Sponsoring Fraud

I read this Scientology fundraising letter for one of their front groups which includes the standard pitch for donations to keep fighting the evil psychs but I was surprised to see a shout-out to major corporate sponsors.  Do these companies know that they are forwarding Scientology’s agenda of destroying psychiatry?

Dear ____,

Summer is once again upon us and it is Ablechild’s 5th year participating in the New Canaan,  CT Chamber of Commerce Sidewalk Sale.

This year we’d like to do things a bit different and want to include our members and supporters nationwide. Typically, Patty Weathers and I sweat it out from 8 am to 5 pm setting up Ablechild’s tent, running a game for children to play for dollar donations, and holding an auction and raffle. We do this in order to keep Ablechild’s work moving forward.  The community sidewalk sale also gives Ablechild the opportunity to warn parents early by disseminating information regarding the labeling and drugging of children by schools and medical practitioners. We have continued to do this on a shoestring budget year after year. With your help and participation in the virtual sidewalk sale, together we can make an even bigger difference.  Much more funding is needed to help us reach out to more parents and children and work on ensuring their rights to full informed consent.

With that said, our plan is simple: Let’s see how much we can raise before 5pm on July 18, 2009 starting now.  At the sidewalk sale we will be asking for $2 for children to play a toss game for a prize. Wanna play a few games? Donate Now!  If you can make a donation of any size, we would greatly appreciate it!

Check out the recent debate on CNN regarding this issue.

We would like to acknowledge and thank our corporate contributors (Smith & Hawkins, J. Crew, Wal-Mart and Microsoft Corporation) for supporting our efforts to make a difference on this issue.   If you would like to become a corporate contributor, call Ablechild at 203-594-1700.

Thank you all for your continued support!

Sheila Matthews
Ablechild Co-Founder

Copyright 2001- 2007 Ablechild (Parents for Label and Drug Free Education). All rights reserved.

Ablechild is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, Section 501(c) (3) charitable organization, and donations are deductible under the provisions of the IRS Tax Code.

Ablechild and the Ablechild logo is a Trademark of Ablechild, Inc.

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9 Comments on “Sponsoring Fraud”

  1. Tardy Says:

    Does anybody have an email address you can use to send to Microsoft and Wal-Mart to state that you will no longer be using their shops / products as long as they support Scientology?

  2. Ironhead Says:

    man the harpoons?

  3. XENU TV Says:

    Click the corporate names in the story and it leads you to their contact pages.

  4. The cult uses corporate names without their approval just like certifying Narconon Says:

    I spammed my usual complaint into the emails provided and got no response yet, however I did phone Microsoft instead of the email cuz with a computer company and scilons and the beef between them and that fact that Microsoft is helping anonymous kill the cult of scientology. we run the Internet and we run the cults PR image. anyway im drinking unwinding after work and don’t feel like putting any effort into this yet but I will report back and I have to say that and Emmy award wining man like urself might carry more weight… but like I said I will let you know

  5. Symph Says:

    “AbleChild has no religious or political affiliations.”

    So they’re admitting Scientology is NOT a religion??

  6. Mary B. Says:

    This morning I emailed all the companies above asking about their contributions to Ablechild (Scientology) and I just received a very nice reply from J Crew stating that they are not involved with Scientology and will look into this.

  7. The cult uses corporate names without their approval just like certifying Narconon Says:

    I got the same response in email form I will post on a thread at WWP once I remove all my personal info.. it basically sez the same thing. we don’t support them and we will get back to you once an internal investigation has been made. they don’t have political or religious view towards any group (including $camology) if they actuary have any follow through is another thing but I did my part. maybe like that narconan thing that was certified then taken away cuz of anonymous actions… who knows though. like I sed mark maybe u will carry more weight. I’m just some screen name to a kid they don’t give two shits about

  8. Kiana Says:

    Thknas for taking the time to post. It’s lifted the level of debate

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