Suppressive Weekend of Fun

Jason Beghe and Marc Headley and their families hosted a fun-filled weekend for SP’s, critics and the people who love them.  Saturday was held at Pyramid Lake about an hour north of L.A.   Marc supplied the jet skis and fun was had by all.  I got to meet a lot of new people and see some old friends.  Sunday, the fun moved to Venice Beach.

Since the PI’s never post their pictures, here’s a few of mine.

Visiting SP's with Mark Bunker Visiting SP’s with Mark Bunker 


Tory and the Visiting SP's Tory and the Visiting SP’s 
Tory and Lawrence Woodcraft, still damp from the jet ski's. Tory and Lawrence Woodcraft, still damp from the jet ski’s. 
tory and WBM
Bigfoot grabs Tory Christman Bigfoot grabs Tory Christman 

Later, Tory and I had dinner to celebrate her birthday.


Birthday Girl Birthday Girl 
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14 Comments on “Suppressive Weekend of Fun”

  1. Xenumania Says:

    First of all, Happy 25th birthday Tory! You are 25 right? 😛

    Seriously….happy birthday Tory, I wish you many, many, more wonderful years.

    This event/party must have made COB and his OSA minion’s skin crawl. This type of event is important. It shows the solidarity of of the truth-bringers and critics. It helps bring other critics of the scientology cult who have never met together.

    It looks like you all had a great time! Although I was not there, I thank Mark Headly, Jason Beghe and others who made the event happen.

  2. Wolfie Says:

    Congrats Tory, hope you had an awesome time,
    As for the party looks like you all had a blast,
    Wish i was there, 🙂

    More SP Parties i say.

  3. Annia Lilith Says:

    Happy B-day!!
    I wish you many more years!
    Awesome SpParty!
    Mark u look so good 😀
    My best wishes for u!

  4. Mary B. Says:

    Hope you day was a special one Tori! Thank you so much for all the great videos and feedback about $cientology.

  5. Greg Says:

    looks like an awesome time. You both look great! I miss torys horns tho 🙂

  6. Wisened One Says:

    Hey Mark:

    I’d love to see the latest pics, but it says ‘Forbidden’ when you try to view the pics themselves! Also your xenutv website is down. Let me
    know when the pics/site is fixed, it was awesome meeting you, btw!

  7. Mark Bunker Says:

    The server was down for repairs. It should be working now.

  8. Wisened One Says:

    YAYY, they’re workin’ now! Whoohoo! GREAT pics, Thank You !!! 🙂

  9. Sandy Says:

    Mark, are you really against Islam? I saw this link posted on the NYC craigslist and it’s getting many ugly responses, ostensibly targeted at you!

  10. Sandy Says:

    I think you are being defamed and framed mark. click the weblink!

  11. Lefty Jenkins Says:

    Hi Mark, I was watching the ‘Xenu Goes to Hollywood’ (June 15, 1999) video and think I spotted Tommy Davis. If you look closely at the 5:04 mark, you will see a guy in sunglasses. Just wondering if that is him.


  12. thatPTSkid Says:

    DM beats his staff: ROFL, instant classic!

  13. Thanks for your kind B-day wishes, one and All 🙂
    Love to everyone 🙂

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