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Suppressive Weekend of Fun

June 30, 2009

Jason Beghe and Marc Headley and their families hosted a fun-filled weekend for SP’s, critics and the people who love them.  Saturday was held at Pyramid Lake about an hour north of L.A.   Marc supplied the jet skis and fun was had by all.  I got to meet a lot of new people and see some old friends.  Sunday, the fun moved to Venice Beach.

Since the PI’s never post their pictures, here’s a few of mine.

Visiting SP's with Mark Bunker Visiting SP’s with Mark Bunker 


Tory and the Visiting SP's Tory and the Visiting SP’s 
Tory and Lawrence Woodcraft, still damp from the jet ski's. Tory and Lawrence Woodcraft, still damp from the jet ski’s. 
tory and WBM
Bigfoot grabs Tory Christman Bigfoot grabs Tory Christman 

Later, Tory and I had dinner to celebrate her birthday.


Birthday Girl Birthday Girl 

Greta’s Sister an Evil Psych

May 28, 2009

Gawker has a good article about Greta Van Susteran’s sister Lise, the psychiatrist.

Lise van Susteren lives in Bethesda, Md. That’s her, with Greta, in 2005. She is an assistant professor of psychiatry at Georgetown University and completed her residency at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, a mental institution in Washington, D.C. She’s a board-certified forensic psychiatrist and has served on the staff of mental health centers in Alexandria and Fairfax, Va. She was a consultant to the CIA, where she developed psychological profiles of world leaders. In 2006, she launched a failed Senate bid in Maryland.

How to Save the Oscars

February 22, 2009

Off topic, I know…but watching Mickey Rourke get his independent Spirit Award shows just how lively, honest and entertaining a show like this can be.  

Sure there’s cursing but can’t we be grownups and get over it.  What it isn’t is canned and safe and boring.


I just finished watching and they didn’t need saving after all.  This was probably the best produced Oscars I’ve ever seen.  Certainly got off to a terrific start with a strong opening number followed by the brilliant idea of having three former winners really pay tribute to the Best Supporting Actress nominees.  This really felt like a celebration of their talent.

Follow that with the winning combo of Steve Martin and Tina Fey and the presentation of screenwriting awards in a way that truly made you think about the contribution on the page…well, it was pretty cool to see.  

A show that long is going to sag when you get to technical awards but on the whole, pretty damn good.

I passed on a private party,  seeing the awards on the big screen a block from the event because I needed to edit some video i shot Saturday.  You should see that soon.

DOH! Bart Shills for Scientology!

January 27, 2009

Nancy Cartwright uses her Bart Simpson voice to let Scientology members know she is on New OTVII and wants everyone else to move up the bridge, too.

So Fox had the original video taken down.  They went after the YouTube user instead of the voice actor who actually exploited their property.  This is why copyright laws need to be amended.  Cartwright is the offender.  The YouTube user brought information to the public’s attention.  The video was newsworthy.  The robocall was wrong.

WebMD on Jett’s Death

January 6, 2009

The health website put up an article on Kawasaki Syndrome and the connection to the unfortunate death of John Travolta’s son.

Jett Travolta’s childhood brush with Kawasaki disease is highly unlikely to have caused the seizures that may have led to his death, a Kawasaki expert tells WebMD.

Jett Travolta, the 16-year-old son of actors John Travolta and Kelly Preston, died on Jan. 2. The teen, known to have suffered frequent seizures, struck his head against the bathtub in the hotel where his family was staying, according to media reports.

Kawasaki disease is a mysterious and frightening illness. Might Kawasaki disease have caused Jett Travolta’s seizures?

WebMD asked Kawasaki disease expert Nathan Litman, MD, chief of infectious disease and director of pediatrics at New York’s Montefiore Medical Center.

“I am unaware of any association of Kawasaki disease with seizures,” Litman tells WebMD.

Jean Paul Dubreuil on Jett’s death

January 6, 2009

Here is a subtitled interview from former Scientologist and author Jean Paul Dubreuil on LCN.

Many thanks to Anonymous for the subtitles.

Stephanie Miller on Jett’s Death

January 6, 2009
Broadcasting legend Stephanie Miller

Broadcasting legend Stephanie Miller

A lovely Anonymous member, who shares with me the worshipping of Stephanie Miller, sent me this clip from Monday morning’s broadcast.

Stephanie brings up Jett’s death and her producer mentions that down the road, the Scientology connection has to be looked into.

I posted some of my thoughts in a feedback to a prior entry.

I think there is a likelihood that Jett didn’t get proper treatment throughout his childhood based on his parent’s belief. I don’t know that for sure but that’s a possibility. Many people have thought the Travolta’s were unwilling to admit Jett had autism even though the seizures are consistent with autism and not at all a by-product of Kawasaki disease. Do I know? Of course not. But it is an argument going on just as forcefully on the autism message boards right now.

What ever the reason, it remains a very human tragedy with a grieving family who has my sympathies.

When a Christian Scientist’s child dies because the parent’s religious beliefs stop them from seeking treatment, they grieve just as much as other parents do. It is an incredibly sad situation that people can turn away from science which might save a life and put their child’s fate in the hands of dogma.

I believe John Travolta did every thing he knew how to help his child and gave him the most wonderful life possible. I don’t doubt that for a second, even though I have no more concrete evidence to go by than the same newspaper reports from which I draw my conclusions about the death. I have no reason to believe Travolta is anything short of a loving father who must now be suffering terrible pain.

I felt the same thing about the people watching over Lisa McPherson in her last 17 days. They did what they felt was right. They thought they were helping her. They were following Hubbard’s policies and ultimately Hubbard’s tech led to Lisa’s death.

Will Hubbard’s tech share some responsibility for Jett’s death? I don’t know that. There is a possibility but I’m not in a position to make that judgment.  If it turns out it did, other parents should be aware of the risks.  Like Christian Scientists, they may still prefer to go with Hubbard’s teachings but the truth should come out so they are at least informed.