Slappy’s Nightmare

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22 Comments on “Slappy’s Nightmare”

  1. General Disarray Says:

    Let’s hope that Scientologists start waking up on SUNDAY…. MONDAY…. and TUESDAY!!!! (and Weds, Thurs, Fri and Sat of course!)

  2. Benjamin Cisco Says:

    Mark, you are so funny. Guess you have to have a good sense of humor to be dealing with all this crap for so long.
    Have a great day! Wonder what Slappy’s doing today….

  3. Mary Says:

    After the SP Times articles appeared, I went and looked at some of your old videos of the Scientologists getting in your face and all I have to say is … wow. Do those people have any idea of how stupid they look?

    I am really at a loss as to how these types of intimidation tactics could have worked for so long. Kudos to you for your brave work and for your inspiration to those fabulously creative Anonymous cats.

    I must tell you. I never found Scientology appealing and turned down their offer to join many years ago. But I love, love, love Anonymous and I want to join them, now! Where do I sign up?

  4. Nerowolfgal Says:

    “But I love, love, love Anonymous and I want to join them, now! Where do I sign up?”

    Nowhere to sign up. You just start educating yourself and start taking action. You can take action by yourself or join with others of the herd of cats.

    Only rule is use Gandhi tech, and protect yourself by recording everything.

  5. JT Says:

    Hey BEARD! I just wanted to let you know that I love ya for what you are doing, and that you are always in my thoughts and prayers.

    Keep up the good work. Xenutv is my first news source with my morning coffee!



  6. Carolyn2 Says:

    Been coming to your site for over a year now (everyday like JT with my coffee!). Only had one experience with Sci ~30 years ago when a friend I was living with joined and then dropped out. I never put two and two together about the harrassing (scary) phone calls we started getting until I began delving into the all the information now available on the net! Thank you and I await the downfall!

  7. Kathy Says:

    Hello Mark,several months ago I started to read about the evils of Scientology and learned about WBM. I wrote to you and you very graciously responded. I asked if you thought the end was near and you said, alas, NO.Things have changed alot in this short time haven’t they, Mark? More to do I’m afraid,but closer, because of brave and unyielding people like you. God speed!

  8. infallible Says:

    The Beardteach Works. Ha! I love that one.

    KBW: Keep Beard Working.

  9. Shimmy Shapiro Says:

    Thanks Mark. I visit your site regularly to get information on Scientology. I find your statements to visitors especially interesting.

    I must disagree with you over one comment you made in this video though. Personally, I don’t think the picketing of Scientology will ever stop. If you take away the disconnection, the high prices, the high pressure sales tactics, the RPF, the assaults, the blocking of communication, and get right to the core, what is left is Hubbard’s promise to give you things that he and his followers can’t deliver.

    Even if Hubbard had only written one book, Dianetics, he would be promising a truckload of things that are impossible to achieve. Even if all they had was one Dianetic Centre, at which they charged $20 per hour for auditing, it would still be a scam. People would still be calling the police, protesting, getting legal advice, trying to protect their families and generally speaking, treating them like a fly-by-night street corner psychics.

    If the whole thing gets broken up, and all that is left is a freezone, I still wouldn’t want my loved ones involved in any capacity. I hope that if the Church of Scientology does disintegrate you will continue having your website to warn people of the dangers of practicing the nonsense philosophy of L.Ron Hubbard WITHOUT the Church around it.

  10. Xenumania Says:

    I am glad to see you expanding your horizon Mark. There can never be too much wise beard man for all to have.

    I am glad that Co$ is spending all that money on worthless TV adds. As long as they are wasting their money on that, their bark will continue to be bigger than it’s bite.

    When things get bad like this, some would just not be able to cope. Maybe David Miscavige will decide for himself that he should move on to the next level and leave his meat shell.

    Sooner or later, his past 20+ years of criminal activity will catch up with him. He won’t last in prison. Either the inmates will eat him alive or he will go insane (like he isn’t already…pffft).

  11. Neteret Says:

    Must of felt good to post this video. I am overjoyed beyond words about St.Pete’s Times articles and it has generated a great deal of discussion among ppl I know. I have been watching $cientology for a couple of years now and I love, love, love Anonymous! I have ppl now asking me where to go to learn more about the Abuses of $cientolgy and you can bet this site is on the must see list.

  12. Annia Lilith Says:

    The Beard Tech Works. LULZ! I love that one.

    KBW: Keep Beard Working.

  13. dr.fang Says:

    Here’s a link to one of the commercials on YouTube:

    (You can easily jump from there to the other two)

    Interesting tidbit: all of the comments are being screened for “approval”, and surprisingly, all the comments being allowed are, ‘gasp’, incredibly complimentary!

    I humbly suggest that every one of you take the time to leave a comment to the OSA drone that must go through each and every comment. I suggest mentioning that DM is living in a mansion, while the SO lives in squalor. I suggest mentioning that DM has a $7,000,000 office in Clearwater, while the SO makes $50 a week. I suggest that you leave all manner of little tidbits to remind the OSA drone that they are working for a corrupt, lying dictator that abuses people, and that they deserve a better life than working 100 hour workweeks so DM can rub elbows with Tom Cruise and live in a mansion.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    All this fun and no Tom Newton? Damn! I am disappointed.

  15. dr.fang Says:

    The Toms are too busy suppressing the truth to suppress the Suppressives…

  16. Tardy Says:

    I am happy to see the cult crumbling as the sooner they get banned or at the very least taxed the better.

    And don’t forget as Tom Crusie would say KSW (Keep Slappy Whacking)at least till the police can gather proof of his whacking where he can go to prison and learn what it feels like to be on the other side of abuse.

  17. Jim Says:

    Where are Davey Misfittage and Heber Jest right now?

  18. dr.fang Says:

    I think they’re at about a -8.0 on the tone scale right now.

  19. Mark “Fappy” Bunker

    1. fappy

    A feeling of emotion; in the mood to fap, or masturbate.
    Tim was very fappy last night- he went through three boxes of tissues!

    Mark Bunker is absolutely fappy about “slappy,” the nickname he just gave to David Miscavige:

  20. TWN Says:

    So by his own ‘logic’, Tom ‘Wappy’ Newton must have fantasies about MB masturbating.

  21. dr.fang Says:

    Oooh-they’re up to 1.4!

    Keep going Tom Newtons, if you get above a 2.0, you can have *civil rights*!

  22. jim cherkas Says:

    Mark you mention that wouldnt it be great if no disconnection, well scientology doesnt “work” without it. It is hubbard not miscavige that says you cannot make progress connected to a suppressive . There was disconnection before miscavige and there will be after he is gone its in the LRH!

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