Jason Beghe on Marty Rathbun

Legendary Village Voice editor Tony Ortega has an interview with Jason Beghe about the St. Pete Time’s articles slamming David Miscavige.

Today, the St. Petersburg Times unveiled part two of its devastating series on David Miscavige, diminutive leader of Scientology.

An indication of how much this series is hitting Scientology to the bone: rare and vehement denunciations by Miscavige himself, and by his spokesman, the clearly in-over-his-head Tommy Davis, son of actress Anne Archer.

The St. Pete Times series packs a punch because it’s based on interviews with two of the formerly most high-ranking figures in the church: Marty Rathbun, once considered the best “auditor” in the Hubbard technology game, and Mike Rinder, once the church’s top spokesman (and Davis’s predecessor).

Predictably, Scientology is hitting back by trying to smear the two of them. If they were once the most trusted, most powerful members of the church, now suddenly they are lunatic losers who can’t be trusted.

“Tom had essentially disconnected from the church for the previous ten years. Most people don’t know that,” Beghe says. “So if Marty was a lunatic, why would Miscavige give him the job to bring Tom back in, the most important job in the church at that time?”

Read the full article and thank Tony and Jason for speaking out against the tiny leader of Scientology.

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5 Comments on “Jason Beghe on Marty Rathbun”

  1. Pelvidar Says:

    This is a pretty exciting time. CNN also covered some of this breaking story. Hopefully they give it even more attention once all three parts of this report come out.

  2. Kerry Says:

    I’m glad these people are finally speaking out. Maybe Greta can do the story?

  3. Xenumania Says:

    to Kerry:

    You made me laugh, referring to Greta. I am glad these high profile people are speaking out. Jason Beghe is brave awesome.

    One thing I don’t get, is how can Marty Rathbun do this while still believing in the tech and still wanting to practice scientology, while at the same time, he has not joined the freezone to the best of my knowledge.

    Marty has to up to something. I just don’t trust the guy.

  4. nancy many Says:

    Why does he have to be up to something? I have been “out” for years, yet still use the parts that I feel were and are very useful. And I am not in the freezone.

  5. Steve Says:

    Marty’s website is now down/removed.

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