More Speak Out

The St. Pete Times has another lengthy expose of David Miscavige’s brutal treatment of his underlings.

They are stepping forward — from Dallas and Denver, Portland, Las Vegas, Montana — talking about what happened, to them and their friends, during their years in the Church of Scientology.

Jackie Wolff wept as she recalled the chaotic night she was ordered to stand at a microphone in the mess hall and confess her “crimes” in front of 300 fellow workers, many jeering and heckling her.

Gary Morehead dredged up his recollection of Scientology leader David Miscavige punishing venerable church leaders by forcing them to live out of tents for days, wash with a garden hose and use an open latrine.

Steve Hall replayed his memory of a meeting when Miscavige grabbed the heads of two church executives and knocked them together. One came away with a bloody ear.

Mark Fisher remembered precisely what he told Miscavige after the punches stopped and Fisher touched his head, looked at his palm and saw blood.

These and other former Scientology staffers are talking now, inspired and emboldened by the raw revelations of four defectors from the church’s executive ranks who broke years of silence in stories published recently by the St. Petersburg Times.

Those behind-the-scenes accounts from Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder, the highest officials ever to leave Scientology, were buttressed by detailed revelations of highly placed former managers Amy Scobee and Tom De Vocht.

Now their stories have prompted other former Scientology veterans to go public about physical and mental abuses they say they witnessed and endured.

Some want to support and defend the initial four, whom church representatives labeled as liars attempting a coup. Others say they feel more secure now that Rathbun, Rinder and the others are on the record with their unprecedented accounts of life on the inside.

But fear still prevents many defectors from talking. For every former church staffer willing to speak out, one or two more refused.

Those who talked confirm the earlier defectors’ stories of erratic, dehumanizing treatment and provide a deeper view into the controlling environment in which members of the religious order known as the Sea Org live and work.

A few days ago, Miscavige distributed a special Freedom Magazine issue smearing the four people who spoke out in the first St. pete Times articles.  He’d better crank out the next issue fast before the villagers chase him down with pitchforks and torches.

Slappy sees the end draw near.

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13 Comments on “More Speak Out”

  1. Saskin Says:

    One can only hope. As far as where they’ll go from there, who knows. At least they’ll get rid of that jerk.

    Maybe they’ll reform? Wouldn’t that be neat? Unfortunately it seems like some of the recent changes in some of the policies were for the better. Could it see the same sort of fragmentation that other groups have gone under when fighting over the details?

    At least they’ll be able to control their own destiny a bit better, but how will they actually restrain the guy, or kick him out? It’s not like he’s in a CEO power structure.

  2. JoJo the talking Mandlolin Says:

    They greatly underestimate the ratio of the outspoken to those staffers who won’t speak out. There are hundreds of former staffers who either won’t or aren’t speaking out for every one that has.

  3. Tommy Davis Says:

    Awwww SHIT!!! Not AGAIN!

  4. dr.fang Says:

    The timing couldn’t be better; they just try to put out the FIRST SP times fire, and now this one comes out and reenforces it.

    It makes them look like ham-fisted jackasses.

    Pass the popcorn…

  5. Xenumania Says:

    With all this talk of violence perpetrated by David Miscavige, it makes me wonder what has become of his wife, Shelly. She has not been seen for quite a long time. it is as if she has disappeared. I could only imagine the abuses she has endured over the years.

  6. ZephyrEire Says:

    The momentum is building! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – its an exciting time to be an SP 🙂

    Do you think if I asked real nice they’d send me one of those official SP declarations? It would be an awesome trophy

  7. mikethemarcabian Says:

    This is great. A real footbullet for the cult.

    However, the cherry on the cake would be if Tommy D said something.

    Come on Tommy – open your mouth and say something.

  8. Tommy Davis Says:

    Well for your INFORMATION Mikethemarcabian… if that IS your real name, I’m too busy getting my face slammed repeatedly into tables by my midget tyrant of a COB to talk to the fucking media!

    My complete lack of tact when it comes to rationally dealing with crap like this makes me angry! REAL Angry!

  9. Mike Says:

    I’m actually surprised that no one has punched DM’s teeth in or snapped his neck in a fit of rage, given how frequent the violence seems to be. I guess it goes to show the power of the mind control.

  10. Cornelius Says:

    Who knows Mike, maybe that is what happened to Heber. He was hit too hard and he’s locked away in a care facility after sustaining brain damage.

    Shelly can’t divorce Dave. She has to proclaim he’s the perfect midget, even if it from behind a locked door in an underground facility.

    I agree that there are a lot of people who don’t speak out because of fear, but this brave dozen or so helps more step forward.

    The Freedumb Magazine is a gargantuan food bullet. I read where they did the same thing when the TIME cover story came out years ago, but this is worse.

    This one is so juvenile, and printing photos of houses where the witnesses live, making fun of them for their houses and occupations! Attacking the two journalists with Mad magazine satire. They are supposed to be a religion but they act like mafia goes to junior high and goes nuts. They are skirting close to Heaven’s Gate weird. The least it is going to do, is cut down on new membership completely.

    And the hyperbole. “Billions of people” touched by Scientology’s social programs! There are only 6.8 billion people in the world. Are they counting everyone who has ever been happy at some point, as being touched by their Way to Happiness? These people are loons.

    At least Marshall Applewhite could count.
    2 balls – 2 balls = 0 balls.

  11. Pete Sagi Says:

    I recently posted this on on the Clambake. Yes, it is a bit early in the year for Christmas tune parodies, but, Cof$ may be gone by then making it irrelevant, so might as well enjoy now.


    Happy Slappy Fun Cult
    (Tune of Holly Jolly Christmas by Burl Ives)

    Will the happy slappy fun cult,
    Go out of business this year?
    We all know, it’s got to go,
    And when it does we’ll cheer!

    Oh the happy slappy fun cult,
    Couldn’t have been less discrete …
    The Davis show, the names we know,
    Of everyone DM’s beat!

    Uh, oh, DM’s on trial, for everyone to see,
    Big Bubba waits for him, better him than me!

    Oh the happy slappy fun cult,
    Well it ain’t expanding here.
    One more flappy and the happy slappy goes bankrupt … this year!

    Let the happy slappy fun cult,
    Go out of business this year.

    Oh the happy slappy fun cult,
    Couldn’t have been less discrete …
    The Davis show, the names we know,
    Of everyone DM’s beat!

    Uh, oh, DM’s on trial, for everyone to see,
    Big Bubba waits for him, better him than me!

    Oh the happy slappy fun cult,
    Well it ain’t expanding here.
    We’ll be clappy when the happy slappy goes bankrupt …this year!

  12. Artrell Says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me-it’s so trslrpaaentny clear now!

  13. Hairstyles Says:

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