CNN Headline News

CNN covers Slappy Miscavige.

And this report comes from

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5 Comments on “CNN Headline News”

  1. Xenu Stole My Bike Says:

    This is big. Miscarriage is toast.

  2. Artoo45 Says:

    That’s funny, he never needed time to respond before . . . with his tiny clenched fists.

  3. rabidtreeweasel Says:

    Assistants should inform anchors how to pronounce names before they go on air with them. That was just distracting 🙂 But it’s good to see a major media outlet provide some coverage, maybe now more people will read the story.

  4. Johnny B Says:

    So which is it CNN? Miscobbidge? Miss-Cave-idge? I always pronounced it Miss-cabbage. Any way you pronounce it, you have to include a serious lisp and some “little-man” compensation in your voice when you say it. =P Excellent link Mark, Thanks!

  5. Wolfie Says:

    Anyone else have an image of Operation snow white and the seven dwarfs, Slappy, chokey, punchy…. ect.

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