St. Pete Times Articles in Riverside

Mighty Supressive at the Riverside Courthouse

Mighty Supressives at the Riverside Courthouse

In the aftermath of the damning St. Petersburg Times expose of the abuses taking place in Riverside County,  an attempt was made once again to get through to County Supervisor Jeff Stone whose district encompasses Gold Land Base.  Of course, he is unmoved.

First up was AnonOrange who thankfully allowed a video to speak for him.  He showed a segment from the St. Pete Times website. 

The second fellow to speak didn’t talk about Scientology at all but for three minutes did berate Stone, so there is some entertainment value.   

He is followed by a lovely Anon from Australia who speaks as an attorney about the human rights abuses being conducted under Jeff Stone’s nose.

Next up is Daniel Ackerman from Stockholm, Sweden.  He created the video, “Jeff Stone’s Changing Story.” 

In the final segment, Lirra Bishop comes up to show some damning video of a man who professes to work for Jeff Stone’s state senatoral campaign.  He was videotaping and taking pictures of Lirra Bishop’s license plate at a protest.  She wants to verify that Stone knows the man and he really works for his campaign. 

Drew Margolis is the next speaker.   He says if you’re not going to do anything about the abuses, don’t stop us from trying.

Julie Waltz brings this to a close with her request that 884 be brought back to the floor.

A great big thanks to everyone who spoke.

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5 Comments on “St. Pete Times Articles in Riverside”

  1. Touchstone Says:

    so… much… win…

    This may not yet be bigger than the FBI raids, Mary Sue Hubbard’s sentencing, the Time Magazine article, or the Lisa McPherson case, but it might become bigger, more damaging to the cult. This feels like part of the much larger avalanche that started in January ’08, and I can only hope that the biggest boulders are yet to come rolling on down. France’s verdict in October….

  2. frustrated Says:

    I get so frustrated watching all these people stand up and ask questions only to then be completely ignored. does holding these things ever achieve anything? what’s the point if they won’t respond to anything that is said?

    You guys have very legitimate points and you all put them forward so eloquently, yet these people NEVER respond to the allegations put before them.

    It disgusts me, it really does. but well done for trying you guys!

    Also, does anyone else think that Stone guy would look a lot more appropriate sitting in the backroom of a bar, past the room where people are playing poker, and in front of a tank full of exotic fish and little sharks?

  3. SP Batman Says:

    Now THIS is what you need to go to the press with. Get that jerk out!

  4. SP Batman Says:

    man, I had to watch the video again. I can’t believe they all just sat there and said nothing! I can only imagine what the others on the panel were thinking afterwards about Stone’s actions! – assuming they arent’ Scilo-plants as well.

  5. Latisha Says:

    Aptapcireion for this information is over 9000-thank you!

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