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Stephanie Miller on Tom Cruise Tape

January 18, 2008

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Thursday January 17, 2008

Stephanie Miller

Radio goddess Stephanie Miller — along with voice man Jim Ward — goof on the Tom Cruise Scientology video.

They are joined by The Soup host, Joel McHale who can’t say enough about the seeming insanity of the tape.

Then Stephanie returns to the subject in the daily Hollywood gossip segment, Tinsel Talk.

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O’Reilly Factor: Andrew Morton

January 18, 2008

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE:  Thursday January 17, 2008

Andrew Morton faces off against Bill O’Reilly who — as usually — is blustery and pompous.   We do learn that one of Bill’s childhood friends is a Scientologist.  And —  hey — who cares about Tom Cruise, anyway?

Inside Edition – Tom Cruise Videotape

January 18, 2008

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Wednesday January 16, 2008

This segment explores the Scientology Tom Cruise tape with Mark Ebner again explaining the Scientology jargon. He again mispeaks when saying that KSW stands for “Keep Scientology Working.” Shame on you, Mark. You should know it means “Keeping Scientology Working.”


I have been told that Mark Ebner IS correct to say KSW means “Keep Scientology Working” because he defined it in the context Cruise said it.  Scientologists are prone to saying KSW in different contexts ie: “Well, I  KSW”….  or “You have to KSW” or just ” In that situation, he didn’t KSW” ( meaning the application of the reference KSW.

This comes from a former course supervisor for Scientology, at different orgs.   Universally, the word KSW means either the ref KSW itself or the application of the ref KSW.

Andrew Morton on Today

January 17, 2008

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE:  Tuesday January 15, 2008

Andrew Morton discusses his new biography of Tom Cruise on the Today Show.

Mark Ebner Speaks Scientologese

January 17, 2008

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE:  Wednesday January 16, 2008

Mark Ebner appeared on a Today Show segment in which he discussed the Tom Cruise video and explained some of the Scientology terms.

YouTube No More? Not a Chance!

January 15, 2008

UPDATED: Wednesday January 16th, 2008

Scientology thought they had me…but I’m back.

Andrew Morton Interviewed on the Today Show

Tom Cruise Biography

January 7, 2008

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Monday January 7, 2008

The headline said it all:

World Exclusive: Contents of Andrew Morton’s biography of Cruise revealed … and the star’s fury over shocking claims!

Morton’s book comes out on January 15th (no word on when Cruise might come out) and the media frenzy is just beginning. It’s clear that Scientology is going to be in the news big time in the coming weeks. The UK’s Daily Mail got the scoop:

Tom Cruise OTScientology executives contributed to the failure of Cruise’s marriage to Kidman, Morton implies.

The author says that Cruise was asked in 1999 to do a “Potential Trouble Source/Suppressive Person course…designed to anchor an individual’s faith while pinpointing those in his life who create problems”.

Morton claims Scientologists were worried that Kidman might be a problem because her father was a psychologist – “which automatically made her a Potential Trouble Source” – and she had given an interview emphasising her roots as a Catholic.

“The fear was that a lukewarm Nicole could fatally compromise Tom’s commitment to his faith,” Morton writes.

“Somehow Tom had to be inoculated against the virus of doubt.

“The surefire cure for scepticism was the Potential Trouble Source/ Suppressive Person course, which reinforced wavering Scientologists’ loyalty while making them more suspicious of those around them who were not members of the faith.”

When Cruise decided to leave Nicole in 2000, she was worried that she might not be able to see the two children the couple had adopted.

Morton quotes a former highranking Scientologist claiming he received a call from Kidman’s lawyer Bill Beslow: “At this point Nicole hated Scientology but was concerned for the kids.

“She did not want to ruin her relationship with them. I told the lawyer if she wants to stay with the children she will have to be quiet and not speak out about Scientology.”

In particular, Morton claims she was worried about her “audit” tapes, which contained details of her sex life and which she feared might be leaked if she spoke out.

This morning, The Today Show did a segment on the book. Here is that piece.

Tom Cruise, Call Niki!

September 7, 2007

Oh, for the love of Xenu. I haven’t blogged in ages and when I do, I’m not even mentioning the lawsuit filed against Scientology in Belgium (except I just mentioned it.) Well, more about that this weekend.

Niki YanI just got a YouTube notice that someone posted a video response to one of my videos dealing with Tom Cruise. I took a look at it to approve or disapprove the video and it turned out to be a two minute clip from E! News about a young Asian gal who wrote “a book” about Tom Cruise. Cruise was nice enough to invite her to the set of MI:III and she gushed about how great he is.

Well, I approved it. It was off topic but not offensive so why not. Then I was curious to see who posted it and it turns out to be the actual Asian gal, Niki Yan. She wants someone to finance her book. She even listed her personal phone number on her YouTube page so investors could call her.

Well, that’s nutty so I took a peek at her blog and it turns out she moved to L.A. and now can’t pay the rent and is hoping some publisher will come through any second to buy her loose leaf manuscript which is sure to be a best seller.

And the name of the blog? “Tom Cruise, You Did Not Call Me Back!

Yikes! I never thought I’d feel sorry for Cruise. On the other hand, what did he do to pull her in? Is he PTS to an SP?

And by the way, hot nutty Asian chicks are welcome to write a book about me anytime. I’ll call.

Dr. Dave Returns to Countdown

July 24, 2007


Okay, whose bright idea was it to keep Dr. Dave out on the street? Did the cameraguy get locked out of the studio? The segment was shot in front of ongoing traffic and it’s mighty distracting…but oh, well. Professor David S. Touretzky once again proves himself capable of handling any interview, no matter what the circumstances.

Keith Olbermann again tackles the controversy surrounding the filming of Tom Cruise’s latest movie in Germany, where he is getting a rather chilly reception. Keith quotes Rev. Gandow’s recent comparison of Cruise to Joseph Goebbels and asks if that’s fair.

Thomas Gandow, 60, the German Protestant Church’s chief spokesman on religious cults described Scientology as a “totalitarian organisation” and said that, because of his position as film star, Cruise had become “The Goebbels of Scientology.”

In his film Valkyrie Tom Cruise, 45, plays Claus von Stauffenberg, a German army officer and aristocrat who tried to assassinate Hitler in 1944 by planting a bomb inside the Nazi leader’s East Prussian headquarters.

However Gandow dismissed the film yesterday as “Propaganda for Scientology”.

He added in a reference to the favorable publicity won by Hitler’s Nazi party during the 1936 Berlin Olympic games: “This film will have the same propaganda advantages for Scientology as the 1936 Olympics had for the Nazis.”

Gandow insisted that Cruise had simply come to Germany to campaign for restrictions on Scientology to be lifted.

For those who are unfamiliar with Rev. Gandow, I’ve met the man several times in Leipzig for the annual Alternative Charlemagne Awards which you can see on XENU TV.