Call for Backup

Jason Beghe has made a post over at Why We Protest suggesting that former members who witnessed the abuses recently reported in the St. Pete Times should write letters to the newspaper  to let them know that the lies coming from Miscavige are just that…lies.

I know of someone who was compelled after reading the articles in the SP Times to write a letter corroborating Marty’s, Mike’s, Tom’s and Amy’s accounts. Miscavige has ordered his staff to swear to the reporters that these were outright lies. If all the people who witnessed the events that they describe-or similar ones-write letters to The Times reporters that verify their veracity, it might help substantiate their stories. It would also, I suspect, (as it was for my friend who wrote to them) be cathartic for those who do. If the cult is holding something over your head as blackmail that might make you hesitate, know that these journalists would not publish your name if you ask that they do not. Miscavige is banking on the idea that if he gets 20+ people (including the victims themselves in some cases) to say that these events never happened, their numbers will cast doubt on those ‘four isolated and bitter apostates’. On the off chance that Miscavige’s tactic is effective on some readers, why not get a hundred letters to those reporters and give DM a dose of his own medicine? It could even lead to a nice follow-up piece in The Times… Overwhelming numbers may prove overwhelming.

Here is the address:

Tom Tobin:

Joe Childs:

Please feel free to spread the word….


Jason Beghe

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7 Comments on “Call for Backup”

  1. Johnny B Says:

    It is just me or is the fact that the web address for the St Petersburg Times is SPtimes gloriously ironic?

  2. Xenumania Says:

    I deeply respect Jason Beghe for having the fortitude to speak out both when he left the cult and even now with the SP Times interview. It is my opinion that if he help from Anonymous in any way, it would be nice to see him step up to the plate more.

    With that said, it would serve “Anonymous” well do do what he is asking. After all, there is a goal that needs to be accomplished and this would help achieve that goal.

    I am still confused by Marty Rathbun. I respect him for admitting some wrong-doing and I respect him for taking him a stand, but he did so much rotten stuff while in the cult, that I don’t know how to take him. The fact that he still believes in LRH’s teachings and he uses an E-meter doesn’t matter to me. He has a right to believe what he wants. He has a right to submit himself to those processes.

    What I wonder is; if he gets scientologists to quit and turn to him for help, is he going to use “scientology tech” to help them?? The processes of auditing and Tr’s is in itself an element of mind control. Considering Marty’s past, is he going to start his own cult using LRH tech?

  3. spyderblog Says:

    Did some one call for /b/ackup?

    If you want anyone’s story posted on a public blog, I’ll be glad to do it, so that they will be available for public viewing.

    Send me anything you want and I’ll post it. Reply to this to let me know if you’re willing.

  4. Great idea Jason. Im glad to see that Jason is still here and making a contribution.

    With these four finally out of the Cult and the information that they must hold i dont see why any government cant seek for a full ban to kick $camology out of their country.

  5. AnonoScar Says:


    The main complaint for Scientology has been the way it’s run, not necessarly the “tech”. I mean.. if I wanted to worship a cow wearing bondage gear.. it’s my right. If I want to have people pay me to learn the proper way to worship said cow, again.. my right.

    It’s when I cross the line and start controlling every aspect of their lives, threatening to take away their friends and family if they dissent.. that’s where it all goes wrong.

    People claim the “Tech” helps… and if it does, good for them.

  6. Ninky Says:

    @Johnny B:

    I was thinking the exact same thing Johnny B…

  7. Xenumania Says:


    I appreciate what you are saying. I totally agree that the abuses perpetrated by the church of scientology and it’s front groups is first and foremost.

    The thing is, if you want to help someone who has been controlled and fully indoctrinated in an abuses system such as CoS employs, you really need to deprogram them and bring them “back to earth.” I don’t see how that can be done if you help them with further auditing, TR’s, etc.

    That’s what I am getting at. If Marty Rathbun wants to continue to practice scientology, I could really care less. That is his right.

    On the other hand, if Marty does not abuse people, it is better folks turn to him rather than stay in the organization. 😉

    Oy vay! It gives me a headache thinking about it.

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