of Dr. David Touretzky.

For info on Lisa McPherson, including tv shows and court transcripts, check here.

You might want to see people picket my home, attack me with a hammer, surround me on L. Ron Hubbard Way or have me arrested.

For two years I lived in Clearwater Florida. I put together a video about the bias against us exhibited by Clearwater police on the Scientology payroll. And one of the nice things about living there was being able to speak at city council meetings.

We didn’t get to talk about Lisa McPherson this time or go into depth on some of the other harassment issues but those subjects and more will come up in later show.

Thanks to those who called the show including Barb, Arnie, Lee the Scientologist and especially to Anthony in Pasadena who says he’s a big fan of XENU TV.

And thank you, Vinnie, for having me on as a guest.